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  1. Most likely deliberate or someone didn't repackage it when they opened it and decided they didn't want the contents
  2. When a limited quantity item is sold as soon as the last item is sold the listing is deactivated
  3. The homes in the new development went very quickly if you are after one you need to wait until the next batch are released soon™ (no ETA has been given) or keep refreshing the page until one comes up.
  4. Didn't know there were any demos anymore sent my TMP free using alt there a month or two back and there was no demo to be had of the new bento body Personally I wouldn't waste a single L$ on buying a TMP body little to no new items are including that body rig and relies on an external server that when it goes poof will mean you won be able to do anything that requires the HUD.
  5. I bought that bike too haven't had a chance to use it yet. If anyone is looking for a cheaper/different/more unisex bike option ages back I picked up a free LDPW wearable bike from Barney's bay in Jeogeot
  6. Don't know the if it's still the case and may be graphics dependant but many years ago when I first started out in SL I had a system that could only manage graphics on minimum and I rezzed something fiddled around with full bright and glow to see what it did and wasn't seeing anything happen to the thing I rezzed so I left the full bright and glow maxed out and a friend had to tell me how bad the object looked and did I mean to make it look like that. So could still be possible there are people that can't see the effects of full bright/glow
  7. Happy rezz day, it's mine too though it's been 11 years for me I remember there was a place on Little Blue Sandbox that somehow knew it was your rezz day and would put an automated message in local chat you could go and get a gift from there. Unless it was a premium thing or before my time I don't remember LL doing gifts
  8. What brand of TV are you using? if it's VEA there is an inworld support group you could try. likely advice would be to make sure you have the version of flash for Chrome/Chromium installed even if you don't use that browser
  9. The current availability has all been taken you have to hope someone abandons their property if you want one of the new homes.
  10. There are a number of boat sheds and lighthouses in belliseria hopefully they'll get turned in to rez areas for watercraft
  11. They also like stealing chips or whatever food your eating
  12. Packed my alt off to Colchester (must have been named after the RL town) had a wander over to Hartnell saw this really nice pool to relax in/around the communal areas in the new continent are much nicer than the ones way back when i had a Linden home in one of the old developments. Makes me wish i was rich enough to go premium again
  13. Since you say your inventory is fine in the official viewer did you try the last step on here https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory copying your inventory cache from the official viewer to the FS viewer. Doing that will or at least should be the fix to you your problem
  14. If your stuff is only missing in the FS viewer and not the official viewer you should try *everything* in the link @Kendall9988 posted even this official guide might help http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss
  15. If you haven't managed to get in, you need an auto-teleporter to stand any chance of getting in i used this one and got in, in no longer than 10-15 minutes
  16. It means there's a lot of Av's very close together on mini map they'll be more in a tight cluster rather than the line shown on map
  17. Did you go out and have one too many sherbets? Joking aside have you tried using a brand new copy of the head you should be able to get a re-delivery at the store you got it from or from the original packing if it's still in your inventory
  18. Would this be any good to you? I know it's not exactly what you're after
  19. When i was inworld earlier seeing one on Route 9A i did investigate who was behind them they started out life as being Mole made before being owned by someone else who may have slapped the textures on before being owned by someone call Reklame, if that's any help
  20. Could be one of two obvious things you aren't waiting long enough for it to highlight it doesn't always happen straight away or you are wearing a no modify shape
  21. On my recent travels round Jeogeot on Route 10 in particular i noticed someone has been buying small pockets of roadside land and putting up these "Good neighbour commandments for second life mainland" obelisks one of which is security orbs should be set to at least one minute warning before TPing. This one is in Tangna
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