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  1. Since i've been around before mesh came on the scene i went with the look first and sourced a head that looked most like how i looked. if i was new and not attached to any look i'd spent a long time crafting i would pick the head i most liked the look of and create a look around that
  2. There should be something in profile maybe I've already seen the fee isn't putting people off from changing their names and one of my friends has taken the plunge on an entirely new name had they not told me who they used to be I'd be wondering who they used to be
  3. Don't know if these are any good first two Bleich - Blank Canvas, third Reign - Stormiez (has colour change HUD)
  4. Muddy Puddles Countdown Conundrum Rain Cloud Icecream Float Lemon Pancake Vauxhall Nova Enchanting Enchantment Cheesy Crisp Astra Voxel
  5. I know lots of people are moaning about the price tag but i don't think it's too outrageous it's enough to dissuade people from treating it like a display name That said being UK based on the name change page i see i'd have to pay an extra 8.00 USD in VAT Change Your Account Name Changing your account name, whether to a previous name or a new name, is subject to the following fee: Membership level Name change fee Premium USD 39.99 + 8.00 VAT Basic Name change is not available
  6. Try Reign and Bleich i've had Vans style trainers from there. The ones i've had from Bleich (not hi-tops) are closer in style
  7. I've not seen anything about how long each name will be made available for but i imagine it might be like the old days where some last names such as mine were only active a short time while some others were active for years
  8. The ones i've had most often are from people saying they need L$xxx for a skin/shape combo they want to buy and they've already managed to make L$xxx (in the hundreds) in one day in SL My response is usually something along the lines of "L$xxx already!!!, I want to know how you managed to earn so much so quickly?"
  9. Your friend might want to look in to the Meshmerized Tweenster body https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meshmerized-Tweenster-Mesh-Body-v304/12360755
  10. Have you tried pressing Esc or Shift + Esc three times i know that is often recommended first to reset the camera
  11. By doing that LL have in effect had a sale on L$. in the past I have taken up such offer as just on L$ alone it worked out i'd get more L$ albeit not in one go than i would just buying L$ things like the old premium homes back then, gifts and access to premium only sandboxes and other destinations were a bonus
  12. Nice little furniture set from Taikou for anyone that prefers something a little more modern only L$1 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/taikou-aoyama-decor-set-GROUP-GIFT/18731775?page=2
  13. There has been half price sales on gift cards in the past Fancy's Foskett set is also cabin friendly if lacking in vertical space bed is only 4 Li
  14. I believe that is the sky and some points in the day cycle it will look white like that it's very noticeable up between max hoverable height 9000m (if you set fly and in FS gth 9999999) and 5000m or so the max height that can be flown to. I have a platform set at 2500m and i'm sure i must have noticed it at that height too
  15. Going to the swimming pool had been going to a session for people with disabilities found being in the water then sitting in the steam or sauna for 5-10 minutes after good for my joints been feeling a lot more stiff and achy just on my medication alone I also miss the freedom of being and to go and do what i like, when i like, where i like Also lots of TV programs they are either rationing what's been filmed already or trying to hash programs together that would usually be filmed with a live audience and guests using Skype etc and they're just not near as good or watchable as they used to be
  16. There is a website dedicated to the stay at home club and a bunch of freebies that include BoM items that could be used on the head that's free inworld https://www.thestayathomeclubsl.com/appearance
  17. Took a wander around the cabins noticed Grand View & Overlook were by far the most popular styles Lincoln slightly less popular Mountaineer least popular those that i did see were either unfurnished or sparsely decorated. Here's mine more or less done
  18. They were fist noticed here a couple of weeks ago
  19. I looked them up and they look very similar to the advertising system run by @Wili Clip who also does fish and coin hunt game systems The account used for Magik Ads marketplace presence is unavailable so has been deleted or possibly banned
  20. You can't detach the system head only mask it. Many mesh heads now include the ability to use BoM (bakes on mesh) you may be using a mesh body that can use this too. simply right click and add the head then add the head HUD and click BoM in the HUD if you wish to use mesh eyes wear the alpha that may be included for eyes only. if you got the free Dream head for Stay @ Home club which is BoM only you just need to make sure you aren't wearing any alpha layers that hide the whole head or it will appear red. If your head & body skins are the same tone from the same store they should match perfectly or near enough if not you can try something like https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/gift-EVERMORE-skintone-tintadjust-BoMonly-wear-me/19133362 or a neck fix to blend
  21. Might be someone tried to rez what they had used in a previous home and hadn't yet moved everything in to the new home. I did something like that rezzed a semi-opaque prim platform on top of the house used it to rezz, sort through and place what had been in my Vic left it up for the several days i needed it
  22. join the group Genusproject and look through the group notices
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