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  1. Dropped some food on the floor, picked it up and ate it But now I am paranoid she might have spat in my soup!
  2. The 'no devil' thing is Zyngo...there used to be a devil window that would flash up and delete 50% of your score (and an angel that would increase it by 50%), which drove people nuts, so they removed it to attract more players. But it was pointless, as you'd have to spend a billion Ls playing it to get a 100L win anyway, devil or not Really don't see the appeal of gacha either...
  3. I haven't had any problems myself, but have heard some horror stories. Sadly there are people out there who will spend a week searching Facebook or Linked In to 'get someone back' for ejecting them from a SL club
  4. Since I had mine, I must admit, people start shouting "Hello? Hello? I can't hear you?" every time I walk past
  5. This is interesting! I'm not sure about the magic going away when you see RL pics. I only swapped pics a few times but even though they looked different to their avatars (me too, lol) I could still 'see' them as the avatar, if that makes sense? I agree with what Rowan said earlier, the thing that did kill the magic for me was when someone you thought you knew started behaving in a completely different way, like suddenly being nasty...then I'd worry about any RL info I'd given..
  6. And in the case of one person we knew...falling asleep at the PC and snoring at 1am
  7. Oh, it was really easy for me! When I was going to a vampire wedding on the Moon, I wanted to BE Rat going to a vampire wedding on the Moon I didn't want to be watching Rat on the Moon while having a RL chat, "You sound more Australian...what part of London? My wife lived in London for three months, did you meet her? I'm having a cheeseburger for tea"
  8. LOL, me too Have you ever seen this Irish martial arts movie?
  9. I don't know much about games or game music, except for Sonic, but I'm glad this thread got revived because I recently discovered this...and it is INCREDIBLE! It's from an '80s game but sounds like a really depressed Crystal Castles going full goth. That bit at 0.51 when the 'bass' comes in! 😵 And the last minute is so eerie and sad. There is also a metal cover on YT but it's a bit meh IMO and doesn't sound anywhere near as spooky. Though if you prefer metal to chipcore, maybe you'll enjoy it?
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