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  1. People would actually buy stuff from an SL store named Lag-Yo? Sheesh.
  2. When he took over you could almost feel the change. He brought us so much, umm, hope. I hope he enjoys his next life.
  3. It's been getting worse gradually over the last few months. The worst thing about it is the reset back to the log-in state. On a couple of occasions I've been out in my boat, sailing about, and had a sim crossing crash, after which I am stuck in one position on the ocean floor, and the only way out is to relog. And then I am back at home in Belli, wearing what I had on an hour previously! Sim crossing as very similar to teleports technically, I'm told. Someone suggested that next time it happens I should use Firestorm's 'Stop Avatar Animations and Revoke Permissions', which I plan
  4. I must have another word with Xi about his stealthplane tech. We mustn't scare the 'mericans too much or they'll get trigger-happy.
  5. Basic principles of business 'Get Customers, KEEP THEM'. Get Customers: Very Expensive. Keep them: Very much cheaper. And what is worse the more you loose (2) the more expensive (1) becomes because they add to your bad representation in the market.
  6. It's not the desolate areas that are so bad, it's the coasts covered with 200 meter high panels with ugly sky scenes. And from an experiential perspective, the security orbs on absentee parcels. 'On a scale of 0 to 10 how would you recommend SL to a potential new user?': minus 7. So marketing lies are the only option.
  7. I just get the blue fairy with Brave browser (and Chromium), even if I turn the tracker and ad protections off. But Falkon and Firefox, and even Breaker, shows the video. If LL paid a lot for that video, they need to fix that, or get their money back. The video is rather good.
  8. What? No Third Life yet? Oh ya, I forget Sansar was a total fail (I put that down to no Linux version - you need geeks with everything).
  9. The Linux versions of Firestorm don't have Havok. So, no, we don't have havok on 'everyone's' desktop. Edit: Oh shh.... it's a necrothread, I didn't spot that in time....
  10. SL is about that you'd like to be, or for some people, not being like you are at all. Nothing about it is super realistic. Certainly not to anyone other than the maker! What was the point of your question again?
  11. Izzie's BoM add-ons are the way I go to make my avis unique. I think their faces look realistic, but that's a matter of opinion, I guess. This one starts with Lelutka's Lilli Evo head. Skin Amara Beauty Nellie fair. Brows are Simple Bloom ShieldsHunter Lelutka's Blush #3 Izzie's Veins, Lips, Freckles And Hair with headcloth is n0.match No Saint. The little pink tattoo is my own. Accessories, like specs can make a big difference.
  12. I read all this stuff with interest and vague amusement. What will be, will be. There is no way LL can please everyone. They used to please me, and I invested heavily; then things started to change, and I have gradually reduced my investment. I'm not expecting you to change, but I do state why I no longer pay for stuff any more. Your choice, your profits. So LL (and tame moles), minimal LL investment while obnoxious *****s can ban me forever for flying over their mud hut once - even if they do have to make an inhuman decision and can't let the robot do it.
  13. 'Send Home' is definitely against the Belli covenant. AR the <expletive deleted>!
  14. I wonder if there is any correlation between profits of some corporation and blood clotting stats? I don't trust anything I read in media reports these days, it has all been bought by someone. The best thing is to stick your head in a bucket and breath slowly until the news goes away.
  15. I'm more interested in Human news.
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