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  1. are you talking about the genesis body skin appliers or appliers for the head?
  2. .----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------v.----------.----------.---------- .----------Seriously? there's nothing more annoying than....----------BAN LINES.---------- .----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.----------.---------- 😀
  3. I sail in Blake sea and there are lots of better quality water vehicles. I was just surprised by the pricing of this paddle boat. lol!
  4. Honestly, the actual product that youll get for those kind of "deceptive" posters or ads are quite close to how it looks inworld. It is juts a matter of your own windlight and graphics settings. Try using Blackdragon viewer and youd be surprise it doesn't quite look like sl anymore. What I am trying to point out is that, if I think the product suits my taste design wise and the quality is within my standard, why would I refrain from buying the item only because the ad has too eyecandy and somewhat deceptive? Give me this kind of ads with no demo available is no brainer a no purchase for me but again darlin.... demo is free. and to why bother extra step? it is just that I like the design and it might be the design im looking for to complete my outfit. ... My god demoing is just a click away. what the f?
  5. I'll skip the drama and try the *DEMO* before buying. Period.
  6. Truth. Majority of avatar inworld looks like a pornstar and Marketplace.secondlife looks like a pornsite.
  7. Another reason why go mesh is something like this. Exhibit A: on the right side of the photo is the human figure with clothing and on the left part is sex doll version with body paint clothing.
  8. huh? I am genuinely confused. Anywho, this is you (see attached file)
  9. because we are talking about the current appliers in the market and their compatibility. Some people like their latest avatar recognizable as their original avatar but there are limitations because of compatibility issues. Majority of the content creators in sl are now working on mesh/bento products, from clothing to body parts. Even hair products, some store indicates the name or brand of the head for size recommendation. Your own body shape is might be the only thing that you can keep for the rest of your secondlife as a human or half human avatar.
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