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  1. Given this is the mainland forum, I'm going to assume you rented on the mainland... so remember that even if you're banned from that parcel, you can just teleport in nearby and cam in to get your stuff.
  2. I've never had a mall spot that made any money. I don't do that anymore. Limited time events can be good though and will drive traffic to your main store (put landmarks in each product, have a landmark giver, take part in any hunts for the event). Make sure you're set up on the marketplace as well. A tip jar in a shop is unlikely to get money unless you're offering something that isn't a product for sale. Freebies, art displays... that sort of thing.
  3. They've confirmed some of the issues are bugs and are going to be fixed, so it is a problem with EEP. That means it isn't a good idea to remake everything right now, because it's just going to change again.
  4. The extra shops did help a lot and meant the range of stuff was better (a complaint I had last year... this year I got a bunch of cute pets and decor things). The soft opening was also nice. Doesn't hurt to offer some lag feedback though, as it might be the Moles will be able to pinpoint what's going wrong in the laggiest region.
  5. I went around on the soft opening day. It was mostly fine, but a few regions did lag more than others, which suggests something in those builds was setting it off (Aurelian was laggy for me as well). Which isn't to say I think the mall building is perfect. The ponds act as avatar traps. But the regions are pretty identical, so that lag difference was most likely down to merchant builds.
  6. It's pretty easy to tell who is a moderator in a group. Even if you don't have a viewer that shows moderator text differently, they'll be listed in the group information. Once you know who is a moderator, the regular members are everybody else. But you really don't need to worry about that if you follow my advice, because you'll have stopped the rulebreaking thing regardless of whether a person turns out to have the power to ban you or not. I'd agree that the events posts are terrible and should say what the event is in normal words and not use weird characters... but that's a different i
  7. I'd stay on the cautious side of behaviour when it comes to big event groups. They get griefed a lot and tolerance levels for rulebreaking are often very low. Which is why I wouldn't ignore regular group members, thinking that you'll get a proper warning from a moderator... often you'll just find you're banned. Those warnings from regular members are letting you know so that you can avoid that.
  8. In theory, it might be it's working, but I couldn't figure out how to link my mesh thing to the skeleton. It didn't appear to have the button you click in the previous version. I ended up reverting Blender to the previous version and doing the same for Avastar. I'm sure once it's finished it'll be lovely and have documentation, but it was unclear to me if it was working and how it was supposed to work.
  9. The confusing statement looks like a bad translation. Whether it's just that English isn't their first language or they're using a translator tool, who knows... but that's how it looks. Either way, it isn't okay to say you have to set everything to the moon to actually see it.
  10. I hope they add the alligators as well. There are fish on some existing regions, so it could happen!
  11. One issue is that this will need a lot of your time. That might sound fine now, but might not in six months when you have to move house and your cat gets sick. Something that doesn't need you there as intensively, like selling things or renting out space, would give you more safety for things going wrong. Sometimes you'll need a break.
  12. Skin stores aren't adult content under the rules. Nudity is not considered sexual by default under the rules. There are obviously examples where people break the rules with child avatars, because people get banned for it sometimes... but going shopping for new skins is not one of those cases. Being a pretend child isn't my thing either, but you have to separate between "this is not for me" and "this is bad because it's not for me".
  13. If you're talking about ASMR as the reaction in a person, anything could cause ASMR in a particular person. You couldn't say for a sure that a particular video couldn't possible do that, as it's very individual. Whether it's ASMR as in the genre of videos is a different issue, because a fair number of people who watch/make ASMR videos get a different response to them. It ended up as a catch-all term for certain types of sensory video. I personally don't experience ASMR, but I have sensory processing disorder and one of the ways I stim is through audio/visual things with repeated elem
  14. Animals everywhere! It's terrible. There should be a lot more fungi.
  15. It doesn't say that the planned themes will happen in 2020 and certainly not that they're going to be next week. Remember that the quick releases after the demo happened in cases where they'd already started preparing the final areas. This time around, that hasn't happened.
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