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  1. I'm more than just dust now. I have patches of new skin, various salves and ointments ... and a whole giant swatch of top-notch Grade A gauze. Plus some more plastic tubes and bags and other accessories designed to make Me more accessible than the engine in a 1920's Ford Model A. (Which had TWO giant flaps on either side that once opened could allow the engine to be used as the center net in a game of tennis.... LOL) Thank you Maddy. I am delighted to still have sense roaming around inside this thick skull of Mine. Well .. mostly sense. Some of it is very much of the "Non-" guild. *wink wink* *!HUGGLES!*
  2. My inner "brat" laid down and moaned excitedly at this picture. YUMMM!!
  3. We can choose one of My favorites then. Add Me to your notify tool and watch for Me to enter SL. Then IM Me and I will gladly take you out for a spin around ye olde dance floor. /DG/
  4. LMFAO!! Yes indeed. I've been MIA for a time dealing with the real world in a most unpleasant set of circumstances. But they finally figured out keeping Me tied to a bed and pumping untold liquids into My veins wasn't fixing what ailed My thinking ... so they cut My straps and stepped back. And here I am. I've been in-world a bit and trying like mad to relearn all the keys and triggers and fancy sh-stuff that made My viewer do EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm like a newb with an oooold dusty avi. It's almost too funny to watch at times. But I LOVE BEING BACK!!! And Scylla? You still owe Me a dance at your favorite club sometime. *wink wink* *chuckles*
  5. ROOWWWRRRR!! Excellent work Victoria. I love the aesthetic and overall emotional effect of your setup. Delicious in all the right sensory centers. /DG/
  6. Hello all. I know it's been a while. But this email just crossed my email inbox and .. well .. I knew it had to be shared. It's a scam of course. I know this because I don't have a webcam and I don't watch porn (on this machine anyway LOL). But I know the warning goes here because it was sent to my SL Email Address and referred to me as "dgothly - 1f4792da"; a mix of part of my email address and part of my SL UUID. So without further ado, here is the scam email body: Let me repeat .. this is a SCAM! If you or anyone you know receives such an email, trash it and go on happily. To all: Stay safe, sleep sound .. and play nice.
  7. And every now and then people that have been MIA (or at least silently watching) come by and put their gum on the wall.
  8. So I found this marble bench down by the beach. It just so happens to be shaded from the killer sun today. The air off the water is salty but cleansing in the way it bites my skin. It's warm. I'm warm .. what a time to be alone ...
  9. When it's late .. you're alone.. and searching for something to do? Go dancing! Wanna guess where? (Hint: They play jazz ...)
  10. I started here on the Maracas Beach Sim: But then I wound up on the beach with a good friend .. watching the water .... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maracas Beach/17/42/22
  11. Like many others here, I think my favorite starting outfit is the "Naked with HUDs"; it's how I clear off whatever I'm wearing to start over. However my favorite outfit after that is this one: It's a nice casual look, has all the bases covered, and has one other really handy feature: It lets me take off my shirt in a hurry... Then from there, assuming Furball doesn't harass me too much (that's him next to me), I can quickly put on other shirts or jackets or whatever strikes my fancy:
  12. Checking the works .. making sure the works .. work: Suit: G240 Mainframe - Black & Blue - male GRAVES Leather/Latex/Metal Boots: G251 Mainframe - Black & Blue - male GRAVES Leather/Latex/Metal Works: Linden Moonbase http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonbase/141/107/61
  13. Agreed. The Black & White treatment really pops, especially these days of blaring color. Well done Donovan!
  14. So I get a call from a friend ... Him: I'm stuck, come help me. Me: Stuck where? How did you get stuck? Him: Never mind, just get a ladder and come here. Me: Here, where? Him: (curse words) I'll TP you. Me: Okay .. .... TP noises go here .... Me: smh ...
  15. I'm male. What damage can a blow to the head do to me? *grin*
  16. Thank GAWD! I was afraid you were gonna rat us out to him. *exhales*
  17. If you run the phrase "forceful doms" through Google Translate and turn it into Polish. Then run it through again but translate it back to English .. you get "conceited greedy jerks". Close enough!
  18. Hey .. only guys are allowed to do that! Sheesh! Do we have to explain ALL the rules?!? (cackles and runs for cover...)
  19. Can I come by your place and just .. y'know .. like stare at you all day? *grin*
  20. And did you learn your lesson against betting yet? (I'm betting you didn't .. LOL)
  21. She was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. She said she loved dancing under the stars and in the moonlight .. ... and THEN she IMs and says she's chasing freebies and Group Gifts .. and will be here shortly. /me throws up his hands ..
  22. How do you get your hair cropped so short on the sides .. without razor burn? Yeesh!
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