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  1. Something short, yet caused me to listen to itself few times.
  2. I do use a security orb (that throws out everyone that is not on whitelist) on my own parcel along with "parcel privacy" option that prevents people from outside to see me inside, on it. Why such setup? This way I don't pollute the view with banlines, plain and simple, and because of the 10 seconds grace period from orb's script vehicles (planes, helicopters) of people that occasionally fly around don't get stuck in mid-air.
  3. Just being slightly lazy after day full of work, resting and doing absolutely nothing. Hopefully horses won't run away unsupervised.
  4. The movies Avatar, Matrix and Surrogates come to mind every time when a topic like this shows in a discussion, yet they do not exactly reflect how it would feel, because they both operate in real, physical world despite the connection between "operator" and "unit" or "entity" that is operated with his/her mind - that's consciousness transfer (okay, Matrix kind of bent that, but no spoilers ~). A full mind transfer/link then? I would expect from that to be safe for the said mind - so, I'd like to have my brain to not be hacked and "convinced" that I like [random real life product] for example. Old "Questworld" cartoon explored that topic a little bit, when minds of the travellers got corrupted and returned to their real bodies rendering them... a bit different (okay, they were monkeys ~). It would also be nice to somehow alter the clock on which such "life" would be running, slow it down/ speed it up for the mind inside the simulation accordingly; In Second Life currently every four hours a new day emerge and we perceive it as that, so it would be nice to actually live a full day in SL and feel it like that, have time of actual 24 hours to do stuff, when in real, first, life, only four hours would pass. For some it would be somewhat a time compression device that would allow to "be around" relatively longer, too. Permanently moving into a simulation, leaving body forever behind? This could be a dream of many people. Species / gender / appearance swap wouldn't be easier, yet, it would be quite complicated. And expensive. You'd need to work in said virtual life even harder than in real life to pay off the electricity and database storage bills, otherwise you would be just shut down. On the other hand... you may already be a part of Second Life simulation and just forgot about it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation_hypothesis I would also expect flying to be cool! And throwing physical wooden boxes at people... would this hurt? Or would I be able to disable pain and death for my digital self, per region? Bonus: How would a Second Life grid crash look like in "real" life / ultra realistic simulation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIRkqIoE0jg
  5. Related to the energy levels I currently possess. *flops on face*
  6. Few years ago I've been looking for some scripting stuff in LSL portal and by accident clicked on blogs/forums link, I believe. The "ooooh so many people hell no!" introvert's gene activated and I've escaped into the hole I've peeked out from. ~ But, observed the forums occasionally since then, knowing about their existence. Plus Grid Status linked to posts here and there. Just recently started to flood post on them for real.
  7. Saturday morning: I've made an attempt to wake up after a whole week of work and do something productive; Clean up the house, make a laundry, actually cook something instead of asking microwave for a favour. Almost succeeded, but got grabbed and pulled back by the invisible forces of universe... that's what I think! At least, left the bed. Send coffee, please. In a barrel. Sunday morning: I've decided to practice some Tai Chi at Japan Tempura Island, but by congenital clumsiness transformed that into a "Flop of the Dragon". At least I didn't land in the water. Currently I'm healing my dignity by sitting at the side in deep shadows and drinking a glass of juice.
  8. panterapolnocy

    blank screen

    Just two monitors used by a single computer. See https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/secondary_monitor Generally SL clients seems to not like non-primary monitor.
  9. It may be linked with this one, methinks, even if its not directly related to photos themselves. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/440953-i-cant-remove-my-feed-and-my-interests/#comment-1952268
  10. panterapolnocy

    blank screen

    Just curious, do you have a dual monitor setup and trying to make run the viewer on non-primary one?
  11. Ah, yes, you'd need to add... llOwnerSay("@detach=n"); ... right at the beginning of state_entry() to prevent the script detaching the attachment that is running it.
  12. It's a bit late here, so I'm not guaranteeing this would work, but feel free to give it a try. key regionQuery; checkRating() { llSleep(3); regionQuery = llRequestSimulatorData(llGetRegionName(), DATA_SIM_RATING); } default { on_rez (integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { checkRating(); llSetMemoryLimit(llGetUsedMemory() + 5120); } changed (integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_REGION) { checkRating(); } } dataserver (key queryId, string data) { if (queryId == regionQuery && (data == "PG" || data == "MATURE")) { llOwnerSay("Applying emergency outfit, '" + llGetRegionName() + "' is a region with '" + data + "' rating."); llOwnerSay("@detach=force"); // Removes ALL attachments llSleep(5); // Small pause just in case of slow regions llOwnerSay("@attach:Outfits/Emergencypg=force"); // #RLV/Outfits/Emergencypg/[items here] } } }
  13. Revision from June 2008 does mention 40 avatar limit, yet the one from July 2008 states that the limit was/is 100 (if enabled, I guess - and per "island"). Not remotely close to 400 per single region, however.
  14. I don't voice verify myself because... there is no point. It's not hard to ask sister/brother or a friend sitting next to the computer to speak few words to microphone instead of account owner. Besides, I treat people in Second Life as they want to be treated - that's why it's called "second life", after all. It's like with movies like Avatar or, even more, Surrogates... so, if I hear a female avatar speaking with male voice, or male avatar using feminine one? Well, for me, its just a voice. What is important is self-identification of the person behind the avatar. If they state they feel like male or female (or any other gender), I'm sticking to that. Less stressful to them (they can use voice and not fear of being judged), less complicated to me. Win-win.
  15. Well, one region, at least today, can - in theory - hold up to 100 agents, according to http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits#Land at least. If you put a stage at the conjunction of four adjacent regions (well, stage in one of them) you can keep 400 agents around it... but most probably simulator would not be able to run too stable in such environment. Nonetheless, maybe that's what your friend had in mind?
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