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  1. Go with your own rules. I was trying to find some downsides other than being stuck in the grid.
  2. [14:22] srewrwe: are you an ai? [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: no a humean bean [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: actually a twliek [14:22] fdgdsfgsdfwewe: so you are a real user?? [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: yes [14:22] sdfwerwerwewe: oh I see [14:27] swerwerewrwe: is everyone ai here? [14:28] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to ssdfdffadfasdfadsfa [14:28] Charlemagne Allen: no [14:28] Charlemagne Allen: bots don't really talk [14:28] adkaldkfajdlfa: everyone is real?
  3. I was going by Tron rules. You die in the game, you die in real life.
  4. You can probably use web on a prim for stuff. For tier, that would be too depressing. So no.
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