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About Me

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering what is needed to become a stripper or an escort. I know I need to look extremely good and have amazing roleplaying skills. But to be honest I really don't know where to start and what club would be perfect for me and my avatar. I tried looking at videos and things like that but nothing seems to be beginner friendly or how to really get into the industry. I have had some experience when it comes to stripping in imvu but i feel like second like is a whole other thing.
  2. I'm a month or so in but face the harshness of not being able to pay for lindens, I am unwell in real life and share the pc with three other people and am unable to get a job in SL due to the little time i have to spend online. I own the free strong genus mesh head but the rest of me is classic avatar Although it seems like a shot in the dark i'd like to request help from other second life users. I'd appreciate any and all help provided to me https://my.secondlife.com/soaping/#about_tab
  3. For the right talent, we’re looking for you to join the team at Eclipse Club & Resort, the premier entertainment destination in all of SL. Founded by two individuals with a combined 26 years of club, DJ, and host experience. We’ve seen and done it all, and we know what both guests and staff want. We’re positioned to deliver it at Eclipse. This is your chance to be a part of it. We’re looking for talented and tenured DJs and hosts to join our team and kick ass! Staff keeps 100% of their tips, and we’ll work with you to find a regular schedule you’ll enjoy. A multitude of mus
  4. Hello, I tried to process credit but it says "You have exceeded your tier level's monthly payout limit." What does it mean please ? I am french ... so maybe I don't understand everything. I just want to get my linden on my paypal account. Could you tell me what is the maximum per month and when I will be able to do it please ?
  5. 🌊Waves🌊 🤩This is more than a job, this is community🤩 At Club Waves we focus on creating a friendly supportive environment for the SL community at large! We are not just some random club - we are here to support veteran staff as well as foster learning in new hires! Staff retain 100% of their tips DJ's are able to express themselves in any music genre they prefer Hosts receive the full support of our team The club is located in an established sim since 2013 (we are not fly by night) We train our Hosts /
  6. We're not so pure, come and find out exactly how naughty we truly are. Sinful Sundays bring out the devils in us but we promise to worship you and take you to the Monarchy heavens! The Monarchy is an Intimate, exclusive, member's only. You don't want to miss the experience. Stop by and don't hesitate to ask for a preview. See you soon! --------See our girls TheMonarchySL.com-------- sex club strippers escorts ***** daddy bachelor party sexy *****s bad girls naughty ***** adult fantasy dom bdsm bondage dominance domination dominated submissive subs fantasies freaks high end gangbang threes
  7. we are trying to buy lindens from turkey...we made a skrill account but so far we have desposited lira on there but secondlife is always saying declined...what is the best way to buy lindens from turkey?
  8. I am so confused on how to sell linden on secondlife, i have sold linden via the exhcnage and now it says i have USD in my Tillia account balance how do i get that out of there and into my bank account? I have linked my paypal but the process credit button is greyed out however i sold linden on the exchange can anyone tell me what this means or how to do it?
  9. Long story short im really incompetent when it comes to creating a femboy avatar and im tired of trying to do it so im looking for someone to hire and create me a femboy avatar im content with. very easy money for whoever is good with making avatars which a lot of you are. All i need is example pictures of what you created feel free to pm me them or post it on the thread. You do not need to tell me the parts you used until after i pick you just to secure your payment and make sure your time isnt wasted. now what am i looking for is my posted example. something similar like these will do fine.
  10. I have been experiencing problems with passenger sits returning a system Message " No Room to Sit" I used Inara's prim sit to check i could sit a passenger in that location and there was no physics in my area that could interfere. Basically my sit is a JSON Sit with animation that provides a llSitTarget (0.05-25,0.01>,<0.0,0.0,0.0>); in state _entry . In changed this is then reset after the 1st seat is seated to llSitTarget (0.05,25,0.01>,<0.0,0.0,0.0>); When anther passenger tries to sit this seat is not available my seats dimensions are <0.44258,0.97541,> You sh
  11. Hello! I'm having a problem currently with my transaction history in my bank. In my marketplace history, it shows only one purchase for today (Friday July 17th, 2020). I used a my Paypal to buy lindens. My bank account (it's tied to my Paypal) charged my failed attempts due to an error from second life: "There was a problem charging your payment method." The above message was received after making multiple linden purchases. My bank history shows 7 attempts. I have also spoke to the seller of the item to see if they can help me out. Should I also speak to my
  12. Dear all Lindens, Moles, SL17B staff, hosts and helpers, Thank you for amazing Second Life 17th Birthday - so many wonderful things to explore, be inspired by. The live events and DJ events were excellent, as the huge number of people attending the events showed. Meet the Lindens (and Moles) one of best regular Second Life birthday events. With an event so big, it is impossible to cover everything and the hidden gems, I often discovered by chance walking around and curious exploring artists, creators, organizations contribution to SL17B. I collected some of my experiences in my
  13. It's June 2020 and I just updated to the Premium when I saw YT videos on the new Linden Boathouses. I registered and there are none available. Is there a waiting list or a way we can check for when they become available?
  14. Hi i need help after i want go buy shoes at { kokoia } ,i have click in folder demo and then click L'Etre and DPUX. 80%OFF Gift (WEAR)..i think click that i have 80% to buy that shoes..after click my linden gone..how i can get back my linden?not much only 2.7K if cannot forget..i need help how/who to fix this situation? this picture link https://prnt.sc/t7jklj
  15. 🌊Waves🌊 🤩This is more than a job, this is community🤩 At Club Waves we focus on creating a friendly supportive environment for the SL community at large! We are not just some random club - we are here to support veteran staff as well as foster learning in new hires! Staff retain 100% of their tips DJ's are able to express themselves in any music genre they prefer Hosts receive the full support of our team The club is located in an established sim since 2013 (we are not fly by night) A sim full of fun ac
  16. Gente, alguém sabe me dizer porque aparece essa mensagem de erro quando tento processar crédito/transferir o dinheiro da minha conta pro PayPal? Erro: Você excedeu o seu limite diário de solicitação de nível de alíquota. Tá, mas como excedi algo que sequer consegui transferir com sucesso alguma vez na vida? É a primeira vez que estou tentando transferir os dólares do Second Life para o PayPal e dá essa mensagem. O valor que estou tentando transferir é de pouco mais de 13 dólares, o que não excede nenhum limite diário. Alguém aí já passou por esse problema?
  17. Just looking for some directions on where to start earning L$ with a quite good looking male avatar. Thank you very much!♥
  18. Hi, here is something I put together with photos I edited,... ok ok me and my Alt did it, shes giving me this look so I had to include her..:p( Spoiled Princess) I have everything on a neat lil notecard too so just holler at me to get it Gem Strait(gem oxygen in-world. I am Gem Oxygen, me and my alt have put together a little something to help you learn how to set your parcel to prevent griefers and maximize your enjoyment of your home. I have included photos for visuals. If you still don't get it please join the Bellisseria Citizens group and lots of helpful residents will help you.
  19. Muy buenas, tengo un problema con el HUD de Lindo flowers, al clicar el HUD me dice: │ Loging in.. └✿ [03:47] Lindo HUD - v5.398: ┌✿ │ Login failed. Inadequate avatar age for participation in this game at this time... └✿
  20. Hi babies~ i'm looking for an unskilled job that hires newbies So if anyone is hiring I'M HERE ^-^❤
  21. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way I can raise my land impact with my premium home?
  22. Is it possible to buy L$ using the paypal balance? I don't want to use my credit card at the moment so I want to use my paypal balance. The currency is the real (BR). How do I do?
  23. So I myself am a member of the ABDL community, meaning I like adults in diapers. Now, I am also a furry. Can I display drawings of my ADULT character in a diaper on an adult rated sim? I would very much like a Linden to directly answer this. Thank you. Also, please update the TOS to reflect that adults in diapers are NOT *****.
  24. Hey all, until this time I won my money from gambling but it's bull***** last time I lost my all lindens. now I need to find another way to earn lindens. Anyone can help me about it?
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