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  1. It appeared when the rest of the map settled down, so hard to say when it was actually added as the map can be a few days out. They did also shift the island above it back one space for a buffer, so that's a step in the right direction.
  2. Yes, I expect them to leave it that way. I think they might move a few things a little bit (they already moved one area over a bit to add more buffer space), but I don't think they're going to suddenly delete these regions and replace them with unique custom regions. It's clear that cloning is the new plan. This is far too large scale to be a prank or something like that. About all we can hope is that cloning is not the new plan for all the new themes. I hope this might be enough houses to reduce the pressure and let them work on unique new areas. But it won't change that the clones look here to stay. I'm not surprised in the sense that it's all about money in the end. Customers wanted clones and they look to be getting those clones. Not being surprised by it doesn't mean I have to like it though.
  3. There were dots in the area before the camper release, but that was a little different in that the regions all looked finished. Some of the Victorian regions don't look finished on the map... it could be moles are working to finish those.
  4. People commented about those issues and so those issues got resolved. If people had waited for the continent to be finished, it still wouldn't have happened. That's precisely why it's a good thing to talk about stuff when it can still be changed. It's not about lack of patience... it's about putting the comments out there when it can still make a difference. In this case, it might be they plan to add more buffers. They have in some areas. But it might also be it wasn't in the plan. We don't know, so it doesn't hurt to talk about it. I would like to see this extend to sorting out the coastlines on all the mainland. Pyri Peaks not having a west coast was always a little odd and it makes sense to sort it as the homes will border it now.
  5. Something fantasy would be great. Preferably one that goes with nature landscaping and not laid out as a grid system. More the way the campers have been done, but fantasy. I like underwater themes too, but with only eight themes, I'm not sure if we'd get more than one fantasy theme. I live in a giant cake and I'm a mushroom, so not all of us...
  6. Start autorefreshing right now. I mean right now, today. People are already abandoning as the big release is soon. It could be as soon as next week, so assume it will be. It might be a few weeks later, but if you start watching now, you won't miss it. Don't wait to hear an announcement on the forum, as it could well be announced after the release has started (as happened for the campers). These next few weeks are your best shot since the camper release. There are many things in life I don't understand. People giving up on getting a house just before a big release is one of them. It happened before the camper release as well. The campers stayed available on the land page for eight hours, so it was the best time for anyone who wasn't very fast on the clicking. Though there isn't a clique and it's random who gets the houses, it can be said that people who stay informed about what's going on with the building do have an advantage. They can track things like when big releases will happen. So to be clear to those who don't track it, the new regions have been build, moved to the main area, and named. This is soon as in it could be anytime from now, not soon as in six months away. You need to be acting on this right now for your best chance at a house.
  7. The thing to remember is that he is not being complimentary or nice. This is about power. He wants you to know he's been watching and he wants you to be uncomfortable about it. But he's wording it in a way that he thinks will make it harder for you to take action without feeling guilty, because after all, he said it nicely and can't you take a compliment. He's trying to manipulate you by using social conventions about politeness. There's nothing nice about that. Block him, ban him, and never look back. If he comments on an alt asking why he was blocked, don't reply. Just block and ban the alt too. You don't owe him something because he worded his insults in a more manipulative way.
  8. It looks like his clothes shrunk in the wash, so clearly we're getting public laundrettes / laundromats.
  9. Malls never worked for me and this was years back in what was apparently the good old days for malls. Most of the traffic wasn't there to shop. Events do work and this is where I'd expect to see a boost. It's more likely that something that already works will get more customers than something that hasn't been working will suddenly appeal to customers. I enjoy visiting inworld stores, so it's not that I wouldn't like to see them get a boost. It just doesn't seem that most customers feel that way.
  10. They don't name the regions until they move them over to the main area, so that doesn't mean anything either way. The real marking point is the moment they move them. It'll likely be at least a few days as everything settles, but then it could be any time after that.
  11. I can understand why people are hoping this is all some plot and there will be a special surprise of non-cloned regions for release... but it really doesn't look like that. Since putting it in, they removed the cloned railway markers (which didn't join up) and have added in some that look like a proper route. There have also been dots moving around on the regions as though they're working, which suggests final tweaking rather than anything else. My main hope is this will be a once only thing. They'll get ahead a bit and then go back to unique regions. We lose things with cloning, even if people don't notice it's happening. Inland waterways are an example, because you can't have a river with this sort of cloning pattern. That also contributes to why it looks crowded, because it lacks the things breaking it up like mountains and rivers. I'd like to be wrong, but the simplest explanation is this is what the regions will be. Not that they made special fake maps or are building the real regions somewhere else.
  12. I've had complaints that my mushroom shop has too many mushrooms, so it depends on the feedback. If it's that something is not working, I'd fix it. For general opinions, it'd likely be something I'd keep in mind for future products, rather than changing a current product.
  13. This is why I ended up with tip jars... people wanted to tip me and it's easier to have a jar than to go through my profile and pay money. I figured that if someone didn't like using tip jars and would rather buy something, they could ignore the tip jar and buy something. There's not anything deeper than that really. No lack of confidence, or being a scammer, or anything else. Just people having different preferences for how they pay for stuff/experiences.
  14. It was already posted earlier in the thread. The interior of the new theme is the same few regions cloned. If you're having trouble seeing it, look for things like the shape of the lakes, the round feature, and the blue line marking where the railway will go. They've arranged the roads so the clones can be combined in slightly different orders, but within the regions they look identical to the others of their type. Same roads, same house placement, same decor.
  15. I seem to be the minority of one here, but I'm disappointed that they've stopped with the unique region building for the new theme. I guess it's fast and it'll deal with the people who didn't care about the big picture of the area. But that wasn't me. I always liked that the regions were different and it was an interesting place to explore. In the end, the complaints won over the praise, and I'm sad about that. Things like permaglow were fun. That's not going to happen when the majority of regions are clones.
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