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  1. Dancing at the new Bellisseria Lodge at Campwich Forest
  2. $0 BUY$ (nothing more vile in SL that a 0 balance of Lindens)
  3. Sgt Pepperoni's Pizza delivery service, via water taxi! 🚕🚤🍕🏚️
  4. Party pictures! To see the rest, please click the link: Pru's flickr Pizza Party! kicking it up Coyote Ugly style! Our pizza delivery service, maybe? @Patch Linden unexpectedly arrives, to see what happened and if we got Patch dancing, check out the photos on the flickr link above. 🤭🥳
  5. Hugging the riverbank of Bellisseria's largest river is a friendly family restaurant. Sergeant Pepperoni's Pizzeria offers a specialized menu of the finest Pizzas from old Italian recipes. Cooked in a brick oven, our pizzas are fresh and delicious! The ambiance of the little Italian Pizzeria extends out to its large patio with more seating and a bar with a bountiful selection of brews and fine wines. Enjoy a cozy table for two beneath our Tuscany styled arbors. What better way to enjoy the view and watch the water craft sail on past. Come join us for a family night out and fine dining today. Don't forget about our Take Out Pizzas! Sergeant Pepperoni's Pizzeria is open 24/7. Come visit us today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buitenwijk/206/239/23 So we had our grand opening party yesterday and it was a blast. Going to post a couple of photos here and my flickr account url so you can view the rest. PS we had a special surprise guest as well. 😲
  6. In love with Bellisseria sunsets When I took this photo this music piece came to mind and a short poem I wrote about it some years ago, after first listening to its beautiful melody The soft piano keys resonate the setting as I fall beneath its spell. The music plays softly, growing with the new life of summer blooms. A dark haired stranger finds me standing among the flowers and from a single look, my hand is found within his as we begin to waltz. For that moment, I was living in a Rembrandt painting....and falling in love. - P. A. (Music: Sigur Rós)
  7. The bigger question is....who is the Bessie Monster, hmm? 🤔
  8. Riverside view of Sergeant Pepperoni's Pizzeria
  9. To our dear friend....so you got a lovely new Linden home. We wanted to congratulate you on it. When your friends throw you a party....and forget to invite you. Morri, wish you were here. PS. such a lovely home you have! pps, the dishes are in the sink.
  10. Rolling Restarts on Bellisseria Those few minutes when you have beach front property and a gorgeous sunrise. When the neighborhood returns, its still a beautiful morning, only like Bellisseria can offer.
  11. Rain I like! I've seen a few here and there on Belli. That was my first time seeing thunder snow here though.
  12. So out exploring this morning, we came across a few....could they be red herrings? The first one we spotted was on the new large 3 mile or meter island. We noticed it on the world map and had to go in for a closer look. Where the moles leaving us clues or misleading us with more of their cleverness? This is what we saw: Upon closer inspection it turned out to be prim layouts for a possible waterway for a small river or stream. Darn, foiled again by those crafty moles. We were certain it was a clue to bigger things, like the cooling towers lower on the island. A bit disappointed we ventured off to explore the possible new layouts where the campers/trailers might be going in, but were distracted by another red herring on the map. Another mole clue?!? Upon closer inspection of the map we were left.....well ...totally baffled: What is this?!? ^ Needless to say, we were speechless and unwilling to speculate. We needed visual proof of what this might or might not be! Closer to the location, this appeared on the mini map: ???? So we stood before the location and this is what we discovered at ground level. Thunder snow!?!? Okay, yeah, there are some strange things that home owners put out. It still does not fully explain the strange red symbol appearing on the mini map and we decided to leave it for someone else to figure out what the one eyed willy might be.... or might not be.
  13. Remembering Woodstock 50 Years : August 15-18, 1969 Taken @Bellisseria Fairgrounds
  14. Wanted to put this out there for those that are seeking more wearable vehicles to use around Bellisseria. What Next has a beautiful little scooter on sale for $50L in two versions of color huds. It comes with male or female versions of the scooter and is low LI. It is an ATTACHABLE, yay! This is out for Fifty Linden Friday, so if you want to grab one at the cheap price, get over there today and grab yourself one. Cian and I both have our own and love them. So easy to drive! Yeah, it was a little confusing at first to figure it out, but read the note card and it explains the set up. {what next} Vacanza Wearable Scooters for Fifty Linden Friday
  15. I do believe there are creators that have items that give objects for Halloween that non creators could put out on their porches as well. i.e. candy, candy apples, etc.
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