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  1. Thank you Kira. Though due credit must be given to @Chic Aeon for all her work she donated to the cafe! Please stop on by!
  2. Thank you for the compliements. As large is the Bellisseria community is, it needs the various venues that residents are offering. If this is your dream, please keep it going, Bitsy. ❤️
  3. So, I put out a few notices late tonight in some of the groups. Cian and I were alone at the cafe as I worked to get the word out. Then suddenly, we had a crowd and an impromptu live blues DJ showed up. What a great night. Thank you all for showing up.
  4. A notice went out in one of the groups and suddenly we had a party at the Bellis Blues Cafe!
  5. That video cracked me up! Love their sense of humor. *hint hint*
  6. Welcome to the Bellisseria's community blues cafe. We wanted to give something back to the community, a place to gather, socialize and enjoy a cup of java (we have whiskey and beer, too) . A place where we could share our stories. The excitement of a new community on a beautiful continent that Linden Labs created, not just for the premium members that are nestled into the houses and houseboats across the regions, but all members of Second Life. A place for those already residing here and those waiting, eager with anticipation to hold residence on this gorgeous landscape. Its a friendly place, set on a bluff overlooking the sea and rows of houseboats below. The most exciting thing about Bellis Blues Café is the music! Offering the only blues music venue on Bellisseria. Our goal is to hold events with live DJs, providing the music we all love. This will include not only blues music, but giving patrons a diverse listening pleasure to all genre of music as they visit the coffee house to mingle among their friends, dance and share their stories. Providing a community place is a work of dedication by many. @Chic Aeon offered her skills and designed the addition to the building along with her interior decorating flare. Cian and I, were very excited to have her onboard to help launch this venue for the community. The cafe is open 24/7 to any and all that wish to stop on by, relax, listen to music, dance and find a bit of solace, or celebration and a slice of Bellisseria they can call their own. Most of all, to those without a home, come to the cafe, make this place your own. Let off a little steam from the frustration, share your thoughts with others seeking a home and find commodity together, become a part of the community with the rest of us. I'll be reaching out to the Pirate DJs of Bellisseria, in hopes of scheduling events at the blues cafe to feature your music style. If anyone would enjoy volunteering their time to host/hostessing here, please contact me. Also, if you have skills at management and would like to volunteer your time at the cafe, scheduling events and making up a calender, send me an IM or notecard in world to: prudenceanton Please be sure to join our group when you visit the coffee house so we can keep you updated on events for the community. Note: This is a faux community establishment and not a real business. Its a non profit place, abiding by LL covenant. (This covenant is subject to change in accordance with LL ToS) Credits and thanks to: @Chic Aeon for her generous contributions to the cafe. @Dick Spad for the photos of the Bellis Blues Café Landmark to Bellis Blues Café : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/241/36
  7. Greatest thing is, when you drive from land to water or water to land and lag out, in this vehicle its a natural to look cool, when you're actually driving like a drunk on speed. 😁
  8. Somethings happening .... ... more information coming soon.
  9. A note: The browser refresh has been muted, so that might be a bit of help or not. Take good will though in knowing that a large release is pending and should be coming the end of summer. The campers/trailers release (along with probably some abandoned Traditional houses and Houseboats, maybe Patch Linden will toss in a few new ones as well with the new theme release). Keep an eye on Patch Linden's posts. He'll be announcing the big release from there. Mark August on your calendars to start keeping an eye for this release.
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