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  1. I use discord (because Skype sucks), but I don't use it for SL.
  2. I only got four at the moment. I usually don't put people on there, if I know they will be gone soon anyway. Like, they make a thread, behave like a butt and are gone once the lock comes down. It isn't worth it to put them on the list just for that.
  3. But that is not a restriction from LL, but from some silly person you are renting from. No need to own a full sim, if you rent either directly from LL or from a sane landlord.
  4. Malls were always an awful concept. I highly doubt that. Both communities are unlikely to share a huge overlap and Minecraft has been around for years.
  5. Please stop capitalizing the first letter of every single word. It makes your text terrible to read.
  6. Solution to what? There is no problem, so there is no "solution" needed. Unless we consider the "problem" of the OP of not being able to easily proceede to catfish people a true problem, that should get a solution.
  7. I just decided to eat leftover apple crumble with a bit of vanilla ice cream for breakfast.
  8. I know what you want to express... but god damn it, as a gamer at heart, this is such a stupid analogy. Lets strip away this Second Life high horsery: At its core, Second Life, Call of Duty and Tomb Raider all share, that they are virtual entertainment products, which employ differently designed concepts to give their users options for entertainment. Call of Duty and Tomb Raider feature a more structured and definied concept for their entertainment, while Second Life has probably the most open concept. Its a social sandbox environment. But does an open concept make a product superior to a
  9. I doubt that Ruth is the reason... 😉
  10. While the blog doesn't adress me (I'm not a US citizen), I do not mind it. The US seems to be set up to put the effort of voting on the citizen, instead of handing it you on a silver platter (thats just my impression so far, I might be wrong about it). If it helps to motivate one person to go, its good. Also I'm used to companies not considering Europe in their thinking and drowned in "US this, US that".
  11. How do you know anyones RL age? Unless you ask and they tell you the truth (which you can never be sure of), you have no clue about how old anyone around you is.
  12. To be honest, you haven't really explained your idea in any sufficient detail and now you randomly quote yourself.
  13. Because they are completely different things. They are differently made and differently run. Its like comparing the performance of a DVD you play at home vs. the performance of some random Twitch stream. Others already commented, but here are the key points: - SL is live downloaded. Everything you see is constantly streamed, nothing is pre-installed on your computer, expect for the little bit of software to enter SL. Thats why things need to rezz. The server needs to send that data to your computer first. In a typical game, all textures and objects are pre-installed on your computer.
  14. Victorians are not that difficult. It just takes a bit of patiance. And continously checking the page. Refreshing or relogging if necessary.
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