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  1. Nefarious Cattle Rustlers = Western theme
  2. I have no insight into the why or how the names were chosen, and they were clearly made from the same multi-region template, but I'm positive the "Squishy Pickle" houseboat area existed before the "Pickle" traditional island. My first new premium home was a houseboat in the middle of "Squishy" that was released in May of 2019. My second was a trad on Willow Heights, from which I was able to see the "Pickle" get added to my open water view in August 2019. Here's a blog post from @Daniel Voyager that talks about it, where he refers to "Pickle" and "Squishy Pickle II."
  3. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyde Park/214/179/22 Could just be my browser, but I didn't see the image nor the link, so I reposted.
  4. It's not just one person who would love for the Bellisseria coastlines to look more natural on the map. It was the first thing I noticed when the first group of new regions appeared on the map. That said, I completely understand why that had to be sacrificed for the things that really matter, and I definitely the Bellisseria grass. While I would prefer both, give me a beautifully immersive experience over something that looks nice on a map any day. I'll also add that having a functional map is more important to having it be pretty, though those two things likely aren't related.
  5. Subtle sarcasm. The fact that you aren't sure how to take it confirms that I executed it flawlessly.
  6. While technically this is all true, as are all of your follow-up comments, the current limits aren't entirely arbitrary, and do reflect a goal to at least keep performance within the realm of reasonable ("reasonable" being a very subjective unit of measure). My point was that it isn't likely that LL will suddenly add more LI to regions just because they technically can. I know they have done so in the past, but I don't see it happening again anytime soon.
  7. Fewer homes creates big square spaces that need to be filled even more landscaping. It may require less LI than what the homes use, but it's probably not going to be enough of a difference to allow for a significant increase for the superduper resident. No harm in wishing.
  8. Additional LI can't be added out of thin air. To accommodate this, LI allocated for public spaces would have to be greatly reduced. I'm not sure that removing items from outside my parcel so I can have more on it is a good trade-off. Sure, we all derender an unwanted hedge or tree here and there, but generally speaking, sparsely landscaped regions would greatly impact my enjoyment of Bellisseria.
  9. I assume your new home is meeting your needs, but to clarify one thing, the Lindens weren't the ones forcing a music stream into your home. The previous owner left it that way. There are a few settings that do not get reset when Linden Home changes hands. One is the music stream. The image for the parcel that shows up in landmarks is another.
  10. That is a feature, not a bug. As I'm sure you know, you can toggle music streaming on or off in Firestorm using the little musical note button in the upper right corner of the viewer. If it is on when you leave a location, it will stay on as you travel around the grid. If you go to a place with an active stream, which may or may not include your Linden Home, you will hear music automatically. The reason you haven't noticed this previously is that your homes either have not had a music stream configured, or you had music streaming toggled to off. If you want to change the stream
  11. Interesting that they released the log homes but not the stilts.
  12. I grabbed this trad a couple of days ago, but I can't seem to get excited about decorating it, so I'm going to toss it back for someone else to enjoy. I'll be dropping it at 8:30am SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New Hamsterdam/236/179/24 EDIT: Dropped.
  13. Great job, @Nando Yip. I'm not fond of the Vics, but if I were, D-LAB would be a primary source for furnishings.
  14. Tastes vary, so one person's favorite theme is another's least desirable. A lot of people, including myself, have mentioned that the chalets are not a favorite, but the same has been said about every theme, including houseboats. Lucky for us, we have many themes from which to choose, with more on the way. As @Sister Nova mentioned, the last three new theme rollouts (log homes, stilts, and chalets) have gone this way. When the stilts weren't all grabbed within a few weeks, people were even questioning whether too many new Linden Homes had been built. Not everyone reads the forums o
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