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  1. If you use Firestorm Photo Tools on the tab after DoF (aids) is a whole load of options and near the bottom is a "Slow Motion Animations" tick box. You can right click > Edit on any item you are wearing too if you want to freeze an animation at just the right moment just make sure you don't accidentally click off your avatar or exit edit mode
  2. Linden Realms has always been like that, park your avatar for a moment get accused of being a cheat doesn't matter if you've AFK'd to go to the toilet, get a drink or food, answer the phone/door, need to take breaks for health reasons you are automatically a cheat. if you got certain crystals and knew when they would next spawn and went back to get them when they did you were also seen as a cheat. pretty much anything could get you branded as a cheat. I know people used to put videos up on YouTube or pics outside of SL of people they claimed were cheats and share them in the Linden Realms unofficial group
  3. Never really had much imagination on how to decorate my garden but i think i'm finally happy even if the LoD for the pergola set is really poor from a short distance away
  4. Baked on shadows, fine if you're keeping something as it was made not so great when you want to delete an element or resize
  5. There's almost no content available for this particular version of Legacy plus where a barely rigged for perky option possibly a push up option too i think is included as standard with Belleza bodies Legacy are charging L$5-5.5k. Their marketplace presence isn't very helpful for reviews as they relist their products to escape too much negativity plus for their inworld group that is needed to get the free new TMP classic any criticism of TMP products is not allowed in group chat and will get you kicked out. TMP/Legacy/The Shops or what ever they are calling themselves are a brand that like to milk as much L$ as possible out of people where other body brands include things as standard or as free upgrades they charge i can definitely recall getting my TMP alt some freebie shoes on the marketplace 2-3 years back and in order to wear them i'd have to spend a lot to get the high & ouch feet that weren't included. If someone has neither body i'd say get the Maitreya or at least a compatible body it's widely rigged for, less triangles, doesn't need media enabled or relies on an external server, with the money you save not buying a TMP Legacy product you can buy a bunch of things to wear for your Maitreya. If i had a spare L$5.5k to be frivolous with there are hundreds of things i'd rather buy than anything Legacy. Someone else mentioned visible seams on Legacy i upgraded my TMP alt to the new free "Classic" body because it got all the in house clothes when they were free and at more or less ground level just below the left knee is this lovely glaring seam that goes round the whole calf
  6. Apparently there's a Lelutka scam doing the rounds now along the lines of the Catwa one supposedly giving out free heads from new accounts with Lelutka in their name
  7. Temp rezzers are expressly NOT allowed in Linden Home regions as per the covenant i would consider them a sort of griefing since you're taking resources from other people potentially leading them to having their objects returned if you need more prims get a bigger parcel of land or learn to use the prims you have more wisely. plus i hope you don't think you can use a Linden Home for commercial use too because that is also forbidden. You would be better off seeking out a piece of mainland or paying out a considerable wedge for a double prim lot rather than having a Linden Home
  8. I think so far the forums/community section is the only place showing the new logo. On the homepage, login page, marketplace, dashboard, my.secondlife etc. it still shows the old logo for now
  9. System (left) + old shape vs Mesh (right) + current shape using same GA system skin was quite lucky to find to find a head that looked "me" with my then regular shape didn't think i looked too bad system but much prefer the brow and eye shape of my Lelutka head
  10. Someone inworld earlier complained about stipend being late, however mine was waiting for me when i logged in about 9-10am slt (5pm bst) and was gone moments later in to my rent box
  11. On an alt can see the older themes are in good supply still on the land page
  12. This set from The Sea Hole is pretty good been using it long before going mesh https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Sea-Hole-Catalina-Lingerie-Set-Dusk/7824914 comes in a variety of other colours as well
  13. You can't downgrade unless you get rid of your Land and/or Linden Home the only perk you loose when you downgrade is the ability to own land the rest of the perks stay until the time your premium plan would come up for renewal
  14. Is there a large number of people in the region? if you use Firestorm you can set "Show Friends Only" that will help
  15. Greer should be compatible with BoM if you have an up to date version all pre Evolution heads are now known as Origin heads i'm sure and work with BoM, the demos i had before getting my Chloe head had a BoM option in the HUD long before it went live in LL main viewer. I bought at the right time as with in a day or two FS came out with a BoM viewer and i've never had to bother with brand specific appliers i just use my mesh head the same way as my system head quite pleased that my system layer cosmetics work well. If i was in the market for a new head i wouldn't bother with one that didn't work with BoM
  16. It's going to be starting on BBC 2 in the UK this week or next, i quite enjoyed the first series so will be watching the new one if i can
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