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  1. Gacha is evil gambling, it should be illegal.
  2. I have Mesh Lag too, and I wouldn't touch an Apple product with a disinfected barge pole.
  3. We're not? Oh sh.....................
  4. I am very grapefruit grateful (don't you just HATE tiepin typing predictors, and spillchuckers spellcheckers) to you for sending this reply. Oh, and by the way, Oral Communication should not be construed to mean tutorial videos on YouTube, instead of proper documentation.
  5. I think it would be great to expunge emojis (and cellphones) from the universe and teach people to write with a proper pen on proper parchment. Expressing yourself with whole sentences is becoming a lost art. I suspect, strongly, that humans are getting less intelligent by approximately 5%/4 years. Every 4th year anniversary intelligence steps down for vast swathes of humanity, and it's all the fault of cellphones, twitter, and <expletive deleted> emojis.
  6. Everyone should be taught Marketingspeak in school. Without it you will be continually in a state of panic your entire life. Almost everything a member of a misgovernment or corporate body writes, or speaks, is designed to do one of these things: (1) Scare you into giving away your soul, (2) Convince you someone else is after your soul, (3) Protect the author's ass. Very little of it is designed to impart information; that you have to deduce by logical reasoning.
  7. And thus Brave, which is Chrome without the <expletive deleted> Google spyware.
  8. Keep raising Issues like this as Support Tickets. Venting here does no good at all, and just invites flame wars. The other thing you could do is to stop paying LL, and withdraw your money from the economy. This is what I have done, I just pay my Premium once a year which gives me a place to call home, and so no $50 a month tier from me any more, not until the region crossing, TP and other issues get fixed anyway. I have great hopes for the AWS uplift, but I am not expecting it to solve everything. For that, of course, we need QuantumSL. But you can't afford the hardware.
  9. Some people seem to be able to tell. I'm using Firestorm, and I can't find anything about where a region is running.
  10. Just a thought, are you wearing more than one AO at a time? Be careful with Animesh attachments too, they contain their own AO and it does interfere with the body AO.
  11. @Selene Gregoire comes up for me (I miss her picture though). So it must be you @Phil Deakins. Maybe the number of warning-badges counts for something, after all.
  12. My partner an I tried to watch some SpaceX stuff together with an in-world TV, but in the end the we both ended up watching it on a second monitor. The quality was astronomically better, and, honestly we were still watching it 'in sync', as our conversation showed.
  13. Yes, indeed. For me the revelation was to change my thinking about the so-called System things (eyes, pants, panties, jacket, shirt, etc...) which have special Icons in the inventory. They are ALL in fact TEXTURES that apply to defined areas of the system (pre-mesh) body, and after the introductions of BoM to a mesh body area. Somehow, although I realized this to some extent, I had missed the fact it applies to eyes too.
  14. NOW I understand what you said! The key for me was the 'Simply wear the Letlutka eyes' wasn't simple! I had just put on some 'eyes' from the Glam Affair pack, hey! they even had the 'eye' icon in the inventory! But it turns out that the eye icon signals a texture that is to be applied to the eyes. This was a fundamental misunderstanding on my part. DoH!
  15. I found out that none of this works at all unless you also wear the 'LeLutka.Eyes.Nova.x.x' mesh that comes with the head. I assumed these were not required, but that are! Hope this helps @Marianne Little
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