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  1. Btw, there is sim that has areas that look like scenes in the movie "Inception". The region is called "In my dreams", so when you send a Teleport lure it says: "Join me in my dreams".
  2. I'm so glad LL is keeping the number of groups for basic members at 42. Merchants & sim owners depend on people being able to join their groups. However, as a premium member (I have 2 premium & 2 basic accounts), I don't think premium members need to have more than 60 groups. Giving groups more roles might help, without adding more work for the servers. If I have 70 groups, I'm probably going to fill every one of them, but I don't *need* 70 groups. Please continue to make SL run more smoothly & beautifully, but don't bother with giving us premium members more group slots.
  3. Welcome to SL. Pagans have been here for years. I second the Broom & Brew as a friendly group to join. Also check out Artemis Tavern, the biggest pagan group in SL. In general, try in-world Search to groups and places that might interest you. For instance, search on "pagan", then join the groups that sound interesting and have the most people in them. You can always drop groups later if you don't like them. All the good pagan groups I know of are free to join. If you like gothic & hippie clothing, I also suggest joining Petite Mort & Oubliette ( 2 stores sharing one group) for nice group gifts.
  4. If you're using the Firestorm viewer, you can select "Show Avatar Complexity" under the Advanced Menu. (Maybe from some other routes too). Then when you put on or take off objects, you can see immediately what the difference is in your rendering cost. This helps me decide what items to buy & which to delete from my inventory. Yes, mesh takes longer to rez than simple prims, but usually takes less server load than big sculpts do. Active scripts also affect server load, so if you can make a script-free copy of mesh items to wear in laggy locations, that might be a good idea too. (Always either save a non-Edited version of stuff or pull the script out & put it back into the same folder as the item, so you can put it back in later.) I've been to plenty of high-mesh sims in which the users want to appear beautiful, but all I see when I rez in is a bunch of body parts & clothing floating in the air. Similarly, if people are over about 180,000 for their avatar rendering cost, all I see of them is brightly colored jelly babies. If you want to demo skins for these demo heads that you can't take out of the store, get demos for the skins & apply them at the mesh head store. If you can't demo skins on the demo heads, don't buy them. Always demo mesh. If you can't and you're not getting it free or practically free, don't get it.
  5. Sounds like what you need is someone to level your land & house for you. Sorry. Your post makes me consider a new SL career as a obsessive land editor and straighter of prims. Something I used to do for my old roommie. 😉
  6. I've know a couple of Native American people in SL. One was a teacher. Another is a builder/ creator. (I wanted to delete this comment because I think it's off-topic, but couldn't find the delete option.)
  7. When I move into a new neighborhood (as a land owner) I always make a habit of sending a little IM to my neighbors to let them know I like to be friendly. I tell them that if they have any problems (such as my prims overhanging into their parcel), let me know. It's much easier to address problems on friendly terms than as strangers or adversaries. If I like my neighbor's build or I'm interested by something in their profile, I'll tell them that too. If they're friendly back - or even if they're not obnoxious - I'll give them useful advice, such as how to add more land to their parcel without paying more in monthly tier payments. Where I'm living currently, one neighbor has a pretty walled garden on her property while another has a nice Japanese-style tea house. From my perspective they improve my neighborhood, so I want them to be happy there. I never put up ban lines and only set security orbs after I have a problem or if a tenant wants one. I try not to play loud sounds, have flashing items or have big obtrusive items that might mar their view. In the past I had a Christmas party and invited friends and neighbors. Then I had gift boxes of No Copy/Transferable items under the tree & invited everyone to take one. More recently I had a Fairy gifter with items in it that people could randomly get.
  8. It's been my experience too that people who put down big, blocky buildings that are seemingly too big for their parcel don't stay long on that parcel. You can usually wait out the ugly-build neighbors until they leave. Also try to make friends with neighbors who have builds you like, because being friendly with neighbors ends up being a reason for people to stay. Finally, when looking for a new parcel, especially on mainland, check out the neighboring parcels and regions. It's almost as true in SL as in RL, but land value is all about "Location, location, location."
  9. If one can delete scripts from their mesh bodies, this could also be helpful when visiting laggy events. This may not be possible with all mesh, but if you can Copy & Edit your body, that's a great idea.
  10. As others have said, Second Life doesn't function the same as first life. When people want a home in SL, they'll find one. When they want to have pixel sex with another avatar, they'll find a place for that. Distance means nothing when we can teleport anywhere, but prim usage on a parcel we're paying for makes a big difference. As a former SL landlady, I know how much trouble some tenants can be, and unfortunately the ones I was letting live free were often the worst. When you get a good tenant who pays their rent and doesn't constantly exceed their prim limit, count yourself blessed. On the one hand, I like newbies to be able to live cheap in SL, but on the other hand, if you use Search creatively and look around, you can find free group/ free rez places places all over SL. I used to dress underwater, in sandboxes and in isolated alleys when I was a Basic Account newbie. Maybe this makes me appreciate sim owners and having my own land more now.
  11. This lady has a good YouTube series on Being Black in SL. She's been in active in SL & The Sims for a long time, & Vlogs on both worlds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RT8Or3G77Q
  12. People who fight in SL generally don't use a mesh body or mesh clothes while fighting The idea is to lower your scripts as much as possible (aside from your fighting HUD) so you can move as quickly as possible. While you're not fighting, you can dress up for RP, but while fighting, leaner is better.
  13. I don't think those exact thoughts, but I have occasionally had the odd impulse to pee on my landlady's bedroom floor. I suspect I may have been observing the behavior of our dogs & getting bad ideas from them. (No, I didn't actually do it.)
  14. I haven't been able to log in since before 10 am this morning. Still no luck. ?‍♀️ (My wifi also keeps shutting off, but that's not SL's problem.)
  15. General = what you might expect in a G rated movie, safe for work, safe for your kids or parents to see over your shoulder. Moderate = what you might see in a PG rated movie, most like regular real life, nudity may be ok in public, sex is only ok in private. Adult = what you might see in an R rated or Adult movie, RP may involve sexual or violent subjects, sex may be in public places, Not Safe for Work.
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