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What are you watching today?

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I've been watching some amazing whale videos.. I just love the whole whale species..

I think they are the most fascinating creatures on the planet.. They all can communicate with each other..Dolphins killer whales, whales and so on..

These are just a few really amazing videos I've seen today..

I just really love killer whales.. I love them all but Orca are so amazing how they adapt to situations and figure out how to get something done.. like that one video where they figured out how to get a seal off the ice..

These two videos are really cool I think.. I just think they are so amazing.. About the only time they have killed humans is while they are in captivity..

They wouldn't embed so it's just the links, but it's an Orca pod that keeps checking out these two Kayakers..I think that would be so awesome..



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Here are a couple recommendations if anyone needs some (recent releases only)

  • Raised by Wolves (sci-fi)
  • Lovecraft country (fantasy, tackling problems like racism and sexism with quite a few historic references, post WW2 US)
  • The Boys (this is just nuts, super heroes but with a twist)
  • The Alienist (unconventional detective storyline placed in US, sometime late 19th century)
  • Hitler`s circle of evil (docu series)

and yes I`m looking forward to this new rendering of Dune, seems like they stuck to source material!

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I'm gonna go lay down and watch, Mr Right..

Sam Rockwell is one of the most funny guys out there.. I just love his unique style of humor...

He was so hilarious in Seven Psychopaths when he was acting out the shootout.. hehehehe

He's really funny in this movie as well..


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Here's the takeaway:


The TL:DR is it's over - if you aren't Tesla, you've got no chance.

For the layperson who just thinks of stickers and nothing more, that $25k car will do it.

But the real reason is that 4680 battery and... using table salt to make batteries out of lithium lying ALL OVER THE GROUND all over the US southwest... cutting out the 'rare earth elements' aspect.

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In my 20s I saw as much Bergman as was available, mostly at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead (popular with students and Hampstead intellectuals).  Elements of this film (Wild Strawberries) haunted me for years after I saw it.

YouTube will not allow embedding of this link.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR4Of1LZ26Y


Wild Strawberries.png

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