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  1. I think so, I love events and take a ton of them always practicing but they are soo tiny even on my 52 inch ultra hd4k... ;)
  2. agree they are historic i think they need direction to other historic official protected places with notecards with direct to educators. with few direction to resources. I got lucky and rant into someone who told me about the ivory tower near bay city. Natoma Region in Lots of talented people self learning and I have them to be very greatful for go pathcutting hollowing out and I forget the other for my favorite object the tarus can make perty jewelry or build castles, try out your ai army. I have some very awesome clients.
  3. hence linden home offices fully furnished lets be real it's time to furnish the homes so people don't have to go gray and mental learning to place a fing fridge when they first start. the contents creation packs and mole gifts are lovely i use them all the time. I collected them all. but it would be so nice if a theme was semi furnished so users can learn quicker. Edit: Adult & Private a place to focus on beauty and creation for projects without toggling. To bring gifts to this world perhaps a privacy sandbox theme water and land and different combos. I miss Cape Florida and Reality
  4. I'd like model test cash so never have to leave this grid. off grid building space warehouse to chill and relax and create upload zillion test models until it's just right. Incentive to boost economy with new creations. marketplace is easy enough to list although some do complain the listing folder structer is bit much to take in and I still think mp earnings recevied is donated to list of vetted charities such as st judes childrens hospital.
  5. This is the Gene Wilder interview: Don't watch it press play minimize and listen. I laughed and cryed several times. He's a beautiful person.
  6. Update: Info Hub Behavior has leveled up a few times (noticable positive improvement) with regard to user behavior. Until we all can realize that we all are kind smart people will we never have peace. Balance is good I live at an info hub several of them. With my new friends and people I consider family. I have to apologize for being so cruel at times. I was not in a good place. I recently listened to an interview with Gene Wilder (you know willy wonka, dr. frankenstein) He only made a hand full of films because he did not like where the industry was going with foul language in mov
  7. maybe a random gives away for random shoppers, earn cash back would be great.
  8. Yah true but I don't have a premium member but prolly spent 100USD past week. Love the Gatcha resells. and so i'm wondering if by shopping can I earn perks.
  9. LL do love their mazes. Seek the originals you will find what your looking for. Follow the yellow brick road. Tip: I've had the same problem. Here's what i've found join groups you are interested in. You will often get party invites through the group chat. I only have groups to get party popups never use for general conversation. I've made so many friends in the past week doing so. You'll meet a lot of cool people and will find exactly where you belong at just the right time. Have costumes for every occasion or event by saving appearances, get creative. So far i've been to MissSL2020, Bu
  10. Who hasn't been gifting them? the amount of work and stress to keep this world alive and growing. I would say yes...
  11. Maybe a mandatory Rules Hud for official protected areas that can detect repeated pushing & banned words (based on ratings) with warnings, and repeat violators auto reported? I was more so looking for solutions and less being treated like a non resident step child, none-the-less, it's good to know that I'm not the only user who sees a problem with info hubs and not the only user with issues..
  12. I was slightly drunk when I created this post. 100% sober with JIRA issues. I forgot all the good this platform does and I malfunctioned. My next forum post was going to be should Linden Lab remove the public forums or limited forum replies to 100 character max or have the ability to customize reply length. I'll pass on that one. Cheers.
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