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What are you doing today!? :D

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On ‎8‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 0:18 PM, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

   Since I'm on vacation, I won't be online much, to say nothing of posting any snapshots. I will be checking in here, keeping an eye on all you guys.

   I'm not worried though...... you seem to be behaving yourselves. 

Challenge accepted!

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2 hours ago, moirakathleen said:

Getting some sun while waiting for the next pod tour ...    never thought a bus stop would have a 'lay on roof' animation choice :)


I think laying on the roof is a great option

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Wondering why the animation at my desk which puts the coffee cup out (for which I'm grateful) also puts cream in the coffee...  except for lattes I drink my coffee black...



Actually, I was admiring my new rings, and this was the best way to see them :). I was inspired by one of the posts in the "what does your avatar look like" thread earlier today showing the rings by ^^Swallow^^ to find some rings. I searched and viewed several bento multi-ring sets on the marketplace, but ended up with the same ones as in the other thread because (1) they had a demo and (2) they didn't have a lot of rings with stones in them.  This completes, I think, things for my avi that are things from my RL that I always wear - glasses, peace sign earrings almost always, and for the last 15 or so years, 8 rings (my wedding band which is gold with a sliver of a diamond, and 7 sterling silver rings, none with any stones).  These things are constants regardless of other changes to appearance over the years. 

Now, back to regular programming...

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