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  1. I rarely make first contact inworld when I'm at a social sim, such as a ballroom or chat area. And I mean VERY rarely. The two occasions I did this week, I was met with hostility and rudeness, one even saying that I was like everyone else and I should go away. I'd pretty much said hello and commented on the question in their profile "Why do people friend you and then uncheck so you can't see them?". Not sure where the hell that tirade came from lol. So let's try here. Any actual friendly people here that would like to hang out inworld sometime? I've been away and my friends list is pretty
  2. Interesting concept for online forums. Where am I destined to be in my life in 3-5 years time?
  3. I first read the title as Second Life, and sharting 😂
  4. Been watching the X-Files actually. Season 7, can't remember which episodes, but one was about a few teenagers who could move faster than the human eye could see and the other was about a man who was deemed the luckiest man in the universe, but his luck came at the expense of others around him.
  5. I'm Andrew. Making yet another return after a small absence. Something called RL had meddled with my human lol Far from new in SL, but've deffo had some skill fade due to my absence. I should be around more permanently now... depending on if my friends list comes back from the dead *taps screen where my friends list is, just checking it's working* I'm up for great conversation, a good laugh and exploring what's left of SL, seeing what's changed. Hit me up inworld, aye?
  6. In my early days of sl, I remember the little cluster of Midnight sims; Midnight Reflections, Midnight Falls, Midnight Gardens, etc. They've been long gone now, but were among my favourite places to have explored and chilled. Are there any other sims like that out there? Do you think any of them would ever make a come back?
  7. Me first!!! *sprints to the front and jumps onto her lap* Alright let's see... I would like a helicopter, some marbles and a jar of pickled beetroot please and thank you However! Keeping with the topic lol I was going to chill today, but I went for a run with some hill reps thrown in. I now intend to rest lol
  8. Hello to you too lol. No, I'm not impersonating him, thanks very much lol. I'm sure Andrew isn't a trademarked name...
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