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    Now you challenged us to keep it alive. Congratulations, so much free attention is comming your way!
  2. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Did you just compare orange particles shaped in the form of what could be called fire to actual harrassement and blackmail?! Wow...just wow. For the sake of de-escalating this: Lets call the fire what it actually is, a cloud of orange particles. Your avatar got shortly wrapped into a cloud of orange-red particles. This action is not violent. Orange-red particles do not cause any damage to your avatar, your inventory, viewer, computer or the physical and mental health of your real life self. Its annoying at best, as it disturbed your view for a while. Blackmailing someone does harm...thats part of the definition and its damage is not tied to the place it happens and not tied to some physical law. Virtual fire will never work like real fire. The damage real fire does is impossible to recreate in virtual space (on its own). But blackmailing is blackmailing, no matter if you know the person doing it in flesh and blood or just met them online.

    And that is the basic concept of any dramaqueens behavior. Anyone else wouldn't have felt the natural instinct to dig up a months old thread to reply.
  4. The Skill Games

    A little offtopic, but @Klytyna is there a popular name for people who came after 2009? (Just curious) Now carry on with that casino and landlord discussion everyone else!
  5. Looking for a Booty Improvement (Mesh?)

    Morgan has it right, all major brands of...attachable behinds got shut down and the rise in popularity for complete mesh bodies was the nail in the coffin. And actually, getting a mesh body with the tendency to be curvy and then do the rest with editing your shape might be easier in the long run. Especially if you do like mesh clothes, as it will be way easier to get fitting clothes without any extra attachment.
  6. SL vs Social media

    I don't see Second Life in the same realm or classification as most social media platforms. Its not really a substitute relationship between Second Life and services like Facebook, at least for me. I use both, but not for the same thing and I'm not interacting with the same people. Nobody in SL knows my real name and almost nobody outside of SL knows that I'm here. Second Life is...I don't know, kind of a creative, social dollhouse (I shop too much...). I come here to relax and my real life doesn't matter much and I talk to so many random people. In contrast, I use Facebook to keep in touch with people I know and engage in groups that deal with hobbies and interests I have. And overall, I have to say people are people. They don't behave that much different.
  7. These numbers have got to be wrong

    @Drake1 Nightfire Quite nostalgic. Just like in the old days. And I think those freebies are older than 5 years. When I joined in 2010, they were already considered old. I guess we look at something people wore in 2007.
  8. These numbers have got to be wrong

    You could stay logged in and go to the toilet. I heard thats beneficial for both problems: Sore butt and risk of wetting yourself.
  9. Bodies in style

    No idea how that relates to the question. Several. The 3 most popular brands are (as far as I know) Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. Make use of Chics link and test a lot of demos, before you consider purchasing one. Yes, as well as everything else that has been chunky from the neck down. Thats what made them popular.
  10. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    The current generation of starter avatars looks better than anything we had before. They even look better than what a regular avatar in early 2010 might have looked like. The only thing that makes "normal" avatars look better is the simply fact, that the person behind it has put in a lot of effort to customize their avatar, to give them a "soul". But...thats nothing a starter avatar has to deliver. They are a starting point, meant to be sheed like a snakes skin, once you have become more used to useing Second Life and for that purpose, they don't need any drastical improvement.
  11. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    Get a good pair of horns, you can fix the halo with some tape inbetween.
  12. New Second Life Fad I Guess

    To me, she could be anything between 16 and 23. I'm surrounded by people in that age group and you could not say for sure who of them is at what age. I'm in my mid-twenties and still get mistaken for being just 18.
  13. The "true" main advantages to be premium are the right to get land directly from Linden Lab, which means you are no longer at the mercy of a resident middleman, and the increased support option of having acess to live chat. The Linden Home is really just an "entrance drug" for newbies to get them hungry for owning (more) property. Most people I know didn't take the home and instead use the free 512m allowence instead to get a bigger mainland parcel for less.
  14. Decency ? Modesty ?

    Now I wonder...SL wasn't that much of a shock for me
  15. Bento hands with stiff fingers

    We've had a thread about this recently. Apperently some people see it that way, when you aren't using animations that actually make use of your bento hands.