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  1. so i made a ring and rigged on the pinky finger to the legacy body male with avastar then when i look at the vertex group it shows me this: https://ibb.co/02F9MjT which is a problem because the avastar didnt took the actual finger bones such as this: https://ibb.co/PwzQMrm so i tried to transfer the vertex group and it didnt work it gives an error: https://ibb.co/XjBpjpq and im so soon to give up doing rings because of this.. i know theres a simple way to do it without paint it manual which would be pain
  2. Hi Im peacive you some of thr L'hy, I looking for a clothing mesher to help me make clothes im for then willing to pay and give some of the L's i make from the clothing I'm mostly looking for clothing as: - shirts - dresses - pants
  3. so i finally got the grip of how to make a bento head that is able to edit its shape in second life world. but my problem is when i upload the mesh the head have a cut in the middle and shapes it down i tried to play with the vertax group in blender and delete the unnecessary attachments like legs , fingers etc but it still comes deformed: any help please?
  4. so i created a head which is rigged and sitting correct on the avatar second life neck, and now i dont know where to start with the bento head ? is there any trick or tips or even forums that explain? i have blender and avastar
  5. Are you looking for a special mesh object that you cannot find inworld or on the marketplace? I do custom mesh! Contact Sasha980 inworld to get exactly what you need for your sim or home You can also have look at my marketplace store for high quality mesh pre-fabricated items: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198486
  6. DISCORD: Pandha3D#3946 InWorld: eisriesen Resident Portfolio + Application Form : https://pandha3d.carrd.co/ Meshing fees - 5k L$/hour 1 on 1 Classes offered - 10k L$ per hour Hi! I'm friendly and a fast worker, I can do anything you imagine for Second Life, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture or decor. I can rig for most of the bodies in the market (List included on my portfolio + rigging fees). You can both enter in contact with me via Discord, Second Life or by the Application Form I offer.
  7. I recently learned to use Blender, and so I learned on 3.1. I can build and texture mesh objects just fine with one exception -- I can't figure out how to make transparent textures. There are some tutorials around that show how to make glass, but they're on older versions of Blender, which look totally different, or they use Photoshop. I use Gimp, and it's hard to follow along. Can anyone point me to a recent tutorial on how to make glass textures on mesh objects for export to SL, and preferably one that's a little easier for beginners? I'm trying to make a very basic four-pane window with a wooden frame. The frame looks great. The glass looks like the frame. Thank you.
  8. Application https://bit.ly/ACroftCommission Discord: acroft#0456 InWorld Alexacroft Resident https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexaCroft/videos <- some previous works If you have questions ask directly in Secondlife Alexacroft Resident discord acroft#0456 Pricing Standard 0$L - Delivery 1day - 2 weeks Mesh Modeling 5000$L/hour - Ask for estimate. Commercial License Secondlife (resell Secondlife only) 5000$L Commercial License Royatly (resell anywhere) 15000$L AO Bakes 2500$L per map Substance Painter Texturing 5000$L per map + zbrush detailing of map Rigging 7500$L per body Bodies i have access to and can rig/fit/create for Maitreya Default & Petite/Perky Legacy Default & Petite/Perky Legacy Male Slink Female Slink Male Belleza Freya Belleza Isis Belleza Venus Belleza Jake Kupra Default Signature Gianni Signature Geralt Aesthetic Kemono Kemono Jiggle Puffs Kemono Fitted Kemono Torso Busty & petite Kemono Rei's Stuff 2.0 Babe Youth Chibi Noodle Ebody Kobold Kuroo Maticore (gacha cat with scorpion tail) BBL
  9. Hey guys I made this mesh full of diamonds and I can’t get it uploaded due to the mesh error, even if I made the physics to cube, I’ve seen a lot of meshers creating this and uploading them without cutting any parts if anyone know how I can upload them in one piece please let me know. Thanks
  10. So I've been creating a custom mesh for the ATC Dwarf Dragon, but when I upload it, the mesh is not at all lined up like it is in Blender. Am I missing something? I've hidden the wings on the avatar and wanted to put some shoulder spikes there instead. Avastar version 2.93.10
  11. I have a bit if an issue with a mesh split in half uploaded as 1 (linkset) The LOD 3 (high detail) is flat on the ground 8x4m. It has an outer rim which makes it high 0.4m in total in Z axis. Then LOD 2 is without the outer rim and its in total 0.3m on Z axis. When I move my camera so that the LOD2 kicks in and the camera is in about 30 degree angle I can see the faces on the further half of the mesh move upwards creating a seam in between the two objects. When I move my camera further the seam disappears (because the close half moves upwards as well). I know the 0.1 difference because of llGetBoundingBox script when I uploaded LOD 3 and LOD2 separately. LOD 3 is 0.4m, LOD 2 is 0.3m. X,Y are the same. When I upload the LODs separetely there is no seam no matter how I move my camera. I tried applying transforms, moving origins on all LODs exactly to 0,0,0, setting origins to geometry .. Is there any way to fix this? I am almost certain the faces move exactly by the difference of height between LOD3 and LOD2. Theres no issue between LOD2 and LOD1. Thank you!
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hotties99-Tarabinski-hair-20-color-pack/11341641 That is the older version there. I want my new version to be mesh, and out of my face totally. Can anyone help me, please ? Thank you so much for your time in advance ! Stephanieomgah Resident
  13. Now Hiring Looking for a new place to work and have fun? Well come visit Simply Sexy Strip Club and check our establishment. We have the most Beautiful girls and the friendliest girls in all of Second Life. We are like Family Simply Sexy is female owned and operated Lounge Areas, Bar, Pool Table, 2 Well Furnished VIP Rooms Simply Sexy caters to all of Second Life Requirements for Employment ** MUST BE 18+ Must be Mesh body and Head Simply Sexy pays 90% of Tips Earned, So you keep more of your money If interested come on out to Simply Sexy and take a look around. Then if you think we are the right club for you, fill out an application Hope to see you soon MistyRai Manager http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charlesville/71/16/35
  14. Hello there I am having issues with my house I just bought with having a problem with the mesh items I have not working. The house and furniture seem to glitch on any house I use or furniture. is anyone else having this problem?
  15. So I'm feeling pretty noobish right now. I've got an issue with a physics shape I'm working on for a ship, but its being a right piece of work when it comes to uploading it. I made it super low detail, just enough to encircle the ship and give it basic interior walking space, but whenever its uploaded and set to prim physics shape it goes from the calculated 4LI when physical to 160+LI... Now it is long, about 30M but I've seen ships larger than this with their own, much more detailed physics shape have nearly a quarter of the LI of what I'm getting with mine. I've checked 2309572039 times that there are no small faces in the .dae file that would cause it to flip out, but nothing is coming up or even appearing to be wrong. Also I noticed when I view the physics shape in Firestorm the opposite sides of the exterior faces are calculated on the inside as well, which is something that is definitely not needed...I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've uploaded about 30 (seriously) different tests and they all result in the same issue. I uploaded the shape with the custom physics shape of the actual model shown here as a tester too This pic is in the tail end, where it should've only had that small walkway as a shape you can interact with. What on earth am i doing wrong...?
  16. Hello Im looking for a co owner for a beauty store that im going to establish I already have an experiance in this field and i would love to have someone with experiance even if its a little in mesh or photoshop or creating skin, makeup etc so we can work togther.. Im easy to work with and all your requirments will be agreed on from my side if we talk, if you are interested please hit me up inworld by sending me msg or notecard my user name: aburob Thank you
  17. I have rigged a mesh using marvelous designer- and then blender to rig. I have done this successfully before however now these shorts are visible only on one side when upload to SL. Does anyone know a fix- I have applied transforms- rotation and scale. I am at a loss. https://gyazo.com/fc41ca10452c5c2984db50819bd4ca1a https://gyazo.com/e89a0e7a5da85e9b9e87795be618a55f That is how it looks for reference.
  18. i am confused, how when people make for example a necklace with a lot of gems that they been placed on the necklace ( liek thousnds) and upload it to second life ? i mean thats very high count of tringlas and vertics and when i upload a necklace with a lot of placed gems that i been working for hours on it doesnt let me upload the mesh at all becasue of high numbers and the more i reduce on blender the more its losing its quality and becomes a deformed necklace. my question is how they upload this such of a big mesh that count a lot of vertices ?
  19. https://twitter.com/iamahibart/status/1507560292519407616?t=LMuv-nX8rfhuAatHVl7KDQ&s=19 that's a photo of mine
  20. so i created a necklace and the necklace has 3 meshes i uploaded since i couldnt upload the whole mesh together because its too much vertics (sadly.) so i finished texturing and then linked them with edit link all worked fine then i added bosh script resize plus stretch to the object and i noticed it gets weird and moving out of the place each mesh to each direction (X, Y, Z) so my question is there a way how to fix it for example if i can make any of them merged without linked object that show the blue outline? or is there a way to merge 3+ linked objects properly ? please help me.
  21. I thought Id try to upload the mesh I made as 1 object instead of 3 but having problem with LOD. I removed some edges manually for the medium and low so the objects still retain their original form, but the upload is giving me an error "LOD materials are not a subset of reference model". The materials are the same, the UVs didnt get broken or anything, but the uploader preview is giving me a very weird preview on 1 piece of the 3. If I try to upload the mesh object by object with respective LODs, the uploader accepts it and all is fine. I could just upload separately, but I wonder if I do it together that I might lower the LI even more. Or is the LI the same no matter if I upload the objects as 1 piece or object by object? Do people upload separately? The reason Im trying to upload is as 1 object is because I have all the positions set and wont have to tweak it in world. Thanks!
  22. so i been creating accessories for a while and thought to start with clothes and i already made my first shirt using Signature Body model on MD - to blender - to second life.. but the problem is its matching ONLY signature body and my question is if i want to make it for legacy for example do i need to get the kit and overdo everything i did and with the huds copy it like to 3-4 bodies id like to create ? it doesnt make any sense to me i need to start from zero to each body.. since u cant move/stretch rigged clothes what is the magic then is there a script or a trick or what? thanks for responding !
  23. please help, i rigged a ring on 3 bodies and i checked how they look in stand pose view and they looked fine but then when my avatar moves his hands it looks deformed and i dont understand why? i exported with avastar on blender 2.79 after rigging and im not sure whats the problem
  24. Can some one help me please by creating a simple shirt and short for our school in Mesh Maitreya? It is very basic and the design is there. We can do the design is Marvelous if wanted. Thanks a lot! Ilse
  25. Somos un estudio de diseño que quiere empezar a crear y diseñar ropa para distintas marcas. Necesitamos resolver dudas especificas en los diferentes procesos creativos. (MD, blender, avastar,uvs, etc) por favor contactar: nyko piek
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