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  1. i tried the demo for one and messed around with shapes and skins till i found a look i really liked, i was nearly ready to buy the head but when i switched on my ao i noticed all of the animations seemed to warp and twist the neck really unrealistically. i tried this on three different mesh bodies and with all my animations and this bad interaction continued. the only time this does not happen is when i'm using the stiff default SL ao. i tried switching off head animations in the hud but i'm pretty certain that's just for stopping the facial expressions. this doesn't happen with my catwa head so i believe it must be some issue with the lelutka one. does someone know a way to get past this?? sorry if it's a newbie sounding question i'm just feeling really bummed and want a way to make the head work without having to confine myself to no movements.
  2. Hi all, I picked up the free Lelutka EvoX head, which is gorgeous, but I cannot figure the eyes. Can someone help? What am I doing wrongly? Image attached. https://gyazo.com/b21cb8c7c61cfe85ea2eb9dba348ed3c Body is LucyBody with BOM applier. I've set the Lelutka head to BOM. Whatever combo of eyes/face/skin produces the same result. I've been banging my head against this all day Thanks so much for any help.
  3. Times are tough. Have you noticed fewer shoppers in SL's in-world stores recently? The pandemic economy is forcing many of us to pay more attention to how, when, and why we spend money. With that in mind I looked at the cost today to upgrade a system avatar to a bento one. Maitreya body - L2750 Lelutka Evolution head - L3990 Stealthic hair - L300 ItGirls shape/skin - L990 That's a total of L8030, which at today's exchange rate would cost USD $35.67. Some people add personals, which would cost: Lotus nipples - 299 VAW ***** - 825 or 1200, average 1013 Bringing us to a new total of L9342, which today would cost $41.50. THEN add new clothing, because some of your system avatar clothing may no longer work. These are just examples of some options used by me and my alts, so of course the cost to you can vary widely given your individual choices. Whatever our choices, in the end this is a lot of money. For many of us then we must also add rent, house, furnishings, and more. Things are really beginning to add up in an ironic art-imitates-life sort of way. What have you done to lower your expenses in SL?
  4. Slept On Sales: Week 18: November 24 - 27 55 - 99 L$ & FREE GIFTS 🛒Shop 55 - 99 L$ items via our gallery:🛒 https://www.bingesl.com/sleptonsales 🎁 Receive FREE 0L$ Premium Group Gifts (0 L$ to join):🎁 https://www.bingesl.com/sl-free-gifts JOIN THE LELUTKA HEADS GIVEAWAY (4 Winners) ✨ Join the FREE LELUTKA Heads Giveaway:✨ https://www.bingesl.com/lelutka-head-giveaway
  5. Hi, I don't know where to put this, but anyone else seeing that the LeLutka region is down? I tried TPing there but it gave me a "region doesn't exist or is temporarily unavailable" error. Edit: Lelutka is back up as of this edit.
  6. Hello everyone, Firstly, I apologise if this is not the correct area to post, but I am now a little desperate for someone to come forward with the right information. I have messaged a handful of users for leads on where to find this particular tattoo; an LM, shop name, creator, or anything else that might help find it. I have gotten nowhere this way. I have had lots of kind and generous residents in the Nanite Systems group however point me in directions of stores with similar products, but nothing is as interesting to me as this one tattoo. It looks to be a Lelutka EVO X bom tattoo, only guessing from the head meshes alone. It also seems to be a recent item, as much of the advertisements and users who I sometimes see wearing it (who, to my dismay, do not reply to my plea) have been from this year and sooner. If you have any other locations except for: the Contraption Sci-Fi store, nor the CURELESS store, please let me know. They are not the same products as this, and I have looked over the MP thrice for clues. Please help!
  7. Click Here For Pictures Of The Example hey everyone fairly new to second life like by 4 weeks, I took a step further and got the Kaya lelutka head, however.. nobody seems to have this issue and so maybe there is no fix for it? my head before this was an LAQ head and had custom system eyes, when I put the eyes that came with the Kaya head on, my system eyes are up high and poking out of the upper eyes a bit. so it seems I either have to deal with this or change over to the system eyes.. is there any fix for this??
  8. just as the tittle says.. the first was double eyes and now.. I am building my LeLutka Evo X head and wanted some eyebrows.. the person on market place had a demo and so when I opened it there were BOM brows which add and done, there was another thing that was a HUD that had the same brows in it except it was point and click, now how do I remove the eyebrows now?? they just say demo and wont remove when I take the skin off.. so now im stuck with demo eyebrows. help??
  9. After the revolution of the EvoX heads, I've been reminded of the posters Legacy put up at last year's Skinfair, "Legacy X" was supposed to be a similar update for HD skins.Is it my imagination or legacy never had a body update that was up to the level of the EvoX skins? Did they use Clickbait?
  10. This might be a long shot but this store looks like it has gone inactive. Can't find traces anywhere. Has anyone got any idea where this skin is from? That's literally all I want 😩 any help is appreciated thanks everyone!
  11. Hey I need help finding this particular lip ring if anyone could help please. I have tried marketplace even messaging the blogger but nothing. If anyone knows where this came from that would be amazing. Cheers!!
  12. Hi, I would like to use the standard Gianni Body Skin as I like it the best. I own the Gianni Body and the Lelutka Skyler Head. And would like to use Evo X. I am now looking for a skin for the face that is Evo X capable and compatible with the standard skin from the Gianni Body. Unfortunately, the Face, which is in the Skyler folder only works with Evo unfortunately not with Evo X. So far I have not found anything. Maybe someone can help me. :) Thanks in advance. :)
  13. So Lelutka came out with a couple of new heads. I’m curious about thoughts. Anybody demo or buy?
  14. Hi, I've been searching for this beard in both the marketplace and in world and I am yet to find it or even something similar. I have already contacted the blogger who hasn't responded yet and I'm hoping anyone here could help me!! It would be greatly appreciated as I have been looking for weeks now 😅 here is the link to the picture: https://slayertanaka.blogspot.com/search?q=1215 Many thanks guys!
  15. Hi all members, Just started adding my face with movements, using Lelutka head 2.5. For some reason my avatars eyebrows, lips and nose are all trembling? Have no idea how to stop the function from happening? Thank You, Belle xoxo
  16. Hi! I'm looking for two things (maybe three?) First would be a male body that doesn't have sculpted abs. I'm trying to go for a chubby dad bod look. So far I've tried Jake an Legacy M and of the two, Legacy M is definitely smoother but still really toned in it's sculpt. I'm using Lelutka Luka if that helps. (Additionally, do any of the male mesh bodies available use BoM?) As for the second thing, I'm looking for a specific type of haircut. Doesn't need to be perfect, it probably won't be, but I'm looking for a loose mohawk with some curls or waves. If it's closer to an undercut, crew cut or sideshave that is fine too, I'm mostly just having a lot of trouble finding hair with the right amount of texture. The closest I've been able to find is Adoness Loki, but when I used the demo it's just so voluminous and looks kind of funny on a male head. Another close one is Action Inkubator Von, but it's pin straight... something between the two would be perfect if it exists! I also am interested in finding this hair: Thanks for any suggestions you can give
  17. Hiya! I’m a longtime SL player, playing for a year or two then leaving for a bit. The last time I had myself a Signature Gianni body and head and life was simple. I just put them on and used the included shapes and skins and that was that. Now coming back into SL (with a new account—don’t ask 🙄), I bought another Gianni body but wanted a more interesting head. So after about two weeks of trying on tons of demos, and cross trying the head demos with tons of skins, I found a combo that appealed to me. I’ll have my Gianni body with the LeLutka Skyler head and “Joe” skin/shape from Not Found. But as much as I like what I have, there’s a few things I wish I could fix. When I add the “Joe” shape two things happen. The first is that the nose becomes small and pert which is a change from the LeLutka Skyler shape nose, which is nicely full. Second, the legs become unrealistically long, again, a change from the realistic proportions of the LeLutka head shape. But I like everything else that the Not Found “Joe” shape does for my looks. So my question is can I open up Change Appearance while wearing the LeLutka shape, note down how all the sliders are set for the nose, then apply those settings to the “Joe” shape? Same thing with the legs? I know I need to save a copy of the shape I would be changing, but is it really just that simple? All these years I’ve played in SL I have always been too freaked out about even touching the sliders because I was afraid of permanently screwing my avatar up. Sorry for being long winded here. I really would appreciate any help, opinions, etc. Thanks!
  18. Hi! I've been looking for a white, grey or light blue BoM skin for Maitreya & Lelutka. I'm also using V-tech but if the skin isn't made for that that's fine. Additionally my Letluka head is Avalon, so evo or evo x will work. The first skin applier included with Maitreya is a great start but it's not BoM (I don't think, at least-- I'm new to BoM but it doesn't seem to be working that way) and plus, I can't match the head to it. I have some extensive mod experience as well so if it's something I need to make myself, just a finger pointed in the right direction towards making custom BoM skins would be fantastic, I've gotten so mixed up and lost trying to learn all of this and find the information I need. Thanks for any help!
  19. They might be made by the creators but the creators don't seem to make skins unless they're all private/personal so I'm asking here just in case. I'm most especially looking for the Bossie one on the left for evo x. Alternatively, if these skins aren't purchaseable, does anyone know of similar ones with a smooth doll-like appearance?
  20. I have the Chloe lelultka head and want to update it (for the animations) to the latest (buying the latest). I have saved all the ratios to my old head. Is there away after finding similar head that I can come close? What suggestions? What or Can i lose my current head? I and my friends would be crushed!!!! Sincerely Sammie
  21. Hi everyone, I am having problems setting up my avatar, I have no alpha ON and the head goes red. I turn the BOM for the head and I get 2 heads. If I add Alpha on for the head it crashes with the BOM legacy body. Help. https://prnt.sc/10ze4jq https://prnt.sc/10ze5tn
  22. Hello. A new resident still learning SL. I am trying to use all BOM as this appears to be more user friendly to those of us who haven't lived that applier life. I have a Lelutka Lake 2.5 Evolution Head - BOM is on. My skin for head and body are all BOM with a no eyebrow option (Eudora Beauty, I think.) Right now, I'm using the eyebrows in my Lelutka HUD. I use high quality Stealthic and Doux hairs and my eyebrows (and sometimes my lashes, depending on length) cut into my hair. I understand items hair, eyebrows, and lashes use opacity maps and blending that can make one another cancel out or sections disappear. Is there anyway with my BOM system to fix this or do I have to live with it? Perhaps I should buy BOM brows seperately? I have done a forum search but it seems like most questions are applier questions on older heads on non-BOM skins. FYI: I've recently learned my computer is not ideal for every aspect of SL graphics, so I suppose this could be a rendering issue as well? Not sure. Pretty ignorant so far. Please see the image below. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks so much - C 🦊
  23. Hi, My name is Candy. I am an aspiring model in second life. Interested to work with photographers and creators. I am currently using Lelutka head and Maitreya body. SL username:- mspinkshoes Mail Id:- mspinkshoessl@gmail.com Instagram Id:- https://www.instagram.com/_mspinkshoes_/ Attaching my photos below. Please let me know if you are interested to hire me as a model. Thank You ♥
  24. I have recently brought the Lelutka head. If i go to the long bar hud menu and click the play button symbol on the left it opens up to me to all the animations. At the bottom it has facial expressions. I can select one at a time and it will play, like a smile or wink. How do i set it so my avi will automatically cycle through facial animations with out having to manually go in to the hud and click the one i want. I have looked on lelutka website and there the hud seems very different to mine. Any help much apperciated and Merry Christmas!! Ps besides the above i love my fleur head!
  25. I'm a bit new to Second Life but i learn fast! yesterday i bought a mesh body (-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake) and a mesh head (LeLUTKA Connor Head 2.5). from the start even before buying any skins the head would not match the body no matter what so i tried searching and made sure i hade the glow off or anything that might be causing the issue but no matter how much i try it's not gonna match so i went and tried so many demos for the head and body while making sure it matches the label of each and matching the skin tone but no matter what it always looks strange and you could see it across the room the only thing that helps just a little is when i put my graphics settings to ultra and turn the shadows on! but it still looks off and the shadow shouldn't matter cause i tried the conor head with another body (Legacy body) and it looked perfect even though i had the demo on but i could tell it was matching some people told me it's just the demo makes it looks off so i went and bought tow skins for the jake body which is these: (Stray Dog - Jake Skin - TONE 04) and (Clef de Peau.Body Soft T3 [JAKE] Applier) and both of them don't work on the avatar i have even though the color match there is a neckline that is so obvious and messy and i notice i met a lot of people who have the same body and they have the same issue no matter what and i met a guy who seems he knows his stuff and he told me it's an issue with the jake body cause it's old and he recommended to me to get the Legacy body and he saw my avatar in his pc and on mine by sharing on discord and sending pics and he confirms that my neckline isn't natural whatsoever and most people tell me my neck isn't matching on their screens too and now i'll show you what my avatar looks in some stages of me trying: this is when i tried the skin for the body demo which i ended up buying with the demo head skin for lelutka head for Theo and matching the skins to 04 at the Not Found store and this is what i look in my screen sometimes i could pass as matching perfectly if i turn the shadows on and put it to ultra and zoom a little back! which is not convenient. keep in mind it looks this good when i have the ultra settings on and put the shadows on and the light is soft or not hitting on the neck area or else you could still see the neckline! now i'll show you what it looks on my with ultra and shadows and with lower graphics settings and without shadow and keep in mind the legacy body on the head i own which is conor looked amazing which makes me think it's a jake body issue to be honest cause no matter what head oe skin i try on the legacy body demo it looks near perfect compare to the jake's body from belleza! now i'll show you how it looks with the Legacy body with the same head with ultra setting and with lower setting and with shadows on and off first with (Ultra graphics settings + shadows on) i used midday windlight only: and this is with (Low graphics + no shadows) with midday windlight only as you see with the Legacy body it doesn't matter what graphics settings or if i had shadows on or not it always looks near perfect and i wish i had this result on the jake body as well can someone please help me is it possible to have such good result on the jake body too or is the body itself old and won't work good no matter what!? my aim is to use the Belleza Jake body + Lelutka Conor head cause i already bought them and spent money on them and on skins for the jake body too so is there any way to fix this issue? please help!
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