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  1. Reign do some almost identical boots they just don't have the links & chains they include lots customize options - flat and flatform versions, clear and solid colours and optional stockings if using the clear option
  2. I use the Palm View kitchen from Roost the base units plus shelf & glasses weigh in at 13 Li linked i have roughly the same amount of Li invested in all the food/drink/kitchen items most of which i've been able to link together to shave off Li plus rezzed a few bits from the swaginator hunt a 1 Li light and 2 Li dining table from Anna Erotica
  3. Have you tried Auto Refresh Plus if you use Chrome. I successfully used it to secure myself a Bellisseria property, of course it was mega frustrating when properties would come up and no matter how fast i was at clicking they came back sold out or error but it's better than sitting there laboriously pressing refresh every few seconds
  4. Poorly named freebie/gift/items wanted to rezz something i knew i had in inventory didn't know the name couldn't find it in search went to all the places i might have got it from, looked through some old FLF's for clues. Wasn't until i packed off an alt shopping at SL16B i saw what i'd been looking for and then knew what to search in inventory
  5. There's no set time on Monday/Wednesday/Friday when the properties will be released. Patch and the Moles do pop-up in the Bellisseria Citizens group and have given a bit of prior warning when a sim is released, they go in seconds
  6. Maybe LL could do another photo contest the last one was in 2016 and i'm almost certain the top prize was L$10k
  7. I don't think this is the case you don't need to glued to the computer all day nursing the F5/Ctrl-R buttons to get a home just install auto refresh plus set up a Bellisseria key word alert have auto refresh running while you're doing what ever you're on the computer and it will alert you when a Bellisseria property comes up if you are fortunate you'll be able to snag the property yourself. That's how i was able to get a Bellisseria property
  8. It's from Funky Junk - garden tea room, would have been from a FLF in the last month or two
  9. A few snaps of outdoors Got so tired out decorating i sat down in my chair and dosed off
  10. Decorating is exhausting work not much left to be done linked as much together as i can to shave off some Li have over 100 Li to spare, anyone passing more than welcome to go in for a nosy round
  11. There's a few word games such as "take a word, leave a word" that should help get your post count up quickly
  12. Unless you accidentally go to proceed on a Meadowbrook home and click back (before accepting), when a Bellisseria property comes up you will have to select it from the drop down list
  13. Alatmura and eBody both have free bodies which are feature limited. if you have approx L$30 to spare it will get you the Sahara body which is Maitreya compatible on the marketplace is the "Project Ruth" body https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROJECT-Ruth-20-Release-Candidate-1v2/16068068?page=4
  14. Auto refresh finally paid off managed to get a really good plot in Anati my place shouldn't be too hard to miss i put a rather ancient bike dispenser near the road side
  15. The homes are a bit of a pain in the a**e to get if one does come up all too often it comes up "Sold out" Monday's release was gone in seconds as mentioned many people are using auto refresh. if you use chrome the Auto Refresh Plus extension on the chrome store is brilliant you can tell it to auto refresh a particular page and put a keyword alert so it will notify you went a Bellisseria property becomes available
  16. As of today the current annual price may have gone up but you can still pre-pay for an additional year at $72
  17. This is mega frustrating had numerous properties sold out and two I couldn't get because "an unknown error has occurred"😦
  18. Thought that might've been the case when a number of properties came up in short succession they were always coming up sold out for me not matter how quick I was
  19. One came up for me seconds ago and five minutes before that the properties often come up several times when you click the link to go back to the selection page. I've had no fewer than 10 notifications from my auto refresh today for both houses and boats not been successful yet
  20. Not sure where the 24th came from there has been no official word on the next release as of the last week the next batch of properties aren't ready you can look round the Sims of the new homes in the area of new hamsterdam and see there's still lots of work to do most regions are still known as SSP. If you are after a boat keep refreshing the homes page boats come up more often than you think
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