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  1. I find voice verification to be a completely wacky concept in itself. Options to cheat that aside (if you are really determined, you can), it serves really no purpose. So, the person you flirt with is female. Now what? Would you boink every female person on planet earth? Probably not. There is no information gained, that verifies that the person controlling the other avatar is in any way desireable for you. Of course, in a virtual world it doesn't matter how that woman looks, what she earns etc. but why does her gender matter then? Its not like you ever meet that person and you aren't "catching the gay" from unknowingly flirting with a man. I stay away from people, who want to voice in order to verify something. They want too much RL, put themself first and I simply am not that needy, that I couldn't pass their generious offer to get intimate.
  2. You can use all make up appliers that are compatible with your mesh head. In case of Lelutka, that are all appliers that are either made specifically for Lelutka or those that are labled to be omega appliers. You aren't bound to a store.
  3. Its not just the family people, I've rarely seen anyone using it for its original purpose.
  4. Impossible. You can't detect what kind of avatar somebody uses.
  5. Power of habit. Most are simply used to it and the UI change that happened in v2 was unasked and unwanted, which made many refuse to adapt to the new interface and branch out to TPVs, that could recreate the interface they were used to. I came too late to see v1 in action, so I started on v2 without much issue, but I can understand wanting to keep what you are used to.
  6. You going to gurantee for that...how exactly? How do you know the estate holders aren't just going to enjoy the passive profit increase? With other prices rising at the same time, I can easily see how a landlord might argue that they are going to use that money to cover for additional costs for membership and exchange. And speaking of the perspective of a premium member: I became premium so I don't have to rent from another resident. And I'm pretty sure many more have the same motivation, because only a premium member can own mainland. Those residents don't profit form that.
  7. I was reading the linked article over and over, trying to find what "new premium pearks" I will get... and there really is nothing that has any value to me. - As a premium member, I already have plenty of group spots. Thats like handing me another bag of chips, when I'm already sitting on a pile, expecting me to feel the same amount of happyness as I did for the first chip bag. Sorry, but thats not how it works. - I'm not popular. I don't get more than 25 offline IMs anyway. An increase does not matter to me. - Ohhh, a 20$ reducution on rent for entire sims! How gre...oh wait no, renting entire sims is a sport for the very wealthy and looking at my bank account and my job situation...uhm, thats not going to be me any time soon (call back in 10+ years!). Seriously, if you can spend more than 200$ each month on a virtual chunk of land, 20$ is nice for you. But who is going to debate getting a sim and that $20 is what convinces them to do so? Nobody. Because if you have that much money free to spend for that kind of stuff, then that reduction isn't going to mean a lot. The change to mainland and the increase of the allowance without extra payments was what made me go premium, because it made the annual payment option "worth it". Now I'm bascially getting the same stuff but have to pay more for it. And it feels bad, because like Selene already said it, it feels so inconsidered towards the lower income residents. In combination it even feels like I have to pay more, because they want to reward the 'whales' of Second Life. Generally speaking: Increased and decreases of something have a higher impact the lower you are on an income scale. I'm also one of the poor noodles, who has to pay VAT on that horsecrap, too. So I will break that 100$ barrier for the annual membership. My premium membership has recently started its second year, so I'm going to stay Premium until next May... but after that? I don't know. If they keep kicking us in the butt like that, I will consider canceling.
  8. *takes a deep breath* Well, to put it nicely, thats the shy/harmonic peoples way to pull out of a social interaction, that they find uncomfortable. They don't want to interact with you, but also don't want to deal with any direct confrontation. I've only quoted two of your pet peeves, but the amount of peeves that you listed is stunning. If that type of stuff happens frequently and with all kinds of people, then maybe there is a general problem with your way of socializing with others.
  9. When people become very clingy, the moment you accepted their friend request. It makes me more cautious about making friends in certain places, where this has happened before. A year ago I befriended a furry wolf, who was the kind of person, that would almost always IM me, when I came online. His IMs usually only contained small talk, the "Hi how are you/what are you doing" kind of stuff. It was fine. I'm not good at personal, direct rejection, so I just answered in an honest way and continued my day. Around the same time I got my first parcel on mainland and started to decorate it. And of course that also became a topic in the conversation with this guy. He asked, if he could come around to check out my build and I happly send him a tp. I like it, when people have genuine interest in what I do and now we had something of substance to talk about. Things were good.... until he suddenly decided that being invited to my place means he should hang out there 24/7...or basically whenever I would come online. It was energy draining for me. I could basically do nothing in private anymore. After a while I told him, that I didn't felt comfortable and would love if he didn't hung out at my place all the time. That offended him in some way and it was the end of him being on my friendlist.
  10. Luckly, nobody I have been close with died (I know how blessed I am by that). But each winter, when I decorate my parcel a bit more seasonal, I put out a small group of white bird statues. They look like snowballs on stick legs, with tiny black eyes and a pointy beak. Those birds where gifted to me by a man, that frequented another (german) SL forum, after I commented on a picture he posted there, which had those birds in them. They weren't expensive, actually I think they were freebies...but the efford counts. I didn't know much about him, only that he had a child avatar and made up for his not ideal RL childhood. But it was the first RL death within SL, that I experianced.
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