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My viewing habits have gone off the rails. I watch videos on youtube like a street food vendor making a ham and eggs sandwich, then an episode of Blue Planet. I watched the new IT movie. Still not sca

Because when I flipped on my TV this morning this one popped up. So. Now we move forward.  

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The fermi paradox is a term for the problem of - why are there billions of likely habitable worlds in space, in our galaxy alone, and yet we've yet to find any evidence of alien life.

Fermi paradox refers to all the various theories about why this is. One of them is called the 'Great Filter' - a theory that maybe something will wipe out any intelligent species before it gets too far... Usual topics include nukes, climate change, pandemics, burning out resources, and so on... and people then debate whether it makes sense or not - especially given that it's only a Great Filter to the level of the Fermi Paradox if it would wipe out 100% of all civilizations, and not just some of them - which tends to invalidate most theories as given an infinite number of worlds, if the chance is above 0%, billions will make it... as 0.00001% of infinity is still infinity.

With that background stated:

Most likely Social Media is NOT a Great Filter... but it might be our filter...


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Since pumpkins are now everywhere (I dislike pumpkins but that is another matter) I've been looking at ghost stories.  The British Broadcasting Corporation of old used to show excellent ghost stories around Christmas (it probably chokes them to mention Christmas now so it's likely to be a show on knitting yourself a snowflake jumper out of quinoa).  This was one of the offerings from that long-gone time.  The wonderful Michael Hordern in a story by M.R. James. 


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Idiocracy 2006 ‧ Comedy/Sci-fi
Joe's life changes when he is chosen to be the guinea pig for a secret hibernation experiment. When he wakes up from 500 years of slumber, he realizes that he is the smartest man on the planet.


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2 hours ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

Remember when nude white women started showing up at Portland protests that were supposed to be about black lives...

... yep.


a goal of any movement is to bring about change in the minds of those who are unaware of the plight of the afflicted. And to invite them to make public their support for the afflicted

the more pakeha (white) people who turn up and get vocal about their support for maori is welcome. That pakeha may get focused on by media to titilate their viewers is not the fault of these pakeha people

it is a protest movement. People come to protest. Is not like these protesting pakeha people have taken all the jobs at the government ministry of native affairs

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