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  1. Whatever floats their boat, but those findom mistresses, who come to the forum, all have a very unfriendly vibe about them.
  2. I refuse to play with any Nightelf, who has that in their description. They usually end up being what me and my guild refer to as "a purple human with long ears", meaning that the player behind the character usually picked a Nightelf for the "exotic/sexy" look, but hasn't bothered to really care about the lore around this faction at all. The roleplay with them usually ends up being extremely boring or otherwise flawed.
  3. Why are you all feeding the troll?
  4. Since the new forums went up, people seem to have made a habit out of digging up old threads in numbers, that I haven't seen any time before. I have no idea why its happening. I think the oldest that I've seen were from 2010.
  5. You guys make me want to rent a parcel again and drop some L$ into furniture stores.
  6. I dropped my slink feet completely, in favor of Maitreya. It has very impractial to always change my feet, depending on what shoes I wanted to wear from my inventory and high boots always needed to be for Maitreya anyway... and since then I don't feel like I'm missing out. I have all kinds of shoes and more than I need.
  7. I'm going to be the premium Goddess then. I charge 700L and 100 more, if I have some kind apple symbol on me at the time.
  8. Depends on what you consider expensive. Compared to what a human avatar can spent on bodyparts, most furry avatars are actally pretty affordable (the most established stores sell a complete avatar usually between 700-1000L). When I used furry avatars in the past, my two favorite stores were Kinzart and Dark Spot Designs. Both offer a wide range of species in a whole bunch of different colours to chose from.
  9. I don't think mute or derender are generally a bad option. Of course, if you are in the position of a moderator (sim owner, staff member etc.) mute and derender will get in the way of doing your job. But for someone who has simply grew tired ot trying to argue with an idiot its a normal option. And in case of a stalking victim its actually better than to respond in any way to the stalker, because that will feed him. Same for trolls.
  10. "You have a nice ass" doesn't become better, because another alternative would be to get insulted. Thats like saying you should be thankful someone just broke your leg and not your spine. The tone of this compliment is very rough and of sexual nature. If the woman who its directed at isn't in a setting that would imply this type of compliment, she has very good reason to not enjoy it. (Example: An escort will never be annoyed by it. Some random woman at a shopping event might be. Or in real life, where getting cat called by construction workers isn't that awsome either).
  11. Camping isn't a thing anymore. You digged out a thread from 2011. Things have changed A LOT.
  12. No and I ususally don't want to be dragged randomly into someones roleplay. For me, roleplay needs a pre-defined frame/setting to be good.
  13. One of my favorite from Grendel's Children is a toaster avatar. I brought it, because it can even get wings, which reminded me of a very old screen saver with flying toasters, that my dad had on his computer, when I was a small child.
  14. A "true" christian would be in jail and/or a mental hospital. Everything else is different sorts of cherry picking.
  15. I brought my desktop PC 3 years ago, after my old one suddenly died. CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 @ 3.30GHz RAM: 8GB Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 770 OS: Windows 8.1 Its not the best, not even was when I got it, but I had a budget and it gets the job done.