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  1. Have you not been to Hollywood? You can see all that walking down the boulevards. 😏
  2. Not sure if you landed on one of the newly released regions or not. Sometimes new regions can be a bit laggy for the first month as new residents set up their places and there is more traffic on the region. I don't have the greatest computer, but I usually do rather well all over Bellisseria. I do find it takes me longer to rez in on the region my house boat is on, but after I'm rezzed in I do fine. I try to keep my draw distance 120m or lower though, so my performance is smooth. There is one setting on Firestorm I have adjusted and I've found it does help me to run better in regions with more scripts, objects to rez and lag, which is try to push your bandwidth up higher. I know it states it may cause more lag, but that has never been the case for myself and others that do this, it has actually increased our performance in SL locations. btw I normally run on high settings in Firestorm, not Ultra and sometimes I have advanced lighting on, sometimes I turn it off if I feel my performance dragging.
  3. Though I think we all love that wintry, Christmas feeling that we get from the old Bing Crosby song, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas." Don't forget, he also sang the Christmas song, "Mele Kalikimaka". Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day That's the island greeting that we send to you From the land where palm trees sway Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright The sun will shine by day and all the stars at night Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you People celebrate their Winter holiday accustomed to their climate and beliefs. While we're having winter in North American, friends of ours across the globe in places like New Zealand are in the midst of their summer months. I love the snowy look, but only for the month of December. Then the snow can just go away, all away. I have lived all over the United States, in various climates. I love to look at snow, but I detest living in it. I love the climate that Bellisseria offers and I think the residents should abide by the climate set up here by the moles. I'm in full agreement that snow is not a Christmas/Winter decoration, but an element of weather in certain regions. Southern California has winter, but they don't have snow in L.A. And I have seen so many beautifully decorated places in RL and in SL with and without the snow frosted decorations. I think if you want a dusting of snow, then use a Christmas tree that is frosted, or wreaths. But the snow prims on the roofs and grounds, is not the same as the set up people used for Halloween. Fall occurs all over the world and majority of places experience the fall of the leaves and leaf piles from it, they don't all experience snow though. I'm fully on board with whatever @Patch Linden and his team decide for the Bellisseria community.
  4. Holds up her detective magnifying glass. October 29, 2018 a familiar scene...in a traditional home. Released in the spring of 2019 October 29, 2019 a familiar scene again....in another new theme home? To me, the timing is, he posted a very similar image exactly one year prior in a pending theme linden home. Release date? Who knows....
  5. My Halloween contribution. Photos taken by Cian, edited by moi. My Morticia
  6. There's been some great answers given to this post. I'm in agreement that Bellisseria is a great improvement to the older Linden homes and what is available now to new premium residents. Bellisseria has a little something for everyone, for we're all diverse and have different wants and needs, expectations. For those that want a nicely constructed home and region to reside in, they have that. For those that are more reserved and quiet, preferring to keep more their own company or those of a few close friends, they can also find that here in Bellisseria, without feeling the evasion of others encroaching into their space. And for those that love to go out and explore, find new things of interest, Bellisseria has an abundance of that as well. There is also a new resurgence of community that has come to life in Bellisseria as well. Its not up to Linden Labs, the Lindens or the moles to make this happen, but set into the hands of the residents taking up dwellings on the continent and deciding what they wish to contribute to the community as a whole. Some do that here on the forums, with their thoughts, opinions, advice and share this with the rest of us. Others pay their contributions in world, providing a lovely decorated home and opening it up to others who might wish to stop by and take a little tour, via the parade of homes. And still others set up their parcels to be open to the public at all times to enjoy. One of the best assets to Bellisseria is the groups that have sprung up all over the place, offering a little something to everyone. The best groups to join to keep in contact, are the Bellisseria Citizens group and the Bellisseria Events group. From there you can discover with a little search, the many other groups of interest. Boating-sailing, horse back riding, biking, or perhaps mermaids is a thing you'd enjoy exploring with others? Most of these groups are run by considerate, caring people that only wish to provide an enjoyable experience to be shared with others. Any place you that you spend enough time within Second Life, you'll run across drama. The best advice, is to leave it alone and move along. Always remain polite and considerate. If you're trying to find locations, we have that in the Bellisseria Citizens group, updated every few weeks by a gentleman named Jon, of the latest places he's discovered that we can all visit and enjoy. And if its events you wish to explore and be entertained at, we have the fairgrounds and those continue to be booked on the calendars. Some weeks, months are more active that others, but the calendars are continuing to get bookings. There is also the smaller public events, put on by the residents of Bellisseria. Some are scheduled weekly at the homes of Bellisserians and others are impromptu and pop up at random times. These are usually announced in the Events group and sometimes a post is dropped into the Citizens chat as well. For myself and my husband, Cian, we have the Bellis Blues Cafe in Bellisseria. Its a little venue that is open to all to come by and enjoy and we hold weekly events there, 2-3 times a week, hosted by Bellisseria Djs. We're going on 4 months now and plan to continue to offer this to the community. Our own experience has been wonderful and we enjoy giving something back to the community for all to enjoy. In conclusion, there is always room for improvement. I'd love seeing more public places built by the Lindens and moles as time marches on, that the community can enjoy. Bellisseria, as with any place in Second Life, is what we each decide to make of it. We can either work together to help it flourish, or ignore it and let it fade to something of the past. For myself and Cian, as long as we're able, we'll continue to try to help support a community feeling and eagerly await the next new creation that's around the corner, provided by Patch Linden and his crew of Lindens and moles.
  7. Out for a Gondola ride in Bellisseria
  8. whaaaa? You camming into my home, Elena? *hides the nudes* And thank you.
  9. Not a thing wrong with nude art (non pornography) inside the privacy of your home. Nosy people camming should not be offended. 😉
  10. At home in Purtis region Red & Ravyen
  11. This coming Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 we'll be celebrating our past and into the future with everyone. We are hosting 2 events that day with an eclectic music set for all to enjoy and rock out to. Dj Reb : 10a - 12 noon Dj Jack : 5:30p - 7:30p -------------------------- This coming Tuesday, October 15th, will be the 13th Anniversary of Cian and myself, meeting in Second Life back in 2006. We've been together ever since and will be celebrating with a party at the Bellis Blues Cafe on Tuesday from 10 a.m. - 12 noon and again from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. We'll be dressing in our old (main) avatar looks for the 1st half of each event and switching over to our current looks today, 2019 for the 2nd half; and ask others to join us. Come as you looked when you first joined SL in your avatar (not newbie look) after you put your looks together and have a second outfit ready for how you look today. Lets celebrate life, love and friendship and have a blast. PS: We won't be at the events as Cian and Prudence, but on our original avatars. TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36
  12. I saw this at The Season's Story event. Perfect Trailer table!
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