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  1. You cant change the uuid of your avatar yourself. Only LL can change the uuid of any item directly. So no you cant change your uuid to get off of someones block/mute list or off of some group/sims ban list. And unfortunately it also means if someone uses one of those login notifiers to track you, you cant stop that either.
  2. I believe real restraint has some rope harness's that work similar to open collar. not sure about the communities to look for though.
  3. I would have to disagree that it would be ok to do. Just because you enter a group or sim does not mean you are giving consent to anyone in that group of sim just by being there. If anything that club needs to provide an opt-out option where anyone that doesnt want to be monitored can be asked not to be. In fact you can contact the sim owner and tell them you dont give consent and that you revoke any implied or assumed consent that they have tried to take from you. The worst case is they will kick you or ban you from coming back to the sim. If they dont and they continue to try and monitor you, You can report them for breach of ToS at that point. No individual outside of LL has the right to arbitrarily modify anyones right to consent for any reason, be it in a group or sim. You cannot force consent to be given or imply consent is given or assume consent is given just because you entered an area or group ever, that is not how consent works and never was. Sign or not post or not local message or not consent doesnt legally work that way. You always have the right to revoke consent to monitoring, at most all they can do is tell you to leave and not come back. At which point you tell all your friends and anyone else about the group/club/sim and what they do so less people go there. Once it gets around word of mouth that people are being monitored against their consent less people will go there over time and the place will die out.
  4. Its quite simple how I manage mine. If you have not made any efforts to talk to me in more than a month you get deleted. If I am the one that always has to initiate the conversation every time you will get deleted in a few months. If I keep trying and you dont respond back ever, you get deleted sooner. Its called a friends list for a reason, its for friends to keep in contact with each other. if either side of that equation is not holding up to their end of the deal then there is no friendship and they no-longer deserve to be on the list anymore.
  5. No its not really possible to fake being offline, for anyone sharing any groups you are in can always see if you are online or not even if you set yourself as offline to everyone else.
  6. If you get annoyed by necro posts, you seriously need to get over yourself and learn to just deal with it, these forums are not here just for your enjoyment and do not have to function how you want to keep you happy. if you dont like it then dont read the forums anymore, stop thinking your views or desires about how the forum should work is any more important than anyone else, they are not and never was or will be. tough luck, grow up stop acting like an entitlement minded little child upset that something is not going your way.
  7. Nope you cant block reactions. Its not possible on these forums. All you can do is turn of notifications which mean you wont know if anyone reacts to your posts at all. You cannot censor another persons reactions to your post, so you just have to deal with it.
  8. I agree, there is no implied or auto consent just because a collar is worn or rlv is on, this is a misconstrued myth that has been long perpetrated here in sl. Collar+RLV+sub_role=/=auto or implied or blanket consent by any means to everyone. Even if stated in the profile it doesnt mean it. If it was not asked for, consent was not given. It cannot be taken by anyone automatically no matter the sim or group ever. Anyone with any real experience in bdsm and not just a fan of the '50 shades of abuse' movies and books knows this.
  9. Are you new to the RLV experience? Has someone told you stuff that just didn't seem right? Knowing what RLV is and what it does is the key to keep you from being taken advantage of. Yes there is users of RLV that look for the RLV ignorant and play games that can cause stress and drama for you as sad as it is. RLV stands for Restricted Love Viewer it is a feature in your viewer that gives others, object and furniture control over your avatar. Most use this as BDSM based play or just plain kinky sex. RLV can be fun if you like the loss of control, it can be light or extreme, whatever level you are comfortable. I wont go into the details of exactly how it works, my knowledge is basic but I can help you sort out the truths with the untruths. Lets start off with some myths and go right to busting them: 1. You are in control of RLV, your viewer and what happens while you are under anyones control. You can turn off RLV by: Firestorm: Go to your tabs and click AVATAR>PREFERENCES>FIRESTORM, then the Tab of Extras, the first check box is " Allow Remote Scripted Viewer " uncheck it to turn off, you can even do this before you even log in, when your viewer comes up on your PC screen, up in the left corner is two tabs, one of them will have preferences, look for the same tabs and you can turn off RLV. relog and fix yourself, turn back on RLV, Tp to a diff sim and relog. 2.The biggest myth of all time is " If you turn off RLV for any reason it's cheating!" I have to laugh at this, it's only cheating if you are under someones control that mean something to you, like a Dom/Domm Spouse/partner ETC. and you turn off RLV to " Cheat" them out of the control you gave them. It is ok to turn off RLV if you get stuck on furniture, object or some asshat put you there but forgot to release you or just put you there to be a dick.It's not cheating to help yourself out of a situation. 3. Ok some person at some sim gifted you a collar or gave you one and locked it on you and now poofed or says he owns you.. blah blah blah, unless you like that, you can turn off RLV, relog, take off the collar, toss it in the trash, turn back on RLV and relog home. 4. You put someone as a owner with out realizing they had total power over you in the collar. You can runaway, if you cant touch the collar to get into the menu just use /prefixrunaway the jerk will be notified but I can promise you, they wont really care, they did it to a million RLV users already. What the prefix is is your name initials, either the first and sec letters or the older ones was your first initial and your last name initial, if you don't have one just use your first two letters. so it would look like this /gerunaway on newer collars or /gorunaway if on older versions Never put someone you don't know very well as collar owner, best to add them to trusted, that way you still have executive power is things don't work out but they still can control you. If they get mad about you not putting them as a owner, that should be a reg flag to you, don't do it just to make them happy, remember YOU are in control. 5. As far as Linden Labs is concerned RLV is consensual and if someone insists on griefing/harassing you using RLV, turn it off, it's ok, nobody is going to belittle you for doing it, we have all been in situations just like that at some point of time. Most RLV collars have a way to blacklist someone off it, or you can turn it to only a group or private setting. Leaving your collar open to the public does not have to be intimidating, it can be fun, just knowing how to handle situations makes it less dramatic and getting out of stuff a snap. 6. There is so many ways someone could abuse the RLV system and put you to a serious disadvantage, you can ask for help. Join RLV support groups, creators groups, someone will help you fix your collar, get you off something you're stuck on. 7. Make back ups of your collars, put in a separate folder. Make sure they are set the way you want or you will be messing with the settings all over again. A lot of older sl account doms here will purposely find and toss on a collar on someone who is new to RLV/SL in general, why is this common, because these guys prefer ignorance over experience, they can tell you something and you a slave/sub will believe them because you did not know any better and that is how RLV myths are formed. Ask them if they ever managed a real submissive, mostly likely they will say" Yes" how do you know that, honestly the number game is very much against what they tell you. In the end more than likely once they collar you, they slowly will get tired of you and either log in less and less or just claim they are busy. All SL doms do and will ditch their slaves/subs because neither of you established basic common likes and dislikes past BDSM.If the only thing holding you two is your leash, a collar and sucking ***** in a cage, you're pretty much setting yourself up to be hurt. It is ok to play a submissive and not want a owner, it is ok to like the capture game, move from one dom to another for sex, we all have our comfort zones, nothing wrong with what you like. Being safe and feeling ok with things is never wrong.
  10. You can only set yourself as offline to your friends. Any group you are in will still show if your online. So no there is no complete method to hide your online status. Which I do think should be possible. I think you should be shown as offline even from the server or groups to prevent anyone from using a script to track if your are online if you choose to show as offline. The only way to hide it is to hide your groups so only those in your groups can see if your online or not. But any online notifier system will still let them know when you are online because the server will still show you as online.
  11. My sl relationships are more just akin to friendships. Most of the time we don't communicate or do anything outside of sl. I do have a few that are closer and we actually do talk a little out of sl. But other then those most anyone else I meet is just an acquaintance and treated as such. It takes a lot for me to trust someone enough to call them a friend.
  12. lol.. ok. that is fine. not like I expected anyone to really care because I know most really don't and only use the forums as a means of ego stroking most of the time anyways. i actually decided to go back and read it, i hadnt mentioned it before so now I did. what people do with it is their choice as always.
  13. Necro reply incoming. For those that don't like necro replys get over it and yourself please.. seriously. It seems as if in the most recent version of firestorm the ability to use the wearable favorites folder to add and remove things when inventory is block by rlv was patched out. You cant attach or remove things by that means anymore if your inventory is blocked now. Oh, I cant remember if I mentioned this in the original, you do know that if you set yourself as unavailable you cannot be force teleported by anyone. Same goes if you set yourself as offline. They cant send the tp lure request to you so they cannot force teleport you. just thought I would add that if I didn't state it before. Yes im being lazy and not re-reading my initial post again get over it and yourself please. Stop thinking you or your view or opinion is so great or important, its not an neither are you and neither am I but I am aware of that fact already.
  14. I first read it and thought 'oh a forum for submissives seperate from the adult section? wont the dom's be annoyed they dont have one..*giggles*' but yeah use the jira, and dont hold your breath it might be a hundred years before you see it.
  15. Yep, got to love the people that come here and think they really can trust what someone says on here is true. though one could try and verify by cam or voice, but even that can be faked by a person who really wanted too. voice changers, and getting a friend to do the cam work for the *****s and giggles they both get out of it when they reveal the truth. happens both directions.. I know a few guys here that play as girls and a few girls that play as guys.. sounds more like he is hoping for a long term relationship that might go to rl.. aka using sl as a bdsm dating service.
  16. To the OP, I know of a sim you earn lindens just for being there while class is going on. Most of the time people just stand around and dance or chat. and as long as you talk once every 10 minutes you have a chance to win anywhere from 1$ up to as high as I have seen some win 16$ just for being there and participating in the sim. Since not really allowed to advertise I cannot directly say where it is. toward the afk sims yes they do work, especially if you find ones with active mods that will kick and even ban anyone that tries to just poseball and run and not tip. for there are several that take it serious and do expect people to have the courtesy to tip after playing with the patrons that are there working. you might not make a lot at them and could make more just finding dance events or trivia or sploders at sims with events going on. towards how to make more, that depends on the place and clients that come there. and if you are actually afk or there and rp with them where they might be inclined to pay more. some dont require you to pay anything, they take a percentage out of your tip jar of what you were paid like a tax for using their service. will it make enough to cover actual computer/internet/electric costs.. probably not in the short run and not even in the long run. but that really is up in the air based upon what type of whales go there and how much they might pay for your service. and the avatar that makes the most may vary too depending upon if human or furry or angel or demon.. there is no one avatar that 'will' make the most at all of them. no set gurantee's. so if you are looking to do this as some sort of rl full time job..to pay bills.. dont... lol.. just realized this was from last year originally..
  17. there is one other side to this, the op bought it and has it but just didnt like it and wants their money back so they get something else instead now. and the plea of having so little lindens is a pity plea. they could always go to some sims that have sploders or trivia or linden realms to farm up some extra lindens in their free times. now to this.. that was just awesome you took the time to write that out to explain to someone how to make their own. and they could always probably find a script in the scripts sections of the forums to add particle effects to it for added bling if wanted.
  18. either contact the creator to see if they would be willing to make some sort of deal with you to buy one at maybe a higher price. a lot of gotcha items are meant to be limited amounts to make them more valuable so if lost they are lost, so I wouldnt hold my breath on the creator actually making one available, if they did for you others would harass them about it too, making the item less rare and less valuable to others who bought it. so you might just be out of luck and cannot ever get it and will need to move on.
  19. unfortunately as a few others have said; short of the seller being willing to help you out, which dont hold your breath on it, you will have to wait for ll to sort it out. a friend had this same problem a few weeks back. they tried to buy me a new avatar and send it as a gift and it got sent to them. so its happened before. best idea is contact both the seller and ll about the issue then wait and see what happens.
  20. It densest matter what rl courts think. here in sl.. ll is the courts and has the final say what is allowed or not. this is a private run service, not a public service. they have the right to remove anyone or set the rules of what is allowed to happen here or not. just like your statement would not mean anything on any other forum or service either that was being run by a private entity or company. trust me if you tried that on some of the forums I was on they would have banned you and not thought twice about it. and you being a blogger would have meant nothing either. you cannot imply consent was given by any type of message here in sl. shrink wrap is completely different its a physical barrier. an away message is not. for logs here cannot be used as any sort of evidence because logs can be falsified easily because they are stored on the client computer and can be opened and edited at any point in time. so trying to use a log of is not really a valid or verifiable means of claiming consent was given. honestly a snap shot is not even really valid for even that can be photo shopped.
  21. Actually I know more than just a couple who have are that way. I was just not going to take take the time to try and tally them all up then list the number. It would probably take at least both hands and one foot maybe both or even more; but it was not the point of what I said. the point is that there are a lot that are actually this way in sl.. not a minuscule amount, stop trying to minimize it by making it seem it doesn't happen that often. once any creator becomes to popular their ego begins to grow too far and they become full of themselves. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is what they have because they dont have to worry about any negative feedback or shaming on their listings. in the real world such behaviors would not be accepted by real consumers. and they would not be stopped from shaming someone that had given them poor customer service. toward the possible smear campaign that would all sort itself out over time when the facts were presented by both sides. anyone with any common sense can see right through a smear campaign when its tried. its not that hard to do really. even a high school graduate can tell a con job when its being presented to them with enough facts from both sides. it doesn't take a high level of iq to figure these things out. just some basic common sense. if a creator fears a smear campaign the maybe they need to grow a thicker skin before selling on the mp.
  22. maslows hierarchy of needs. once you reach the top there is nothing more to worry about or need. you do just because you can do, not because you need to do.
  23. unfortunately this is true and true for a lot of places too online.
  24. unfortunately in sl you are not really supposed to rate the creator or the service provided only the product which I find to be a flawed system it allows some creators to be total jerks about what they can do and get away with no possible repercussions because you are not allowed to shame them for how they act or treated you. believe me if i bought a car and it was in bad condition, it would let the seller know and everyone else going to that seller know, so they were not duped or scammed too. I would also let everyone know if that seller treated me with common decency or respect as well or not so people could decide if they want to deal with such a person. the seller would be held accountable for their actions and behavior as well as the condition of the product. there is way too much hand holding in sl to protect the ego's of some of the content developers. if I was selling something I would prefer to know the good and bad about the item, and the good and bad of the personal interaction between me and them. that way if there was any need to improve on customer relations which would possibly help get more sales it could be addressed as needed. but most developers have their heads up their own rear end so far and think they are so special and should be treated special and cannot take any criticism about them or their products. I know of a couple that are like that, but because of the no shame rule cannot even directly mention them here as a warning to others about their behaviors. it shouldn't matter if its a hobby or not. If you are going to sell something here, you should be respectful or expect to be slammed for not doing so or perhaps you shouldn't be looking for an easy sell with no negative responses..
  25. hmm.. the debate of what is sl is fairly simple to answer. sl is a virtual reality simulation platform. aka an interactive novel with visuals and sounds. where anything and everything is possible within the context of the events as written and created by the users of sl. everyone is a god/goddess in sl, with near unlimited powers and potential. the only limits is we cant really control how people act toward us only how we act and respond toward them. everyone else is a npc that is out of our direct control for they can always just mute/block/derender if we do or say anything they dont like, and so can we about anything they say or do too. It is an extension of the human mind and imagination. A chance to be what you cannot be in reality because of one reason or another. Where no one persons views or beliefs or values or ethics or morals or standards is any more important of valid or true or better or correct than anyone else. You can be what you want, how ever you want, why ever you want, because you want. and there is no real consequences for your actions or behaviors that have any real power to change you unless you allow it too. some use it as an extension of rl, and try to act exactly how they would be in rl including how they might look. some use it as just a story in a book or tv show or movie and escape from reality. some use it to be the main character in that story, to be the hero or villain or victim in need of rescue. some use it act out other events that they might be interested in exploring but cannot for one reason or another in rl. Toward RP that is also simple. you are playing a role within a set scene of events that happen in an agreed set manner over a set period of time. such as remaining ic at all times in local when on the rp sim or even at all times when talking to anyone ever, or maybe even remaining ic even in groups or im. you are that character at all times in all situations at all places. you pose in and out of scenes to enter and exit them properly. then behave and act according to what your character is and can do. if hurt you act that out and remain hurt until healed by someone or an agreed time has passed where you are healed or died and etc.. the problem happens is when an rp/ic only person meets a [rp/ic & ooc] person and neither realize what the other is doing until one or the other gets upset or hurt from lack of proper communication between each individual. each had different expectations of the outcome from the meeting/scene/rp. proper, honest, open and truthful communication is key to prevent this. but not everyone will do so. which is why it would be a good idea to read each others profile before ever rp'ing with someone. ask in im if they are a rp/ic only person and explain why you ask or maybe put some sort of indicator in your profile that you are an rp/ic only user. maybe such as #ICONLY or #RPALWAYS. But I doubt hardly anyone would do this because then it gives a person a heads up.. There are some handy tools in sl that actually let a user display a title above them and indicate in that title if they are ic or occ at that time to help alleviate the confusion for some people. but a lot of people wont use them because they like the head games they are causing by not letting someone know if they are in ic or occ when speaking. that is what they are here for to play with peoples minds and emotions and feelings for their own end desires or needs. Unless I am in a strict ic only region/sim I often bounce between ic/occ but that is me. I will break that fourth wall if needed to get a point across if someone is being a possible jerk without first warning that they are an rp/ic only person. if I know they are an rp/ic only I am more than likely not going to get offended what they say or do and play along; but some people like that and want you to do that because it adds to the immersion factor to them and being the type of person they are dont care if you dont like it. they want that real visceral response from you and enjoy that it might have actually upset/hurt you in rl.
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