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  1. They are completely seperate things. One does not include the other. Together they influence how your avatar looks like. The shape is a combination of slider settings, that determine how your avatar is well... shaped. How long your legs are, how big your butt is, how close your eyes are to each other and so on. The skin is basically the texture that goes on top of that. Its colour and details also have a great influence on how your avatar looks like. Both are considered "essential" avatar parts, meaning you can never not have a skin or shape, you can only replace them with another skin or shap
  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I will never understand why items like this go into male specific shopping events. Whats so manly about a storage rack for paintings?!
  3. Why do you assume people are hiding something? Hiding would imply, that they chose to not show something on purpose, that they actively want to keep others away from seeing something. Is "not hiding something" really defined by using voice chat and showing pictures and/or videos of yourself? Is your voice and apperance more "you" than everything else you have already displayed in SL?
  4. Ah yes, great. We need the poor people to make the virtual world feel more real. Increase the poorness!
  5. @heartzwhim Kasha was faster than me (and right!). This set is from Tia. The furniture comes with a hud, so you can change the colours of the wood and fabric.
  6. I don't think this is good. Just read SL Marketplace comments. So many people aren't able to even read what they are buying or request the shop owner takes care of their mistakes.
  7. I think this could depend if LL a) decides to care enough and b) how much those instagram idiots make themself (intentional or unintentional) look like they are 'official'.
  8. Is life a game because you have the option to play DnD and LARP while being alive?
  9. Of course. And the line is definitly crossed when an opinion becomes a call to arms for your followers, while you have the power and your followers the ability to follow that call. Especially if the background noise to that is the wish of ripping apart a democratic government and killing all "enemies". Being pessimistic I would say this is behond fixable.
  10. I actually agree. I find such statements quite problematic on a social level and they should be frowned upon in the same way other opinions of the same nature are. My comment was a response to multiple people making blanket statements that every opinion should be allowed to be promoted and spread. This blanket statement is just nonesense, because it eliminates the ability to draw a line. And a line needs to be drawn somewhere.
  11. Some people in this thread would be fine with Hitler tweeting about a "solution for the Jews", because its "just his opinion".
  12. The good thing about Second Life is, that for most people in the world, its an obscure niche thing with a significant learning curve. For that reason I do not think that a noticeable number of far right groups will move to SL. That being said: Over 70 milion people in the USA (or thats the the numbers ball park I read about) voted for Donald Trump. He managed to become president in 2016. People with shocking viewpoints are talking to a mainstream audiance on social media. So the fear of some "hate groups" seeking cover in SL is absurd. If anything the "hate" is among the general populati
  13. Or early SL breast physics. <wobbles at every move>
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