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  1. What exactly are their options? You can't work around bad/inefficient content. The flaw is build into the very thing SL is: Giving its users the ability to build whatever they want.
  2. I'm probably an IM-Person. Not because I hate local chat or anything, but usually for practical reasons. IMs enssure I don't miss being spoken to. Public chat in SL can often feel like the entire population of a small sized supermarket could talk to each other at once and you could hear the person next to you just as clearly as the person three aisles away. Also local chat often contains the same uninteresting nonesense as random chatting at the grocery store does...and gestures. I also go a lot more afk than I used to in my first year. IMs buy me time to respond without losing track of the conversation. That being said...if I am somewhere and there is a conversation going on in local chat, I do enjoy that and participate, if I can. It gives a place atmosphere.
  3. Many people have crap names. Young, old, ancient. You have the people that wanted to be "funny" once, but realized after five years they don't want to have that cheap joke stuck on their head forever. You have the people that want to change...uhm..."lifestyles" but their name just advertises their old one forever to the world. You have the people, that did not realize they can't change their name or that its visible for anyone, when they joined and gave it no second thought. And last but not least all the "You are the love of my life"- kind of people, who change their name to tell the world they are glued to their partner or had a virtual wedding. If it was easy for LL to offer name changes, they could make a fortune with it.
  4. Small homes can also fit most 512 and 1024 land, both sizes which I think are quite popular, since you can own them without an extra charge ontop of the premium fee.
  5. Coffee with milk. Just now, I got my mug next to me. Food - whatever snack I brought or whatever food is for dinner, lunch or breakfast.
  6. Its official. I make decisions on male mesh bodies based on their butts.
  7. Yay! Makes me wonder, if that did shine through on the forum. Considering how I always thought you are awsome/my kind of person, but felt too awkward to IM you.
  8. Für einen langjährigen Nutzer finde ich deine Frage reichlich seltsam gestellt. Mesh ändert nämlich nichts daran, wie Avatare grundsätzlich gestaltet sind. Du hast deinen normalen Avatar doch auch nicht als Komplettpaket in einem Geschäft gekauft, oder? Und genauso ist das, wenn du dich für einen Meshbody entscheiden solltest. Der Meshbody kommt aus Shop X, aber alles andere (Haare, Skin, Augen, Kleidung, Shape, Meshkopf, AO usw.) kommt wie immer schon wieder von ganz anderen Geschäften. Kein Meshbody drückt dir einen Skin auf oder eine bestimmte Körpergröße...du kannst sogar (bis auf den grundlegenden Stil) die Körperproportionen ganz nach deinem Geschmack anpassen, dafür musst du einfach deine Shape ändern. Oder suchst du eher nach einem Shoppingberater, der dich unter den Arm klemmt und durch ein paar Geschäfte mitnimmt bzw. dir ein paar Namen nennt? Die populärsten Meshbodies dürften Belleza Jake und Signature Gianni sein.
  9. Its a slow day at work, so I took the Myers-Briggs test online out of curiosity. Says I'm a ISFP. I'm not suprised about the introvert part. I enjoy activities in smaller groups, with people that I know and like. And after I went to a convention with friends, I need a day just for myself at home to recharge. I'm also glad I live alone. I could never deal with having strangers as roommates and would need some space just for myself, even if I had a partner.
  10. I would disagree that a warehouse (why do I want to keep writing werehouse?! 😂) is in itself ugly. Just as a little cottage is not in itself beautiful by default. Steal and concrete can hold its own beauty and a well-made building is a well-made building, no matter what it is. A 2006-ish cottage with fullbright on on the other hand is not beautiful just because its a cottage. I wouldn't mind that warehouse animats posted on a neighboring piece of land. Its decent looking for what it is and I have accepted, that a matching theme is not going to be archieved on mainland. I've adapted a "at least its not" thinking. I mean...its a proper building and the owner created a parcel with a consistant look. Thats more than some land owners on mainland seem to be capeable of. Edit: And thanks for answering my question! I was just curious, if there was anything concrete planned to be done.
  11. Can someone explain what exactly this group is for? What is its purpose?
  12. I gave up after an hour, with only around 50% of the pictures, of the wall I was looking at, had rezzed. I think I give it another try today and see how it goes.
  13. Ah, Fallen Gods, the only place I feel underdressed with Syo 😂 Sadly all the pictures currently refuse to rez for me.
  14. What I'm trying to say is, that SL has been around for over a decade and during that time, countless people claimed to see signs of SL dying. When I joined SL, there were people talking about it, like its the Titanic that had just hit an iceberg. Well...now its 9 years later. The other thing I wanted to point out is, that your timeframe is an increadible small strip of time within the years SL has been around. Its not going to suddenly start to die or at least not more than all the years before.
  15. You are way too late. SL died the moment it existed, according to people writing "SL IS DEAD!!!!" threads.
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