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  1. It will be eight years in September.
  2. How to individualize your avatar.. according to me.

    The Vanity Thread and...well basically all our other "show off" threads in this forum would be boring, if we all dressed in the same casual style.
  3. How to individualize your avatar.. according to me.

    Please explain. I'm not sure if thats really what you want to say... I don't think its necessary to get a custom made tattoo (thats also way too expensive for the majority of people, as you would be paying someone a wage for graphic design work...). My avatar wears store brought tattoos and so far, I haven't run into any "clones" of myself. I even got some people, who complimented my choice of tattoos, because they hadn't seen some like that before. Tattoos aren't much different from other accesoirs. There are so many stores to chose from, that its unlikely to constantly meet others, who wear the exact same stuff.
  4. SL vs RL

    ^ this And I can't blame them to make it short. Profile space is limited and one short sentence may be more sucessful than writing in full length why you are unwilling to use Second Life as a second Facebook or Tinder.
  5. Mainland Beauty

    People chose mainland BECAUSE nobody tells them what they are allowed to build and what not.
  6. Just suspended from SL for 7 days

    Wow, this is scary. I didn't even know the forum and Second Life itself were linked in that extent and I don't know any other place that punishes people in that way. Also, considering the extent of the bans and comparing it to a) the likelyhood of recieving a ban inworld and b) the extent of violations one has to cause inworld before, each post that might upset someone within the next ten years or so is an unpredictable, unattractive risk, especially if you are an active forum user who has a couple of tousand posts under their belt. This forum has its fair share of people diggung up the oldest of oldest threads. I once got a very rude message on this forum from a guy who was heavily offended by a comment I made in a thread of his girlfriend(?) 2014. At that point the comment and the thread were 3 years old and untouched and sunken to the depths of the forum. And back then, not even the lady in question took offence. (The whole deal was based on my "tone", to be clear. Something that can be very subjective, which made it even more ridicoulus.)
  7. 30 day restrictions and newbies.

    Any entrance restriction like that is probably the last stand of a shop owner to protect themself against griefers, to make their store a less desireable target.
  8. How do premium members use tier to buy land?

    The 1024 is a tier-waver. This means, if you only hold a maximum of 1024 of land, you don't pay any extra monthly fees for it (more will add costs on top of what you pay for premium). However, you first need to find a free piece of Mainland that you can obtain and since there is a whole economy surrounding real estate in SL, there will probably be an initial purchase price for the parcel, especially if its sold by someone else, instead of being just an abonded parcel. Costs will be higher, if the land is in an desireable location (unblockable view, close to sail-able water or another special location).
  9. 30 day restrictions and newbies.

    You haven't really explained how being good at running a business in SL connects to not putting up an account restriction for potential employees.
  10. Some explanation please - married rp

    I think nobody roleplays a "realistic" marriage to the full extent. Just like nobody in a fantasy roleplay actually plays out that their character needs to go the toilet and that someone might help them get out of their armor for that and that proper toilet paper isn't invented yet...
  11. Best clothing brands for Maitreya

    Well, almost all stores that producte mesh clothes include some version for Maitreya. So any store that makes decent ones is technically a good suggestion...
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    I just got back from shopping at Neo Tokyo.
  13. Paypal payment method

    That also depends. I have my PayPal account linked to my bank account and never have any money directly paid into the PayPal account. Yet, I'm able to buy Lindens and other purchases get treated as "instantly paid" as well.
  14. How many ways to earn lindens?

    I observed the conversation between you and Caroline for a while in this thread, and honestly right now you are the one with the narrow view. You claim that its greedy and that she (or any business) isn't providing worthwhile good service, if they put a price tag on a product. None of the things you mentioned is in any way tied to having a price tag on a good or service. Those "soft" values come from your business practice. Giving your cows good food, enough time outside and providing a stable with enough space for each animal is business practice and has nothing to do whether or not the milk company choses to put a price tag on their milk. A milk producer would not become superior to his competitors just by changing their monetization model to a non-price-tag one. (On a side note: I wouldn't blindly believe that a company advertising their support for cancer research is automatically the moral superior one. And I wouldn't change my buying habits for any supermarket product only based on that, as its just one form of marketing and reality may not hold up to the created image...) There is nothing wrong with having a price for a product. Money has been shown to be a suitable exchange medium, so people can get things from others, even if they may not own any good or service that they could trade. And more often than not it wouldn't even be possible to go away from putting a price tag on services and goods. People have to feed and clothe themself and pay bills. None of that can be paid with random gifts or a thank you. And in regard to this thread its pointless to go on about non-monetary compensation, because thats not what the OP was about and would not apply to what they want to archieve.
  15. Bloodlines eigenen Clan gruenden

    Oder man lässt dieses Geld-aus-der-Tasche-ziehen Pyramidensystem sein und betreibt einfach gutes Rollenspiel... *hüstel*