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  1. If that's the hair i think it is from FLF i managed to get the Lelutka/Maitreya combo to work on my system head however the other style available came in small/medium/large/slim not sure whose heads those sizing's are supposed to fit right out the box but the large on my system head did not fit and it was a style that lent it's self to being unrigged or even including an alpha layer.
  2. The only reason you might need the invisible prim is to show you as the creator, if that's the case you could always make your own picture frame out of a prim. This picture shows how i turned a prim cube in to a pose stand picture frame. All you need to follow in the edit window Object section is the "Size (meters)" which you can resize if needed when the frame is finished and everything to the right of that from Box down
  3. The worst i've seen on EEP sims is the stars look large square and blotchy otherwise the SL world doesn't look very different to how it looked pre EEP
  4. Soon™ there's been no date announced when it will be available
  5. Judging by how close to Sansara the new water sims go and that some sims in that area must have been moved as they don't show up properly on map there one minute gone when scrolling up/down the map a little can only assume that's where SSP is going, otherwise with no islands, atolls or points of interest yet i can't see the point of the new sims
  6. Go back to the system Av? wear only system layers it will be hard to copy that style or maybe tell your friend you're not cool with them copying your style
  7. I wear a lot of Elikatira/White River co, Doe & Astrology hair some Bon Bon, Besom & Truth. I don't use the blonde tones if included (pink/blonde ombré at most) but i do think the texturing from these brands has a good level of realism
  8. Went to have a nosey round the new homes and boats. Really loved the hose boat with the upstairs room but i thought some of the other boats with so much ceiling height the potential for an upstairs room was missed. Of the homes i thought the most usable was the bungalow with the one main and two separate rooms if anyone wanted a bathroom space. the worst home was the bungalow with the two spaces off the entrance. It was really good to see the mail boxes outside will be used to pick and change which home or boat you'd like, the thing i liked least about my time short time with a premium home was that the home you got was randomly assigned and if you didn't get one you liked you'd have to abandon your home up to five times a day till you got the home you wanted
  9. I used to use this many years ago maybe 9-10 years ago. It was HUD based it would send you to a location make you walk around and click something on the HUD when it flashed up to prove you weren't a bot. If you didn't complete the visit properly you didn't get any L$. You could make an Ok amount of L$ but the worst thing about the system if you had an alt or another person using the same net connection also trying to use earn 2 life you'd both get banned from the system and wouldn't be able to cash out any balance you'd made. Back in the day it was primarily used as a traffic booster and type of camping with land owners paying to be in e2l and have people visit their land for a L$ reward. Would not surprise me if since artificially improving traffic scores was outlawed that the system is no longer active
  10. It was way before my time but there used to actually be a fee to teleport and i believe the fee rate depended on the distance and one enterprising resident set up their own transport system that was considerably cheaper than LL teleport fees, not sure i'd want to go with a generic last name no matter how unique my first name is
  11. That's helpful to know when the GA sim was remodeled all the system skins and make-ups were removed from the main store
  12. Some hair designers are now rigging their hairs to specific head brands if your current hairs don't have this option might be something to look out for on future hair purchases
  13. Do you have an android smart phone or tablet you could use on the hospital WiFi? for a small money outlay you could download the Lumiya viewer on the play store. don't know where you are in the world but if UK WiFi in NHS hospitals is provided free through "The Cloud" and should not provide any barrier to logging in to Lumiya, you should take notice of any T&C's or warnings that come up some places expressly forbid you from trying to access content on the BBC iPlayer or other sites/apps
  14. That's just reminded me of the time i was in some club i happened upon it had rezz rights don't think there was any auto return and i tried rezzing some typing animation laptops i'd acquired to see what they looked like, being a noob i didn't know they had to be worn and only showed up when you typed in local chat with the typing animation enabled in prefs. so i when nothing showed up i kept trying to rezz them not knowing i was using up all the prims on the land, the owner was not happy returned everything i tried rezzing and i got ejected and banned
  15. Don't know if it's any good to you but the Palm View from Roost looks similar to your current building https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ROOST-Palm-View-House/9811902 and has decent sized rooms
  16. In the past LL made you cough up some serious RL money to have a custom last name of your choosing and it was often major businesses like AOL or high profile people like Duran Duran that would want and be able to afford to set up and maintain a custom last name. If you go on SLnamewatch.com click on heritage only and sort bu usage you'll find many of the very low usage names are custom last names people have paid for
  17. Poses and animations can definitely make your body parts look strange feet for example what may look like a moderate amount of flex, toes pointing downwards on the SL male and female models that can be downloaded and used in Daz studio or other posing software and on the system body. can turn in to an extreme amount of flex on a mesh body enough the foot can appear to bend backwards. So i don't believe the shape or body is to blame but the animations that may have been made before people/the creator started using mesh bodies
  18. Going back close to 11 years having ventured away from freebie dungeon/Deva Loka I managed to come across a gaming place and next door was a place that sold pools that i somehow managed to get banned from for a time. I'm a total noob still not sure how things, work didn't have a single L$ to my name and at this game place i spy two dance pads that paid L$1/10 mins. Not knowing i had to right click > sit i clicked a dace pad and it said something along the lines of click me dance for 10 minutes to earn L$1. I clicked it several times hoping it tell me what to do to dance and get the L$1, before thinking i had to click it then frantically press the F numbers that had dances for 10 minutes. When doing that didn't pay me L$1 the first time i did it several more times trying to make sure the dance animations never stopped, and gave up when i realized i wasn't going to be getting any L$ it wasn't long after that i figured out how to actually use the dance pad
  19. If anyone has any group space left there is an SL Lefty Society group i know some of the regulars round here are also in it
  20. I believe TMP completely got rid of their free/demo male/female bodies when they made their pre-bento body L$500. certainly couldn't find any kind of demo when my alt visited recently
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