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  1. Syo Emerald

    Lines that annoy you most

    You understood what he wanted to say with his last sentence? I'm still not sure, even after reading it the third time.
  2. I feel like human clubs tend to lean more towards mainstream, than furry clubs, in all kinds of way. Some aesthetics that are commonly found in human clubs, are much rarer or almost absent in furry clubs. One thing that I also noticed: You see a lot more openly gay avatars in furry clubs.
  3. Ah, I see. I've just come home and sat down with a cup of coffee. Interestingly, this time it seems to be a really dedicated troll.
  4. I only know the legal differences in my own country and there rights and abilities as well as responsibilities grow with age... but it sounds so wrong to call a 16 year old a child.
  5. Depends on the country. I know that at least were I'm from, the law makes distinctions between a child and someone who is 16 years old. And I can't imagine that even the US doesn't have a seperations in rights, restrictions and laws between actual children/babies/infants and 16 year olds.
  6. O...kay? That sounds really specific. Most people who care about their profile would update their profile picture every once in a while, especially after a bigger change.
  7. Syo Emerald

    Lines that annoy you most

    I doubt they are trolls. Many people these days aren't used to forums anymore (thanks Social Media!...) and have a weird mix of paper-thin skin and entitledment to them. They often think they "own" the forum threads started by them and would have a special say on how can and can not comment. Ironically, those statements make me want to do exactly what they try to forbid.
  8. I don't have any universally amazing or funny profiles at hand, but I once came across a profile of someone that fit so perfectly, was so relatebale...that I wanted to be friends with that person from just her profile (you could call it a profile soulmate!).
  9. Syo Emerald

    How does your avatar look today ?

    On the beach again. A bit of old and new items thrown together.
  10. Anyone who would put out a general statetment that system avatars look "very young" must have never activly used one and has not been around when they were the only thing we got. In addition to having no idea how an adult body differs from a childs body, of course.
  11. Roleplay is the best spot to 'pass' as a man, because all you need to do is to immerse yourself into the role you picked and not into "believeable man next door". Your farmer depends on your skill to deliver the role of a simple, hardworking person. You may read up a bit about medvial farming (or whatever the Gor lore has to say about that), but thats about it. Usually, any OC contact comes way later (if at all) and by then people usually already accept you, because they like playing with you. That being said, outside of roleplay (mind you, my only roleplay guy exists in a fantasy universe) I'm not good in portraying a male character...at least thats what I draw from one of my initial conversations when running around as a male alt and getting into a conversation with a woman at the freebie Galaxy. Within minutes she asked if I was female. That...was suprisingly fast.
  12. Syo Emerald

    How about a new sub forum in "People"?

    I do get that idea! I remember the old WoW forums had one aswell (sadly it didn't carried over to the new one) and I remember it from other, old forums. The benefit was the community building aspect, the downside that more forum means more space to moderate, especially since with an off topic forum, you expand the topics that could come up.
  13. Syo Emerald

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    So you porpose to limit creativity, technology and individualism, aswell as driving out everyone that is not interested in a cartoon avatar? Might be easier, but also where is the incentive to start creating, if this is still supposed to be SL.
  14. Syo Emerald

    being blocked from a destination

    So people are judgemental, if they assume your profile says stuff about yourself. Okay. Its interesting, your wording sounds like you assume it would be obvious for people to see, that the things you state in your profile aren't true. The landlord may not know who Truth Hawks is and there is no visible 'taint' on people, that indicates that they enjoy roleplaying in Gor. While I personally would also say the landlord in question is judgemental, its not because she thought the things in your profile were the truth.