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  1. I have no idea what the current L1 occupancy is. I would assume that it is less than what it was this time last year, but it could actually be higher. At this time, this is what is available in Bellisseria: 2048 - 48 1024 - 9,611 512 - 1776 One thing to keep in mind is that the percentage of L1 residents who only need/want a 512 parcel is unknown. If it's high, then there will need to be a lot more 512 homes released in Bellisserria to meet demand.
  2. I have no idea how it actually works. I'm just offering my best guess. Multiple posters have posted suggestions for how it could be improved, but again, not knowing the specifics of all the requirements, they may not be tenable. My feedback hasn't generated very many upvotes yet, but it has only been a couple of days. Regardless, I am not optimistic that any changes will be made, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. You are overthinking it. It's more likely that the list of available parcels is sorted by an assigned static index number. The order of the list changes when when homes are claimed. When a home is put back in the pool, it ends up in the same place in the list due to its index number. Homes with the largest index numbers may never reach the top unless only a subset of the entire list is being used, and that subset is rotated regularly. I have no idea if that is happening, but if it is, it is not helping much due to the low demand. For example, If I claim a Log Home now, and that home has index number 01234, this would mean that all homes with a lower index number are owned, and the next available home will be the one with the next lowest index number (01235 if it isn't already owned). If I release 01234, it ends up back at the top because it will again have the lowest number. This is why it is possible, and even likely, to get assigned the same home multiple times in a single session of claims, depending on how quickly a home ends up back in the queue. To fix the issue, they need to change the method they use for which home in the list gets assigned. Instead of first in line, it needs to be a random selection. Alternatively, they could index the list by abandoned date, and sort by oldest to most recent, but that method isn't as fair. They could also require a period of time that a home cannot be added back into the queue, but that would impact themes with low inventory, and does not address the issue of ending up with the same homes the following day. Obviously the easiest thing they could do is leave it as is, but perhaps if enough residents complain, they will consider making a change. They may feel that allowing specific claims via Premium Plus ticket adequately addresses the issue.
  4. What qualifies as a good house is subjective, and will vary to some degree, depending whom is asked. I like parcels that are adjacent to water but also have some geographical features that allow them to feel private. I do not believe that the better homes are being deliberately saved and that we are intentionally being force fed the less desirable parcels. I think it is simply an issue with how the list of available homes is generated and indexed. It was obviously not programmed to prioritize randomness or full inventory churning. When there is high demand for a theme, this is not an issue, as all houses will get chosen eventually. When demand is low, we are at the mercy of how the available homes list is sorted, and how quickly abandoned homes are put back into the list (it is amazingly fast at times). I'm sure there are some good reasons why the process works as it does. I'm not looking for an easy button to get the exact home I want. Premium Plus is there if I want that. I simply want a real opportunity to evaluate the 5 homes I am allowed to claim per day instead of the 2-3 I'm getting now. I'd also prefer to not get the same 5 every day. To me, there are two obvious solutions. One would be to truly randomize the homes claims. The other would be to at least force abandoned homes to the bottom of the list. Either would be an improvement, though randomization would be the most fair.
  5. Good idea. Everyone please go upvote, and tell your alts about it too: https://feedback.secondlife.com/ldpw/p/change-linden-home-selection-process
  6. That is one of the suggested fixes, but it is likely more complicated than that. I'm not cynical enough to argue that they are leaving it this way on purpose. I tend to believe that the current situation is more likely to cost them Premium memberships than it is to result in people upgrading, but that is pure speculation on my part. All I know is that residents should not repeatedly be given the same home choice over and over when there as an ample supply of alternatives. This has been an issue since the L1 days, but feels worse currently, most likely because I am shopping a theme that doesn't see much activity.
  7. I'm bumping this because I'm finding it extremely challenging to effectively house hunt. I've been casually shopping for a new Log Home, and even though there are over 2000 available, I continually get the same parcel twice or even three times in a row. I never get 5 unique choices anymore. I can understand why this happens when supplies are low, but this really should not occur otherwise, and it is extremely frustrating. The usual tricks, like waiting for someone else to grab the home I just abandoned is futile when a theme isn't in demand. I understand that I can upgrade to Premium Plus, and select any available home I want, but I should not have to resort to that if my criteria for an acceptable home are fairly broad, and I simply want to randomly shuffle through available inventory over time. I fully believe that this impacts the occupancy of some themes, as I expect people give up and move on to other themes, or worse, just downgrade from premium altogether. I'm not threatening to do that, but as someone who usually enjoys the Game of Homes, I am likely to demote an account or two if it brings me no joy. Multiple people have offered suggestions on how to resolve the issue, but of course none of us has any insight into how the process actually works, so none of them may be viable. It would be nice to know if this is the case, or if there is the possibility of this getting resolved at some point. Are there any moles or Lindens in a position to address this issue?
  8. Yep. It makes me wonder how many are owned by people who no longer log on but never cancelled their accounts.
  9. The one I got was also on Sandcastle Narrows, but this morning, I no longer have a home. @diamond Marchant, were you able to keep yours? Actually, it looks like I do still have it. Blue border and teleporting are still broken though. I ended up abandoning mine.
  10. There aren't as many as it may appear. I just got a Stilt on Water on a region that hasn't been released yet. I'm not the only one.
  11. I've also grabbed and dropped a couple of Stilts on Water. I think I have seen all themes available today at one time or another.
  12. I caught a rare Stilt on Pier this morning. It's not what I'm looking for, but maybe one of you wants it. It's in a unique spot among the Chalets, near the little heart islands, with a nearby boat rez area. I plan to drop it ~7:30am SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acquarone/79/98/24
  13. Thank you, Tary. I was not offered a log, but I do currently own one that is open to visitors. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brichester/25/220/52
  14. All these kind words are making me blush, pun intended. Thank you very much.
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