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  1. Thanks my personal banking details never hand any problems before, nothing has really changed. My account was hacked and I had to get a new card. Besides that perfect!.
  2. I'm too addicted to virtual and second life to go anywhere. I'm trying to go annual premium again and when I enter my card info to add it to my official second life viewer I get an error. I think the state field is glitching the add card process, because after I add city the field looks like it's blank and i'm to type my state and after I do so I go to the next field which is country and from there it populates the state field with a drop down menu. I've been trying to add my card to my account for 3 days. I put a ticket in with that information. Pretty sure the Add Card Form reference informa
  3. Anyone else having problems enrolling for premium membership or making account changes. It won't let me add my visa card. I'm getting error please try again later for the past 3 days. I put a ticket into today.
  4. I'm sorry for being so blunt. I was overly harsh and I have faith that the second life community is in very smart hands. Everybody makes mistakes we are human, not robots. We are organic, not operating system. I feel my concerns have been addressed. Lindens leveled up 100 levels in my eyes. It would be simple fix to monitor and approve uploads by the community and audit and investigate questionable past uploads and take the action as they see fit. PS I returned my surface pro x when I tried to undo the microsoft insider program, it was like trying to opt out of the apple beta progr
  5. Alls I know is God has given Linden Lab the opportunity to destroy it before it destroys them and they will not get a second chance.
  6. vs recoding all the outdated stuff, get your finance team to refund all lindens as in game only credits to every user account. Delete everything and start over. Second Life Fresh Start, Second World. Monitor and approve uploads and created scripts to prevent child porn, copyright infringement, & hacking. Maybe a catalog of preapproved script ready to use. Good luck.
  7. lol im good at keying, finance, & marketing but coding not so much. I got it to install and it ran though the opening popups like normal then got a popup saying Warning Second Life is unable to detect DirectX 9.0b or greater Second Life uses DirectX to detect hardware and/or outdated drivers that can cause stability problems, poor performance and crashes. While you can run Second Life without it, we highly recommend running with DirectX 9.0b. Do you wish to continue Yes or No Yes! yes a thousand times YES! Error Second Life is unable to run because y
  8. I noticed that this post was linked to premium plus. Just to be clear I would not pay premium plus for this. I use my Surface Pro X on wifi mostly and I do not believe support of non intel chip devices should be made to pay for advancing technology. Other program builders do not do it. With this update loyal users can more easily show off to friends which would offset any expenses and ultimatly produce revenue beyond your wildest estimates. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool in the universe. If this happens would need to also consider referal point system that can be converted i
  9. You're a Angel! Lindens yw. Oh and um let me know when you would like me to test it for bugs, promise ill be nice.
  10. The windows 10 home insider preview build 21277.rs was only recently released about a week ago which allows most programs to run on the Microsoft Surface Pro X. The future is here. Here's the youtube instructions on how to update your Surface Pro X [im guessing second life wont run on this non intel chip but hopeful that it will some day] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6agbxgChiw
  11. Wonder whos ARM i have to shake to compile such a beast. Looks like many SL users seek a true Second Life Mobile experience. Take SL anywhere 4GLTE with the Windows Surface Pro X the only mobile pc with built in 4GLTE. Second Life Anywhere echos anywhereanywhereanywhere
  12. My normal gsming pc had an accident with a sledge hammer under the cover of darkness in my basement after hours of torture and well I see many higher end games running the SQ1 chip and so after the recent update to windows 10 64 bit "app" support via the developer insider program wondering if my surface pro x powerhouse with built in 4GLTE mobility is too fast for Linden Lab? and if so when perhaps a viewer for the ARM SQ1 might be availabe? I noticed that viewer requirements call for intel and well after my official windows insider update finishes updating on my Surface Pro X will see if the
  13. I think so, I love events and take a ton of them always practicing but they are soo tiny even on my 52 inch ultra hd4k... ;)
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