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  1. It could very well be your router itself. If it cannot handle many http requests that SL viewers generate, it will 'choke' the connection when using wifi. You may also want to look into broadband over electric adapters. You place one at the router , and then the other where your computer is. It basically routes the cable (assuming you have a cable internet connection here )internet signal along the wiring in your home. I've been using this for a few months, and no issues and I get the full speed of my connection always. It's tons better than wifi.
  2. And in Singularity, which I use primarily, you just hover over an avatar and the complexity is shown by default.
  3. I see people all the time driving ALONE and wearing their mask. I really don't know what to make of that. lol
  4. I would say Taylor Swift in general. The world loves their mediocre pop stars and she is a shining example. 😄
  5. Well you could derender every male avatar you see, so technically it is an option. lol
  6. This is precisely why user controllable complexity settings are great. I have mine set to around 35k. I am also mindful of my own complexity and keep it in that general vicinity. I really don't care how new and shiny or cute an avatar is, if its over 35k I am not seeing them. I believe a hard limit on individual complexity would be a good thing but it isn't likely to happen.
  7. They have to know who you are to process credit. It cannot be done anonymously due to laws. You either verify or you can't process out, simple as that-that is hardly discriminatory. Everyone who processes out has to follow the same rules, so it applies to everyone equally.
  8. I have been to this site in the past and the random faces it creates are really something. It does render a few with wonky creepy eyes sometimes. Technology has definitely come a very long way.
  9. Thank you ! The dress is from Hilly Halaan Black Friday Sale, I don't recall exactly if it was a 75L pack or a 99L but there's a bunch of stuff on sale there.
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