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  1. It's not a taboo. It just got suggested so often that Support asks to not take that procedure as first troubleshooting step, because some people clear cache on a regular basis or keep it on ramdisks that poof after system reboot, which more often than not does not fix their issues. See: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/cache#clearing_cachethe_dos_and_don_ts
  2. You cannot force people to read anything or do things like whitelisting applications in their own private antivirus program, that much is true. As you've said, "up until now, up until PBR" you didn't need to whitelist any LL related products. However, now it's advised, it has changed. If more and more people would need to do that I have a feeling that articles from the official knowledge base like this one... ... may eventually find a place on the Lab's downloads page. And if some people won't read them still - well, they will most probably end like ones who try to assemble "how hard it can be?" furniture from IKEA without the instruction or provided tools.
  3. Here are the only official sources for the Firestorm Support staff people: https://www.firestormviewer.org/support/ https://phoenixviewer.com/app/fsdata/agents.xml (also used in inworld profiles) Individual official support groups members' lists. @RhythmC the thing you can try regarding your performance issues, for the moment, is this post: And as usual, you may want to fiddle with graphics settings (take a peek: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_lag_troubleshooting#reducing_client_side_lag) - disable SSR, SSAO, mirrors, lower draw distance etc. because even if your current gaming machine is able to handle modern games like a champion - Second Life is a different animal. Game developers make sure that scenes the players view are optimized and work well under some less powerful configurations by optimizing meshes, textures, general setup or things like LoD, where in SL there are no such safeguards in place and residents can rezz or wear things that bog down even the most powerful computers. With PBR on top of the current rendering requirements some GPUs may just start lose their breath. SL engine tries to compensate by avatar impostors, complexity limits or other tricks, but it can only do so much. As for these problems: Try adjusting your EEP or picking one that was created relatively recently with PBR in mind, as an asset from Library or Marketplace. Great majority of currently used EEPs were not tuned for PBR and their lighting parameters are less than optimal under PBR. In time land owners may decide to update ones that are featured in their places, but it's always a good idea to have something nice in your inventory. As mentioned in the post linked below, all issues related to the PBR rendering - even in Firestorm viewer - should be raised on the Linden Lab's bug reporting system, Canny (https://feedback.secondlife.com/bug-reports). You will most probably be asked to test if the same problem appears on the official Linden Lab's viewer, so be ready for that. Firestorm Support Group English: As for this: That is your viewer telling you that its busy saving values into your config, closing the connection properly and unloading itself from the computer's memory. It was added to prevent config/cache corruption. Firestorm team is currently working on improvements, as you can see here https://github.com/FirestormViewer/phoenix-firestorm/commits/master/ and many of its members read the forums, blog comments, are active on JIRA or inworld groups. There are attempts to hunt down issues and apply fixes to the code base, but some adjustments needs to be done on users' side as well. It always was a recommendation. The https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting page was created in 2011.
  4. Which would mean around 4-5 months before your computer becomes a part of botnet and locks you out. Have you ever heard about "Exploit Wednesday"? There are several reasons for that, but 1) grid compatibility / shared 3D world experience across all agents and b) letting Firestorm Support division stay sane by supporting a finite amount of viewers (same reason why Microsoft does not support anything older that Windows 10, for example), are the biggest contributors. However, Firestorm does not "force" the upgrade in an immediate sense like SLV does, "oh look, a new version JUST popped up - update NOW or you won't be able to log in, at all" - but allows that grace period of three newest versions being able to run along each other.
  5. Absolutely not. Firestorm does not gather any login data, nor interfere with the login process itself. Exactly like this, and it's not a secret - https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fsdata_communications - that's also how Firestorm is able to present different, event-based splashscreens (Halloween, April 1st, SLB, Winterfest etc.) without the need for a viewer update.
  6. Firestorm 6.6.8 will be blocked at that date, the one that was released in January 2023, as at this point is over 1,5 years old. The 6.6.14 and 6.6.17 versions will NOT be blocked - for now, of course; In the longer run FS PBR, and PBR in generał, are inevitable - even if some performance improvements can be done in the rendering department the lowest-spec machines may still not be able to handle it.
  7. Only the cutting edge ones. ~ Even if one is using a laptop on a desk, it's still a good idea to use a cooling pad, as lower temperatures mean a longer life for the electronics. Additionally, if the pad has this option, the computer can be lifted, placed almost vertically, making it easier to view the screen - and providing space for a regular keyboard and mouse. These peripherals are easier to replace in case of a tea spill than the laptop's built-in equivalents, plus it's useful if the physical space is limited.
  8. Speaking of Katanas, they're fine; All my video recordings from the past eight months were done on a Katana 15 B12VFK (Core i7 12th gen, 16 GB RAM, RTX 4060 with 8 GB VRAM). The only upgrade I made was replacing the factory RAM (2x8GB from MSI) with 2x16GB from Corsair, plus added a second NVMe drive (needed to poke MSI for an additional, non-standard installation/holder part).
  9. Please make sure to actually send these bugsplats for FS to review internally instead of just closing them without sending. Otherwise there is no way to analyze the crashes, and attempt to fix them. That, plus... https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/file_a_jira - no bug report = the problem does not exist. Sending a post on these forums does not count as a bug report.
  10. On Firestorm 7.1.9 see Help -> Whitelist Adviser in top menu to see exactly what you should whitelist. Also, https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting
  11. Application is generally fine, but after 15-20 minutes I needed to cool the smartphone down and switch it off, because the budget Snapdragon/Ardeno started to lose their breaths. As an emergency login, if answering IMs via e-mails would not be enough, it's a nice option. Region/parcel management tools (access/settings) would be welcomed additions.
  12. GitHub build servers. See https://www.firestormviewer.org/summer-fun-and-fixes-firestorm-6-6-14/ Also https://www.firestormviewer.org/firestorm-gets-physical-for-a-happy-21st-sl-birthday/
  13. Frestorm tried something similar, dubbing it "DUI" - Dynamic User Interface. No other TPV or the Lab picked that idea or initial tech up, and it was not possible to rewrite the viewer alone. See https://www.firestormviewer.org/the-real-joke-dui-is-no-joke/ , https://modemworld.me/2014/04/02/firestorm-dynamic-user-iinterface-dui-its-a-real-prototype/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPFjwxiYzWI
  14. Believe me, Prok - as a grid traveler (planes, cars, boats) I personally don't like the occasionally radioactive, sometimes a bit plastic looking water myself as well. However, there is that: https://secondlife.com/corporate/third-party-viewers Which means that the 3D scene needs to look more or less (more) like in the Lab's official viewer, which must be treated as a reference. Perhaps new PBR-compatible EEPs would help here, or further renderer tweaks which may come from the Lab in the future. We've had @Runitai Linden visiting Firestorm Support group recently, and users were politely reminded to submit PBR renderer bug reports and suggestions on the Lab's Canny:
  15. Over coming days and weeks @Beq Janus will try to highlight some of the reasons people are unable to settle on the new version and where appropriate suggest things to try; You may want to follow her on social media and/or observe Firestorm's blog for new posts. For now, you can try these quick suggestions, for Firestorm 7.1.9: 1. Whitelist or re-whitelist viewer files and directories, as per https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting - sometimes AV doesn't 'see' the whitelisted binary as the same one after a reinstallation of such and scans it despite it being on the list. 2. Try disabling v-sync in Preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware Settings. 3. On this tab, tick the "Override VRAM", read the warning, then put half of the VRAM (video RAM, not the regular RAM) you have in your graphics card. 4. On the Rendering tab, Restrict maximum texture resolution to 512px. 5. Enable 'Limit Framerate' and set it to no more than 60. 6. Reboot the viewer (let it close fully, wait 10-15 seconds, boot it up again) and see how it works now. 7. You may want to pull the "amount of time, in milliseconds, to yield every frame to other applications when Firestorm is not the foreground window" slider in Preferences -> Advanced a bit further to the right. The viewer will run a bit slower if you alt-tab out of it, giving computer some breathing space while you use web browser, graphics program etc. 8. When a new release comes out (WebRTC one) try removing the VRAM override and giving it a go again, as this part is being tweaked right now internally, along with several other things. Do not forget about this step, if you applied the override. That is not a good idea for the long term, as old versions may become unusable sooner than you think (voice stopping to work, gray textures instead of PBR ones, GLTF scenes not loading due to lack of support for them etc.).
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