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  1. The Undertale game and a real orchestra? Count me in.
  2. You can always just click on this button. ~ But make sure to backup your settings before doing so, just in case.
  3. It's close to the half of August here, so the summer is showing really the very last glimpses of itself. Therefore, a small trip along the river's flattened bank in a dress that fits water and sky colour-wise, in mouselook for more immersive experience, while admiring beautiful environment and listening to the happy sounds of nature... before it all dies violently in low temperatures, and then under the cover of snow? Sure, sign me up. ~
  4. Uncheck this icon in nearby chat window.
  5. It's impossible for me to not to be "in the role" any more, unless I'm doing some very formal and official business or conversation - and I don't have only SL in mind. For over twenty years now I'm constantly in contact with various communities or people that roleplay here and there, casually and for real (D&D?). As a result, one of the traits of my behaviour is the fact, that I have a tendency to describing some actions or thoughts between asterisks or with /me almost all the time... including Slack at RL work. The fact, that Pantera is de facto my alter ego and representation not only in
  6. If you have two monitors, then try to drag your client to the second one, close it and try to launch again. See: You can also take a look at https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/FIRE-29337
  7. I'm planning to take a look at few of these. Maybe they don't have as much action or adventure as the sci-fi or fantasy ones, but at least are soothing for the eyes.
  8. According to this website I'm INFJ (advocate) for years now - checked myself in the past, checked myself today. I think that test taken in the internet won't be as accurate as the actual meeting with a living person, professional / specialist, yet traits listed on this page describe me pretty well.
  9. In general I'm not a fan of clothes that reveal too much, but sometimes I see a thing that I really want to test. Usually my common sense tells me "why bother, you won't use that anyway, you will only pollute your inventory" and I agree with it, but this time it must have been too hot and the sense was sleeping. Therefore, I've got myself this dress/gown that barely covers what is should because of the semi-transparent front (yet it still does), but at least it's perfect for the 30c/85f that I have here, looks relatively nice (yes, I like flexis), is in blue-ish-frostish colour that I like and
  10. Today I've decided that I'd prefer to look at some nice scenery while I deal with all of the IMs that accumulated over the night. I wasn't in a mood for forest this time, nor for a crowded place. The choice was set for a beach. Problem: I don't actually like sunshine that much. And I was almost out of the sunscreen. Luckily, my inventory came to the rescue... and yes - "how does your avatar look today" - I will proudly wear this outfit whole day. And I don't care about stares. The antennas wiggle, too. Maybe they will make the Wi-Fi signal stronger.
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