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  1. Custom mesh order form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScY0EGaj7kXu-ZP6qvafQyNm8LuSraagtqyjcgK0mIgoqqwqA/viewform Inworld: kawaiiduirii ResidentPortfolio: https://tatumrosemenke.wixsite.com/mysiteFlickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/159089488@N06/SL Facebook: Kawaii DuiriiEmail: kawaiiduiriisl100@gmail.comDiscord: Tatum / Mrs.Zombie#9948RULES. You MUST read these and AGREE to them before submitting an order.1. AT LEAST 50% of payment is due before I begin working, the rest is due before I hand over full perm files.2. I DO NOT rig clothing, I ONLY mesh clothing. NO SHOES. If you order clothing from me you must find someone else to rig. I can give you references.3. I have a right to decline your order for ANY reason. If your order is declined you will receive a FULL refund.
  2. For those OMG Moments or Pet Peeves & WTH Situations... no real hard rules just same as before..carry on.😉
  3. I have some gorgeous stairs that I would like updated to Mesh. I had them custom made several years ago. I don't mind if you make me a set and later on, sell them to the general public. I just need to lower the prim count for our updated build. Contact me inworld Clint Quandry
  4. I have some gorgeous stairs that I would like updated to Mesh. I had them custom made several years ago. I don't mind if you make me a set and later on, sell them to the general public. I just need to lower the prim count for our updated build. Contact me inworld Clint Quandry
  5. i tried the demo for one and messed around with shapes and skins till i found a look i really liked, i was nearly ready to buy the head but when i switched on my ao i noticed all of the animations seemed to warp and twist the neck really unrealistically. i tried this on three different mesh bodies and with all my animations and this bad interaction continued. the only time this does not happen is when i'm using the stiff default SL ao. i tried switching off head animations in the hud but i'm pretty certain that's just for stopping the facial expressions. this doesn't happen with my catwa head so i believe it must be some issue with the lelutka one. does someone know a way to get past this?? sorry if it's a newbie sounding question i'm just feeling really bummed and want a way to make the head work without having to confine myself to no movements.
  6. ***** Land Luxury Gentelmen's Club! Come Join Our Family! Get a Uber and Apply!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Gold/25/40/3252 WHAT We Offer: - Amazing space to work, wonderful people - A hotel and restaurants surrounding the venue - Workers incentives - Gifts and give-a-ways to the hottest dancer monthly - low cost rentals, 20% off tip jars - Dancers 80% tips - DJ's/ Performer's payout 100% tips work off your own tip jar - Bartenders 80% tips - Host payout 100% tips work off your own tip jar Requirements: Dancers- - Must be at least 1 1/2 months old to SL - You MUST be 18+ with Sexy Adult avi Mesh head and body a MUST!!! - Be human, speak fluent English, and have excellent RP - Must be able to Emote and have experience with Lovense - Must be able to maintain an Ad board monthly - 3 hours minimum per week DJ's- - At minimum, one perm spot per week - must be able to obtain an ad board monthly - DJs work off of your own tip jar - Must be 18+ with adult avi - Must be able to keep the crowd entertained Bartenders- - Must have excellent RP interacting with crowd at all times on your shift - Must be able to maintain an ad board monthly - Must be 18+ wit Sexy adult avi! Mesh head and Body a MUST!!! Hosts- - Prefer 1 - 2 months experience - Must have at least 200 contacts - Must be able to maintain an ad board monthly - Must know how to send out Event Group notifications Come on By!! Love is Love!! -
  7. Hello there dear Forum Members. Im by no means a newbie to SL but im experiencing something weird going on with my Avatar for quite a while now and i just can't figure out whats wrong. After tinkering for way too long i finally reached the point where i have to admit that i can't figure this one out on my own. For whatever reason, my Avatar's Breasts are sticking out like mountains by default, only when i put on a chest clicker and give it a click they snap back where they belong. I took off everything im wearing one by one to no avail. I even took a completely new "vanilla avatar" from within SL and added my stuff back onto it but it happened again. No matter what i try i always end up with these mountains. Am i too daft to see what's going on here? Here's a Pic i made for clarification: https://imgur.com/a/8EWrN9H In case you overlook it, i put on some pasties to cover up. Hopefully that's sufficient. Im glad for each and every advice you can offer. 🙏🏻
  8. Hey everyone, I would like some help with my character's physics. I have the Maitreya body, and I've got a physics layer thing for it. Only my breasts seem to be moving though. I've been reading some old forums saying that this is the case for the Maitreya, and as well the case for many other mesh bodies. These were old forums, however. Has there been any new developments? Is there a new kind of physics I could get that would allow me to adjust for my belly and butt as well? If not, are there any mesh bodies bodies that allow for butt and stomach physics that anyone could recommend me? I've heard that Belleza and Tonic used to offer physics for more than the breasts. Is this still the case? Are there any other mesh bodies that offer this? I'm fairly new to this game, and I'd just like someone to help me understand these mesh bodies and their physics, as well as the many different kinds of physics (layers?) you can get for them. Thanks, and have a great day
  9. I have tried to make a very simple ring, first with a torus, and then with a circle, but the problem is that they are very extended when I pull them up and I want them thin. I want something like this And when I uploaded looks like this very thick and I'm unable to manipulate.
  10. So I've got my model, and have optimizeded my LOD meshes (seen here) and now that I've managed to claw my assets and costs down to something I consider semi-reasonable I have to ask... what is considered reasonable? I know LI and associated costs aren't necessarily indicative of actual render costs, but what is the average in this instance or your experience? Currently my mesh and LOD's sit at about L$35 to upload, L$10 of that is for the model base price from what I can tell. I did a couple tests on stuff: replacing my HQ model with my LOD2, filling 1 & 0 with custom meshes and then generating the lowest. That only dropped my cost down about L$10, which to me is negligible, and I honestly want to keep my HQ model if possible (it's my first born, I don't wanna kill it if I don't have to). I'd say it's got a high tri count when compared to other meshes, but is that actually true? Having seen some walkthroughs and workflows from some creators on youtube and elsewhere, some clothing items in the wild have bigger polycounts for their hq models than all of my meshes combined! In this forum I've seen people state that they've made relatively small clothing items with counts as high as 20k, granted those same people got super aggro on their LODs, but still? 20k?! Others I've seen using full size materials with high poly meshes and normal maps for elements that can only be seen under a microscope. While I know that isn't supposed to be the norm, it kinda is anyway? Given that, I guess I'm asking, is my model within acceptable ranges? The HQ is twice the polys that the base character is, but again, when I look at all the other stuff out there that kinda leaves me scratching my head. As for my materials, they aren't going to be that complicated. 2 textures (color and spec, maybe even just color) per material x 3 materials. Thanks!
  11. Greetings SL people! Newbie user here with what I'm hoping is a Newbie problem! I'm trying to make a mesh avatar for use in SL using Avastar 3.1 and Blender 3.2. Everything seems to work OK up until I reach the point of adding custom LOD's to the model via the uploader. The high quality mesh works fine, however, all of the LODs are deformed in one way or another. There's not even a great deal of consistency in how the LOD is going to Cronenberg out when compared to the others. One thing I have noticed is each LOD mesh works if used as the high quality version and seems to animate properly in the uploader window, just not as an LOD of another mesh. Uploader does not spit out any discernible errors in either mode as far as I can tell. High Quality Version in Uploader Varying Degrees of Cronenberg It should be noted that Cronenberg levels are vastly improved from what they used to be, and while *almost* imperceptible on a couple levels, it's still more than I can abide. I desire perfection... or at least close as I can get to it. All meshes' transforms are zeroed. World units are Metric with 1 as my base unit. Mesh was built directly around the Avastar character with appearance settings set to 'male.' Applied rest pose prior to skinning (this seems to have improved results a bit). Each skin was weight copied from the Avastar character (head, upperbody, lowerbody) then weight painted to fit my character's mesh at each LOD level, and each LOD is weighted to the basic 21 bones. No zero weights, skin weights do not exceed 4 per vert. Using joint offsets in uploader window improves the pose slightly, but does not seem to have any effect on the LODs bugging out. Mesh is comprised of 3... "faces?" (sorry still acclimating to the SL lingo!) I.E. there's three materials on each LOD. Each mesh was originally three parts (head, upperbody, lowerbody) which were joined together, as exporting them separated yielded even more Cronenbergian results than what I've shown here 🤮 Uh, I tried hard-applying bounding box limits on each LOD, didn't seem to have any effect, positive or otherwise. No doubles, uh, also noticed that the uploader window doesn't reflect my weighted normals, which is... fine, I guess. Uh, let's see here, calculated upload cost with custom LODs is twice or more what it would be if I let the PotatofierTM (I.E. the auto LOD generator) do its thang. Hoping that'll resolve itself a little once the other issues are taken care of. If not then it's just another hurdle to jump in the future. Again, I'm really hoping this is a newb-newb issue, like a setting or something and not something more dire. I've tried reading as much as a could about making meshes for SL, and have a game art background to draw from on the content creation side. Unfortunately, while I'm Godzilla when it comes to Blender, SP, and the like, I'm a complete Bambi on the SL/Avastar side. It'll be cute when I learn to walk right. That said, a lot of the info I've been able to locate, either from Avastar's knowledge base, videos on YouTube, this forum, etc., are often outdated or deprecated (often I can only tell what version the tutorial/post is for by what Blender version they're using), sometimes contradictory, vague on certain details, or a combo of all 3. I understand that from a dev's standpoint that's a lot of stuff to juggle and keep updated and boy howdy am I appreciative, but it's more than a little frustrating from a new user standpoint if I'm being honest about it. I'm not sure which sources to trust on what tasks, and I'm even less sure as to what Avastar takes care of under the hood/vs what it expects me to do on my own; some tutorials I've watched had settings that aren't exposed to the user anymore (I'm guessing these fall under the 'sanity checks' label), and therefore I'm not sure what I'm supposed to set or let Avastar take the wheel on for certain stuff. Blah. Anyway, any and all help is... er, helpful? Thanks in advance!
  12. Edit: I figured it out. Had to hunt down my head-only Belleza alpha, then modify the system eye alignment for them to show up and not have me look like a weird alien. Hey hi! Long-time SL resident, relative noob to mesh. So, I've got an issue. I bought some eyes recently that said they were Omega compatible. I already have a Catwa head with Omega appliers, so I'm like cool. Unpacked the eyes, they're all system eyes. So, knowing my Catwa kit only worked with mesh eyes (aka actual objects), I did some tedious and apparently unsuccessful digging and found the Omega system eyes kit. Used those, adjusted the positioning, still tried to add the eyes. Obvz to no avail, because I'm wearing a head alpha for the Catwa head. TLDR: Is there a way to use system eyes with Omega appliers if I'm wearing a mesh head w/ an alpha layer? Any help is appreciated. If it matters, the eyes are from Gloom, the Sylven collection. Thanks in advance YaniiMarie
  13. Greetings Residents! Please note that with the release of the Second Life Viewer Maintenance Preferences, Positions and Paste fixes (build we are making the decision to sort the alpha blending of rigged mesh attachments by the priority assigned to each attachment point. For example, the Chest attachment ID is 1 and is treated with highest priority. We know this change will require that some alpha blended rigged mesh content will need to be moved to new attachment points. Residents should be able to do this for themselves in many cases, but content creators may need to adjust their product attachment points to account for the new changes. One of our Residents has written their own blog post explaining this in much greater detail and can be found at: https://beqsother.blogspot.com/2022/11/alpha-blend-issues-get-them-sorted.html As always, if you believe you have found a bug, please file a Bug report at https://jira.secondlife.com
  14. This thread will outline my journey as I dust off some old skills and make myself a mesh avatar and upload into Second Life.
  15. Hello everyone!! I'm curious to ask if there is any marketing research on second life or someone who would take the time to research the Second Life market as far as decoration products are concerned.
  16. Needing a mesh item but can't find someone to do it? I'm a widely skilled mesh artist available for hire, I've been taking on mesh commissions for years and have a portfolio (on request) to back that up! I don't just do mesh though; if it requires scripting or specific graphics, I have my own verified contacts who I've worked with and trusted for many years that I will factor in and project manage for you! For other creators: I can set up a project to your specifications so the hand-off is as easy as possible! Contact me via Zoxin UwU inworld!
  17. Local Mesh allows you to preview your mesh creations inworld and see edits you make to the mesh dae file in real time. Local Mesh allows you to perfect your mesh creations on the main grid without having to waste L$ on test uploads or using Aditi, the beta grid, for free mesh uploads. Local mesh works for unrigged mesh, worn rigged mesh and even Animesh! For further details, please see Beq Janus's blog post: Announcing Local Mesh You can try the Local Mesh feature now in the Firestorm Beta For the viewer download links, please join the "Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group" and check the group notices. Release Notes: Firestorm Beta Release Notes
  18. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) and landscaping, you can reach me inworlds via instant message / notecard
  19. I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) and landscaping, you can reach me inworlds via instant message / notecard
  20. So. I'm gonna dust off my blender skills and make myself a new body. Requirements: - Beautiful golden fur - Functional wings I'll keep y'all updated on progress on this post.
  21. *** VIP SPONSOR *** * MAITREYA * SIGNATURE * A fantastic month awaits you: many Gifts, Exclusives, Discounts and Giveaways! https://ebentotheevent.wixsite.com/ebento/group-gift-giveaway ___________________ And our fantastic designers offer you: mesh bodies, mesh heads, skins, objects for your home, Animation Override ... and more clothes, make-up, tattoos, accessories, poses, dances and much more all original... and you will also find a Follow Up section! SPONSOR: * BADGER MOTORS * BELZEBUBBLE * BLACK SWAN * CAROL'S STORE * DELA * * HAVE UNEQUAL * HEARTH BY DFS * KALHENE * KUMIHO * * MOVE ANIMATIONS COLOGNE * MOZ DESIGN * OKIYA * OOPS! * * OPTMUS RACE * RATZCATZ * #SCHOEN * SO PINK! * SURPLUS MOTORS * Shopping Guide: https://ebentotheevent.wixsite.com/ebento/shopping-guide-ebento Run to get your gift and take part in our giveaways! Check our FB page for enter the GIVEAWAY or our boards at the event for info, and join our eBento Group! https://www.facebook.com/eBENTO.The.Event Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EBENTO/127/17/22 Happy shopping! ♥ eBento Team ____________________________________ Website: https://ebentotheevent.wixsite.com/ebento Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/ebento/ Facebook public group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1767944123524492 Facebook Page: (Your likes here) https://www.facebook.com/eBENTO.The.Event Discord: https://discord.gg/Jq85nubKPp Istagram: https://www.instagram.com/ebentoevent/
  22. Hi, when it comes to the final steps of building tattoos in SL. is it a 'kit' of some sort, i'm looking for to finish the last few steps? i.e. apply the tattoo to the proper body part. right arm , left leg ect. really the best information i'm finding on the issue.. is from YouTube videos. in the end, i will build them for all mesh body types. and old av if its worth it.
  23. Hi Im peacive you some of thr L'hy, I looking for a clothing mesher to help me make clothes im for then willing to pay and give some of the L's i make from the clothing I'm mostly looking for clothing as: - shirts - dresses - pants
  24. So i applied some makeup for Omega, To a MayReal Mesh Head using a Relay HUD. Sometimes it looks fine, Like when i Log in, And a few minutes later without my having done or messed with anything at all, It does stuff like this (Again, On it's own) Please advise! Thank you (This has been an ongoing issue with other Eyeliner Appliers in the past too, It's definitely not just this one)
  25. my mesh is half transparent everytime i link 2 things or more its like " broken" and i dont understand why.. my mesh is not transparent at all or has alpha blending anyone know why this is happening ? it happens when you rezz and happen when you wear.. https://ibb.co/VMrbhtD https://ibb.co/8bxYXY7
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