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  1. Absolute speechless but I most say one of your puppy is running away. I can stop her.
  2. You just simply quote somebody whom you want then click in the quote bauble and delet the unwanted parts ... or you can have fun with them . Originally there was a very different text what I wanted. But I remembered that I have a s..t sense of humor.
  3. Five? Why don't you start with two. And if she can take it more. That is my policy. Or maybe ....
  4. Naaa that was a very bad trip (http://31.media.tumblr.com/6bf093195f0a4e392764b237ecfa27ff/tumblr_n34g5wLwVk1snge63o1_400.gif)
  5. This is a huge trip hazard. Also your health and safety concerns are soooo adorable and so English. I like you.
  6. But that is normal really like dress up and go home.
  7. ... but maybe not in the correct place. I didn't logged in SL since the early spring time just once or twice to check something. And sadly I need to take conclude that my bipolarity is greatly triggered by Second Life. As the last few months I had no issues with my mental health (not more then before I started living Sl). But then last week I started to log back a few time to start that project what I was planing for some time now and suddenly I started to get bad feelings again. So me and SL is not compatible. And I think that is good news for some. You are not going to get rid of me permanently but I will be here les.
  8. I can see one of your part what I shouldn't on the bottom of the picture.
  9. My thoughts are best described as inappropriate.
  10. https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/sarcasm Don't loose your panties. Ohh BTW there are ppl out there how would live from that money for ten day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_percentage_of_population_living_in_poverty Stop being a smug c..t.
  11. So you spent 5 big one on a mesh body. Hmmm I might have a brilliant business opportunity for you. Don't tell it to nobody but I'm a Nigerian general. With some money to put in to your bank account.
  12. Well hell yes the last person how ghosted me is from this forum.
  13. Sorry but deleting your account is pointless IMO. Just go down to basic, uninstall your viewer and when you getting nostalgia after a time "you" will be still here.
  14. I see you took a break from being dressed as well. Excellent decision.
  15. I just found this near my home point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sistiana/160/173/27 It is kinda fun if you have nothing to do go and have fun.
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