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  1. So you want a dog avatar with a large rear end? You may want to look through the "Complete Avatars" category https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=4 on the landing page i noticed this modifiable Dog avatar https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Greatest-Dane/13277936 i'm sure there'll be others available if it's not what you're after
  2. Those are "Gacha's" and are perfectly OK to operate and use in SL as Gacha prizes are normally No Copy there's a good second hand market for reselling any items you don't want
  3. Just going through my own pics when i was mega tall 7"+ the Maitreya feet looked small compared to my height, since i've shrunk to a slightly more realistic 6'1" 6'2" flat feet sans shoe base i'm still somewhat out of proportion but the feet do look better in keeping with my height. On my TMP free using alt you can change the size of the feet but if you don't set the foot size in appearance to around 42-45 definitely between 40-50 the feet look weird and deformed
  4. I only mention it because once upon a time there must have been trams running on the line to ferry newbies around and it only goes between Ahern (dore) info hub and Luna Oaks mall.
  5. As nice as that might be for newbies if they wind up at Ahern info hub follow the road/tram rail (never seen used) up through Bay City past Miramare info hub, you end up at a sim called Luna which houses the Linden owned/run Luna Oaks mall, It's an ancient place possibly older than me i don't know what you have or would have had to do to get a place there since it's a closed group but it has a bunch booths and small stores many empty and two large stores and its like going back in a time machine, The units that remain occupied are still peddling system layer apparel prim and other outdated stuff, i don't think it's been updated since opening. I really wouldn't want to see store spaces set out at newbie places if they're just going to become another Luna Oaks
  6. Bellisseria properties are in high demand and get snapped up really quick. The most activity i normally see on the Linden home page is Meadowbrook - Grayson going in and out of availability the only time i've ever seen a Bellisseria property come up (in the last couple of days) i refreshed too quickly and it was gone, i wouldn't have been able to go premium quick enough to snag it
  7. Check you are wearing the body alpha in the folder of your mesh body or your mesh head may include a full body alpha the flat feet and blotchiness you are seeing is your system body showing through
  8. One alt i primarily use as a piggy bank to squirrel away money for things i'm saving to buy, one alt i use for trying out free/cheap mesh bodies my two other alts don't have any specific use. If i want to check something out after i've logged out for the night i will pick one of my alts to do my dirty work
  9. 99% certain you need 500 post to be able to change your title if you are looking to change your title there are a few threads in general discussion that could help you boost your post count up to 500
  10. I don't know what it is either, never heard of it but i'd recommend you don't download it, it could be a malicious viewer if it does exist, here is a list of third party viewers that are safe to download http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  11. My alt once saw Guy in my home sim Jieut consolidating all the at the time nearly a full sim's worth of abandoned land plots in to one lot
  12. On the old Meadowbrook Linden home sims the picnic benches used to temp rezz while you sat on them a full picnic feast. maybe they could do the same on the new homes
  13. Even though i only use the one body i have retained any other included rigs occasionally something made for a different body will layer better than using the rig for the body i use
  14. I refresh the Linden Homes page every so often the most i've seen even just now is the Meadowbrook - Grayson go in and out of availability never seen any of the new properties come up. Last time i went premium i had a Meadowbrook if i could get one of the new homes i'd go premium again. more properties are supposed to be coming soon™ so worth holding out a bit longer if you really want a new home.
  15. If you read the grid status you know as much as everyone else that read it. it was posted in at least one group chat today as if "MAY experience problems" was "WILL experience problems"
  16. The houseboats i've seen/been in, in RL don't float and there's no means of sailing them, they are tethered or weighed down close to land or a jetty and just like a boat you can sail they can sink and capsize
  17. Whoever AR'd it can't see the humor in it, some poor soul got mowed down by a careless vehicle driver and nobody could be bothered to remove it so left it to rot away 🤐
  18. My current property is from ONSU previous homes i've used have been from Roost, Greymoon, Maven & Abiss i have a feeling Roost and possibly Greymoon will have the coastal style of home your looking for
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