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  1. Places i buy from: Elikatira/White River co. Truth Doe Bon Bon Astrology Besom EnVogue
  2. Or they can block off all public access to the work in progress sims as i believe has been mentioned before
  3. They are in the process of creating Caravans to go on a 512sqm plot they were previewed at one of the SL16B sims they aren't as spacious as the old homes. though with new homes being allowed to have a sky structure above 2000m you could rezz something more roomy
  4. This Fractal picture by my friend Rocket when he gave it to me 8-10 years ago he said it was either inspired by me or he was thinking of me when he made it. it's one of the few things i'll have in whatever home i'm using and never delete to free up prims
  5. Normally i wait till events quieten down before attempting to go look round. This time i went to Uber on opening day. If you must get in to events on opening day/when they are most packed premium is worth it, i got in to the main sim first try. When i went main sim was heaving and cam sims were full. Any event with a birthday round and freebies will always be much more popular than normal.
  6. There are lots of sandboxes around both privately and Linden run that would do just what you want. if you open up the map in your viewer type in sandbox and a whole list of mostly if not wholly LL sandboxes will come up some you wont be able to get in to if you aren't premium you won't have trouble finding one you'll can use. if you aren't comfortable rezzing at ground level there's always the option of a sky platform i'll usually make use of the one in the freebie mysti-tool set it to rezz several thousand meters in the sky
  7. You don't get to decide which products appear where on your marketplace page, though when you go on any store or page of products at the top of the page is a drop down "sort by" menu that will only effect how you have chosen to sort the store or results. One option is to sort by new first
  8. Swapped out my shed for this Funky Junk summer house from last weeks FLF for my hot tub
  9. I do have social media for RL with the exception of a personal blog that i haven't been updating lately, not for SL. I know lots of brands & events do comps and stuff via Facebook so anyone without an SL Facebook presence has to miss out on the chance of winning a prize/early event access
  10. On Bellisseria you can have a sky structure as long as it is at 2000m or above
  11. Surely imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Much like my skybox on mainland if anyone decides they want to have a nosey round my Bellisseria property they are welcome to, if they like my style of decorating and want to try my ideas in their own property I take is as a compliment that my style isn't that bad
  12. That's not the fairgrounds water taxi is it? i noticed it had been stuck at the Squishy Squid drop off a few days back then it disappeared
  13. These Minimal glasses were a freebie from an event anniversary round definitely a new favourite
  14. With out using your PayPal to buy something you will only ever be "Payment info on file"
  15. I don't want to toot my own horn but i do sell poses that you can demo at my inworld location in Jieut i do also have a basic studio/background set up on the roof. If my stuff is not to your taste there are lots of events like Collabor88, Uber, Fameshed where you can demo and buy poses. If you're buying off the marketplace make sure you can demo inworld first see if you like what's being offered
  16. I think the first official forum i was aware of was only available to premiums but SlExchange/xStreet had one that was popular and when it was taken over by LL eventually morphed in to the forum today
  17. I have 4 alts, one i don't remember why i created it but the other three. The first to see what happened to me when i logged off. three to secure the last name 'Ghost' when i was ghosting quite a lot i also use it to save money, four to secure myself as a 'Resident' last name. If i want to check something out, outside of my normal inworld time i always get an alt to do it
  18. Just because i've had times where i've not had a working computer i would put myself between must have & nice to have only if it was a graphical viewer like Lumiya. When i have been computer-less Lumiya has been essential for logging in to pay rent or very limitedly doing my regular activities. I wouldn't want to use it as my primary viewer if i didn't absolutely have to moving around/navigating is a pain and rendering is slow i did find an option in the settings that made a small improvement. normally i'd use it for quick things like to log an alt in check it's balance or transfer funds
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