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  1. Maybe Linden Lab should give premium accounts a discount on buying vitamins online?
  2. Btw, there is no firm limit on how high you can put a skybox or platform when you own mainland. There is an understanding that it's bad to put one so low that it's easily visible from the ground or could get in the way of people flying a balloon or airplane. I think 4096 m is the upper limit for where some scripts work and where prims that fly up accidentally end up, so 4000 m is often used as an upper height soft limit.
  3. Owning a 1024 lot of mainland is a great way to have almost full control over what you can do with your land. The price of mainland plots varies alot. So do the neighborhoods. Look in Search for parcels to see what's available & what lots are selling for. Your initial purchase price doesn't have to be very high if you take time to find a good deal. Then you'll never have to pay for SL rent again - unless you want to purchase more land. Features that make a parcel desirable are access to water or a Linden road, a nice view, neighbors that have good-looking builds, and no breedables or other lag inducing businesses near you. If you might want a few more meters of land, create a group for $L 100 that includes your main account and a free alt. (Give your alt full control over your items as a safety feature in case your main account can't come inworld for some reason.) Then you can buy land for this group instead of as an individual and be able to have 10% more land without paying more tier for it. Once you're settled in an area that you like, keep your eyes open for abandoned land in the same region. You will likely be able to buy it directly from Linden Lab at a rate of $L 1/ meter by filing a support ticket to ask to buy it. Be sure to say in the support ticket that you already own land in the same region. Even if this additional land in not right next to your original parcel, owning more land in the same region means you can rez more prims/ use a higher land impact worth of objects. If your don't want more than a 1024 m parcel, it's very important to use a low land-impact house, furnishings & other objects. You can get much more detail & flexibility with carefully chosen items. Also consider rezzers that allow you to change your virtual environment with a touch of a button.
  4. Nope. SL is a virtual platform that we can use in pretty much any way we can imagine ( with some exceptions ). Virtual sex is one activity, but there are other platforms that focus only on that and probably with better graphics. I using it more for virtual shopping, exploring sims, access to community, and virtual environment building.
  5. Yes. We can make sweeping generalities about gender, but how will doing do make SL more appealing to male players? Maybe instead of generalizing about the other gender, we can have more people (in this case men) posting about what they want from SL?
  6. ^ This is one type of gender assumption that's getting in the way of a thoughtful answer to the original post question. ^ This is another. I played with both Legos and Barbies when I was a kid. I enjoy building in SL and dressing up my avatar. Sometimes I like SL sex. More often I'm not in the mood for that. I usually like to help newbies, but I don't like random IMs that just say "Hi". I fill out my profile to show some of my interests ans what kind of person I am. I appreciate it when other people do the same. I try to make my avatar attractive or unusual (if I'm not in an attracting mood). I appreciate it when others do the same. I'm not in SL just to hook up for cartoon sex, but I can't help evaluating guys now and then as potential "RP partners". Men, women or however else people want to self-identify are not all the same & don't want always the same things, but if you know what your goals are in SL, then there are tools you can use to help advance those goals. If you want to hook up for cartoon sex, then make your avatar attractive to the kinds of players you want to attract and go to the kinds of sims where like minded people are likely to hang out. If you want to attract creative and interesting people, then show by your words and behavior that you're creative and interesting. If you want to build, find groups that help builders. If you want more clothing choices, join groups and read blogs that point to the types of clothes you want AND support the creators you like with your money. The same goes for clubs and sims of all kinds. SL is not free for creators, yet there is still so much free and inexpensive stuff available that it's ridiculous to complain that there are not enough choices. There's plenty of nice men's clothing. If you don't see it, you're not looking hard enough or not taking advice when its offered. If you can't seem to find the kind of people you like, then likewise you're not looking in the right places or not taking advice that's been offered.
  7. From reading this thread, it sounds like the frequency of gifts may depend on how often you buy from them. I've bought a couple items and I'm probably on the Subscriber list, so I get No Copy free gift about once a month or so. Definitely contact the owner to find out what needs to be done so you can get the free gifts too. Their items are very nice.
  8. Sweetie, you don't give enough information here about what you're looking for or what you have to offer. You don't even tell your gender or gender preference
  9. Sorry, but what is the purpose of this post? If you want to talk to the girl, IM her directly.
  10. ^ This is why the artist/creator doesn't want to recreate the whole 5 regions on another platform. If you've ever accidentally sent everything on you sim back to your inventory, you might understand how much work it is to recreate what you made. Now multiply that by 10, because Hangars Liquides is a very complex build in 5 regions. I don't think many people would consider it reasonable for an artist who works in physical media to destroy and then recreate their art, so why do so many people think it's reasonable for an artist who works in SL to do so?
  11. Whatever the artist's philosophical or political views are, I think Hangars Liquides is a beautiful city worth keeping on the grid for both artistic and historical reasons. The Indiegogo fund has reached it's halfway point before August 1st, so the owners will be able to pay the first $ 3000 to keep the city going for now, but they still need the rest to keep it alive in SL for the coming year. I urge everyone reading this thread to go see the sim for yourself ASAP, then decide if you are willing to contribute to keep it around.
  12. I would date a bisexual man in SL. I'm hetero-leaning bisexual myself, so I really don't care what other genders my partner is attracted to, as long as he or she is kind, respectful & attracted to me. In RL I would care if my partner were having sex with other people, because that's a health, trust and time issue. In SL I don't care who else someone plays around with as long as they're considerate and respectful of my feelings.
  13. My former RL landlady & I met one of her SL friends and fighting instructors. He's a really nice guy in SL & RL. On the other hand, her SL partner who she married in SL, turned out to be hiding that he was married in RL. She found out when she went to the UK in part to meet him. 🙄 I was introduced to SL by a RL friend, so I met other mutual SL friends of his in RL too. One became one of my best RL friends. Another became my RL boyfriend for a couple years. I recently met another longtime SL friend in RL. In general, remember that nobody looks like their avatar in RL, and you won't really know someone until you're been around them in RL for awhile. 😉
  14. I agree with what Fionalein has suggested. Survivors of Suicide is the best mental health support group I've found in SL, but remember it's *peer support*, not professional support. Members have all dealt with their own mental health issues. The group is moderated to control for people who just want to troll or who might easily trigger others. Mentors are members who have shown they can listen well, are active in responding to those who need to talk, and who give back pretty good advice. You can chat in group anytime, but there are also notecard resources & regular meetings held at the home sim.
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