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  1. It's pretty clear that most of the complaints are people who play game of homes complaining that others are doing better at game of homes. It's about getting the hot trendy house of the moment, not just getting a house. There are pretty much always houses on the page these days, so it's really not about that. The game doesn't appeal to me at all, but I understand even less why people keep playing when it's no longer fun. At that point, just claim any random house, keep it for a month at least, and stop watching for new releases. Break the cycle of needing to have the newest house.
  2. If you need a vaccine for a summer job, you ideally wanted your first dose a month or so ago so that you'd be getting your second right now. This is the issue with waiting. It takes months to get both doses and for your immune system to do the thing. If you wait until you want to take that trip, get a job or the infection rates rise, you're late at that point. Still get it as soon as possible though, because being a few weeks into the first dose is better than nothing. Note that the things discussed in this thread are hurting arms and fever and the like. Not feeling great is a bit un
  3. Even bigger this year! Though a new person probably doesn't have all the gifts from ten hunts, three birthdays and numerous other events still to unpack. So it'd be faster, hopefully.
  4. The next shop & hop is soon (opens for everyone on the 17th as part of SL18B). You aren't likely to find a full mesh body as a gift, but it'd be a place to get other wearables (each store has to offer a gift).
  5. Donation services initially didn't have a way to block someone from donating, but ended up having to add it. After all, it's free money and who'd want to block that. What hadn't been taken into account was you can leave a message with a donation. For the cheap price of one dollar, stalkers could send messages to their targets to get around blocks on other platforms. Even if messages were removed, sending the donation was a way to remind the target that the stalker was still there. So, blocking was added. That said, I've never needed to block anyone from buying items in Second Life du
  6. It could be transparent on one side or it could be the back face of the rock wall. Either way, the neighbour can't see through it because of the giant rock wall, so the neighbour doesn't have great water views in that direction (which is what a number of responses assumed, but clearly isn't the case). You can't really say that nobody would think the tree screen looks good when this neighbour has chosen that rock wall for their own home. This neighbour does think giant ugly walls look good.
  7. The general region where I have a shop ended up with a public adult area. I went from an open air shop to inside a building, because the reports were ignored. I'm not sure in the end if someone else reported it or the editor who came to check my shop for the destination guide saw it. My reports just didn't go anywhere. All I can suggest is to put up something to block the view and try to get other people to report it. They might have more luck. (The destination guide option is perhaps a bit extreme.)
  8. I'm assuming that you're the sandy beach house and not the grassy waterfall house. If I'm wrong, some of this still applies and some doesn't. I was expecting to see an identical house and a clear view from the neighbour's house from your description, but that's not what the images show. The house looks different to yours and the screen is solid rock on her side. It's ugly, but I wouldn't jump to thinking this is a purposeful attempt to create drama. She may even have thought the tree screen would stop you seeing a waterfall falling from nowhere. I haven't had many giant-screen neighbours
  9. How did you check your land impact? I say that because you said you counted it carefully, but that implies you're checking each object and doing the sums, which is prone to error. A quick way to know is to drag a selection box over all your objects (with "Select Only My Objects" checked).
  10. They might well move the demo region(s) into place after it's started, as that's happened before. So it's not guaranteed to be revealed on the 17th. Just during the birthday sometime.
  11. This isn't a simple answer as it depends on the shop, products and context of the giftcard. For example, if an event has a policy of offering a free gift and you give a discount giftcard rather than an item, that isn't likely to leave people with warm fuzzies about your store. There were complaints about previous shop and hop stores, because they locked the gift to a group rather than being for the public. This doesn't mean group gifts are bad in all situations. It means it'll annoy people if the gift was supposed to be for everyone. In the end, you want people to be happy about the
  12. LMR was the project fixing these things, separate to the main viewer fixes. You still got your main viewer fixes while LMR was being worked on. That's why the notes seem like a lot, because suddenly the main viewer and the LMR viewer are the same thing. I wouldn't say the fixes are only for creators. Other people do notice the problems, but don't understand what's causing the problems. A recent thread was from a creator who'd had multiple customer complaints, because the product looked different when seen with a broken EEP viewer. The customers knew something was wrong, but not why or who
  13. These fixes impact me as I create stuff using materials, which the original EEP update broke. I'm not the only creator who has been waiting for this update to make it into the official viewer. Hopefully the other viewers will add it soon. Some of the EEP issues were smaller than the materials issue, but rolling them all in together makes sense. Different teams will have different skills, so you weren't going to get something unconnected fixed faster by telling the LMR people to stop working on fixing EEP.
  14. The answers in this thread might give you some ideas: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/469914-what-advice-would-you-give/
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