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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 minute ago, Dementia Obviate said:

After reading a suggestion for Oubliette in another thread, I dropped by and picked up a ton of demos and got this outfit for free on the lucky letter boards. And wow, what a beautiful property. I just had to go back and take some pics.

I love their stuff and will go to the sim just to take pics. They recently opened a club, too, there.

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While we're at the Oubliette topic (LOVE them) - here´s some skirt by their light side part of the brand called Petit Morte (which is totally unrelated to the TBT bag from the MP xD but a dead fit xD) before the next offline period starts cos WARM and other flat without pc and all that ^^ :


Seeya...maybe tomorrow for a while, else on August 2nd - ish... xD


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I love Oubliette too! Just not wearing any of their stuff today, because FLF. Their hunts are fun too and a great excuse to look around their beautiful sim. Picked up this fabulous hair from Lock & Tuft for $L50 yesterday, and the top is from Fetch, also an FLF deal. This is at Looking Glass.




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First time making an elf (it just kinda happened) and now I'm having way too much fun going to random forest/farm-y places and spending 20 minutes playing with the angles and lighting. (This was at a garden store, had to derender lots of stuff from the background and the "stars and moon" in the sky are actually hanging lights.)


Cold morning with the potatoes. (get it?)


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