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  1. Ah, another victim of the injustice done to Chloe! That was simply the best head ever. I compromised in the end and went with the Erin head from Lelutka.
  2. Hmm. I was considering a clean purge, because it worked out well in the past (mainly when I ditched everything in my inventory not agreeing with the Maitreya body when it first came out). Also I got myself in a pickle now twice for slacking off adapting to a new technology, when it would be incompatible with what I already owned. (For example: I'm stuck on "old" makeup, because I can't make the jump to EvoX, because apparently buying a Pink Fuel skin last time I needed a new skin to make my avatar less of a work-around-patchwork-nightmare, I brought one of theirs and now the store seems to be dead in the water and has never made something for EvoX...)
  3. <digs her way out of the grave and a whole six months of not logging in> So LaraX looks amazing, compared to my old body. But I'm kinda scared to purge my inventory for it. How well supported is the new body? How have you all convinced yourself to make that switch?
  4. Here is my male alt! Long hair was a must.
  5. I'm not taking the first step with anyone. Its not because you are a man. Its because I'm shy.
  6. PayPal funktioniert immernoch hervorragend. Verknüpf einfach dein Bankkonto mit deinem Paypalaccount.
  7. When the whole Titan story was still hot news, I saw nobody blame the controller. It was mentioned so often, because it stood out as the most balant and visual example for the extensive corner cutting the man behind the project did. He wasn't trying to be cost-effective, he was cheap to an absurd degree.
  8. Not just a game controller (which I learned are actually modded and used for a varity of things, from professional drone control to defusing bombs), but a cheap, off-brand controller.
  9. My peeve today: That my favorite beach club has become a mainstream sell out, at some time during my absence. It used to be really cozy and nicely designed. Fem avatars only, demanding a beach-wear/nude dress code. The crowd was lovely and very appreciating of creative avatars and the vibe was fitting for an adult sim (kinky/sex-positive, but not too much in your face). Today I returned and not only did they change the sim layout for the worse (if I have to fly from the landing point to reach the dance area its bad), they also scrapped the cozy design for the typical "wide square with club equipment" look. On top of that, they got rid off the fem-restriction and stopped requesting a beach dresscode. This of course attracts a completely different crowd. Call me mean, but my first thought was "ugh, basic".
  10. I decided, I need to be a furry again for a while.
  11. I think SL has just become the land of avatar extremes. Everything is either gigantic or way too tiny.
  12. Couldn't that just mean that someone just deleted her account for good? Maybe promted by seeing that her email account had filled with notifications from SL.
  13. I just moved into a Sakura home. Here is the garden + livingroom/kitchen.
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