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  1. Syo Emerald

    Spoil me Rotten

    I'm refering to the way you mentioned the creation of mesh clothes as a "3 hour blender product", as if it was easy and somehow a disgrace to compare it in any shape or form to the service the OP is offering. Other than that I'm just telling you that she was in no way objectivied, just because her service is treated and talked about the same way any product would be.
  2. Syo Emerald

    Spoil me Rotten

    Lol, talking crap about creators work in SL, but getting offended on behalf of someone looking to turn their own "sexual and emotional involvement" into a purchaseable service. The monetarization turns it into just another thing sold and offered in Second Life. Its now not more sacred than a DJ gig, a mesh dress or a script. And its true: The SL economy has a much lower pricelevel than their RL equivalent. So she isn't underselling herself, she is adapting to the price level of the market she wants to operate in. If she wants to get paid like a RL prostitute or cam girl, she should enter a different market and offer her service there.
  3. First you say they don't speak English (I'm now not commenting on the mindset behind that...), but then you advice her to tell them off? Okay... But aside from the language barrier she would run into, thats a terrible advice and will make things 1000% worse. The people at those places aren't clueless newbies who don't know any better. They are trolls, preying for clueless people to play around with them. They get joy from annoying people. Giving a response feeds the trolls and makes everything worse. My advice for the entire situation is to leave those places. They aren't worth staying, even without the griefers and trolls.
  4. Syo Emerald

    Realistic Skins..

    What did you expect from digging up a thread from 2013?
  5. Syo Emerald

    Research on why people play Second Life

    Are you avoiding to study again, Napoleon? This thread is six years old, last dug up from its grave four years ago.
  6. Yes, Google translate is not a good idea. It can't handle subtle differences in word meaning or words or deciede when to translate a word or leave it like it is. You definitly need someone who speaks the language on a native speaker kind of level and that person needs to be trustworthy to not make any spelling or grammar mistakes by accident. Because if thats not the case, you end up with translation issues you weren't even thinking about. I'm currently still seeing one translation mistake in the german version of the marketplace...
  7. Syo Emerald


    Your outlook on MMO players is interesting. How do you know those who play online games don't have the financial ability to do this? (One of those "shady" MMO players here, paying a fortune of around 12 Euro each month for soon-to-be 12 years in a row to the most popular MMORPG for PC in the western world). Paying a monthly fee of 5$ or 10$ doesn't require a "well-paying job" in many parts of the world. Thats what some people easily spend at a trip to Starbucks. Of course, it could keep some trolls away, who are in for a quick joke... but the people who are serious about catfishing others? No way. And even if it was true, that you'll need a "good well-paid job"...that doesn't gurantee you a bunch of good people, who are not going to lie about their identity or real life circumstances. Just consider the effort some married folks put into having a lover and making sure they and their partners don't know. Faked business trips are just the tip of the iceberg. And thats not even touching on the topic of identity theft...or people with a criminal intent. I'm pretty sure I could make an alt, join your sim and create an entire fake life and people would be willing to swallow my lies, if done right. The only mistakes to avoid would be running out of excuses or to mix up parts of my own fake story.
  8. Syo Emerald

    RP.... I don't get it

    I find family roleplay to be absolutly creepy and cringy. The people involved are usually in that grey area, were they sort of play and sort of work towards not playing anymore, but fooling themselves into thinking all of this is real. I prefer to stick to clearly defined roleplay settings with deliberatly crafted characters, instead of this muddy mix of everything.
  9. Syo Emerald

    Foreign Language Reviews

    You are talking to someone, that (indirectly) already admitted its too much hassle to copy/paste a customers message into Google translate to even know what language is spoken and what that person wants. 😏
  10. Syo Emerald


    How should he be able to "force" you into anything?
  11. Syo Emerald


    And how do you plan to eliminate that problem in your SL sim? The problem of getting catfished is as old as internet dating exists. And I think as a single sim owner in Second Life you will have an even harder time to combat it.
  12. Syo Emerald


    This idea is very flawed and makes me question if you had spend any time in SL. To summarize a few things that stuck out to me: - You require people to get rid of their avatars in an environment, where those avatars are pretty dear and important to most. - You are yourself unable to provide interested people with the avatars that your sim will require and you have no idea about the labor neede to make them (30 minutes is laughable) - You have an oversimplyfied understanding of how couples form and love works - You have no real concept of what would make your sim worth all the hassle for people, while you are already cathering to only a portion of SL residents (namely those, that are okay with stripping away all their anonymity AND like photorealistic avatars). Yet you do not give a solid reason why these people shouldn't just switch to real life dating sites, which offer a much better oportunity without the hassle involved in even entering your sim.
  13. Syo Emerald

    What fonts can you use in your name?

    There is a reason cursive is not used as the standart font for written, digitally constructed communication and that has nothing to do with people not being taught to write it in school. It takes more time to read it and depending on the kind of font and other factors, it can become more difficult, too, independed from the readers academic background. Generally, using special fonts carries the idea with it, that the user thinks of himself/herself as "special" and deserving of others extra effort to read, spell or pronounce their "special" name. It also comes off as a fruitless attempt to appear unique, when in reality, there is absolutly nothing unique about that. My personal pet peeve in that area is also the use of letters, that do not appear in the english language, but get used by the person as a replacement for such. Just comes off as ignorant.
  14. Syo Emerald

    Maybe I need help

    I'm just against the general concept to see Europe as "one general place".
  15. Syo Emerald

    Maybe I need help

    If culture was the case, then it would be a conflict with multiple cultures, because Europe has vastly different cultures within itself.