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  1. Should've done that to Tahoe owners when the Log Cabins were released since so far they are the most similar theme to the A frame cabins
  2. Just substitute all the fantasy landscaping and details for English chocolate box village landscaping and I think they'd all look quite English cottage style.
  3. Many years ago at Little Blue Sandbox in one of the shop units surrounding the building area someone had something that knew when it was your rez day, once that day came along you'd get a local chat message inviting you to go to Little Blue to collect a rez day gift
  4. Think I'll be keeping my stilt a bit longer. The interiors are great if anything many of the rooms are bigger than I know what to do with, just everything else about the theme doesn't do it for me. Then again I was never a fan of the old Elderglen theme. That said I am looking forward to seeing how people decorate the inside of the homes
  5. You'll have to give us more info if you're "constant crashing" everyone crashes from time to time or has teleports that fail for what ever reason generally it's not constant
  6. I've had my stilt since the day after they were released (December time) The first one i got not even a Patch visit couldn't make me like it enough to stick with it, so i rolled the next day and got one i really like. It's not my dream stilt but it's next to a rez zone and definitely a close second. I've had all the home styles bar the mock Tudor chalets some longer than others and feel most at home in a stilt
  7. Unless you already have a well stocked wardrobe of TMP clobber it's not worth wasting time getting the L$1 TMP Classic no new clothes are being created for it. Anything Maitreya compatible is your best bet such as Lucybody Atenea the skins included with the body are perfectly acceptable if your not flush enough to get the BoM add on
  8. Since no one else appears to be having issues. What error message are you getting when trying to log in?
  9. Assuming you want female and unless you specifically want a fuller figure best achieved by something like the free eBody curvy. i'm going to echo what Matimo and Ceka have said about the free Lucybody Atennea body, it's Maitreaya compatible for clothes/boots, Slink compatible for shoes as long as you make the foot size approx. 25 in appearance mode This is an example of one of my alts using Lucybody with Maitreya clothes from Blueberry (small group join fee but free store credit regularly given out)
  10. If it's a gift card i'd expect it to cover the cost of at least some items. If it's a discount card make it clear it is, giving a 'gift' out like that does remind me of a very well know store that used to give out very time limited random could be worth as little as 1%, discounts as an event gift
  11. I doubt it the image is titled "Farewell Fantasy Faire" from May 13th, the most recent image is to celebrate Pride
  12. How far above ground level are you? The higher you fly up the worse the effect gets. There is a specific issue i can't remember what between servers/textures/body parts that causes the effect it can't be stopped Here is the effect at it's most extreme i had to fly my male alt up to 100k metres plus to capture it
  13. Except they can't really, unless i am familiar with the store abbreviating something to TLB, FD, LG, CHS etc. a distinct style or even just putting a logo that doesn't give any indication of the store name is not helpful
  14. My only experience is with the freely available SL bodies. I never got in to Bento when it came out so I don't know what was needed/available to make bento poses/animations. Someone with more current experience will know more than me. Most if not all body creators don't make their body kits available to everyone but I would not rule out it being possible to animate with them.
  15. I can't remember where on the SL site/Wiki where the avatar models are available for download, but when i was using Daz to do poses i had to import them to create poses/animations on. Anything done using the default Daz body was not compatible with SL. The SL male and female bodies i was using were the default system avatars. Once you saved them as .bvh you could preview them in SL go back adjust in Daz if needed as often as you like before committing to the upload fee
  16. It's as Rowan thought i did find it on Facebook this is the LM https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charmed Forest/123/131/1682
  17. I've done that before all i can say is i am very grateful for 0,0,0 rez rights and being able to restore to last position
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