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  1. It was "I'm very scared for this world...I'm very scared for me" - which is from a song called You Are The Everything...but I really know so few of their songs besides the two you mentioned!
  2. Oh, I saw the Lincoln "99%" one on someone's profile inworld IRL, I once took a pic of some graffiti on a wall in New Orleans and shared it on IG, and everyone was like "Yeah, love REM! I didn't know you were a fan!" I thought, I had no clue it was REM lyrics I was a bit disappointed it wasn't a street poet
  3. This is about the third or fourth time I've felt like wanting to wipe my history after clicking on certain threads 🤢
  4. Make friends with scripters...fast Find abandoned land with rez permissions and build a skybox (Rat has fallen 3000m and landed perfectly, so I know I won't be killed if I fall from a height ) Start up a profitable taxi service for anyone else who has been isekaied and is worried about teleporting 🚖 Probably drive my taxi over a sim crossing and crash in the sea and die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Me too, I loved sploders...I do like a flutter 🤑 Or the 2L per question trivia machines...the questions used to repeat, so I memorised so many facts about US baseball just to get the money...and can't remember anything about it now 😉
  6. These are the types I encountered the most Someone was always leaving full bright red and blue prims in the public sandbox, which made this horrible loud alarm noise...🙉 And flooding the sandbox with cubes of Mario and Bill Cosby, and some other guy with a beard? I remember one day sitting on the roof at a store called Pixeldolls while a group of griefers were orbiting everyone who came in...I could see shoppers whizzing past me into the sky with their legs and arms flapping Well...I suppose it was quite annoying, but it was also a bit funny to watch...
  7. @BagnuYou need to sort out your reporters, you're missing all the best stories!
  8. It's not something you would just have a 'passing interest' in, though? "I like Victorian RP, I've always loved the clothes and household items, but it's not practical for me to buy them IRL...so SL Victorian sims fill that gap!" "I'm a firefighter in a RP community, it's just a bit of fun in the evenings and helps me unwind after work and meet new creative people!" "Oh, I like to go on SL and RP being a nonce...just RP though, I don't care for child abuse IRL!"
  9. I preferred Bladerunner to the Androids book, but only because I'd seen the film twice before and really liked it, and the book is so different, especially Roy Batty's character...but it is the first place I ever learned about kipple The Man In The High Castle is SO much better as a book than the series, though...👍
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