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  1. Being on the internet. Step 1: Don't take everything bad super personal. I think I missed whatever was going on, but I don't see what purpose it serves to delete a flickr account.
  2. The person does gain something: Privacy, peace, solitude etc. And its their right to obtain those benefits, because they are the one paying for the parcel. Its literally nobody elses business. If I pay for a plot of land, nobody elses life gets worse. My land is nobodies business. I'm not taking away something from them. They did, at no point in time, posess a universal right to go wherever they want to. Instead demanding that the land owner restricts themselves is a selfish, egocentric position. You demand something outside of what belongs to you or should belong to you. There is nothing meanspirited about wanting to be left alone. They can't physically harm you, thats true, but that is only half of the picture. The other half is, again, privacy. In RL we don't just live in our own homes, because we fear damage from outside, but because we want to. I don't distrust my neighbours, but I don't leave my door open and put up something infront of my windows. You sound irrational right now. What you say is the SL equivalent to my neighbour across the street demanding a tour of my apartment and calling me selfish for refusing or claiming his life just got worse, because my curtains block his view into my livingroom and he can't see what I'm watching on TV anymore.
  3. Random people walking into my home hasn't really happened to me yet. I guess I would initially just be suprised to see someone wandering around. I don't mind people, who take a look at my parcel, as long as they are respectful and kind. What annoys me more are people, who you have just befriended and invited over to your place and then they take that as an invitiation to _always_ hang around your place.
  4. I'm actually neutral on the whole pineapple debate. SL is also blessed with a lack of physics. You can dress way more revealing,when you know your clothes stay where they are.
  5. Somewhere out there...someone is putting strawberries on a pizza right now, I can feel it (strawberry season just started where I live).
  6. You know how drama llamas always stand in the middle of the drama and complain about it? Same magic working here.
  7. Do you feel like that, because Second Life has/is a virtual world, where everyone has an avatar and a made up name?
  8. This is still going? Oh dear. What I don't get is: If SL in its 2012 state was the temple of perfection, why doesn't the OP continue his or her journey limited to what was available in 2012? None of the basic functions, that where available back then, have changed. Really, the viewer is the same thing, just with a few more bells attached. But those bells are optional. Don't want mesh? Don't get mesh. Don't want to use Bento and BOM? Then...don't. Everything could be fine... unless this is really about policing what others do.
  9. And...? I mean, yeah, thats the category of this subforum to indicate what kind of topics go in here. But that does not automatically explain whats the purpose of your post. Its not self-explainatory and I was suprised you didn't know it either why you posted. Usually people have some intention when posting. Some want to rant, some want help, some want opinions, some want to joke or troll and others simply want to chat a bit.
  10. So you don't even know why you posted this here and what you want from us? Okay...
  11. A long time ago (about ten years) everyone had a first and last name. That was the "username". Then LL went totally stupid and removed the concept of lastnames and every new account just started with one name. To not break existing systems, every new account had "resident" as a placeholder for the now non-existant lastname.
  12. No, no you did not. A discussion would require some openness on your side, but your opinion is pretty much set in stone. 2012 SL = good, current SL = bad. You want to complain, thats it. That you lash out because one single comment wasn't completely serious/on topic further underlines this. You can't discuss something, if you have the temper of a soon-to-errupt volcano, but its the perfect mood to complain.
  13. Admit it, you like being offended don't you?
  14. Its a free market. Anyone can sell anything for whatever price and if they find someone who is willing to purchase it - good for them. If not, they need to adjust their price.
  15. Probably just by your own standards.
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