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What are you watching today?

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My viewing habits have gone off the rails. I watch videos on youtube like a street food vendor making a ham and eggs sandwich, then an episode of Blue Planet. I watched the new IT movie. Still not sca

Because when I flipped on my TV this morning this one popped up. So. Now we move forward.  

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Been watching the X-Files actually. Season 7, can't remember which episodes, but one was about a few teenagers who could move faster than the human eye could see and the other was about a man who was deemed the luckiest man in the universe, but his luck came at the expense of others around him.

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On 10/29/2020 at 7:28 PM, Rat Luv said:

Got off at the third station...might save the rest of the journey for Xmas in case we're all locked down again :)


there is a channel on roku that does this.. I seen it one time and was like, what? So I added it and watched like 20 minutes or so of it thinking it's going to be more than just like riding on the front of a train, but it was just that..

It was actually really soothing, especially when it started raining..

This was like,when we first got Roku.. I was like, wow if this channel is on there, there has to be all kinds of possibilities for any kind of channel to be on there..

I started finding things like the rain channel and all kinds of neat ones after that..

I think they are really neat, plus they work really well for when you are going to sleep.. just take a trip or listen to a storm or anything like that.. they work like a charm. :)

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This is a very odd (and very short) series that I found while perusing Amazon Prime Video.  It is only 2 seasons of 5 episodes each, and each episode is only about 25 minutes long.  All episodes are set entirely within a diner (different diners for each season), with all of the drama/action being comprised of various conversations with a man in said diner.  There series explores the concept of just how far one might be willing to go to get something they desperately want and the domino effects that can happen from chosen actions.  It was entertaining, in an odd way.


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