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  1. I don't ask anyone to buy anything and I do not see full builds and backdrops as interchangeable items. Quite the opposite, as this is exactly the problem I have with backdrops. They can look as cool from the front as they want, they are not a substitute for a real building. Backdrops don't need to be interchangeable with full builds in order to push full builds out of the picture. The talent and time to build a structure just goes into backdrops these days. I've seen amazing ideas for build...entirely wasted on some backdrop, never turned into a full build. I assume backdrops just sell better and are faster to produce.
  2. I find all those backdrops, that have been floading shopping events in recent months/years disgusting. I don't care if any of those "I live for my flickr account"-people have fun. I feel like those backdrops are eating away the potential of real builds, because all efforts for intersting and new designs seems to flow exclusivly into backdrops and nobody cares to build a full version of any of those buildings. Its frustrating to see a cool advertisement for what seems to be a building and then its just another backdrop.
  3. One of my favortie brands/stores just did the unthinkable: Making the colour black (which they _always_ features for any outfit they offered) a fatpack exclusive. Just...wow. Its so annoying when creators put black/white behind an extra paywall.
  4. I have no illusions: Its probably my PC. It was never the fastest horse in the stable (budget reasons) and now its...uhm...4-5 years old? And SL isn't getting less demanding as time goes on.
  5. Part 2: A little showcase of the inside.
  6. Some photos of my current house, that I placed in the middle of the ocean.
  7. I've never dated anyone in SL, but if I did, I wouldn't mind if the guy is bisexual.
  8. I've never met with anyone I met in SL, but I did meet some of the people I play/played WoW with. I would certainly be up to meeting someone from SL.
  9. Most people who do "research" in Second Life are students. They used to come in more regularly and they do these days. There where times on this forum, where you could expect at least a couple of posts, because the end of the semester was coming closer, lol. Then they do their thing (or not, because the people on the forum point out the (often plenty) flaws in their research and then they are gone, because its just to get a grade and not because its their job or passion. The students are usually also not residents themself, they read about SL once and just join for their research and then leave, because they never had an original interest in being here as a user.
  10. Ist dein Paypal Konto verifiziert? Einfach nur ein Konto mit Guthaben funktioniert in der Regel nicht, da LL eine Zahlungssicherheit wie z.B. ein verlinktes Bankkonto oder eine Kreditkarte haben will. Ich habe mein Paypal Konto z.B. mit meinem Bankkonto verknüpft.
  11. I don't date in SL, but if I would the question wouldn't be about the amount of mesh, but how the avatar looks in general. "Freebie Galaxy 2006"-look just not doing it for me.
  12. How are the stakes higher in Gor? Do you feel actually treatend by Gor roleplayers, who argue about their lore? And from my experiance the disputes between roleplayers in other universes are just the same. I've seen a lot of drama going down over the years that I've played both in WoW and Swtor, for example. More often than not, people never reached a point of agreement and it usually resulted in pettyness and some version of "I'm making my own XY...but better than yours!" So its just a problem, because its gendered? I mean, leaving Gor out of the equation for a moment, there are lots of fetish and fantasy settings that toy around with gendered settings and include pretty bad stuff. Is it just bad, if the setting has a gender componant? The reason for that is simple, I think: This thread as been necro'd. The OP is long gone, their issue has been discussed ages ago. So at least for any of the newer replies it makes sense to not adress the OP anymore.
  13. I would say quite the opposite. Gor is so over-the-top, that only a complete nutjob would take it at face value and think this is how reality should or even can be. Gor might be disgusting, tasteless and horrible, but its not set in reality. But people do enjoy disgusting fantasies. And many disgusting fantasies are absolutly rough to stomach by their explicit and extreme nature. Gor is not an exclusion from that. But its still roleplay and therefore all participants are consenting people and nobody gets violated. And its really hard to worry so much about Gor, when you know that there is so much ***** out there enjoyed by people. The "obsession" of some roleplayers with how much their character concept or sim is "by the books" never stroke me as worring or weird. I've always seen this as the Gor version of every roleplays endless fight over the lore...and boy, people can be really passionate about that, in either direction. 50 Shades on the other hand feels actually worse to me. Sure, its content is a lot less violent and extreme, but its more attached to reality and a lot more sneaky. How many women out there wouldn't see/know whats wrong with 50 Shades? Probably a lot more than Gor people who truely believe their roleplay should be lived as reality. Disclaimer, as I do think the tone of further replies makes it necessary: I do not participate in Gor, nor do I have any kind feelings towards it. But I'm a roleplayer and therefore I have a strong opinion when it comes to questioning players RL idiology and character based on what they enjoy playing. Especially when I have to assume, it comes from non-roleplayers. Gor might be extreme, but saying everyone who plays it is a RL misogonist and sees the novels as their religion, is the first step to questioning every roleplayer out there why they aren't playing a family friendly, political correct character and setting.
  14. For me, social media and second life are really not in the same basket of things. The use of one doesn't influence the other.
  15. The concept of a fantasy novel and roleplay went right above your head right? Whats next, complaining about Star Wars, because that universe contains slavery? If you want to get your panties in a twist about a book, that romanticises abusive relationships and breaks with BDSM concepts, then go and rant about 50 Shades of Grey.
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