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  1. It's somewhat futile to post OL abandons right now with so many available, but this is a really premium location, so someone may feel that it is worth rolling through some claims to get it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pennywise/136/64/22 Dropping it within the next few minutes. Good luck.
  2. Make a texture that says that and use it in the parcel settings.
  3. Pennywise OLs are hitting the queue. Most are unclaimed so far.
  4. "Right now" is the important part of Sylvia's response. They are not always available these days, but they have been more often then not when I have looked. In other words, if you go to claim a premium home, and there are no houseboats available, just try again. You will get one eventually.
  5. One thing that I doubt was considered in the original estimates is the phenomenon of people purchasing multiple premium accounts to own homes in multiple themes. GoH was certainly in play in the old regions, as people were always hunting the best locations, but there likely weren't too many people who felt compelled to own multiple Linden Homes long term. Also, most had a favorite theme and stuck to it (Tahoe in my case).
  6. Maybe something to stash in your inventory for those "chalet" homes that on they way.
  7. If other models had the same "feature," then I wouldn't mind so much, but the fact that it is only the Havana, and only the OL Havana to be even more specific, it is clearly a mistake. To someone like me who has maximum OCD about such things, it sticks out like a sore thumb. My partner has an OL Havana. We just slapped a .5LI mesh with a semi-transparent tinted blank texture on it to fix it.
  8. Good. Here's hoping that everyone with an OL Havana takes you up on your offer.
  9. It's probably just this. While anti-climactic, it's better than knowing my décor makes people cry.
  10. I know my décor isn't for everyone, but sad? I'm not fishing for compliments, just confused by this reaction.
  11. You can't stand on that scale with it stashed under the vanity....good thinking. Nice work as always.
  12. Like many of you, I prefer a stilt that is part OW and part OL. It seems that most of these are classified as OL, but some OWs are close enough to be acceptable. I normally prefer a 2-story model for Linden homes, but for the stilts, only the Havana really speaks to me. Due to the roof texture problem, with the OL Havana, I have mostly been looking at OW parcels. Another plus with the OW stilts is that it allows for custom front decks. That may be a detriment to some, but for me, it is a plus, even if the front is a bit limited by how the Havana is "centered" on the parcel. I h
  13. You may be right about Puddlechurch not being furnished. It was months ago that I was last there. If it wasn't furnished, then most, if not all, of the residents had good decorating tastes with a heavy lean toward Nutmeg items. Perhaps they just like to copy each other, as we often see in Bellisseria.
  14. I think you have identified the problem with Nutmeg, in that many of the pieces appear as though they were designed for photo shoots, and not practical use. You can often disassemble them and use some of the parts, but that often doesn't work so well due to the extreme shadowing of most of the textures (pull off a throw blanket to find a giant black spot on your sofa, for example). I love Nutmeg's aesthetic, but I have to use them sparingly for the reasons discussed, and the fact that most of their items are on the primmy side, not to mention high in triangle count, if that is a concern.
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