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  1. Perms Bypass / Hack

    I have had a Freebie on the SL Marketplace for several years now that offers to let people try and "Bust" the script by opening it up and allowing it to be edited. In all the years it's been available and all the people that have gotten a copy, so far not a single person has succeeded in busing it open. It has no special protections, it's just a basic prim cube with a single script inside. If someone did/does have a way to modify the Script's perms then I would suspect it would have been been tested or replicated on my object. With that said, please do file a JIRA and document the living daylights out of it. Let us know what the ISSUE number is as well so we can pile on. The existence of a tool that can modify script perms and/or the perms of other contents in an object .. is a VERY scary concept.
  2. SL JIRA Issue contains hack script

    Already did, but thank you for checking. I spent over 30 hours offline scanning with two different AV products; one installed and one online. I linked to that issue from http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/scripting/73892-maps.html When the JIRA page loaded, it suddenly went to a bogus page at http://13-333x00000v02-virus.com/en/?id=KzEgKDg3NykgOTk0LTI1MzI Whether the auto-redirect came from the SL JIRA or from the sluniverse page I do not know. But I figured it would be good form to let someone know.
  3. I was recently chasing an issue with Region Map tiles and found a JIRA post about a problem with maps.secondlife.com. When I tried to open the JIRA Issue, I was greeted by a JavaScript hack that suddenly diverted my browser (Chrome) to a bogus web page, insisted i call Microsoft immediately and provided a bogus phone number. Fortunately my antivirus stomped on any automatic download/launch code, but it still left some artifacts and forced me to spend more than a day offline scanning everything. (Yes, I'm that paranoid.) The JIRA Issue was at (DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!!!): https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4811? Yo SL JIRA folks: Can you please investigate and purge the offending item from this issue? Thank you.
  4. Ask the CEO

  5. Ask the CEO

    Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Darrius Gothly wrote: Oh FFS! Lord .. give me strength ...  Clearly you didn't hear him the day he hooked a hangnail in them fancy boots he wears. LOL
  6. Ask the CEO

    Oh FFS! Lord .. give me strength ...

    Elvina Ewing wrote: <snip> ... But yeah I would totally sign this petition! But since LL get a commission off of every sale on MP (which they don't with inworld sales) i suppose it is not in their interest to lose any sales, by giving us the tools to limit sales in any way... Not saying this is either right or wrong, but it does lead one to the supposition that it would also be counter to their incentives to rapidly remove stores full of items clearly and obviously stolen from legitimate Merchants. I HAVE seen them pull stores down. I've also seen it take a week or more. I just keep thinking that since it seems Dakota (the Blessed Angel of SLM) is the only one posting in here .. it might also be a case of one brave soul tasked with the Chores of Sisyphus.
  8. Ask the CEO

    In respect for others on this thread, and in light of the fact that you continue to personally insult me by claiming I'm so much worse at understanding English than you .. I hereby end my futile attempts to help you see your own bad habits. (BTW: That term "futile attempts" means something like "trying to explain air to a mouth breather...")
  9. Ask the CEO

  10. Ask the CEO

    Phil Deakins wrote: I'm way too good at this for you to take me on ETA: Failing to answer will indicate that you know you were in the wrong but prefer not to admit it publically (boldface added by me to prove .. ONCE AGAIN .. you claim some superior intellect simply to cover your lack thereof.) As others pointed out, 24fps can be due to bandwidth, video card or some other configuration problem. You claimed it was due ONLY to bandwidth because .. well you just inately know better. I "attacked" you because once again your answer was in a voice of "I know better than you idiots". Specifically your post was this: Phil Deakins wrote: To be honest, you sound exactly like Joannie Newgirl, because you don't understand what SL is and why it's different from the others. Also you need faster broadband if you're only getting 24fps. That's a tone of voice that says "you're an idiot" followed by "and since I know better than you..." Once again your "smarter than anyone" voice proves me right. And yet again you make this claim of "Failing to answer will indicate that you know you were in the wrong but prefer not to admit it publically " Why are you so damn concerned about it Phil? Are you worried I MIGHT answer in some reasonable time, so you cut off the sensible reply time just in case? And yet, I have proven once again your high-handed "I'm right because I'm clearly smarter than anyone else" egotistical posts prove .. YOU are wrong. Now let's get back to why I'm REALLY attacking you .. shall we? Your answers are by far and away one of the primary reasons people NEVER post here again. You offend them, insult them and make them believe there is no useful help to be found here. Only derision, insults and an obvious sense of "you're too stupid to waste our time." YOU Phil are one of the major detractors. YOU Phil are one of the major reasons people leave without receiving any help. YOU Phil are an egotistical blow-hard SO HELLBENT on proving your own rightness that you lash out for no reason other than to prove you know best. As the old saying goes "Thou doth protest too much" Phil. If you were truly confident in your rightness, you'd be more than willing to allow reasonable response times. But do you? No, you grant a few minutes at most then SELF-DECLARE yourself the winner. I "attack" you because you damage, insult and belittle people for NO REASON other than to trumpet your tender ego. YOUR tender ego. Remember that Phil. The whole purpose of your posts is to prove to "everyone" (meaning yourself) that you are clearly more smart than anyone else posting on the Forums. Oh .. btw .. I allow you a good long time to post your replies. And why? Because you seem to need 3-10 edits to get it right. Me? I take my time and edit my reply before posting it .. to make sure I'm right BEFORE slamming out some angry reply. I think before I post Phil. You should try doing that too. It will save you posting blatant BS several times before you finally "get it right." PS: About 30 seconds after I hit post, if you haven't replied, it will prove I'm right. So clearly you are wrong and just too afraid to admit it. *giggling* ETA: Time's up Phil. You obviously didn't reply meaning I'm just too smart for you to tangle with. YOU LOSE! Again...
  11. Ask the CEO

    Nope, You still owe the quotes of your own posts where you don't disparage others. Or have you realized you're wrong and just decided to try and ignore those?

    wherorangi wrote: yes. I am generally supportive of a MP banhammer i take Sassy's point earlier made. It is still the merchants shop. Regardless of how much the merchant may or may not pay the landlord for it in fees or rentals, including 0 fees/rents Me too. Since LL does have as much info about a single Avatar account as is possible .. and they're the ONLY ones that have the true info .. it would be very easy for them to offer a single name to be ban-hammered. It could even be done while "protecting" the real user's RL info. Protecting that RL info is probably where their biggest privacy concern lay too. The "tech" part CAN be done without "outing" someone that just happens to have angered a Merchant with no better reason for banning than "I don't like ____" (fill in the blank)

    (ETA: wherorangi .. this is not at you. It's just me being a crusty old codger .. and your post had the unlucky place last in the chain of posts. My apologies if it seems I was attacking you .. I was not) There really is only one entity capable and authorized to mete out the correct "punishment" for abuse of others. When serial abusers and criminals create Alt after Alt after Alt, they are the only ones to whom the necessary information is both visible and legal to use. (and now my personal opinion part...) But they are mired in the "Free Speech" insanity mantra that they feel bestows on them the POWER to ignore criminals because they are just exercising their 1st Amendment Rights under the US Constitution. Crimes are crimes. Our Founding Fathers never conceived that our citizens would hide behind the laws and ideals they set forth to make America a "better nation". (and my final personal opinion in this rant...) Linden Lab, you have a DUTY to protect your customers from the criminal acts of others. You must realize the RIGHT of Free Speech also carries a massive RESPONSIBILITY too. Please reconsider the insane "Resident to Resident" excuse and help your law abiding customers protect themselves. You DO have the power to make it happen. You just need to understand it is the right thing to do.
  14. Ask the CEO

    It's easy for you to attack me personally Phil, and that's all well and good. You can claim I'm "losing it" to your heart's content as well. But you have yet to defend yourself by quoting your own words to prove to yourself and others that you do NOT attack others by calling them names, belittling them with personal slights, demeaning comments and an overwhelming tendency to adopt a sense of superiority. Do I need to quote how you called me inferior because I don't know anything about SEO, and yet I helped many achieve higher ranking in Search .. and you did nothing more than call me a failure? While you helped only yourself? (Yeah, I do ...) Yes Phil, if one were to believe you, they might arrive at the conclusion that I know zip about SEO. However once they see the larger truth, they would see that I helped many others gain sales, improve their incomes and did absolutely nothing except help many others of my fellow community members accomplish something they needed. While you withdrew yourself, claiming your own technical expertise .. and giving only yourself an advantage in a selfish, morally bankrupt show of self-aggrandisement. My record, my customers, my friends don't need to add their support for me Phil. But perhaps you should consider your own "contributions" to the community. while you should consider how YOU look to others Phil Deakins wrote: You really are being silly, Darrius. Apart from the fact that I do have technical expertise in some fields (programming and search engines are relevant here - not self-proclaimed - actual fact), my arguments don't often fall apart and, if they do, I say so. Only yesterday I admitted an error when it was pointed out. Ok, so you read my posts. In that case, try to understand them. The one you picked on this time was perfectly good. The post you chose to critcise was accurate in its entirety, and the specific sentence you chose to criticise wasn't even slightly critical of anyone, and it was accurate, and yet you criticised me for it. It seems like you are waiting for something to find fault with, but you chose the wrong thing on this occasion I write plenty of things that can be found fault with but the sentence in the post you chose was not one of them I don't know why you've suddenly taken a dislike to me. Maybe you are still smarting at my search engine expertise when we were both doing it here and you were a novice. Maybe you didn't like anyone being better than you, or knowing a lot more than you, especially since were selling your (lack of) expertise and I was not. I don't know. What I do know is that your post that I'm replying to is garbage. But I'm sure you know that What I "know" is that your post .. the one I replied to .. was once again couched in terms that made the person sound like a fool. Not that they were, they simply posted what they thought was a possible reason. Your words COULD have been a polite disagreement (as others did). But instead they once again sounded like a personal attack with no useful content. Phil, I was not silent because I was "wrong" .. that is once more your assumption that you are more right than anyone else. I simply took my time to handle my own personal needs, RL needs not personal ego needs. As to why I have suddently decided to take issue with you. TBH I am sick of watching you slam others only to post in ways that stroke your own over-blown ego. I am, for reasons you will never fully comprehend, DONE with allowing you to execute egotistical "takedowns" with no purpose that helps the wider community. I am done being "nice" to you. Especially when "nice" is a moral ground you have never employed yourself.
  15. Ask the CEO

    *gentle smile* To me (and to many others) your words .. posted not to me but to many others .. say all that need be said. By all means Phil, continue on in your beliefs. I will continue to be comfortable with mine.