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How does your avatar look today ?


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I'll be the first to admit that my necklace is glitching through my neck cause of the animation. ._.

But, I was too excited to share that I got a second zooby. =w= And like children do, it was not easy for the life of me to get this shot because these little bundles kept being so fussy! *rolls eyes*.

So, regardless of the clipping, I wanted to show off Miyo's new sister, Rini. n_n

Mura_021_018 (2)22R.jpg

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I spent most of my day in ship battles so here is how I looked most of today.

My side won both battles and several times mine was the last ship afloat.




My navy painted ship has until today had a white hull but I've had a lot of technical issues with that version of the ship recently.  (There's no real reason why it should have more problems than other versions of the same ship since only textures are different.)  So, I took a pink hulled ship originally created as a joke but which I have had better luck with recently and which my gunner far prefers and put my navy sails and flags on that ship.  They'll definitely see me coming.

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9 hours ago, Ashlyn Voir said:

Blocked because the shorts have a bulge and I doubt that's allowed on the forums. So, PG version I guess. 

Snapshot_002 edit.png

Bulges actually are allowed and have been posted before.  The rule is that genitalia and female nipples must be covered or obscured.

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Not so much today, but posting because a) I liked this shirt (still do :P ) and b) the feline pictured here is the newly-hatched version of the ginormous cat in my last picture.  Day 0 vs. Day 7 makes a big difference sometimes!

Ajay and Merlin.Day0_cropped.png

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