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  1. Looking out the window this morning, seeing the waves of rain beating down. I have to agree, (waves thumb at Elon....)
  2. It's intermittent. My own theory is that if 2 (or more) are in a boat, and at least one has a slow or latent connection, then you may get the issues @Aishagaindescribes. There is also the complexity of the vehicle, of course, Bandits aren't that lightweight.
  3. Wasn't that fun! Wild ride. I think I got a bruise on my butt.... Well done Nasa. Mars, the only planet we know that's entirely populated by robots.
  4. Oz, You have completely destroyed my faith in Linden Lab by saying 'Soon' and then giving an actual date! Don't you know it is Corporate Policy NEVER to give dates and only make devious innuendo-laden hints about when things will actually happen! So long, and thanks for all the (virtual) fish. xxx
  5. Holy Saint Valentine, the Martyr, pray for us! There! That's today sorted.
  6. You are using a Graphics Card to play SL? You fool, they are only to be used for mining Bitcoins! I sold an old AMD card on ebay, I was amazed I got more for it than I paid. Bitcoin miners!
  7. There must be a setting, but I haven't found it either. If you use the button, then the main part of it is 'show friends only until you tp', but the little corner is 'show friends only forever'. The button is not one of the default ones and needs to be found in the 'add buttons'.
  8. Maybe you are using BoM? Omega is for appliers...
  9. If you want a huge wardrobe of moderately good clothes, Legendaire might suit.
  10. Of course we are not talking here about the clutch of pixels that we 'see' as an avatar, no, we are talking about the soul of the avatar that lives on in the Cloud while we are not paying the power company for the electrons to display their body. It's a mistake to think that this 'soul' is in some way 'you'. After all she does things in SL you would never do in RL. No! This is a separate entity that only 'bonds' with you when you connect. I can't tell you what she does, because that would be against the TOS, a bit like copying IM's to other people. But I know.
  11. Why do males always have to be so BIG? And shout.
  12. Do I get to have as much great sex in RL as I do in SL? It might be a reasonable trade. On the other hand maybe all the guys in RL would have club-feet and muscles like King-Kong... yuk.
  13. I got those. WINE is good for the SL viewer to use Havok for upload, and not much else. But no, I have no inclination if they don't make a native Linux download. Long ago I decided to be a Microsoft-free-zone. I extended that to Apple, Facebook, and recently, Google. Although Google is proving more difficult (android...) Anti-trust Mega-corpse will not get me.
  14. Tried to install it, but it doesn't. Is it because I'm on Archlinux (with lots of monitors and a big fat underdesk room-heater Ryzen/nVidia box)?
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