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  1. Since its a personal account you are better off doing it yourself you have no idea whoever you give your password to what they are going to do to your account not everyone is honest they could steal your L$ delete your inventory commit ban worthy stuff as you
  2. They could all be accounts used to play Tiny Empires putting all these accounts in sea regions is probably kinder than having them all on land preventing people from getting to homes and stores
  3. @steeljane42's comment is right that sliders only do so much and some heads reach a point where the lips can only go so small before the teeth start poking through the chin and/or upper lip some animations may need a larger lip size to prevent this i noticed this on my Lelutka and have gone as small as i can go with zero poke through
  4. Who knows what will happen in the future.
  5. Which region did you go to there are two regions with the same name one on mainland named Maitreya and Maitreya Isle which is where the store is the region might be down for a while for a restart but i wouldn't expect it to be permanently closed ................yet
  6. Are you using the customisation section of the HUD with media enabled? if so there is an icon that looks similar to = click that there is an option for BoM it's really small click it and it will activate BoM on your body make sure you aren't wearing a full body or full body + head alpha or you will look red
  7. Putting demo all over something is a lot easier than making a skin, if the creators skins aren't hooky the skins are either really bad or they feel a few extra L$ & minutes to create the demo is too much effort Anything above L$50 tops is no demo no sale often the promo pic has been Photoshopped or is a morph and isn't an accurate representation of how the skin will look in SL
  8. Sensual Romance has a very high capacity had no problems getting my Alts in there for the head (it's in a skybox) couldn't direct TP from map so had to endure some very adult imagery may not want to do too much caming around if you don't like that stuff
  9. I noticed the issue to the same or a more extreme extent on all but one of my alt accounts only one am i happy with how the head looks the rest i put back to the free Dream or Genus heads which i think work better with older skins
  10. Thanks for the list of updated locations i was aware of the LV Designs location, within minutes of getting it for one alt i went back to get it at the main store for another alt and it had been removed
  11. If you can try demoing VEA inworld the product is well supported and kept up to date by the creator to work in SL
  12. In case you haven't managed to get in to Catwa yet the head isn't in either of the two store regions any more there was a display at the landing point it's now in a region called LV Designs
  13. Both regions are very crowded with upped capacity from yesterday took me 30 mins to get in getting a mix of TP fails and region full messages don't know how long people are milling around for but I was done and out within a few minutes
  14. Didn't see this advertised but is L$60 from Wrong even better 2 Li no animations
  15. They're beggar bots they always come up with the same spiel and some unfortunate person will eventually give them money
  16. Detaching an item which then also takes off almost every other attachment you're wearing with it
  17. It's doable i have an item of footwear from Riders where the HUD shows all the available texture/customise options that certainly way back in 2013 when MP says got them could be bought from the HUD
  18. I thought LL were bringing something in where event listings would be charged L$xx for premium accounts and a higher rate for non premium account to try an reduce this sort of spamming. i guess either it hasn't been implemented or the club is happy to pay the fees
  19. If they are using casper vendors touch or right click touch as appropriate and in the blue dialogue click deliver most of the time things intended to be free will be delivered with out having to pay a refunded L$1 if you see the option redeliver it means the product is meant to be at least L$1
  20. Don't know what mine would be but for all the guys that post in the look at me threads this song comes to mind
  21. Their web site does have a page of all participating stores with teleport links http://manlysl.com/index.php/the-participating-designers/ but they don't list store names on their galleries and not all stores put their name or easily identifiable logo on their image so i spent way too much time trying to work out where a nice decor item last week was from
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