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  1. Im Allgemeinen sollte die von Ihnen bereitgestellte Syntax für Viewer funktionieren, die Windlight unterstützen (Außerdem müssen Ihre Gäste die Windlight-Einstellungsdateien in ihren Systemen haben, die Sie auf sie anwenden möchten), aber das Second Life-Raster wird jetzt immer mehr mit Nur-EEP-Viewern gefüllt. Sie sehen Ihre Windlight-Einstellungen nicht. Sie müssen Ihr Windlicht als EEP-Asset-Element auf dem neuesten Viewer konvertieren/importieren und es dann im Landeinstellungsfenster zuweisen. Siehe bitte diesen Artikel, Seite 2 (sie sind am Ende jeder Seite): https://translate.google.com
  2. Alternatively, you may also take a look at this page.
  3. I'll just leave this here... good channel. ~
  4. First some of the LMR5 issues need to be fixed, LMR5 need to be officially integrated into the main Lab's viewer - before Firestorm would merge the LMR5 code in. Until then some aspects of the rendering may be different between FS and SLV, but at the end you'll see what SLV is showing right now, Eduardos.
  5. I've watched Abominable tonight with a close friend. Very nice movie. ~
  6. Just yesterday I've decided to make a scenic journey in a small helicopter (granted, it was not a plane) from Tschotcke airport region on mainland (south, then along Route 8 ) to the southern regions of Bellisseria (log houses zone; so I've crossed large amount of regions) - I was ejected exactly once by a security orb, had a bad region crossing that resulted in a crash exactly once as well - and I was tossed to the sides after region crossing around 10-15 times - mainland only, Lab's residential areas were stable. Maybe try a different, less scripted airplane?
  7. You can also just use the llListRandomize() function in this case. default { touch_start (integer num) { list Roleplay = [ "spanked Lillian's butt!", "made Lillian's butt jiggle with a good spank!", "slapped Lillian's bouncy butt!", "made Lillian's butt bounce with a hard spank!", "made Lillian dance with a firm slap on the butt!", "slapped Lillian's butt so hard, it's turning red!", "spanked Lillian's butt, making her wiggle with excitement!" ]; llSay(0, llGetDisplayName(llD
  8. I'd like you to take a look into the viewer's autobuild file, that is used during building the application - it has definitions of all components that are used by it and corresponding source URL addresses - you can check what's inside the packages and often check source code as well. Dullahan/CEF for Second Life clients originates from the Lab. Then please take a look here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/is_my_viewer_safe and here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_media?s[]=dullahan#general - and decide for yourself. Then check your antivirus and firewall settings, do a full syste
  9. Si sus drivers de GPU Intel están actualizados, entonces usar la versión de 32 bits es la única opción (que se bloqueará a menudo debido a que se agota la RAM), a menos que tenga acceso a una tarjeta gráfica dedicada. Por favor vea este enlace: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=en&tl=es&u=https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_intel_issues%23outdated_driver_error Tu CPU / GPU está aquí: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/es/es/ark/products/47663/intel-core-i3-330m-processor-3m-cache-2-13-ghz.html
  10. Since it was Teager, Monstaar and Ketsui who designed/sponsored the region, I'd personally send a message with a question. There is a possibility that one of them created the floating isles as well.
  11. Today I've decided to do some grid exploring, donned an appropriate outfit.
  12. Never, EVER make that assumption. It's very easy to spoof/forge an email (you basically only need a small web server with PHP support) and if RunawayBunny doesn't use an email provider that does the SPF/DKIM checks - and warns that email is not legitimate (Google/GMail does, luckily - but world is not only Google) - or just uses an old, external email client that gets the mail and does not pay attention to server headers, then... well. Can end badly. The event is official, yes. Still, these links should be reworked, I'd say - it would also help the "spam score" for Lab's servers. A public
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