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  1. Maybe the coffee hasn't awoken me enough, yet, but do I read that right? She wants to block people, because they don't engage in small talk with her? 🤨 And I thought blocking and derendering was a measurement against the annoying, offensive and hostile.
  2. How many additional languages do you speak at a near fluent level? How good were you in school in your native language? Using someones spelling as a defense means you already lost the argument. Try being less butt hurt next time, when you get called out on your bs. (I also didn't insult you. Your username is a description). One could also argue, that SL names do not need to be realistic, just like avatars do not need to be human, or are those also wrong in your opinion?
  3. Yes, I know that part from the bible. Would be interesting to know at which point people in several countries added a glas house to the whole stone throwing.
  4. I don't think the whole concept is so foreign, considering that sex dolls in RL are a thing. I recently watched a video about the first doll brothel in my country.
  5. I see. But wouldn't SL always end up in the state its currently in, even if they didn't drop the general ambition to participate in the developement and research on how to make a 3D web? SL itself is a niche product. Too steap of a learning curve, very few people can handle the task of entertaining themselves, performance issues etc. You would need to get rid of what SL is, to make it part of a 3D web and then it would just be a piece of software, but not SL anymore.
  6. ... says the person who named themself "latinatransgirl". That is not even a name, thats a describtion. There is a good german proverb for that: "Don't throw rocks, when you sit in a house made of glas."
  7. If people enjoy it, let them enjoy it. Those places aren't impacting your SL experiance or do they? Just go somewhere else.
  8. What did they try in the beginning and stopped trying later on?
  9. It was hype. A whole pile of unjustified hype. SL never could be that game-changer or the future of the internet. It was destined to not live up to those far fetched ideas. Not picking my dog in the game vs. no game debatte, but no matter on what side you stand on, SL never stood next to World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. Those are MMORPGs and SL is not that category. They only have in common, that it requires an internet connection and everything happens in real time and you can meet a bunch of people from all over the world (or at least your portion of the world).
  10. Syo Emerald


    <insert stupid spam here>
  11. Neither. I don't read blogs or watch videos about SL.
  12. Just curiosity: When you joined SL, weren't you aware that it was international and therefore most people wouldn't be able to pronounce your name?
  13. Same. I have never seen a sim, that focused on any non-human avatar be against human avatars visiting. The other way is indeed awfully common, which makes me even more hesitant to go out with my avatars, because I always have that thought in the back of my head, that anything more than maybe elf ears isn't welcome. (On RP sims I can totally understand it, but those aren't the places I go to anyway)
  14. Discord is great. My World of Warcraft roleplay guild has been using it for around two years. But I wouldn't know what Discord has to do with SL. Both are totally different things.
  15. Its not. Or it died in 2010. Idk.
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