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  1. In addition to the advice about teleporting home, if you do come back and realise someone had asked you to leave and was upset you hadn't... get out of there. Don't argue with them or hang around to see what will happen next. Just teleport out as quickly as you can.
  2. I don't get the impression that the original poster wants a child avatar. Rather, they want to be an adult and do adult stuff (as long as it isn't taxes), but have an adult adopted family. Parent, grown sibling, and so on.
  3. You can see the progress of the regions being built and the naming both by visiting the area and watching it on the main map. Though nobody knows exactly what will be released when, we can make reasonable guesses about which ones might be next. At the moment, they're moving down the main land area, which is heavy on houses and pretty thin on houseboats. There are some on the coasts, but not a lot. The pickle island area has a lot though, and that looks to be where they're going next. We know that simply because they've started laying out the regions at the top of the island.
  4. Your suggestions are sensible, but you can't blame me for hoping that's a really big bouncy castle in the middle.
  5. I'm guessing one issue might be they intended to have some trailer areas on the tail fin, so they're not ready for that yet. Maybe the pickle island will be traditional houses? Anyway, in building clone news, it looks like SSP185 has a lot of colourful gubbins on it now. I saw they'd cloned over the road layout from the final version, but it looks to be getting filled with something. Probably not more camels with those colours.
  6. The point of the trailer release isn't that you'd have to get a trailer, but that some people will give up houses and houseboats to get a trailer. It'll be a good time to watch for any of the new styles.
  7. They're still using it for building (like building the new trailer regions). Check out the thread on it for the latest discussions:
  8. If you were in a crowd, someone might have reported it to the land owner or abuse reported it. But if nobody saw you, the only person who could report you is yourself. If it does get reported, say you made a mistake and it won't happen again. Make sure you have a landmark to a changing room for future use (note that a fair number of moderate and adult regions will also want you to change in a non-public place, so it's good to get into the habit of moving to a changing room).
  9. I wouldn't be using Second Life if I needed to use VR or have it wired into my brain. The former because it makes me sick and the latter because that's a little extreme for a hobby.
  10. If someone has blocked you from sending them IMs, it's not appropriate to ask other people to send IMs to get around the block. Accept that you're blocked and move on.
  11. I visit the area and it is nice to wander around. I like watching it being built. But it can't replace the shop space I have on the mainland, so I wouldn't abandon my mainland. If I had extra tier, and if they added a fantasy theme, I might get a house in addition to my current mainland... but the homes are never going to be the primary location for people who want to run shops.
  12. The "utility bill" can be other forms of proof of address. You can find a list on this page under the question "What is an acceptable proof of address?": https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/tilia-faq-r1533/#Section_3_12 No idea about the W-8BEN as I didn't see a reference to it and I haven't gone through the process yet.
  13. Diamondtown is not a new region. It borders where they're placing trailers, which is why it's overlooking an unfinished region.
  14. Unless whatever system you're using is vastly different to others, it will pop up a thing to people with a bite request, and it will annoy them. Many places ended up banning such systems because they annoyed other people. So best to keep it to the vampire roleplay regions, with people who've agreed to take part.
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