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What are you doing today!? :D

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1 minute ago, Talligurl said:

Like I said it is full perm, so I was able to switch out the dull ordinary version it came with, (don't tell Snugs I said that) with a copy of yours I downloaded from your profile.

Well that explains it. I'd figured you'd obtained the image from my profile, not from the MP. For a moment I was all excited about the prospects for an early retirement on the profits I'd garnish from the marketplace thief.


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3 hours ago, Talligurl said:

I then thought about posting it here, with a caption of "I wrecked my car", but then as I was about to type that, I thought, "no I can tie this into the stop sign picture." So I don't know how much of it is brilliance and how much is just luck.

It's much the same with my editing of other's pictures. Sometimes I think about it for a while before getting to work and sometimes it's immediately obvious what to do. Sometimes the choice is dictated by the ease of executing one idea over an other. Sometimes the idea is sparked by an image I found on the web while looking for the image I thought I wanted.

It's more serendipity than anything else.

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15 minutes ago, Talligurl said:

Serendipity seems to play a huge role in everything here, In fact that could be another meaning of SL, Serendipity Life

My first life is equally serendipitous. As Allen Saunders said, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans". The family road trips of my childhood were generally unplanned. We'd pull out of the driveway and vote on which way to turn at every intersection. That once resulted in us pulling back into the driveway just minutes after leaving, all giggling.

Not only do I not plan, I also don't generally record. I am amused when I attend events and find myself surrounded by people peering into their cameras and phones to record for posterity (or a digital photo album too unwieldy to ever open) something they're actually missing in the here and now. I'd rather have all of my senses engaged in the scene. Posterity will get the abridged, amended, augmented, or just plain invented version of what I experienced when I retell it. I don't want to be constrained by the accuracy of a photograph.

And that explains why I'm not a purist. I'm quite happy to butcher anything with Photoshop.

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I've just been toying around with my land some and trying out something new..

I still need to do more terraforming and placing the things up on the land..A good first morning though I think ,as long as I don't come in and tear it all down tomorrow because of thinking I have a better idea..

Hate when I do that..hehehe


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Well,I stopped working on my land and decided to take my horses for a ride since they had been couple up in my inventory for a couple of years now..Poor things..

Well Aaaaaannyways,

I got ta thinking,I wonder if they have made any Improvements on horses in SL with all this Bento stuff happening,so I went to the market to see..

Sure enough!  I just bought me the best horse I've ever ridden in SL and I made sure I told the creator about it also in my review..

This horse is like a real horse compared to my older ones.. It's the best thing for SL horseback riding since the invention of sliced br..Wait that something else..

Either  way,this  horse is the best thing I've found in SL in a long long time..I've had it for about 45 minutes and already  love it soo much..

Look what we can do:D

Get ready for as many pics as I can fit in here,and then some..hehehehe

Damn,hit the wrong button..

ETA: I put a video at the bottom if someone wants to check it out..Strawberry Signh does an overview of it..


When this horse laid down,I was like Holy crap,this is awesome!! \o/ Then it all just got better..And you should see Him Run..=)










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On 6/30/2017 at 5:08 PM, Talligurl said:

Why is Spock in a synagogue? I have no clue?


I hope no one answered this already, but I just saw this post. 

Obviously, we know that Leonard Nimoy was Jewish; that's part I. 

The "live long and prosper" symbol that is characteristic of Mr. Spock is part of the services in an Orthodox Jewish service. This article explains it better than I could. 


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I spent a bit of the day doing some hunts and gathering group gifts and shopping.  Then I settled down to more skin testing.  I did find one tone that I really liked a lot from LAQ.  That meant that my practical ***** nature required me to go back and get every single Demo in the tone that I like (to ensure I get the best one for me) -- so 50 skins to try on now (not counting the additional makeup options of each of those).   The inventory window couldn't even show them all at once.



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