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What are you watching today?

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2 hours ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

Remember when nude white women started showing up at Portland protests that were supposed to be about black lives...

... yep.


a goal of any movement is to bring about change in the minds of those who are unaware of the plight of the afflicted. And to invite them to make public their support for the afflicted

the more pakeha (white) people who turn up and get vocal about their support for maori is welcome. That pakeha may get focused on by media to titilate their viewers is not the fault of these pakeha people

it is a protest movement. People come to protest. Is not like these protesting pakeha people have taken all the jobs at the government ministry of native affairs

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Hope Frozen 1h 15min | Documentary
Hope Frozen is a 2019 Thai documentary film directed and co-written by Pailin Wedel, together with Nina Ijäs, and released by 2050 Productions. It follows a Thai couple who, after their three-year-old daughter dies of brain cancer in 2015, decide to have her body cryogenically preserved.
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The only things I watch on telly are RuPaul & Great British Bake Off, tho recently got sucked into a mukbang rabbit hole on youtube.   Weird thing about that was I went & found a Korean food supplier & now have a cupboard full of Buldak Topokki & Tonkatsu Ramen. Now I'm watching youtube videos on how to use Blender, for my sins like ... 

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It's my husbands turn to pick today.. I figured it was going to be this movie, since we had just watched the documentary.

So,we'll be watching Miracle, which is about the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic Hockey team..

The documentary was really good.. I'm not much of a sports fan really, but I do love a good underdog story..


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