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  1. Yes the Cornfield was real...I knew someone who was sent there for a week for being naughty πŸ˜ƒ Apparently a Linden would come in and hang around and talk to them each day. It was inactive for a while and then opened to all residents one Halloween with Torley doing a guided tour ☺️
  2. It's supposedly Fishii Sim...if you go up to 4000m there you might hear an ex-user who died, still talking on mic. But that's just what I was told and is probably rubbish πŸ˜‚ It was an urban myth on SL at the time, when I was hanging around with someone who lived on the parcel next door. That sim did have a weird vibe though.
  3. This has been a constant during this crazy year...brings back memories of May-September and talking to my nan and friends most days..and it was so cool not having to travel into the office 😊 And just so nice playing this first thing in the morning when it was really sunny and I could forget my Corona worries for a bit
  4. Guess you know the dead user at 4000m on Fishii story?
  5. My grandad had a Skoda! Was very embarrassing πŸ˜…
  6. Weirdly enough got told this joke this evening: A man gets a taxi to a bar. On the way, the taxi driver says, "Here's a riddle: A man looks at a photo and says: 'Brothers and sisters have I none / but that man's father is my father's son'. Who is it?" The man says "I don't know!" And the taxi driver says "It's me!" The man says "Oh, that's a good one, I'll remember that!" So he gets out and goes to the bar and starts talking to the bartender and he says: "Here's a riddle! A man looks at a photo and says: 'Brothers and sisters have I none / but that man's father is my father's so
  7. Another pet peeve - soil on mushrooms ☹️ Why can't the mushroom farmer clean it? You wouldn't expect a car dealer to sell a brand new car with bird poo all over the windscreen ☹️ Why does the mushroom customer have to clean it off??
  8. @halebore AeonWe have also had trains cancelled because leaves were on the line πŸ˜‚
  9. We had snowfall in London a few years ago and all the buses and trains got cancelled...I walked to work and the only other person who made it into the office was from Nova Scotia and he told me "This is a joke...I've had to shovel my way out of the front door and Brits can't even shovel the road?" πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚
  10. Oh OK well, I have nothing to complain about in the UK, LOL. I have heard about Swedish winters... I guess the morning thing doesn't bother me so much personally as I've been working from home since March. But I liked going to the park for my exercise at lunchtime and at 5pm too, and am not so keen going out after dark. But it also makes a lot of sense for people going out to work early morning, especially if they're driving.
  11. First world problems...but I don't understand why we have to put the clocks back, and especially this year ☹️ Would a bit more light in the evening be so bad?
  12. Carrie and Scream too ☺️ This is silly but also fun - I saw it at a cult horror film club in London
  13. I've heard so much about this, I really need to get round to watching it.
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