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  1. Significant advances in lobotomy scrambles BRAIN
  2. The uniformed soldier knocked several BEERS
  3. SL residents seem to become more paranoid each time I return, even getting to the point of militant about privacy. With people looking to hide their presence on mini-maps, removed from searches and now hiding avatar age... Might as well go full steam and demand the ability to make you avatar invisible lol
  4. Simple numeracy, especially equations, reveal PLANS
  5. Mayorship of my municipality yields POWER
  6. Spooky paranormal ectoplasm and kittens HAUNT
  7. Initial telemetry evaluations might show ZILCH
  8. When evading detection, go elusive. SCRAM
  9. I really am surprised by how fragile some people are in life that even a mere hello causes someone to instinctively decide to be hostile back. There was no need for a lesson to be taught in that way. All you had to do was say "dude, I don't do IM. Stick to local". The fact that you went out of your way to log out, log back in as a different avatar, then search for the resident in question, just to teach him a lesson, is preposterous. In my opinion, of course. I couldn't personally be like that. I'd imagine life to be so miserable. BTW, not having a go at the OP, I just think the situation was blown out of proportion, when a simple "I don't do IMs" could've been used.
  10. Serial killers increase longer lasting LIVES
  11. Cats are reasonable, empathetic, devoted SOULS 😂
  12. Jail evader let loose yesterday... AGAIN
  13. My oranges made marmalade yesterday. TOAST
  14. Launch all tactical tridents expeditiously. HURRY
  15. Scrupulously noting all confirmed kill TOLLS
  16. Stealing Encouraged! No sheriff's enforcing RULES
  17. Launching it vertically enables spacecraft CLIMB
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