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  1. The virtual economy in Second Life is a free market. I don't understand who you try to blame.
  2. Its what a certain type of SL user considers sexy. Its usually worn by people who have no own style, which leads to them all looking more or less the same way. They usually wear the same type of clothes too and are often in company of some dude with baggy pants so low, you wonder if he ***** himself. They hang out in smaller groups at popular clubs, sandboxes or shopping events. If you hear loud noises or gestures floading the chat, its usually from them. Their profiles are often a silly attempt to come off as "badass", either by telling you how sexy and awsome they are, how hey hate drama or how they are going to rip you to pieces, if you do something "wrong" to their "family".
  3. At first, I noticed his blue lips and wanted to make a joke about freezing...then I noticed his nipple piercing pokeing out of his shirt.
  4. Would have done that already in the moment he started to act like my boyfriend.
  5. What community? I never saw the people who happen to use Second Life has one community. They usually don't have too much in common.
  6. Those two statements don't exclude each other. You can look incredible fancy and wear lots of stuff...but stay below 100k complexity. If the mesh is ressource-friendly made and not covered in huge textures, thats totally possible. Many clothes arcieve that very well. But rings (along some other jewlery) are prone to be made without this issue in mind. Especially if the rings are a bit dated, its likely their creator didn't knew he made a mistake by generously using textures on every gem and every little detail.
  7. I'm having a difficult time to understand what it is exactly, that you need help with. I mean...if someone overs you a friend request, how can that person help you?
  8. Judgeing by her other post (and the non-existant effort here), I doubt she is seeking the kind of friend you think of.
  9. I haven't seen a single good one. Where did you find them? All that I see are useless. Warming up ancient drama, responding to searches so old, the OP probably already left SL again and many more replies that boil down to nothing worthwhile.
  10. Two things: 1. I found that string of words (I don't even want to call it a sentence) very uncomfortable to read. 2. Roleplayers and people who look for "the real thing" are usually two conflicting groups, that are generally hard to put under one umbrella. The first group will only play to be in love with you. Their avatar might not even be 100% them and they will definitly not want to extend the relationship behond the virtual world. And the ones who look for a real relationship expect real feelings and real commitment from you from the start. I'm not saying it can't work at all, but to me this could lead to drama. Oh and yes, the others are right. At the moment you lack a bit of "self marketing".
  11. Why do you feel "lost"?
  12. There really isn't any new insight we could offer you here. You already listed everything there is. You have to deciede for yourself, if youb rather go for the Tonic (which you seem to prefer) and accept that it doesn't hold the Nr. 1 marketposition.
  13. Can we get a picture of them? (Inspired by the "show your setup thread)
  14. I think I once saw a video where they said that people who have difficulties to do physical activites, like walking or dancing, due to illness or an accident, benefited from letting their avatar do those things, as it activated regions in their brain, that would usually handle those movements. Thats probably similar to what professional athletes do, when they mentally go through their performance in preparation for training or the actual competetion. For me, being in SL (along other things) and especially writing in the forum, has had a positive impact on my language skills. I'm much more comfortable expressing myself in English, than others in my age group, who lack regular practice.
  15. Sometimes, premium accounts pay me, a basic account, Lindens to be naked for them.