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How does your avatar look today ?


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43 minutes ago, Gregorian Chant said:

My alt finally got the dollarbie TMP body after many hours of failed teleports. The onupup head doesn't fit well with the body but nothing a turtleneck couldn't fix.



Try the neck fix from Apricot Paws. It's intended for furry heads but it works on humans too and its free.

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:17 PM, BeautifulXu said:

pop that thing...ding ding ding!

On 4/17/2020 at 4:32 PM, BeautifulXu said:


On 4/17/2020 at 4:35 PM, BeautifulXu said:

were you still in the car when it looked empty?

17 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

that's right! keep those sneakers!

17 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

come up for air!

17 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

did the fuse blow?

17 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

she has to eat a plate full of scrambled eggs before she can go out to play!

16 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

he's stuffed to the gills!

11 hours ago, beautifulxu7 said:

Short suit.

8 hours ago, BeautifulXu said:

real men wear pink!

7 hours ago, BeautifulXu said:

get back to work!

So @BeautifulXu & @beautifulxu7.... I’m assuming you both are one and the same. I’m also guessing very young and new. So, The theme of this thread that’s been running about 3 years now, with many of us posting here for years, is “how does your avatar look today?”

Lots and lots of posting (11 in 3 pages) yet I haven’t seen any postings of you! Please, instead of reposting with inane nonsensical comments, just post photos of your avatar. I’m confident that you will find here a more than welcoming community. Three or four word comments that are just random brain farts don’t add any value to the poster nor to you yourself. It simply spams the thread for the sake of needing to be noticed. That’s why you’re not getting any likes... what’s to like? 

My personal request is to stop spamming and just post photos of your avatar. Simple 🙂

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