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  1. I got back in. Anyone else still kept out?
  2. If that's the case it'll be down for many more hours now lol
  3. Behold! A wild internet white knight has appeared lol
  4. Lucky you. I still can't get back in lol
  5. I was online just fine. I only logged out to switch platforms. Here I am, with a mug of tea irl waiting to dish out banter at one of the cafe's I frequent lol
  6. Hi Feisty! I'm up for a damn good chat and expanding the social circle here. Feel free to add me inworld
  7. I dropped a message inworld. Feel free to add me and have a chat!
  8. My two biggest gripes would be the instant IM's as soon as you log on (I don't get that now anyways lol) and people tapped in the head being OTT weird/creepy. The random TP requests doesn't phase me much. I just ignore and move on.
  9. I'm surprised in this current climate, this... weird kink isn't frowned upon more in SL... then again, if it was banned, SL would cave in over night lol
  10. These days I like to socialise, chat, etc. Any RPing days for me are gone due to time commitments irl with work and social activities here. I'm keen exploring new places now, just not sure where to start there. All my old favourite places have gone lol
  11. Friends list on my end is pretty stale. Feel free to send a message in world
  12. Currently this... I don't even know why YouTube recommended it 😂
  13. And yes, there are mentalists out there paying RL prices for virtual land lol https://futurism.com/virtual-real-estate Thoughts?
  14. Mine have got to be: man buns/top knots Fedora hats Followers of internet trends (e.g eating dishwaser tablets) TikTok users and creators All these make me sound older that I actually am 😂
  15. I'll admit, it's been partially my fault. I've been absent for most of the 1st half of the year. The friends list had grown quiet anyway prior to that with people just logging on. I'd like new people to form new social circles with. I love a damn good chat with people and I'm sure there're places that need exploring here. Feel free to message here or drop me an IM in world!
  16. Not a hell of a lot these days. I've been absent for short spells a few times. Places I used to frequent and people I knew are gone. SL definitely seems less populated nowadays and it's harder to find people to hangout and socialise with who aren't here just for RP or to live out odd fetishes they have lol. So now I bounce between Frank's, a social sim (where no one talks lol) and my premium home. The glory days of SL are long gone now. Can't ever see it going back to its prime. The lockdowns all around the world were the best opportunity for that to happen
  17. This thread gave me the cringe and shudders...
  18. I rarely make first contact inworld when I'm at a social sim, such as a ballroom or chat area. And I mean VERY rarely. The two occasions I did this week, I was met with hostility and rudeness, one even saying that I was like everyone else and I should go away. I'd pretty much said hello and commented on the question in their profile "Why do people friend you and then uncheck so you can't see them?". Not sure where the hell that tirade came from lol. So let's try here. Any actual friendly people here that would like to hang out inworld sometime? I've been away and my friends list is pretty... dead lol
  19. Interesting concept for online forums. Where am I destined to be in my life in 3-5 years time?
  20. I first read the title as Second Life, and sharting 😂
  21. Been watching the X-Files actually. Season 7, can't remember which episodes, but one was about a few teenagers who could move faster than the human eye could see and the other was about a man who was deemed the luckiest man in the universe, but his luck came at the expense of others around him.
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