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  1. Just in case some one needs help with this I will give what I have learned. If you have an older version of lelutka head, one that you can't update, well you kind of out of luck. It is just as if you are just starting new. i.e. ew skins, makeup etc. So I am looking at other heads and leaning towards Catwa for their animation. I have took lots of picture of my current head side, front, top , close up on nose etc. then it will be just working the slides to get it close. I hope my question has helped. The people who answered me where amazing and lots of great advice.
  2. Thank you all for replying. I was very afraid of trying on demos. My first few months in sl where trauma making lol I didn't know saving outfits would save body etc. BUT I have learned and have tried on Demos. My future will be having lots of work of comparing and making adjustments. Love the SL community thank you all
  3. I haven't found anything form Lelutka. My guess is just add the new head on? But just don't want to do something stupid or I worrying way to much ha
  4. I hope you don't mind how do you upload the picture and add it to the sim? thank you
  5. That is awesome! never thought of uploading the picture of my old head and applying them on a prim. to compare Thank you!
  6. No worries at at all to you and Gabriele. Still very grateful for your help!
  7. Sorry for the confusion my understanding there is no update to the origins Lillith said it best. So I was going to buy a new head revolution and try to make it look like my original But Bree gave an alternative that i didn't know about.
  8. Well I always want the latest and greatest but the main issue was the animations.
  9. So it is easy switching heads? or do you save the outfits? thank you even thou i have been in sl for 2 years i still am noob
  10. Oh that is a bummer What if i buy an Axis hud? would that detect or map out my old then just match numbers from the Axis Hud on new? and Thank you For responding!!!
  11. I have the Chloe lelultka head and want to update it (for the animations) to the latest (buying the latest). I have saved all the ratios to my old head. Is there away after finding similar head that I can come close? What suggestions? What or Can i lose my current head? I and my friends would be crushed!!!! Sincerely Sammie
  12. I had the same issues!!! Chic and Rowan are right. I think that is the same for eyes as well?
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