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  1. Give it a few weeks and the new regions will settle down as people who want a permanent home get them. If you're playing the long game, a few weeks is a drop in the ocean compared to living in that house for years.
  2. They're working on some new ones. Nobody knows when they'll start releasing them, though I wouldn't expect it to be too long before new Victorian regions start going into the mix.
  3. It looks like they might be clearing out a chunk of the SSP regions. Some are gone (appearing as ghosts on the map, but not if you zoom in) and a bunch are offline. Probably just clearing the way for new working regions, but I thought I'd note it.
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic, as the new land doesn't look set up for cloning, and they look to be filling it manually. It's nice to see more rivers/waterways again. Also hoping the train will run over the islands, as that'd be a neat route.
  5. I doubt this will change all cat avatars everywhere or anything like that, but I would expect to see some avatars inspired by the movie.
  6. None of the houses on Zwischen look to be claimed, so they either didn't get to the end of the alphabet with releases or the houses simply haven't been claimed yet.
  7. They don't usually change terraforming once a region has been released. That means the water that's on your region is likely to stay just the same. Water on other regions you can see could end up with land in theory... but looking at where you are, I doubt it'd be more than a little island at most. You overlook the buffer region that comes before the new houseboat area. They'd have to move all the houseboats to add more continent there.
  8. They released one region to test it, just like they did with the campers... that doesn't mean you missed the whole release. It means it's just starting and now is the time to get ready.
  9. I walk most places, which is why no fly and no teleport is a problem. People who turn fly off on their land almost always fly around during building... so have no idea they've built a novelty dungeon with traps all over it. People who cam don't see this, because you have to walk to understand that the ponds have no way to get out and the rock physics is designed to absorb the unwary who walk over them. Flying is the best way to escape. Teleporting can be an alternative way out, but if fly is turned off, teleport routing is probably turned on. The best is when the landing point is also a trap. It's set for the build the region used two years ago, so you land at the bottom of the ocean with no way out other than camming and sitting on something. Then you have to walk back to where you were, avoiding rocks or getting too close to the water, and hope you make it this time. It's an experience for sure, but not the immersive experience they were trying to enforce by not allowing fly.
  10. You're not wrong to have preferences and it's not mandatory to like the new areas. I stopped watching the building as closely when I saw the direction it was taking. I am that person who notices cloning on the ground, because I notice and remember small details. I guessed the next theme on minimal clues due to that. I'm not going to react in the same way as the person who notices nothing until it's pointed out. However, I would suggest not letting it get you down about the areas you like. I'll still be riding trains in the main camping area and swimming around the old sea areas. If you have a house in the old areas, enjoy it. Cloning ten regions over doesn't change the house you have now. We also do have a few regions left to watch being built in the old way.
  11. It appeared when the rest of the map settled down, so hard to say when it was actually added as the map can be a few days out. They did also shift the island above it back one space for a buffer, so that's a step in the right direction.
  12. Yes, I expect them to leave it that way. I think they might move a few things a little bit (they already moved one area over a bit to add more buffer space), but I don't think they're going to suddenly delete these regions and replace them with unique custom regions. It's clear that cloning is the new plan. This is far too large scale to be a prank or something like that. About all we can hope is that cloning is not the new plan for all the new themes. I hope this might be enough houses to reduce the pressure and let them work on unique new areas. But it won't change that the clones look here to stay. I'm not surprised in the sense that it's all about money in the end. Customers wanted clones and they look to be getting those clones. Not being surprised by it doesn't mean I have to like it though.
  13. There were dots in the area before the camper release, but that was a little different in that the regions all looked finished. Some of the Victorian regions don't look finished on the map... it could be moles are working to finish those.
  14. People commented about those issues and so those issues got resolved. If people had waited for the continent to be finished, it still wouldn't have happened. That's precisely why it's a good thing to talk about stuff when it can still be changed. It's not about lack of patience... it's about putting the comments out there when it can still make a difference. In this case, it might be they plan to add more buffers. They have in some areas. But it might also be it wasn't in the plan. We don't know, so it doesn't hurt to talk about it. I would like to see this extend to sorting out the coastlines on all the mainland. Pyri Peaks not having a west coast was always a little odd and it makes sense to sort it as the homes will border it now.
  15. Something fantasy would be great. Preferably one that goes with nature landscaping and not laid out as a grid system. More the way the campers have been done, but fantasy. I like underwater themes too, but with only eight themes, I'm not sure if we'd get more than one fantasy theme. I live in a giant cake and I'm a mushroom, so not all of us...
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