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  1. I don't wear any capes and wouldn't suggest anyone to do so. As we know from The Incredibles it's a very bad idea. ~
  2. Today is Sunday, so instead of the hectic stuff I do all week - I'm just chilling in a remote place, in sunglasses with +20 to coolness, coffee mug with never-ending coffee supply thanks to wonders of Second Life and small, yellow, floating Renamon who was curious about the camera and poked the lens with nose several times. Seems like not much of a change from my usual outfit, yet since I rarely /almost never/ wear sunglasses, I count this as totally different appearance.
  3. Spending time at home, browsing the internet and most probably making this very post, while wearing my favourite Felix the Cat shirt.
  4. It looks like, that you may need http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/AGENT_WALKING#Examples but instead of sound playback the texture would be animated, bright parts of it flowing through visible "openings" on the shoe - so along with http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetTextureAnim ~
  5. If my avatar would spontaneously fall asleep as often as I do, then it would be quite impossible for me to date my avatar. But if not? I'd say - yes. We may argue about who would eat the cookies a lot, though.
  6. if you'd like to allow access only for residents that are currently logged in to Second Life and browse your page (via Shared Media on a prim or internal web browser), yet deny it for people that user Chome, Firefox or Edge outside Second Life, then... there is not really a good way to do it. My only idea revolves around user agent detection, but these can be easily replaced with web browser plugins - maybe someone else would have a better idea. Nonetheless, if you'd like to try... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11864727/htaccess-allow-all-from-specific-user-agent Example user agent for built-in viewer's web browser is... Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) (Dullahan:1.1.1320 [64bit] - SecondLife/ (Firestorm-Furtwister-64bit-AVX; firestorm skin)) Chrome/72.0.3626.121 [64bit] Safari/537.36 Looking for Dullahan and SecondLife/ may be a key here.
  7. Maybe there is a reference to something in this picture. ~
  8. Indeed. Valid question. Example then. If someone make 10 alts, then get an item created by me that is modifiable (from Marketplace for example) and drop a script with TARGETED_EMAIL_ROOT_CREATOR in it that sends mails in loop... Even with 20 seconds delay that's 3 emails per minute. 180 emails per hour. Per user. With 10 alts it's almost 2000 messages per hour on my mailbox. Because owner of said alts can spam my mailbox via Lab's servers without even knowing my SL-only email address for getting emails from grid. I know I would be slightly annoyed after waking up at the morning and checking my Thunderbird. There is one interesting use for this function, however, at least for me; Leave TARGETED_EMAIL_OBJECT_OWNER only, cut out creator part and make delay lower than normal llEmal() - so it still would be useful for some purposes (no need to hardcode own email in the code, would still work if email would change and it would get changed in SL's profile etc) and would also cause script to recover faster from sleep.
  9. A bit of nostalgia (as in: I've still had time to play time consuming games), a bit of relax, a bit of nice tunes.
  10. May be vintage and old, may be flexi, may not fit perfectly, may look odd here and there, but its the only kimono I have and I won't hesitate to use it! Konnichiwa. ~
  11. Sent to me by a close friend; If you picture a druid going through the forest at the morning, through wet grass, with this music playing, there is nothing NOT to like. ~
  12. Something relaxing to listen to after returning from work day. Soothing, calming, yet filling with energy at the same time.
  13. Looking fairly normal and regular myself (this jacket is warmer than it seems) while strolling around a nicely decorated (NY) city. Merry Christmas?
  14. Ready for the winter season in the middle of spring. Beauty of Second Life weather magic.
  15. Scatmans World... a classic that sits within me and resurfaces every few months. Scatman in general.
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