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  1. I chose to wear one of my favorite beach outfits today. A bikini in soft teal with flamingo bird print in combination with a really small top. Also I think this angle was too funny to not post the picture.
  2. I would love to, if work and timezone allows it.
  3. This is because you chose "wear" instead of "add". The first option replaces things of the same kind (or on the same attachment point, if its an object), meaning that it only lets you wear one alpha layer at a time. But "add"...well it adds something, instead of replacing it.
  4. Well, calling me kinky names has a price tag.
  5. No wonder that hasn't worked for you, as it aren't acepted payment methods for Second Life. The most useful option for someone who has no credit card would be a verified Paypal account. I linked my bank account to the paypal one for that reason. On topic: I don't think someone can teach someone else how to be an escort. At least not, if that person has already a fair understanding of what they are about to do (and I guess that applies to you). Most sucess seems to come with time, especially if you gain a couple of clients who like you so much, that they keep coming back to you.
  6. People who wear flexi hair annoy me. They can never shut up about mesh hair for some reason.
  7. Die Frage ergibt inhaltlich selbst für einen Deutschen keinen Sinn... Habe ich eigentlich schon mal gesagt, wie unhöflich es ist, zu erwarte, dass andere raten, wovon man spricht?
  8. Its just as in real life. The skin and the shape are both responsible for how your avatars face looks like. Changeing one of it will change how your face looks like.
  9. I hadn't even opened the thread yet, but I already knew, that Pennys post will be exclusivly about two things: Her draw weight and that she makes everything herself.
  10. Thats exactly what I observe in other roleplay places (outside of SL). The ones, that are already doing fine are active and responding and the ones who would badly need some basic help in almost every aspect angrily refuse any form of help, criticism or even the sheer presence of people roleplaying "decently". And as well, the number one reply is, that all kinds of rules are sucking out the creativity and fun of roleplay and that you are just trying to cut their awsome ideas and want them to play boring stuff.
  11. I got in one of my formal outfits today to dance on my own at some ballrooms.
  12. What I noticed was, that the first thing every club had at their entrance was a warning, that they do not tolerate bloodlines/vampires/bite requests. So they must have been pretty noticeable on the grid. But what I meant was, that they have no idea when the "quality" vampire roleplay that ruled the grid, was taking place. Because the noticable think has always been rather normal looking avatars annoying everyone with their pyramid scheme bloodlines stuff.
  13. When was anything of what the OP mentions true? When I joined in 2010, vampires were just those bloodline players and it had nothing to do with proper roleplay. And it didn't seemed like this had just happened to become this way.
  14. No, the next bigger city for me would be Hamburg.
  15. I'm from Germany, up north, close to the Baltic Sea.