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  1. I went premium because I wanted land and started making things to sell afterwards. I currently make enough to pay for premium and have spending money. The land is useful in different ways to the marketplace. For events, it can be given as part of the application. Landmarks are easier to hand out to customers than marketplace links. And the location can be permanent if you want it to be (I haven't moved from my spot since I started... I've expanded and shrunk the space over time, but not moved). I'm by a road, so also get some passing traffic. My first ever sale was something I put fo
  2. My marketplace looks normal today. Product links are working fine. So it's likely whatever is happening for you is more complicated... not something that everyone can see. Editing to add this thread just below this one might be talking about the issue you're having?
  3. If a system would let you pass the items on to someone who isn't banned, if that someone is your alt, you're just going to get banned again when it comes out. Your best choices are either to patch up the issue with the creator or move on and use a different system. Don't try to get around blocks and bans. It won't end well.
  4. They only banned gambling, not giving money to people. Gambling would mean money in (the player pays to play) and money out (there's a money prize), where random chance comes into it (even if it's not totally chance, like poker, it still has a chance element). They restricted "skill gaming", which is money in and money out, but the game is based on skill and not chance. It has to be a proper region set up for that one and there are various other hoops to jump through. Other things are not restricted. You can have money in and random gift out (a typical gatcha). You can have nothing in and
  5. I have seen people pass my shop on the pods (and sometimes stop to look at the shop). The empty pods aren't a bother to me really, as they don't do anything other than move along the road. I still remember the other gridwide vehicle system where they'd frequently get stuck, throw particles everywhere and there was a bug that made them duplicate until they were roaming (and getting stuck) in packs. Also, the owner didn't believe us at first, so just shouted at people about it. Then shock surprise, it turned out to be a bug and really was happening. I hadn't minded those vehicles at first,
  6. It's likely that my family had covid before the first lockdown, but it was too early for everything, including tests. They recovered. I ended up with reactive arthritis. I was too tired and in pain to do most things, but I could manage some Second Life, so I signed up for lots of events. I couldn't stay focused inworld for that long, so didn't get to enjoy the events in quite the same way (I didn't make it around all the birthday builds, for example, which is usually a highlight for me). But it did fill some time and it was great to chat to people. I'm not fully recovered, but I can think
  7. It's also worth remembering that ways of making friends that are obvious to oldtimers are not obvious when someone is new, so there's value in repeating the basics. I've talked people through how to use search to find places. I've recommended upcoming events to people and encouraged them to join the groups for those events. People don't start out knowing those things. (On that note, a lot of events run in spring and summer, so now is a great time to look at what's coming up or ask if there are any events for your interests.)
  8. Sometimes you'll find the remains of rentals from defunct companies on the mainland. It's a good idea to contact the owners to ask a question before you rent. The question can be anything, like if they have any rules about what you build that you need to know about or something based on the posted rules. Whether they answer tells you if they're active and how they answer gives you a feel for whether you really want to rent from them. Once you've paid, there's nothing you can do if they turn out to be inactive.
  9. Last time I looked, it was clear the money tree creator hadn't done anything in Second Life for a long time. The only new thing at the place was a prim with a complaint on it by a customer, about the breedable server disappearing without warning. The same is true for the list of active trees, which hasn't been running for ages. No list means nobody is coming to visit the tree.
  10. I tried a few affiliate schemes back when I had more space. I sold very little from them. I also tried running an affiliate scheme. The people who put up vendors sold very little of my stuff. All round, it wasn't worth the time. Much better to spend it on my own shop, where the stuff did sell.
  11. Given this is the mainland forum, I'm going to assume you rented on the mainland... so remember that even if you're banned from that parcel, you can just teleport in nearby and cam in to get your stuff.
  12. I've never had a mall spot that made any money. I don't do that anymore. Limited time events can be good though and will drive traffic to your main store (put landmarks in each product, have a landmark giver, take part in any hunts for the event). Make sure you're set up on the marketplace as well. A tip jar in a shop is unlikely to get money unless you're offering something that isn't a product for sale. Freebies, art displays... that sort of thing.
  13. They've confirmed some of the issues are bugs and are going to be fixed, so it is a problem with EEP. That means it isn't a good idea to remake everything right now, because it's just going to change again.
  14. The extra shops did help a lot and meant the range of stuff was better (a complaint I had last year... this year I got a bunch of cute pets and decor things). The soft opening was also nice. Doesn't hurt to offer some lag feedback though, as it might be the Moles will be able to pinpoint what's going wrong in the laggiest region.
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