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  1. When I was actively making poses I would use DAZ studio, you can use it to make animations too. I don't recall getting on well with QAvimator think it may have been harder to use than DAZ
  2. I got a notecard from one of the brands accounts yesterday saying this, they have a feed or something set up that flags up every time TMP is used in relation to to the new bodies on the SL site or various SL related blogs. I think "must" was a bit strong couldn't exactly remember what they said in the NC, they definitely want to try and get rid of any association of the bad rep of their old products
  3. About land says the plots are 1024sqm the standalone water homes have boundary marker posts on each corner, the beach and pier lots have boundary marker posts on the corners extending in to the water which may help keeping everything inside the plot
  4. Apparently it's no longer cool to refer to Legacy and Classic as TMP or The mesh project even though they use "The Shops" region to sell the new bodies and there's still TMP content there. They really want to disassociate themselves with that previous brand so you now must refer to them as meshbody. They apparently have something that triggers every time you use TMP anywhere and they notecard you to stop associating the new body with the old
  5. You may wish to look up Radios on the marketplace or even TV's you rezz them on your land and they put a radio stream or video in the media section of your about land settings guests to your land can listen if they wish, you can set them up so they can control the TV/Radio and choose their own media
  6. I sort of feel underwhelmed by these homes don't know how i'd use the space inside not made keen on the lack of interior doors makes them feel too open plan will need to demo them more. I know they are American style again but local to me there are ramshackle looking Shacks/Chalets/Cabins/Huts along the lines of the bungalow styles on the edge of water never fancied the idea of living in one though
  7. I have the free version too on both a male & female alt there is a section on the HUD that requires you to have media enabled in this section there are preloaded skins and a BoM option which I use for both bodies. No TMP products work with Omega and in the old days you used to need an installer for skins and the free body they offered you were stuck with the preloaded skins. If you can get BoM or the skins to work you will have a functional body but it won't be as good content wise as the likes of Slink, Belleza & Signature. The body is said to work with 80-90% of pre-existing TMP content and there isn't so much around these days as creators favour other bodies and phase out old content
  8. The new TMP "Classic" works with BoM (Bakes on Mesh) you just need to take off the body alpha turn on media and in the customisation section of the HUD is an option to turn on BoM which will allow you to use almost any system skin which may also be labelled as BoM plus you will be able to system layer clothes and tattoo layer items. The HUD does come with skins but as TMP bodies rely on an external server they could disappear at any time
  9. I've mentioned this before, i first became aware of SL through the news and stories of Kid av's virtual playgrounds and paedophiles, then i started seeing stories about people meeting and marrying in RL through SL. It was a magazine article that finally got me to sign up and these years later i'm still here
  10. As barefaced as i can get this is the "Clean" version of my skin which means it's lighter on the eye make-up
  11. Can also be acquired from the region SL17B Mesmerize, I think all the freebies at the gift boardwalk are the same as those at the shopping regions if no one fancies trying to wander round 10 shopping regions just for gifts
  12. Something you could try is putting NOT store name or NOT account name in the search box if the store name is too long, for example if i don't want to see ROC or KC Couture in the women's shoe section putting NOT ROC NOT Klari55a (had to use account name for KC) in the search bar will remove all listings from those stores from search
  13. If you have the latest V5.1 body you can use BoM and you will be able to wear such dresses as you would have done on a system body
  14. You might want to keep an eye out for the Yava pod boat, it does stop at Blake Sea locations going around Satori & Nautilus. I don't recall seeing a ferry round there in the last year or two
  15. It's a new feature first put in the LL viewer knowing it would be unpopular Firestorm put in a way to stop this happening
  16. I haven't seen anything to say doing this is not allowed, lucky chairs and lucky boards by the creator of Midnight Mania have this function you can set it to only or randomly pay a fixed or random amount between two values to a letter or wild card. These days I don't see anywhere using this or they use a different lucky letter device
  17. Try resetting your mailbox. Click it and hold for several seconds it should say it's resetting, once done click the mailbox stand away from your plot and try rezzing a new home stay away for a good 30 secs - 1 minute. If nothing rezzes still, make use of live chat
  18. If these regions can only be accessed by people linked to the camp it's all PG and they can't teleport elsewhere as much as I don't like that SL being promoted to 7 year olds I'm more ok with that. It's just very prominent that they are using Campwich Forest to promote their camp, prospective parents familiar with SL may think activities will take place there. before seeing their YouTube clip I was surprised they might be allowed to use Campwich with what's around it.
  19. Just cropped and region default windlight quite like the effect of the shadows
  20. Had to censor this a bit i never got a copy of the background pic but my no longer in SL friend Rocket (left) wanted to recreate a scene from Titanic
  21. I haven't skated since i was a teenager, there's a roller rink in my town when ever i drive past i think it'd be nice to have a go then i remember i have RA and if i have a tumble and don't break anything i wont be able to haul myself up so much safer to do it in SL
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