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  1. This might clarify things a bit it was in response to those wanting the tinting bug to stay
  2. The only transportation I can ride on land without making a pig's ear of it are wearables I have a scooter (push along), scooter (motorized) from What Next, LDPW bicycle free from Barneys Bay and a bicycle from Dust Bunny For water I have a yacht I use most often that was the second premium gift but it's too tall for inland Bellisseria it won't fit through the Panamole canal even on phantom mode without getting stuck
  3. Nice to see all home types are still in plentiful supply having spent far too long trying to create a rezzer to make to make decorating quicker played game of homes and scored the nicest place I've had so far in Easton Priory opposite the pond park in Mallory
  4. The particular house you have chosen is meant to be like that there is another similar house where that turret will change colour, you can try the shell option but Patch did say they are at risk of being against the bellisseria covenant and use won't be allowed
  5. They were open to everyone to visit my then partner had one prior to me that I visited a few times. the info hub regions which were really nicely done back in the day had content packs that included textures and sculpt maps anyone could and still can get if they're still in their respective theme hub regions. Premium gifts have always only been available in premium sandboxes and other selected premium access place's
  6. Unfortunately some areas of Bellisseria are laggier/cause more of a performance hit than others you may see an FPS/performance boost if you drop your draw distance to 64, prior to tp-ing to Bellisseria seems to work better, stepping down your graphics to the next level down should help too
  7. The "Gift Shop" area of "The Vordun" art gallery @ Fancy Decor has a good selection of antique paintings
  8. A few more interior Hardy shots rooms are rather generously sized Bedroom: Bathroom: Office: Dining Room:
  9. That will never happen there always has been and always will be people who either can't or won't contribute a single RL penny towards Second Life. There are plenty of people that prefer to spend their entertainment fund on SL rather than something else
  10. When i was small boxing day used to go to my food hating vegetarian gran that didn't cook and only used the oven to warm up plates for Chinese takeaway. in more recent times one evening between Xmas and new year like to drive round somewhere in my county seeing all the festive lights people have put up
  11. I don't see $40 as too unreasonable it's at a enough fee to dissuade people from treating it like a display name. it's probably more effort and resource to change an account name than it is to have a display name
  12. Spent pretty much all my inworld time yesterday fixing up my Hardy this is my Lounge i love how the window bay is the perfect size for my current sofa
  13. New Bellisseria regions are released any time during LL working hours. If you want a Victorian get one now properties in Bellisseria haven't been this plentiful since the day they were released in about April time. You can switch homes 5 times in 24 hours just don't be too quick to abandon I gave up a really good location doing that
  14. The switching home styles doesn't always work had the problem couldn't access the doors/control panel on the Hardy at all despite trying the rezz a different style of home trick multiple times. the lovely @Squeaky Mole was generous enough to spare a bit of time to fix mine but did say that changing to a different home style might break it again
  15. I did try a bit of Bellisseria fishing kicking myself for abandoning a property in Blandings Haven too quickly before i gave everything a chance to rezz properly it was next to the train tracks did end up keeping a property in Beneline as i think abandoning it would have meant i reached the 5/24hr limit the lovely Squeaky Mole managed to get the Hardy style working for me. As locations go it's better than the first one i scored in Barstough
  16. Will be at least an hour before I can log in hopefully they won't be all gone that soon
  17. For me, if Vic's are still available and hopefully later too it's good. I can abandon my current place cast my 7seas rod in to Bellisseria's Victorian pond and get an instant hook on hopefully a better location. If there's nothing available I'd rather make do with what I've got than spend a long time trying to catch something else
  18. Not overwhelmed with the location I got bit weary of abandoning and trying for something else incase there is nothing else
  19. Patch posted they are being released today just abandoned my home ready
  20. The problem may not be with your internet though you will want to change your speed test server to one in Arizona (Tucson) where the SL servers are located. There is the possibility you have a flat inventory or other inventory related problem which support will be able to sort out for you send a ticket
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