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  1. Unsolicited pics from someone

    You haven't missed anything good.
  2. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    So, did you tell them you think they are evil, disgusting and glorifying violence and suffering? Probably not, because thats no base for a fruitful conversation/discussion. But its exactly how you started your post here. What do you expect people to do? You don't deserve a single apology. Instead you hopefully apologized to the people in that fetish group.
  3. Help my shoes are ...

    Or another brand that offers mesh feet. At least I can't see if those shoes are for slink. Could also be for any of the mesh bodies, that come with mesh feet, like Maitreya for example.
  4. Suga(r) Daddy Problems

    Convincing erotic roleplay is what an escort makes money with. I don't see the problem
  5. SIM administrator harassing people with alters

    This doesn't make any sense. Places that are listed in the destination guide do not belong to Linden Lab. There is nothing "official" about a place just because its are listed there. Someone who owns a sim or has been asked by the owner to manage the sim is not associated with LL in any way.
  6. Article about second life in the Atlantic

    I used to do that when I joined WoW over a decade ago. I felt it was neat to let my Nightelf lay down on a bed, instead of just walking into an inn and log off directly.
  7. What did your avatar look like when you first started SL?

    All pictures of the old times of my avatar got lost, when my last computer did its last breath (ironically while I was in Second Life).
  8. Same. Even among my game- and nerd friends, I do not announce openly that I have a Second Life account. Only my best friend knows, because I showed it to him once, for the roleplay aspect. One half of the people would instantly think about all the negative stuff and wonder that this weird ***** is still around and the other half wouldn't know about SL, google it and then be confronted with all the negative articles and the weird stuff.
  9. Are mesh feet worth it?

    Are you walking around barefeet at any time? Then get some. If I had to name one piece of mesh I never want to live without, then it would be mesh feet, as there is just no way I can look at my standart body feet without disgust.
  10. Our Honeymoon

    But then less peopler will notice, that she got a virtual husband!
  11. broken

    I've the exact same problem today...but then again I can't log in at all.
  12. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Thats why I save my screenshots on my computer, if I don't need them explicitly to be in my inventory.
  13. SO tired of toxicity!

    I feel strongly reminded of the girls that have "no drama plz" or variations of that in their profile, but certainly are always those right in the middle of it. Wonder why...
  14. Met this women I care bout

    More punctuation, please! That was so messy and difficult to read, especially when you started leaving out letters and entire words. More on topic: How long do you know that person? Because to me that whole story sounds like you just met her and then rushed straight for a partner request. It might be, that she regrets accepting it and is now to polite or shy to tell you that. Maybe she fears the confrontation, because you are so passionate about it and now her hope is, that you'll leave her on your own.
  15. Selbstständig machen (Abrechnung)

    Nun ja...Linden Dollar sind kein Geld im rechtlichen Sinne. Deine Einnahmen entstehen in dem Sinne erst, wenn du sie in eine richtige Währung umtauscht und das sind dann quasi deine Einnahmen, die du versteuern musst. Und das ist widerum etwas, dessen Höhe du nachweisen kannst. Es kann allerdings wirklich nicht verkehrt sein, sich Steuerberatung zu holen, die sattelfest mit Onlineeinnahmen sind. Mir fällt da z.B. auch Twitch-Donations und Patreoneinnahmen ein, die auch versteuert werden müssen. Wenn deine Einnahmen noch nicht so super hoch sind, kann es auch sinnvoll sein sich mal über das Anmelden eines Kleingewerbes zu informieren.