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  1. Actually some of that has been done in the past. There was a robot revolt once. And even a virus that got loose in the robots and turned all the ikitties into sex crazed machines hell bent on sexing everyone to death basically. there is even history there where some people were changed to units without their consent by the company but this it told to not have been happened by the company. there have been rogue ai and even those paid to capture them. if you ever seen the site for the rp it tells a lot of things. i dont remember the url for it anymore though. with the new sim its going to basically tell the more of the back story of the colony i believe and where the controllers first come from. the company tries to make most think they created them but really they were created from the ancient relics that were found. in fact the heads of the company may even be part of the original lost colony hiding their true identity.
  2. there is a firefly companions guild in sl. as toward the rest you could always use the search function while in world and search for said types of groups.
  3. peeve.. letting my emotions get the better of me and ruining what was a good day.. we dragons are not meant to have emotions...we dont understand this human thing called feelings that well.. they can ruin what was an otherwise good or fun day.. where is the emotional off switch again....
  4. Some are alts that became mains.. they created the alt to get away from what ever they once did or said or allowed to be done to them. Its often easier to to start fresh then try and live down or rewrite the story of the other character. Its often easier to just let that one go/die/fade away and be forgotten then have to remember it all the time or have it remembered. Its often easier to delete that account or send it to its final resting space then continue using it and remembering everything that was done with it. like me..im a alt that become a main.. my original account deleted years ago and even the email with it was deleted so I would have no way to recover it let alone try to remember the name or password. all logs of it deleted. no records of it existing to go back too. no sources of the memories associated with it.. except what wont go away in my head..
  5. There are a lot of reasons why some people make them. For one it might be about playing as something totally different and you dont want that associated with your main account. Some people dont want to be judged by their friends for wanting to explore their more unusual side or tastes. a vanilla main and a kinky bdsm alt. Some use it to spy on friends and partners to see if they are really trustworthy or not. Did they talk about what you said or did. Have they revealed any secrets you told them. Are they being faithful to you. some make alts for specific role play situations, so that it is kept completely separate from their other account. The abusive Master vs the caring and respectable sub. You might be totally vanilla on your main and super raunchy and lewd on your alt. Using an alt lets you explore all the possibilities of the rainbow and not have to worry what others think or feel about you doing so. some use an alt as their builder or test subject so they can see how things look on them. or build without being interrupted all the time and have friends get all upset that they are ignoring them. The good doctor vs the evil scientist. The demure and helpless vs the powerful and demanding. some even make alts to have as their partner so no one will bother them about trying to be that to them.
  6. As an escort you fit the needs of your clients this is understandable. But there are limits on how far that goes. Just because someone is a client doesn't mean they get to dictate all of your looks. Some people here in sl.. like to think it does.. My few outfits or looks are more for my Master to decide what he thinks is right for the situation or place. Only he really gets to decide that for me. If he wants me clothed a certain way or without clothes at all for that time being or if he decides to let me choose. Most of the time that means very little to no clothes on at all.
  7. not really there is a debug setting that prevents the newer updated viewers from just adding the things to inventory by default. it was mentioned by whirly in another thread but I cant remember which one at the moment.
  8. I never said or implied that they had to be one or the other. no putting words into the dragons mouth.. if you read up further you will see where I even linked to the definition of both chibi and kawaii and even mentioned that they are often interchanged with each other...
  9. the person is being cute and adorable while they shoot you dead.
  10. those characters in that picture would also be considered chibi.
  11. where to start? simple really at point A then you move to point B and then maybe to C and pass by D while getting around back to A again.
  12. maybe they just had breedables that looked like yours and wasnt really yours. they could been trying to give you a hint that they dont like breedables in the sim because of how it can cause lag if too many are rezzed at one time.
  13. not all asmr reactions will be pleasant for everyone. asmr does not necessarily mean its enjoyable all the time. but strangely enough the sometimes unenjoyable is actually enjoyable to some. they like that cringe feeling. like in the lion king when the hyena kept laughing and cringing every time someone said mufassa's name. she even taunted the other hyenas to say it again because if gave her chills.
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