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  1. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    I wouldn't say that I came from somewhere, as that would imply, that I left for SL. I just added SL, although these days I spend more time on this forum than inworld.
  2. Not Joking, Forums Helpful, Single or Not

    I've been in this forum for quite some time and I really have to wonder what threads or individual posters sparked that impression.
  3. Why do people hide who they are?

    And then he gets catfished.
  4. Why do people hide who they are?

    People usually only get "mad", if the follow up to your question and their answer to it, is highly unpleasant. If you get pushy, nasty or accuse someone of lying, because they either didn't convince you with their answer or refused to give out this information. From your other posts I gather that this topic is mostly about female avatars refusing to give out real life informations. Is that correct? Well, as a women, who has been on the internet since the age of 14, I can say that "what does it matter" (or any other form of not answering your question) is not a good indicator that the person behind the avatar is a man. A man, who has the intention to lie to you, would never give you any easy doubt, that he is not a woman. A woman on the other hand, might give you this answer as a way to softly counter your interest in her offline identity, without being "too rude". If a man made a female avatar with the goal of lying about their real life gender, they wouldn't answer something like that and instead just lie without any hesitation.
  5. Only 9% of SL Users are Premiums

    Because premium isn't worth its price for most people.
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    Again not a beautiful background, but I love that outfit.
  7. Do you ever reported Alt player?

    As sad as it is, that you got dragged into some drama game... the headline of this thread confuses me. For what would you want to report him? He hasn't broken the ToS.
  8. You are someone jerking off to pixel avatars...I wouldn't be so harsh with the judgement towards others. Also you should not only require voice, but a copy of their passport/ID and a current photo (even better a link to one of their social media accounts). Just to make sure, you know? You probably have some "standarts" for age, body weight, general apperance and clothing style as well when it comes to dating. If their avatar does not look like them, they are tricking you!
  9. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I may have to add, I can correct them on a far higher level in german. For english its just the most cluttered mess.
  10. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    English is my second language. I started having English classes in school, when I was eleven years old. Outside of that time in school, the Internet has always been the only place to practice my language skill. Fortunatly, I picked up English well enough to be able to watch movies and TV in English or read a book. I can communicate with people and as far as I know, I'm not sticking out like a sore tumb on forums (or so I have been told from some US guys on another forum). Of course, I'm FAR from perfect and my spoken English likely sounds horrible. Yet, I also belong to the group of people, who (sometimes) complain about the way others write. I do that in both languages, English and German. Not because I'm perfect and not because I wouldn't know how much others may struggle to express themselves, but because to me making the efford to write good is pure respect and politeness, especially when you want something from others. If someones does their best to be understandable, I see that they care and that they want to make it as easy as possible for me. If instead someone just throws out incomplete sentences with lots of shortened words, makes spelling- and grammar mistakes that clearly come from lazyness and does not care to add any punctuation/paragrahps at all...well, then I get the impression this person does not only wants something, but thinks they are entitled to it, even if they give me the extra struggle to read the mess they just typed down.
  11. Someone blames me !

    Terrible advice, if you deal with a drama enthusiast, chances are any form of attention will be fuel to their fire.
  12. YEP, I'M GAY!

    I remember your name somehwat, but I mostly recognize people by their profile forum yeah.
  13. Why do I need SL

    Is there something like "too many eggs"?
  14. Finding SL residents around my age

    Makes me think how I will someday (probably) be that one user, everyone accepts as one of them, but slowly gets a hint that I'm some old fossil, once I mention I knew a time without smartphones and fast internet.
  15. Finding SL residents around my age

    I always expect people to be much older than me. Its fine.