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  1. Me too. But but's been happening for over a year. I have started to get very particular about where I attach HUDs. They go where I want them, not where the creator defaults, unless the scripting (bad scripting IMO) dictates a specific attachment. It's worse after travelling through a few region crossings or multiple-tps. Like there is some corruption of the attachment data being caused in the handoffs. I can almost guarantee that removing Trudeau Yacht Huds will also remove lots of body/clothes, but only after a few sim crossings. Being intermittent, it's very hard to make a coherent error report.
  2. Aren't Marketing Folks lovely. Talk about waste of money.....
  3. It starts that way, and then some moron like the UK's Banking Regulator make it mandatory.
  4. Just tried this with Visual Studio Code under Linux. Works a treat. Learn a nude thing every day....
  5. I think I'm bored already. But it's nice to see some branches of Linden Lab can do Soon(tm) - like in 5 days. Eat your heart out Patch.
  6. My favorite (Firestorm) quick fix for a laggy sim is World->Show Friends Only. It's faster to set than changing the Draw Distance (also good) and Max Complexity.
  7. We have all seen the announcement that Linden Lab has paused selling new regions because their stock is depleted. Can we assume that this implies than no new regions will be added to the Linden homes continents for the foreseeable future? Having flown over the western extension recently, I can see that there is still some scope (SSxxx named regions) for extension though.
  8. You have to remember they can't make 'em fast enough. They probably would prefer noobs not to know.... 😂
  9. I just derender them, and assume they've gone. Unless they are very sexy...
  10. Sorry for the noise. This turns out to be a viewer issue. Nothing to do with the script at all.
  11. I have a script in my Off World visitor logger, that uses llSetPrimMediaParams to access a small database on my server. It has worked fine for 3 years, but recently, not sure when it stopped, it doesn't work. Any ideas why? string offgridstore = "https://xxxxxxxxxx/"; //this is my server, redacted for forum question. string ogsRead = "vislog3.php"; integer primFace = 0; integer scanInterval = 60; integer seq; // sequence number for unique URLs displayURL (string URL) { llSetPrimMediaParams(primFace, [PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY,TRUE, // Show this page immediately PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, URL, PRIM_MEDIA_HOME_URL, URL, // The url if they hit 'home' PRIM_MEDIA_HEIGHT_PIXELS,512, // Height/width of media texture will be PRIM_MEDIA_WIDTH_PIXELS,1024, // rounded up to nearest power of 2. PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_INTERACT,PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL,PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE] ); } default { state_entry() { float seed = llFrand(10.00); seq = (integer)(seed*1000000); llSay(0, "Vistor Logger Off Grid Starting..."+ (string)seq ); llOwnerSay(offgridstore + ogsRead ); displayURL( offgridstore + ogsRead + "/?r=" + (string)(++seq) ); llSetTimerEvent(scanInterval); } timer() { displayURL( offgridstore + ogsRead + "/?r=" + (string)(++seq) ); } }
  12. I like that it has 8Gb of graphics ram. The more of that the better. But a 1.6Ghz cpu is going to limit things a bit. It will run, and be fine for standing about and fiddling with clothes and chatting. Don't forget the other BIG factor in using SL, the internet connection, it's speed AND the latency - even Wulfie's hyper-desktop can't fix that.
  13. Thanks Chic, It's not a great loss, as I have the applier version and the V5 Maitreya allows me to only wear the layer if I need it (thereby reducing complexity when I don't). I have an ancient (2015) alpha from the same source that does the same, so I was suspicious of the maker. I just like to understand these things.
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