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  1. Syo Emerald

    vanilla relationship

    No need to insult.
  2. Syo Emerald

    Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    "We are just testing the animations. Yes, of course we have to do that naked."
  3. Syo Emerald


    No matter the validity of the website...she has been spamming this in multiple forum parts and it should just get deleted by the mods.
  4. Syo Emerald

    vanilla relationship

    D/s relationships can of course be full of love, care and tenderness, just like any other relationship. BDSM does not exclude any of that. This is not some disgusting, abusive 50-shadey of grey stuff. But that doesn't make the relationship "vanilla" in any way, so that term might hinder you finding the right partner. I suggest going a bit more into detail on what you expect from such a relationship and how you would see the dom/sub aspect incorporated into it.
  5. Syo Emerald

    SLUniverse is Closing

    I posted there a long time ago, but got bored. I think because it was so US-centric, while I feel here you have far more people from all over the world. But janetosilio is right, I've seen quite a couple of forums/message boards die before in the last 10 years.
  6. Syo Emerald

    System avatar - out of style?

    As if all prim objects in SL are made in an exquisite manner and as if lag didn't always exist... those aren't mesh-complains, those are "nature of SL user created content" complains.
  7. Syo Emerald

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    The irony is, that, if we had such a system like the OP describes, instead of threads complaining about being booted or banned, we would have threads complaining about the unfair combat system.
  8. Syo Emerald

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    But to be cowardly, the opposite reaction to simply reporting the offender to the business owner would have to be a brave one. And I'm still trying to see whats brave about using a virtual fighting system. Am I brave for playing a video game that includes player vs. player combat? Or am I, the player, brave for engageing in a roleplay fight? No, I'm not. I'm not risking anything, but sitting comfortable in my chair at home, clicking and pressing buttons (or writing elaborate text, in case of a roleplay). And don't get me started on how Gor is supposed to be a roleplay and roleplay shouldn't be taken out of its dedicated sim...but thats another story.
  9. Syo Emerald

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    Not getting into the whole discussion about already existing combat systems, but let me quickly adress this part: There can be nothing cowardly about this, as there is nothing brave about useing a virtual fighting system.
  10. Syo Emerald

    System avatar - out of style?

    You've got this paradox of people being very focused on not letting their avatar being changed by new trends, fashion or technology around them, but as protective as they are about their own avatar, as aggressive and displeased they are with everyone elses avatar choices.
  11. Syo Emerald

    System avatar - out of style?

    I'm so close to considering mesh-hate a fetish...
  12. Syo Emerald

    Special Characters In Avatar Display Name

    Its not even six, but seven years. The original conversation happened in October, it was then dug up a year later and now we are here... with someone berating people in a long dead discussion.
  13. Syo Emerald

    Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    What discrimination happens inworld? Feeling uneasy, because people talk about mesh or because of other peoples personal choices regarding their own avatars, is a personal problem.
  14. Syo Emerald

    Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    Guess what: Nobody looking for advice on how to use mesh bodyparts cares for your opinion on how superior your classic avatar is. And why is it, that people, who love their clearly superior classic avatar so much, seek out every opportunity possible to voice their hate for mesh bodys and heads? This thread is, again, a great example. Is it an uncontrollable urge, that needs to be scratched?
  15. Syo Emerald

    When will the 38 attachment limit be increased?

    What the hell do people attach to fill up 38 spots?!