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  1. Its a fine seagull, it deserves those 40 seconds of your time.
  2. Hey, there were times, where (at least for bloodelves) a male heterosexual character was hard to come by! 🤣
  3. To contribute a little bit to the thread (and the magazine, if you like to!), I add my futuristic take on the bunny suit theme. Sadly, my laptop struggled a bit to run on good graphics.
  4. Some people don't log out, when they go afk. Sometimes, because they estimate their break to be short or they had to leave quickly. One time I forgot, that I had logged into SL and realized it hours later. Many people also turn off the visible sign of being afk, because they don't like it.
  5. But that is not american culture. Thats how most of the world has always operated, even before the USA existed. Not having a currency, not being able to open a business, that would be the remarkable exception from the norm of human society. This is not american culture either. The concept of different types of clothes being required or reserved for certain locations and events is a very universal concept. Formal clothing simply means clothes that are worn for festive events...and thats also not american. Same for the clothes, that are considered formal in SL. None of them are american. You'll find this type of clothes all around the world. Suits for men and long dresses for women aren't an american concept.
  6. I placed a giant watermelon sofa-thing in my home.
  7. I would also never do it, personally. But for some people its an option, at least for a while.
  8. And then they create an alt. And another, and another. After that, they slander your name and try to provoke you or make you "give up"... You are shifting the blame onto the victim. If they feel annoyed or disturbed by the stalker, its their fault, right? If the person you stalk ever feels that way, they should man up, grow a pair and such, but you certainly didn't do anything wrong. On the forums we also suggest to people to first try to block people and wait in the hopes that their stalker gets bored, because sadly, thats often their only option. We also often suggest alts as a method to escape. But does that make the stalkers actions normal or good? No. Personally I don't believe in SL accounts getting "hacked". People use that word far to losely. Most people, who lose acess to their account, or get their money taken in other ways, weren't careful enough with their account information and safety or clicked links and objects without a second thought. They fall for bad people, scams or phishing. Does that make the accounts of the thief/scammer better or even justified? No. Same thing.
  9. Just because its easy to figure out where someone is going to be, doesn't mean its not stalking. Stalking is not defined by how difficult it is to track someone down. Would you be "chill" if some jerk started to stalk you and you would be forced to either endure the stalking or leave all places you liked to go to, in order to escape him? Every once in a while we have an unfortunate soul coming to the forums asking for help, because they struggle to get rid off a stalker. Hope you get "hacked" again. Chill, its just a game. 🙄
  10. That sure helps them... after more than two years.
  11. And I like that! 😊 You know we talked about being so similar in certain ways, but equally scared to contact the other.
  12. SL > the train. SL doesn't feature smell (yet) and I can mute people.
  13. The "Mess with..." profiles tickle something inside me, that makes me want to go out of my way to mess with them and their stupid virtual family/friends/subs/whatever.
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