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  1. There's something identical that goes from Ahern to Luna Oaks in Bay City i've never seen a tram of any sort on it
  2. i downloaded mine and used https://mp4gif.com/ after doing a search for an mp4 to gif converter
  3. In the grand scheme of things it's far from the worst thing i've seen on mainland as long as they are keeping within their parcel boundary it wouldn't bother me i've had past and current neighbours not always in the same region think it acceptable to ignore their parcel boundaries and extend their prims wherever they want or put particle griefers as close to my property as they can get. They never lasted too long before packing up and going elsewhere
  4. Decided to like me today with new account, allows 5 tries before expecting a subscription
  5. Couldn't get it to work on any pic i tried seems to allow only a set number of tries before it expects you to sign up for a subscription
  6. You can post the scam text but don't name and shame it's quite common the account posting the scam is an innocent resident that had their account compromised when they clicked a link on a scam and didn't promptly change their password. one recent scam was posted/discussed in a weekend sales group i'm in and if the compromised account that posted the scam is unlucky when they get their account back it'll have been looted
  7. When i last used Daz as long as you had the SL male/female models that can be downloaded from i can't remember where on the SL site and you imported them in to daz you could could create poses and animations, when you exported them as .bvh there was a SecondLife compatibility check box option. anything created using the default model didn't work. don't know what i would have needed in order to do Bento, however once set up i found Daz much easier to work with
  8. For the last hair check out Buing you should be able to get just the kind of hair and split tone you want with their colour pallet if you want similar to VCO. Olive does different levels of split tone depending on the style, Astrology does a left/right split though style dependant on how even the split tone is
  9. If you've reached the end of the quest you need to cam around beneath you to get the prize i couldn't find any way of getting any closer to the area it's in the script in the door doesn't work
  10. I don't know what specific issue you are having but LL are working on a single log-in so you log in to your dashboard say and it logs you in to all SL services rather than have to log in separately for the Marketplace, My.secondlife.com, Forum etc. which may cause some issues
  11. As far as i'm aware the body's been abandoned by the creator(s) there hasn't been any updates in a very ln a very long time, what BoM there is was created by a third party not Belleza. The Belleza brand is still active as they have regular L$50 Friday offerings
  12. If you are interested in Happy Weekend no group join needed they publish a gallery on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Access.SecondLife/
  13. When someone does that to me i direct them to the account age in my profile and the mainland region i reside in, the region part confuses people as they want to know where in RL it is
  14. Since a tube map has already been posted. This style of phone box though with an actual phone instead of a shower there's a bunch of red ones still left in my town
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