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  1. I still do sometimes I'm not sure people can get more than your IP that way, though? And isn't that just landowners? I agree though, I discovered some great music through SL. I also heard enough of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, "Alcohol" by Millionaires and that "Wanna be an avatar" song to last me a lifetime
  2. (Just a polite reminder...please don't turn it into a right vs left thing or call people names like 'dumb'...I don't want to be thread police but you know they will lock the thread if it becomes political and turns into insults. Also, there will be loads of vaccinations rolled out in the next few months so this thread might be a neat place for people to talk about them as they get them...peace )
  3. I'm not really pro-royal (I don't care, really). But I'm not sure I'd like a president instead...look how much politicans swindle and cheat! At least the Queen is open about spending a zillion on refurbishing her yacht...not fiddling expenses so she can put another jacuzzi in her house, and then yelling on TV about corruption
  4. It's mixed, IMO. Some are really proud of the royal family...others don't notice they're there, apart from when they're in the news. Or when the Queen talks to us on TV at Xmas The UK media loves some of them (the Queen, Kate, William) and others not so much (Andrew, Camilla, Meghan)
  5. Here you go https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/599Ls-Elite-Elegant-RunWay-boxed/1058776 ETA: I'm sure that's a resell item so have a hunt around, you might be able to find one cheaper.
  6. Very sad to see all the violence in Northern Ireland this week
  7. To be fair, dozens of SL clubs included 'VIP' in their member tags. It didn't mean those people had access to a roped off skybox and special treatment I would say it's mostly on the hosts to greet - the DJ might be lining up tunes.
  8. Not so much laughing at others but at your secret self...I LOVE Limmy's Show. This was me at school
  9. @Gopi Passiflora I think I do too! I think the thing that's made me laugh more than anything is Alan Partridge...and that's laughing at the most cringe, terrible person ever Maybe you have to be from the UK to get it. What do you mean by 'cute' humour, though? I don't know if it counts, but I think Mean Girls is a classic
  10. I forgot プ = pu, not bu (not that I'd have got it right anyway!) I should probably make the most of this free time and go back to this, instead of messing around on SL...
  11. This really varies! I don't think there's a right or wrong answer, just personal preference. It can be cheesy, like a wedding DJ, if they talk too much. Though if a DJ's funny or creative, and NOT just saying "Don't forget to show my host some Linden loving" it can work. There used to be a soul place where the DJ would talk and tell us a bit about the history of the songs, which was great. And I used to work late night shifts with an American vampire DJ who was so grumpy it was hilarious...he would just say "Going out for a cigarette, so here's a long one" or "Contest board'
  12. Proper posh people like me and Garnet drop the 'shire' The UK law says - Heinz tomato for bacon, HP brown for sausages and Worcester for cheese on toast
  13. If it's anything like Marmite I'll happily chicken out of that too! 😵
  14. Gopi, if I got chased by a flipping tiger I would run..if that make me a chicken...bwuck bwuck 🐔😅
  15. "Foreign cash bureau"? (Sorry, am bored and trying to see if I remember Katakana! ☺️)
  16. I used to host and speaking personally, it creates problems when people have a dispute in local chat...it would be better to IM the host and say "This guy is being creepy", or just mute him. Otherwise, it becomes a public issue and people who come to hang out and relax are suddenly watching a load of drama unfold, and decide to leave. Less traffic = less club tips = fed-up owner I would personally have handled it differently, but I don't think the staff were picking on you...you also have to consider that some people make fake claims about being abused on IM to get others in troub
  17. That is a good point and could be an interesting thread by itself! I think some people really don't understand that, though. It's not just about dating, sometimes I see people get furious over bots, or a neighbour rezzing a house they don't like, and think "Is it really that important?"
  18. I don't know if everyone does, though? I'm not talking about me and you or most people on the forums...some people do fall hard and get messed up. But I do totally support people's right to not explain themselves or their RL!
  19. Oh I agree - I didn't mean myself so much, but I know people who got into SL relationships that turned out to be fake, and got really hurt by it. I had a very close male friend and he got jerked around by someone, and he eventually quit SL 😩 I actually think SL is one of the least worst platforms for this. There is no rule, just do whatever you feel comfortable with...
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