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  1. Whats unethical about the share function Prokofy mentioned? (I had never paid attention to it, as I don't use twitter or flickr etc.)
  2. Only if it suits him. He likes to overlook details in the same way others do, when it does not suit his narrative.
  3. Granted! They are now 4 days. But between weekends, you have also double the work days. My favorite cat mug just broke by accident. I wish this gets undone.
  4. And thats in essence the problem with what feels like around 99% of all necrothreads: There is no new information and there is nothing helpful added. Its ranting, its me-too, its digging up and re-heathing either drama or outdated discussions. Or responding to personal questions of people, who are probably not in SL anymore or might have managed to solve their problem some time in the past 10 years. Its clutter.
  5. Today, I invested in some new demon body parts, which I had previously gotten for my alt...but are just too good to not buy for Syo aswell.
  6. I think this will highly depend on the individual circumstances of each resident and we don't know for sure how the Brexit will play out in the long run. But uncertainty is never good for the economy and some people might even lose their jobs or have increasing costs in another area, so they have to cut back on spending money in SL. I don't think it will affect premium payments in general, after all, LL is located in the US. Vat is a more national thing, and less related to the EU (different countries have different VAT), so that might not be affected by the Brexit, too.
  7. Is GATCHA a store/brand I'm not aware of? I only know gacha and thats not a brand/store at all, rather a collective term describing machines, that hand you a randomized item from a list of items for a given price (usually between 25L and 75L) with the chance getting "rare" items. There is no single mesh body for ALL clothes purchaseable from gacha machines, as this depends on the individual shop. Geralt is the name of a male mesh body by Signature. Signatures other mesh body for men is called Gianni.
  8. You mean sometimes in the next decade...maybe? Why the Linden Dollar and not one of the many RL currencies?
  9. Are many info hubs and safe hubs still bad places to voluntarly hangout for extended periods of time? Probably yes. Was the resurrection of this thread beneficial to the problem or gave further insight into the problem or its current state? No, its devolving into unorganized venting and ranting.
  10. I never said anyone should accept harassment. I was talking about statistics. Like...you can't create a place where you will never ever run the risk of encountering harassment or hate speech or aynthing offensive. As soon as you let people in, there is a chance for that. What should that lawsuit be about? Who should ever start it and based on what laws?
  11. But he is correct in his interpretation, where as yours is more a long the lines of "I wish it would mean that". Yes, there might be sims, that also allow you to show up naked, but they are in private ownership. You need to know the place, to know its specific rules. And even they, those rules could change on a whim or the place itself just vanishes. Freedom from harassment can't be guaranteed anywhere on SL, as soon as you have the potential chance of encountering another person. I'm not saying the threads should be deleted (never mentioned to terminate the entire forum), but locked down, so people can't comment.
  12. Because the forum (sadly) doesn't close threads down automatically.
  13. Oh everyone has a brain in RL, too! But just having a brain doesn't say much. There once was a chicken, that survived its own (botched) decapitation, because part of its brain (at least the brainstem) was still intact. It could breath, digest food and keep other vital functions running.
  14. I would use it to build a matching environment for my house of choice. This time of the year, I would probably go for a late autumn/rainy winter kind of feeling. Old english/european house, surrounded by woodland with a path leading to a beach with some dunes and washed up driftwood and huge stones.
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