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  1. its because unlike other companies LL actually tries to be nice and let its employees have the holidays off even if others think that is unfair or wrong because their company doesn't. no two companies in the same field of business have to behave the same ever. even if their customer base want to think or believe or claim different. they are allowed to allow their employees off for the holidays regardless of what sort of service they provide. even places like some nursing homes often cut down to a skeleton crew on the holidays. and many factories completely shut down even their c
  2. totally legit.. i would believe that.. because I have no reason not too unless there is a the smell of drugs coming out of it. or I see the drugs being moved out of it. until then its completely legit and believable.
  3. there are some rp and combat huds that do that. they impose rlv restrictions and even make you faint or fall down if your energy level or stamina goes to low. or make you crawl or walk very slowly until you sleep or eat to regain energy. the nanite controllers impose power limitations on the robots if the battery gets too low. it will prevent movement.. talk.. seeing.. and even tp until you are recharged by someone or your battery is replaced. doll keys have the same effect.. if you let the key rundown you cant move or talk until its wound back up. any of that could be applied
  4. its called misleading advertising to draw in the foolish and stupid, those what will believe what they see is what they get and wont waste time trying on a demo to make sure first. Its a common tactic even with well known advertisers. gota catch em all.. aka get as many sales as possible by any means possible.
  5. eh it will be any islander that is cut of from 90% of the world because getting to and from their location requires extreme means of travel. people really should pay attention to some of the zombie movies out there.. like World War Z.. yes people are not becoming zombies, but the effect is the same in many ways. Oh and the funny thing is.. there is a cure already.. its just not easily retrieved or massed produced. its in the blood serum of those that have already had covid and nearly died and survived.
  6. thats an overly optimistic and unrealistic approach to things. for it could also mutate to an life ending, world ending virus and nothing will stop it until its run its course and there is not enough people left to continue to transmit it between each other.
  7. none taken. being a little hopeful is not bad. but being unrealistically optimistic or hopeful like some get at times is. some people here and else where are not realistically grounded enough and panic at the slightest things that go wrong. the point to my post was do not just believe what you see or hear in the media about any cure and the end to covid, for it might not happen so easily or so quickly. covid could or could not stick around for another year or even longer. It wont be over until its over and we don't really know when that is and don't really have any control over when that
  8. Wrong it does apply even if you don't like it. You're not owed or entitled to anything you think you are.
  9. use it for what ever reason you want. as a prop as part of a conversation or as the avatar itself and run around like some crazy escaped food monster.
  10. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will more than likely be around even in late 2021 and even possibly into 2022. pandemic level viral infections usually don't go away in just a year because they mutate and change and often become more virulent and resistant to any vaccines made to combat them. Until herd immunity is high enough to fight off any changes or mutations its not going away soon at all. And currently herd immunity is very low. For those who do not understand or like this possible outcome.. go and find and play the game Plague Inc. its on android. It will teach you a l
  11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them if all you want is a simple body and simple outfits and don't plan on spending a lot of money on useless outfits and trivial accessories that you probably wont wear all that often. To many people put too much emphasis on mesh or bom or having fully decked out bodies and heads and outfits and just waste a lot of money by doing so to feed their vanity and pride ego and insecurity issues about how they look or how others will see them or think about them. Using one can be cheap an a simple easy upgrade from the standard chosen bodies at
  12. it would not bother me if the home i go to in sl crashes for a day a week or a month, I have other places I can go to and enjoy my time in world. it doesn't matter how busy your life is. you are not important or as special or as entitled as you might want to think you are because your so busy. If you have only one hobby and it gets interrupted because of technical problems that is your own fault. as i said before dont put all your eggs in one basket, if you do its your own fault if something goes wrong. paying for premium does not entitle you to instant service or support the mo
  13. Yep some people will. Because they are hopelessly and foolishly optimistic about things getting better.
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