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Found 100 results

  1. Muy buenas, tengo un problema con el HUD de Lindo flowers, al clicar el HUD me dice: │ Loging in.. └✿ [03:47] Lindo HUD - v5.398: ┌✿ │ Login failed. Inadequate avatar age for participation in this game at this time... └✿
  2. Sorry please can someone help? I sent a friend gifts that cost 500 L in total and she never received them. There is a receipt for them in my order history and it took my linden and I even re delivered them with no luck.
  3. Someone please help I sent gifts to a friend and I TRIPPLE checked her user name before I sent them, but they never arrived, however the linden for them was taken out of my account.
  4. HELLO new owners I AM looking to invest in your business that right invest lindens or other kind of money in your business for both of us or more to earn and enjoy it contact me inworld:alon2161 or alon tsib
  5. Gopi Passiflora

    Who is Governor Linden?

    What kind of politician is he? Was he elected, appointed, or did he inherit the job? Does he even have power, or is a mere figurehead? Inquiring minds like me want to know....
  6. PainBrain

    { Kawaii } ~ Hiring Only The Cutest

    Hiring Only The Cutest! Welcome to Kawaii where we only have the cutest staff for your pleasure ;3 Do you think you have what it takes to get a job at Kawaii? Apply today at the entrance of the club! We hire Femboys, Females, Anime's, Furries, ETC. So come as you are and prepare to have fun! TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Seduction/22/233/640
  7. Hiring Only The Cutest! Welcome to Kawaii where we only have the cutest staff for your pleasure ;3 Do you think you have what it takes to get a job at Kawaii? Apply today at the entrance of the club! We hire Femboys, Females, Anime's, Furries, ETC. So come as you are and prepare to have fun! TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Seduction/22/233/640
  8. BlueVioletVixen Lorefield

    Where Can I Find The Lindens?

    Just curious... I'm interested to know what is going on in SL, with them involved. ...Do they attend meetings or something, where they discuss things, and the public are allowed to go and observe? Or is it much more of a secret "behind the scenes" type thing? I have seen them at shows sometimes, which has been really neat. And I totally understand they are just like us, who want to sometimes just relax and have fun. I have also seen them kindly doing behind-the-scenes stuff to land, and didn't bother them. But I'm more curious to see them in a "business" or "professional" like environment (where there might be a Q&A or anything of the such?). And am curious which Lindens I might run into at those types of things. ...I don't have a bunch of questions or anything that I need to bombard them with. I'm just curious, and it's more like an "I really like this place, I'd like to learn from them" kind of thing... Because you tend to emulate role models of things you have a lot of passion & respect for. That's all. Thanks! 😁
  9. Do you think you're the cutest and have what it takes to work at Kawaii?! Then try your chances and pop by to fill out our application and see if you qualify! Enjoy our caring staff and our sexy sugar Daddies! Doesn't matter if you're female, femboy, furry, anime etc.! We want YOU for your cute individuality! So don't fear to come by and filling out an application or hanging out with our fun staff! Nobody there? Feel free to page someone in and we can take care of your needs ❤️ TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinewood Island/17/205/339
  10. Hello! Welcome to Kawaii the new strip club that wants to reach higher in the charts! We strive on individuality and the feeling of comfort! We are currently hiring Strippers and escorts, Voice and Cam! Go in world for an application, landmark, and group invite! I hope to see you there ;3 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinewood Island/31/172/335
  11. Braelynn Darkstone

    Abuse by Linden Employee

    There's a LL employee mass flagging all furry items put into the furry accessories, regardless if it's a furry accessory. Such as armor for a feral furry avatar, or eyes specifically fit to a furry head. It's not only myself that's getting flagged, many furry creators are having this issue. Several of us have contacted LL by submitting a ticket, and this same LL employee has replied to all of us and replying with the same generic response. But giving this examples of why there is a furry accessories category; because furry accessories don't fit normal avatars. This is the definition of all furry products. They do not fit human avatars or products. They are suggesting to put furry clothing for a specific furry avatar into the unisex clothing section. It's not unisex clothing, there are male and female options usually and for furry avatars and furry parts. Furry customers, for the most part, only shop in the furry accessories section for mods, clothing, eyes and addon parts. This is the only furry section creators can use to display their furry products, unless it's a full furry avatar, there is a section for that. If we're forced to put our furry products in human categories, where furries have to sift through hundreds of thousands of products to find their niche furry item or have humans having to sift through furry items they have no need of, it's going to cause businesses to lose sales. And if businesses lose sales, Linden Labs loses sales. Because they no longer get the MP percentage cut, or the Linden Exchange percentage cut because creators are no longer making enough money. And why now? We've been using this category for many years now and all of a sudden this one Linden, who is a furry, decides we can no longer use it for our products. I've just had this product flagged; Eyes for furry heads. And another content creator I know just had this flagged; digi-grade clothing for furry avatars. Having these items in a non-furry category will cause unwanted sales. If a human sees these products and purchases them, but does not know or realize they are specifically for furries (I've even had this happen IN the furry category) than that will cause bad reviews. This can only lead to confusion, loss of sales and more false flagging from humans who see furry items and believe they are in the wrong category.
  12. ♥CLUB LEGEND!♥ Classy, Elegant, Sexy, NEW! We are hiring Dancers,Escorts,and DJ'S + MANAGEMENT! 80% TIPs for our glorious Dancers+ INCENTIVES! 100% tips for dj's! Don't know what to wear?! Themed events daily! Traffic?! We got it! We will hire anyone as long as they have a human female avatar. Small wings, small horns, and ears are acceptable. MUST BE 30 DAYS AND MESH! If you are less than 30 DAYS, you must be willing to be trained and be prepared to change your avatar! If you have previous experience on an ALT please be prepared to show us proof! Once you teleport into the club please press notecard in the menu that pops up and you will receive a dancer/escort application. For a DJ app, please message one our of girls and they will pass you an app! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Waves/164/30/24
  13. Tesca358

    cancel linden order

    how do i cancel my current linden order so i can order itso i get the linden instantly. i messed up, my first time buying them and i'd like to use it now.
  14. Hola, soy Katt. Busco a un sugar daddy que pueda darme lindens y a cambio de compañia. Sin sexo. Que me de una casa y me saque de la calle jaja Solo para second life, por lo que no tendremos ningun contacto en RL. Estoy libre los fines de semana para citas en SL. Tengo 18 años. Me interesa la musica, el anime, el arte, y la moda. Solo hablo Español y un poco de Ingles. Soy Mujer, sugar baby.
  15. Nikzar


    hello, i try to buy linden as 1 week, and I have changed the amount several times .. But I always said no, and then look at the problem so stop. I tried again after they announced they solved it, and I could not buy linden, so I put more money into my account believing it was the problem that I had less ... And I have continued to try today all day or anything .. every amount that I put for lowest, does not allow me to buy. Could someone tell me if they still have problems? Oh because I still can not buy. not its my first time, i buy linden 4 time before. so any can help and explain
  16. This week we had Oz, Vir, Kyle and Rider Linden Agent Kyle https://i.imgur.com/20MAkYo.png * Slow update this week, stuff moves ever forward (there have only been 4 working days since last TPV) * Animesh PV update this week * Firestorms update didn't break anything, good job <3 * Bluesteel rendering bug was brought up https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225157? - viewer & sever fix in QA now. * Updates to EEP and BoM are waiting for a sever update to add the needed inventory backend. * Group notice cap changes are working though the release pipeline. * Cache project is stalled for the moment, should be picking back up again and not long till we see something. * Dell enterprise security (Cylance) hates SL .. but you already know this if it affects you. * Porting the viewer to build with Visual Studio 2017 will start soon. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/92fj9w/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_27th_july_2018/
  17. iamanatta

    Did not receive lindens

    While in the process of buying lindens from the marketplace, my laptop battery died. I got the laptop back on and noticed that I didn't receive the lindens. So I went about my way. Then the next day I noticed the charge in my RL bank account. Who, what, how can I fix this please? Thank you.
  18. Another couple of weeks, another TPV meeting. This time we had Oz, Vir & Rider Linden. Maintenance viewer coming BoM bug fixes to come soon in an updated project viewer, in the next week hopefully. Animesh going to RC very soon, waiting on server side support to roll out. They are pretty close to calling it complete. EEP viewer will take a little longer as it's waiting on server side inventory support to be rolled out. Texture cache revamp is coming "Soon" Estate access management is real close, was held up by a server side change. Viewer and server side components are now in QA. They are debating internally what to do about Apple depreciating OpenGL. Name changes are being worked towards, the plan the moment is that none of the old names will be offered (due to exiting residents valuing names from certain era's of SL history). In the case of marriages both people wanting a new last name will have to both buy a new one. Display-names will continue to function as they do. There will be a RL cost associated with the change, but nothing has been decided on yet. Work at the moment is focused on updating the infrastructure to cope with names changing. Some discussion regarding group voting (for those who remember that being a thing). Fix for group & friend invites sent to offline avatars is coming. The cap on offline messages might be increased as a premium perk. There are NO PLANS to charge for inventory over a certain amount. Silly rumor mill. Edit : Adding Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CmHngG8oMU (I've been doing these on the secondlife subreddit for a long time now, figure no harm in duplicating here)
  19. What: Back to School Hunt 2 When: August 1st-31st Where: GRID WIDE Application Deadline: July 21st Apply online- https://kingswoodevent.wixsite.com/kingswood Theme: Back to School Hunt Object: Back to School chalkboard It is time to get back into the routine. School is back in session! Time for kids to learn and teacher to say good bye to vacation. Let us help them all get back into it!! RULES: 1) Your hunt can not be in a club. 2) If your hunt is in a mall you need to supply a direct landmark to your store. 3) You must join the Kingswood Group if you wish to participate. Kingswood Mall & Events (copy and paste link to chat) secondlife:///app/group/685ce943-7302-d651-a10b-d564a5627852/about 4) You must have the hunt poster and hint giver out for all to see. 5) Must have the hunt prim out at required time. 6) You must provide a hint before you will be placed in the hunt. 7) Hunt gift needs to stay within theme. 8) Any incomplete applications will not be approved. Thank you, Cajuntease Resident
  20. KawaiiDuirii

    ** Need a Photographer? **

    ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  21. The Purple Gator is looking for hosts. 30 Days Old Minimum Keep All your Tips Experience preferred but will train energetic persons!! Have Fun and make Linden!!! At The Purple Gator NiteClub. Pickup and application at the club or Contact Robyn00 inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle Beach City/50/107/17
  22. heongost

    Change L$ into $

    If I have 2000L$, Can I convert L$ into $? I hear LindenX was stopped. I join Second Life because I want to earning money for my real life. Now, I feel very worry
  23. Akemi Riverstone

    $L - Money

    Okay so.... I'm like baffled. Like.... Why is secondlife raising the money amount for $L's? As I see it right now its way to much money. In our minds, 9$ may be nothing for like 2000$L but if you add it up when you want more $L its 18$ for 4000$L. This is to much. The amount of money I remember spending on SL for $L's was 7$ for 2000$L. For 98$ i could get 28000$L but now a days, you only get roughly 24.5k$L for 100$, so you end up losing around 4000$L. I am on SSI so I cant afford SL like I use to. So I wish Secondlife would lower the income payments so we can get more $L for our buck. If they need more money may be they need to down grade whatever they are doing that is costing so much money in the first place. So,.... what do yall think of this money issue? Should Linden Labs be aware of this money issue? Should they change it? Do you think they are going to lose people if they lowered the money amount? Tell me what yall think.
  24. Laoise Rumsford

    Skin Commission?

    Just as the title asks. Would anyone be willing? Finding what I want is extremely difficult and I seriously lack the creative juices/patience to make what I want. -------------------- What I am seeking: A skin that is the same RGB as the one I wear now, I don't know if this is asking too much. If it is, I hope to have one that looks good against both brown hair and dirty blonde. Pubic Hair Option (as in having it or being shaved, a heart design would be nice too but it would not be a deal-breaker if it doesn't happen) Cleavage. Nipples on/off - I have mesh nipples and though I do not wear them all the time, the option would be nice. Possible Athletic Appliers/Light Abs - Not Ripped. Maitreya, Catwa, Vista Hand and AK Appliers/Omega. I am not currently in-world, please reply here or send a Pvt Message.
  25. ▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ➩ LIVE HILLBILLY JUNKYARD ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ➩ WHO: ★DJ ★ GEIDI ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ➩ STYLE:AWESOME MUSIC ▀▄▀▄▀ ➩ HOST :★SULTANA★ ▀▄▀▄ ➩ WHEN : 10P TO MIDNIGHT SLT ▀▄▀What are you waiting for?? Quit reading! come be naughty... I mean lets party! ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Photos/137/111/28