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  1. Marianne Little, VaelFaye, Esema Nova, Lillith and everyone else a special thank you for putting in the time to help me out. Love the SL community Hopefully someday i can return the favors. and NO More Bushy eyebrows for me
  2. Wow thank you so much!!! That is perfect because i still want the brows to move with me facial expressions Where did you get Sandy Brows and great picture by the way
  3. Thank you everyone! On the hud there is a clear tab so i was able to remove the new and finally back to my old eyebrows (that i still hate but better than the other one). So maybe buying a new Skin will help me get the right eyebrows.
  4. I am confused too the eyebrows come from eyeshadow applier, and glam affair sold eyebrows too. I believe it attached to the eye shadow. My skin is still a default skin that doesn't have eyebrow options. everything but i.e. eyelashes, ears, lips, etc
  5. Now I have one on top of the other! arghh Both are appliers and the one I want to remove I don't know how?
  6. oh no!!! I have the skin from my Lelutka so there are no options like that and i love my freckles and how the skin looks. what recommendations do you have? I have Glam affair body applier for my Miatreya body? and thank you you saved me lots of time!
  7. Hi I have a lelutka Chloe head I trying to change my eyebrows but seems like I am stuck with big fat bushy eyebrows from Glam Affair. Please help i would like a thinner eyebrow.
  8. I owe you some Linden Chocolate haha but thanks for everyone still researching getting close to buy...
  9. I was more interested in copying my whole hard drive, all programs, pictures, software like Microsoft office etc.
  10. Sooo human to human would anyone tell me the steps and what i need to do to transfer from one laptop to another. I know this isn't a sl question. you could IM me if you want? NO worries and thank you so much I am on the right path and i should get it all in my price range.
  11. Thank You! SL pple are the best 😀 I will have some explore to do this weekend.
  12. Hello🙂 It is time for me to get a new laptop. That is the good news but looking at the system requirements makes me confuse on which one to get. The operating system and memory is easy but the graphic card is very confusing and not sure which lap tops have good enough graphic cards. This is Linden's suggestions: The column on left is minimum requirements. I am looking for something in the $800 range. to give you an idea looking at or Asus with Intel® UHD Graphics 620Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive + 128GB Solid State Drive (i like this one touch screen and 2 in 1) Samsung -
  13. I missed out the 10% discount if you prepay for membership and I don't want to miss changing last name. How or what is the best way to stay on top of Linden events and news??? Thank you! in advance
  14. How will i know when the next meeting will be. Are they having one in July. It seems Lindens policies need to change to more like rl. Any other victims and don't see anything happen please support me. It is just not ok. Sincerely I am :)
  15. I wished head the head industry sold skin that would match mesh bodies and/or vica vesa? Do someone sells skin for head and body? thank you
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