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  1. Flipping mosquitos...another one got me tonight ☹️
  2. Must admit...have been to a couple of live sets just to see people, and was actually listening to The Cure on iTunes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Yes, I had a very good friend on SL who died. We swapped RL addresses (she was in the US) and posted each other birthday gifts in RL (both Geminis ♊) and even talked about meeting one day. We had loads of spooky RL coincidences too… She never mentioned she was seriously ill ☹️ But looking back, she would have rather have jumped under a bus than admit to being upstaged by dodgy cells 🙂 I never really thought about a SL ceremony or memorial…after her parents contacted me and told me she'd gone, I just felt numb and was unable to enjoy SL at all, so I quit for a while. I didn't know th
  4. Relief for me too! 😅 This happened to me twice this week, walking around a (busy) sim, and in a car. Forward and backwards worked fine, but I couldn't move left or right. But after a relog, everything was OK.
  5. Just my opinion…but I think if people stay away from clubs because they feel obliged to tip but are saving their money for tier or MP, the lost traffic will have a worse effect than a missed 50L or 100L would! And just because somebody doesn’t tip on one night, it doesn’t mean they never will… If you’re a DJ, manager or host, you surely don’t expect everyone who comes in and out of the club during a 2-hour shift to tip anyway? Or you’ll be disappointed if you do! Me and my friends would sometimes hop around 7-8 sims in one night. If I’d tipped staff at each one, I would have hit $0L
  6. Nooo... you don't need to apply for anything if you want to DJ on SL. I can't think of a single SL DJ who had to do this, or any SL club that needed a 'licence'. Trust me on this.
  7. Has anyone seen this? Very rude not to offer a lift on the back seat!
  8. Very sad news 😪 Just been to the landmark at Ebbe Tide for the memorial gathering, but I must have missed it.
  9. Nothing to see here - peeves blow over 🙂 Was in sympathy with Silent and Rowan, not aimed at them 🙂
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