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13 hours ago, TatianaNikolay said:

I played piano in a dark warehouse.


I love to play the random pianos I find in SL, but somehow I think this isn't the best use of a dark warehouse.

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I was getting dressed and putting on one of my new hairstyles that have that little 'breeze' animation in them.  I was curious about something so I rezzed one on the ground.  Now, I rez hair on the ground all the time - that being the only way I can rename it if it contains a no-modify script.  Anyway, this hair just looked way odd when rezzed - not at all like the actual hairstyle. I assumed it just had a rez issue, so I rezzed another one.  Nope - still one really odd looking hair.  So, here is a picture of the hair on my head and a picture of it on the ground.  I'm truly amazed that the weird mess on the ground actually turns into something nice looking when it is attached.

Misc2.png.c89685e5ac0a0d3dd04b93bba4f42be6.png   Misc1.thumb.PNG.7d968019ff61561ba25a29768afcef11.PNG

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