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  1. Thanks! I will try both! I will let you know how it turns out.
  2. So who exactly do I contact about resurrecting an old account I deleted and how do I contact them?
  3. Ricky40


    Any idea why Drake?
  4. Ricky40


    Still wondering...
  5. I am going to attempt to let my inner child out in the form of a kid avatar. Can anyone give me some names of who supplies good child shapes and skins, as well as clothes. I would like to be about ten years old, male.
  6. Does anyone know where I can gat a good sl back pack for hiking? Something realsitic looking preferably with the holding animation? Thankyou in advance.
  7. Thankyou, you were right, they finally got back to me and made it right. Are you serious that LL won;t get involved in these things? So you mean someone can just set up a rental box, collect money, and give you nothing if they choose?
  8. I have recently rented an apartment on route seven, on the south by the beach. I paid the box, my name is on it, but I am not allowed to rez any of my furniture, it says the owner does not allow it! I contacted the owner and all she says is that she will look into it, but she refuses to come fix it or at least refund me my money. What can I do? ?
  9. Ricky40


    I am trying my hand at making a female av for roleplay, I can not figure out the "boob" thing. How to you get those "real" looking bouncing boobs? Are they mesh?
  10. I would like to start a discussion group centered on unexplained mysteries and phenomenon. For example, crypto zoology, Bermuda triangle, ufos, etc. If you are someone who would be interested in joining this group, please let me know as well as what meeting times would work for you.
  11. I have a gesture to which I added the sound "I'm only human" by human league, but the sound is quite low, otheres I have bought are much louder. IS there a way to increase the volume on the sound?
  12. But how can that be when it happens no matter what outfit I put on? The "attachment" can't be in every single outfit folder can it?
  13. Suddenly whenever I chang outfits, my avatar shrinks down to child size, even with the same shape and skin on, etc. When I relogg it fixes itself! Why!!!???
  14. Same thing is happening to me and I have a great computer and a great connection
  15. There is nothing like this in the Firstorm Settings, there is not even a "search" feature in the settings, including advanced settings.
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