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Found 156 results

  1. Dear all Lindens, Moles, SL17B staff, hosts and helpers, Thank you for amazing Second Life 17th Birthday - so many wonderful things to explore, be inspired by. The live events and DJ events were excellent, as the huge number of people attending the events showed. Meet the Lindens (and Moles) one of best regular Second Life birthday events. With an event so big, it is impossible to cover everything and the hidden gems, I often discovered by chance walking around and curious exploring artists, creators, organizations contribution to SL17B. I collected some of my experiences in my Flickr album SL17B And thanks to all the wonderful people I meet, laughed with, partied with - shared so amazing memories with. See you all next year at SL18B! 🥰
  2. It's June 2020 and I just updated to the Premium when I saw YT videos on the new Linden Boathouses. I registered and there are none available. Is there a waiting list or a way we can check for when they become available?
  3. Hi i need help after i want go buy shoes at { kokoia } ,i have click in folder demo and then click L'Etre and DPUX. 80%OFF Gift (WEAR)..i think click that i have 80% to buy that shoes..after click my linden gone..how i can get back my linden?not much only 2.7K if cannot forget..i need help how/who to fix this situation? this picture link https://prnt.sc/t7jklj
  4. 🌊Waves🌊 🤩This is more than a job, this is community🤩 At Club Waves we focus on creating a friendly supportive environment for the SL community at large! We are not just some random club - we are here to support veteran staff as well as foster learning in new hires! Staff retain 100% of their tips DJ's are able to express themselves in any music genre they prefer Hosts receive the full support of our team The club is located in an established sim since 2013 (we are not fly by night) A sim full of fun activities for everyone to enjoy Due to our community involvement we are listed in LL Destinations A "Newbie" center to help all get familiar with SL Custom built club, we are NOT cookie cutter We train our Hosts / no experience necessary We mentor new DJ's! Apply Online : Waves Employment Application Current Calendar: Calendar In world: ~ Waves ~ Newbie Center ~ EC Designs ~ Bound Infinity ~, Hidden Serenity (88, 113, 1264) - Moderate DJ Manager : pergatorie Host Manager: raven3jade Owner: ooursulaoo
  5. Gente, alguém sabe me dizer porque aparece essa mensagem de erro quando tento processar crédito/transferir o dinheiro da minha conta pro PayPal? Erro: Você excedeu o seu limite diário de solicitação de nível de alíquota. Tá, mas como excedi algo que sequer consegui transferir com sucesso alguma vez na vida? É a primeira vez que estou tentando transferir os dólares do Second Life para o PayPal e dá essa mensagem. O valor que estou tentando transferir é de pouco mais de 13 dólares, o que não excede nenhum limite diário. Alguém aí já passou por esse problema?
  6. Just looking for some directions on where to start earning L$ with a quite good looking male avatar. Thank you very much!♥
  7. Hi, here is something I put together with photos I edited,... ok ok me and my Alt did it, shes giving me this look so I had to include her..:p( Spoiled Princess) I have everything on a neat lil notecard too so just holler at me to get it Gem Strait(gem oxygen in-world. I am Gem Oxygen, me and my alt have put together a little something to help you learn how to set your parcel to prevent griefers and maximize your enjoyment of your home. I have included photos for visuals. If you still don't get it please join the Bellisseria Citizens group and lots of helpful residents will help you. So you got a Linden lab home and have no idea how to set permissions let's start with getting to the parcel detail window: Click the land and you will get a pie menu popping up , click the ABOUT LAND button and a window will pop up, this is your parcel details. This whole window will give you magic ability's. Please use the photos, it will help you a lot. Parcel Details button: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So lets run down each tab in the window: 1. General tab-- Highlighted in GREEN A.This tab you are going to name your parcel and put in a description. This is highlighted in GREEN. B. You will need to have a home group a group just for you, visitors, friends and family can join to be able to build, use furniture, run scripts and set their Home landing point, this is how you set restriction for the parcel which I will show you in a bit. If you do not have a group you will need to make one, this is very important because Linden Labs does not allow you to restrict the land to the public which causes ban lines and those are a no no in Bellisseria residential homes. Click the SET button( Highlighted in RED) and a pop up window to the side will appear, find your HOME group, select it and hit the OK button. You will see the parcel now set to your group. WARNING********* You do not need to deed your parcel to a group. 2. Parcel Covenant tab--Highlighted in GREEN A. The next tab has the Linden labs rules and guidelines for the parcel. It is very important you read these. Oh I know everyone hates reading the fine print and TOS blah blah but these rules and guidelines not only will prevent you from getting that dreaded Linden Lab email or a IM from a Linden Mole but it will also make you a better neighbor and make the whole community happier 3. Object Information tab--Highlighted in GREEN A. This tab shows information about what you and others have rezzed on your parcel. It also hows how many prims allotted to that parcel, how many you have used and how many prims left for you to use. B.If you allow group Rezzing or public use that is ok, however to prevent someone from abusing the Rezzing ability on your parcel, you can set a timer to allow someone to temp rezz something such as a horse or a bicycle. Most people as a standard set the timer for 10 mins, which is plenty of time to rezz out a vehicle. 4. Parcel options tab-Highlight in RED A. ok this is where the settings here are very important, this tab gives or takes away non parcel owners ability's to rezz, use scripts. To make it very easy for you with out all the details which can be confusing I have highlighted everything you need to have checked in GREEN, the check boxes need to have that little cool check mark in it. Everything that needs to be unchecked is highlighted in RED. No happy little check marks in these boxes please. Now you say the RUN SCRIPTS check boxes has both the everyone and the group ability, yes let me explain a bit. If you have only group members running scripts: Visitors won't be able to use their AO's or any worn huds unless they are in your home group and things they rezz needing script to run won't work, like horses, vehicles anything needing a script to run won't respond. Those who fly vehicles through the lands won't be able to use their flight huds through your parcel so they can accelerate faster to get out quicker. Allowing everyone to run scripts is advisable just make sure you have the Rezzing ability timer set to a time. so even if a griefer or someone who is doing malicious stuff won't be able to keep objects on the parcel. Yes there is griefers who don't need all that to cause harm but those are past the ability we have as residents. 5. Parcel Restrictions- Highlighted in GREEN A. This tab is where you set sound restrictions. It is pretty self explanatory so to simplify the instructions, all the GREEN dotted sections need to have those happy check-marks in all the boxes. 6. Access Tab-Highlighted in GREEN A. Have issue with someone causing you grief? Don't want a ex coming back like a bad penny? Just hate everyone (They have pills for that) Then you will need to learn the Ban hammer tab..... Oh and a lil hint if you have neighbors who love to cam in and touch stuff, like opening and closing doors, turn on on and off lights, you know those ones. Once you add them to the ban list, they can't touch anything in your parcel anymore. It's hard to prove but there is a TOUCH DETECTOR script available on the SL marketplace that will tell on anyone touching anything that has that script in it. B. Click the add button( Highlighted in GREEN) and a pop up to the side will come up. You will get a option to search for a name or if they are nearby you can click the nearby button and a name list will come up. just put in name or click the name and it will be added to the list below the search bar. Once you click a name another lil pop to the side of that will show, this is the ban timer, you can set it for how ever many days or always which will be forever. Once you follow these steps you are all set to start enjoying your parcel. If you still have issues please go to Linden Labs support on your account page, often Live support can help verses filing a report. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sl is about fun and unfortunately a few make it UN-fun. I Rarely have run into those I inform about the rules and guidelines put forth by LL come back with a nasty " Tude" most usually don't know, some never even knew the Parcel window existing. One thing about letting people know is not to make them feel stupid or ignorant, it's about the way you approach people, it's down to you and how you are perceived by your peers. If you are not good at talking to people or think someone will take your information wrong, them please ask someone to help you that generally have good people skills.Nothing wrong with getting a lil help to make SL more enjoyable for all. We have so many people moving to the new Linden lands from the old Linden homes and from the Mainlands, which sadly had little to no community. My how things have changed..... Reach out and go to that neighbor, head over an don't feel intimidated with a little conversation, even if you have no common interests in general.. you have one at least, Bellisseria. Welcome to Second Life and welcome to Bellisseria.
  8. Muy buenas, tengo un problema con el HUD de Lindo flowers, al clicar el HUD me dice: │ Loging in.. └✿ [03:47] Lindo HUD - v5.398: ┌✿ │ Login failed. Inadequate avatar age for participation in this game at this time... └✿
  9. Hi babies~ i'm looking for an unskilled job that hires newbies So if anyone is hiring I'M HERE ^-^❤
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way I can raise my land impact with my premium home?
  11. Is it possible to buy L$ using the paypal balance? I don't want to use my credit card at the moment so I want to use my paypal balance. The currency is the real (BR). How do I do?
  12. So I myself am a member of the ABDL community, meaning I like adults in diapers. Now, I am also a furry. Can I display drawings of my ADULT character in a diaper on an adult rated sim? I would very much like a Linden to directly answer this. Thank you. Also, please update the TOS to reflect that adults in diapers are NOT *****.
  13. Hey all, until this time I won my money from gambling but it's bull***** last time I lost my all lindens. now I need to find another way to earn lindens. Anyone can help me about it?
  14. Hello to everyone! First of all, I was not logging into Second Life for a long time. On April 13, I entered my account to send Linden to my girlfriend and bought a linden worth $ 5.35 on my credit card. Even though this money was taken from my card, my lindenes were not given to me. After that, I sent a message to the support team explaining the situation and they returned within 3 days. In the answer given to me, I was asked to answer security questions. But I couldn't remember the name of my pet. I told this to the support staff, but the response sent 1 day later was the same, I was asked to answer the security steps again. Since I could not enter the game for a long time, I could not answer. I sent my bank payment history, that is, the picture of second life withdrawing money from my account. I did my best to prove that the account I used was mine. And finally I answered the Security question that I thought I remembered and sent a message back to the support team, it has been 4 days since I sent the message and there is still no answer. I can't get 1000 Linden, which I've been paying for 9 days, and no one helps me. If you support me here, maybe they will give me a refund, at least this process will speed up. I am waiting for your help, thank you.
  15. Jenny Nuubert

    Memberships -

    Wondering if anyone has heard whether SL may be offering their memberships at a discounted rate for a short time during this COVID-19 situation. Many people are out of work, short on cash and stuck at home. Would be a great time to get some SL members stimulating the "SL economy" and help those who may be at home alone and rely on SL for interaction :) Just a thought.
  16. Hello everyone, I created my SL a few years ago, but the thing is, as soon as I created it, I left it. Now I would like to come back and in order to do so I want my avatar to look good, the problem is that I don't have any Linden and I don't want to spend my real money. So I'm looking for a job, I'm open to any offers (except escort). I'm basically a newbie, but I'm willing to learn. I'm a woman, I have a flexible schedule, I can speak English and Spanish, and I can customize my avatar the way you want it to look (but you'll have to provide the shape and skin). Also, I'm a writer in RL, so if you know how this can be used in SL, please tell me, I would really appreciate it. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions about me. Any tips you could offer are welcomed.
  17. Hiya everyone! I want to share an amazing resource with you all! Who doesn't like giveaways & contests? There is a brand new SL contest & giveaway Hassle-free page! No catch! We strive to stay up to date with the latest giveaways across the grid inworld & social media but we need YOUR help! If you can check out the page, share the word, tag, like & follow so we can reach everyone across the grid and help everyone have access to it! https://www.facebook.com/SLGiveawaysContests/ Also many asked & we did it! SL Giveaways & Contests now has an official Discord too!!! Click for your custom invite! https://discord.gg/UkGm8be
  18. Searching Deejay's Host's Manager's Credentials DJ's must mix LIVE and have a decent group following Host's MUST have DJ lists, people to invite to parties, and experience hosting Managers MUST have experience with managing and know how and when to set Classifieds, Events, Manage patrons, etc. What you will receive? Deejay's will be paid PER hour for each set PLUS keep ALL tips! Host's keep ALL tips and are paid PER set! Manager's will be paid per hour ON CLOCK! (Amounts are negotiable) What is this place you ask? Love Shack is an exclusive music lounge with LIVE entertainment and ongoing events. We have one of THE MOST photogenic clubs in SL. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Richmond/127/160/668 Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14676495@N24/pool/ Group: secondlife:///app/group/c35c8be1-6989-4605-7a6c-e292bec99f6b/about Owner: secondlife:///app/agent/4c7106aa-5b4c-4419-89fb-14fb54a2bba2/about
  19. ✧☽ { Midnight } ~ Escort Lounge ☾✧ ★ WE ARE HIRING ★  We are hiring DJ's, Escorts, Dancers, and Management! (We hire all genders because we want to please EVERYONE) Come see us INWORLD
  20. Sunday 🎧 March 22nd🎧 https://collarsseumclub.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/141/87/43 DJ Beth 12-2pm Host: Wyn "Sundays aren't for church, they are for coming to the house of DJ Beth, and worsshipping the amazing tunes." https://collarsseumclub.com/team/dj-beth/ DJ ANA 2-4 pm slt Host: Sneak "Sexy, hot, amazing..the tunes ya soo don't wanna miss out on ♪♫㋡♫♪ The Music Maestro♫ DJ Masters 4-6pm slt Host: Caitlynn The Collarsseum Club Presents ♫♪ The Music Maestro's ♪♫ Music MadNess Show ~ with ♫♪DJ Masters♪♫ When * 4-6pm slt What * "Best in Latex or Leather" contest Your Host * Cait Where * Collarsseum Club 300L on the board. 750, 500, 250L gift cards to top 3. Sponsored by PicoBit Bondage Bay (147,113,42) "Finishing off foir the weekend, the amazing, the brilliant, the Master of sound, the Music Maestro, DJ Masters" https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/the-music-maestro-dj-masters/
  21. Saturday 🎧 February 22nd 🎧 https://collarsseumclub.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/144/91/43 The Beast DJ Luana 10am-12pm slt Host: Caitlynn DJ Luana formerly known as DJ Dream is playing Metal & Rock…that music that reaches into your soul and rips out your still pumping heart. She loves to interact with her guests & taking requests. Her set will surely work ya into your weekend while causing you wanting more. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/the-beast-dj-dream/ DJ Lisa 12-2 PM Host: Ms Cat Come Rock out to some great tunes with Dj Lisa she bring with her music from the 70s all the way through the 2000s, some rock as well as some oldies, enough to get you going throughout. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/dj-lisa-2/ ♪♫㋡♫♪ The Music Maestro♫ DJ Masters 2-4 pm slt Host: Ms. Cat ♫♪ The Music Maestro's ♪♫ Music MadNess Show ~ with ♫♪DJ Masters♪♫ What * "Crops & Bobbers" A BDSM Fashion Event Your Host * Cat When * 2-4 pm slt Where * The Collarsseum Club 300L on the board + a 500L & 250L Smooching Serpents gift cards to the top 2 contestants. Sponsored by Smooching Serpents http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/147/113/42 DJ Masters plays R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Romantic and mixed genre depending on the day and his current mood. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/the-music-maestro-dj-masters/ DJ Elle 4-6 pm slt Host: Doc DJ Elle plays a mix of music that goes from the slow easy going jams to fast tempo, fun an up beat. It will leave you wanting more and coming back to her like an addiction. She is a lot of fun, loves taking your requests and loves interacting with our guests and staff. She remembers your favourite songs if you are a regular or favourite bands and will often play them if you are present during her shows. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/the-princess-*****-dj-elle/ DJ Caitlynn - The Temptress 6-8 PM Host: DR Donut Her eyes are filled with fire, she will drive you mad with her fast tempo, hard driving beats but most of all can you handle the addiction she will cause? Dj Caitlynn ~ The Temptress plays Mashup, Mixes, Rock, Feel good Tunes, Progressive, House, Electronic, and mostly any genre that will keep you coming back for more. She loves request & interacting with her audience. She doesn't care for contest but will do crazy, sexy, fun themes. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/caitlynn/
  22. Hello Everyone, I hope to your enlighten me a little cause LL didn't and I don't understand why. As a creator in SL I managed ro save up a few lindens from my Marketplace sales which I transfered for safety (what an irony) in a younger account of mine. This happened a few years back while I was still active with my Shop. A year ago that I remember checking my web page of the younger account my money were there. On December I logged in to check again and my account had 0L ! Apart from the transfers I made from my main to my second accound there were also earnings in there from the youngest's Marketplace. All gone. I made 3 tickets so far to LL but I always get the reply that there is no transaction history and they are so sorry for my furstration etc etc. I never got an exlanation about what happened. (Please note that I had the account logged out most of the time so it couldn't be hacked). Something similar happened to anyone? I am eagerly waiting for your advice, what can i do?
  23. I have had my account for a little more than 8 years, and this is my first time ever buying linden. It said my trading limit was up to 100$, so I purchased L$ with the estimate of 100$. I tried to purchase more the next day and it says I have a monthly trading limit of 100 dollars, does this mean I have to wait for a month until I can purchase L$ again? And does this mean every time I buy linden I will have this tradling limit, or is there a way of changing it?.
  24. Good afternoon, last night I had added a new payment method and attempted to purchase more Lindens. It loaded and a notice at the top popped up saying the payment had been cancelled. I tried two different times. When I checked my card balance, Linden Lab had taken .10 cents each time I attempted to buy Lindens (20 cents in total had been removed from my account). I stopped my attempts and have been looking to see if anyone else was having this issue and what I should do about it. I used my American Express, Bluebird card. Thank you
  25. Kinky Kings is a new Escort Club and we are currently hiring Female Escorts and Dancers. We offer an optional hourly wage, and you will keep a minimum of 80% of all tips. 85% and 90% options available. Just come by and grab an application on the front desk or talk to one of our staff in sight! See you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pengo Capricorn/174/35/2526 Kinky Kings
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