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A-haunting we will go! This year we’re going to take inworld meetups and Halloween shenanigans and mix them together for a frightful mashup of mind-blowingly fun times. But - we need your help to make it happen.

Are you interested in hosting a stop along our Second Life Creepy Crawl? We’re looking for spots that will have music, are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and don’t mind having a few Lindens and Residents dropping in all at once to dance and hang out for a bit.

The Creepy Crawl will be taking place on October 30th - more details to follow for those who just want to come along for the fun! But for those interested is potentially being a stop along the crawl - here’s what you should do.

  1. Make sure your place is listed in the Destination Guide - here’s how to submit.
  2. Hop over to this form and fill it out before October 20th - we’ll start selecting the venues after that!
  3. Keep an eye out for an email and/or notecard after the 20th to let you know if your venue was selected.

We’re excited to visit as many Halloween spots a possible - and can’t wait to have some spook-tacular fun!


Pic by Gia Nikai Juliesse

Well, hello October! Even though it can be any season at any time in Second Life  there’s something extra magical about this time of year inworld. It’s like all the parties, costumes, events, and fun take over.

The Second Life Destination Guide is filling up with oodles of fantastic spots. It’s probably no surprise that Autumn and Halloween are some of my favorite things  so expect a bucket-load of tricks and treats this month to be highlighted and featured here on the blog and our social media channels. Links to our various official social media presences are provided at the bottom of this post for those who aren’t already following us there  but for now  let’s get on with the first batch of fresh-baked treats to gobble up with the glee of a child eating candy!


Halloween Rock and Shock 2015

Take a journey into your darker nightmares. Visit one of the many locations including the haunted house or church. Take the canoe ride to the ghost cave and play trick-or-treat and enjoy awesome tribute concerts and rock parties.

Visit in Second Life


Pumpkin Town 2015

Pumpkin Town is one of the most famous Halloween towns in Second Life! It's a place to visit and have fun! Here you'll find deejay sets, concerts, freebies, shopping, a hunt and more. Learn more at pumpkin-town.blogspot.be. Open Oct. 1-31.

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London City Fall Fest

Join London City through October for a month of seasonal concerts and shows celebrating autumn and enjoy exhibitions from turn of the century London. More at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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Rock Your Rack 2015

Rock Your Rack 2015 supports the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This 3rd annual event has 64 designer booths with event exclusives providing 100% donation to the cause, a 10L hunt, silent auctions, live musical entertainment and more. Visit rockyourrack.wordpress.com for a complete listing of designers, entertainment and events.

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The Guy Fawkes Exhibition

Want to learn the real, grizzly story that inspired V For Vendetta? A 17th century plot to blow up London's Houses of Parliament is told at our Guy Fawkes Exhibition in all its gory detail. Come visit, learn about the terrorist bomber from long ago and pick up some freebies in our special medieval exhibit! Open all through October to November 12th!

Visit in Second Life


Haunted Cornmaze -Trick & Treat Hunt

Welcome to Botanica's 5th Annual Haunted Corn Maze and Trick-and-Treat Hunt. Wander Botanica's garden for fun, low prim Halloween decorations and explore the Haunted Corn Maze where daring the tricks will win you 20 treats. Collect all 20 for a choice of four grand prizes. It's a little scary and a whole lotta corn.

Visit in Second Life


Watercolors in the Rain: An SL Experience

Step into the mind of real life author David Lavigne as he brings his real life novel to life. With the Watercolors in the Rain team, Mr. Lavigne's literary vision has been recreated in Second Life as chapters on this highly interactive sim. Visit and experience the story, join in on a unique quest-styled hunt, or come to the many live events planned for the entire LEA season.

Visit in Second Life


3D Republic Haunted Captain's House

Walk the hallways of "The Captain's House," an early New England sea captain's house notorious for his tragic tale. Captain Channing returned from the sea one ill-fated October evening in 1806 and found his wife in bed with her lover, Roger. It is said he buried their bodies not far from the house and tossed their heads over the cliff. Ever since those gruesome events, the area has exhibit paranormal phenomena and the wailing sounds and apparitions inside the building never cease.

Visit in Second Life


Hestium II...The Stories Continue

Hear the echoing cry of seabirds as they swoop and dive with the warm sun on your back as you relax over a cup of tea in the cafe. You are in Hestium II. Soon you will walk its paths, find its secrets. A daydream made true, come alive before your eyes.

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Don’t hesitate to share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

Is our Destination Guide missing your spot? Let us know by filling out the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

See you inworld!


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Consider this week’s Second Life Destination Guide Highlights  blog to be the Pumpkin Spiced flavored blog of the season! With the arrival of Autumn, all those frothy cinnamon-scented coffee drinks make perfect sense, and so do the beautiful colors taking over homes, hunts, and stores in Second Life.

Get a little twisted in one of the most challenging hunts on the grid, pick up a few mystically-charged fantasy items, shop for a little decor, or just explore and see what others are up to inworld. We’ll see you there!


Twisted Hunt Qi

It's back! The Twisted Hunt returns for its 14th edition with new prizes and new challenges. The theme for this round is "Qi."Event held through Oct. 19.

Visit in Second Life



There is a face beneath this mask, but it isn't me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it, or the bones beneath that.

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The Fantasy Collective

The Fantasy Collective is a premier monthly shopping event that opens every 20th at noon. More info at thefantasycollective.wordpress.com.

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Fantasy Cream

Thirteen medieval fantasy creators show off their most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious and exclusive creations at Fantasy Cream, held through Sept. 30. More info at medievalsl.wordpress.com/fantasy-cream.

Visit in Second Life


The Autumn Effect

The Autumn Effect is a grid-wide Depraved Nation hunt that represents over 75 of the best Second Life brands around. Offering gifts for both male and female avatars, their designers were chosen specifically based on the content of their creations. This means amazing gifts for all hunters, so get hunting!

Visit in Second Life


Fine Arts Tour (FIAT)

Several artists from all around the world show come together to showcase their works in this annual art event, held through October 26. Discover the creations of photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, singers and more.

Visit in Second Life


Aphrodite Fall & Halloween Market

Don't miss visiting this little market where you can find absolutely everything for your autumn home or Halloween celebrations. Features unique goods from 10 talented designers.

Visit in Second Life



Posh is the place to be. Live DJs mixing trance, electro and hip hop. Posh welcomes people of different backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures to mix and mingle in a majestic atmosphere.

Visit in Second Life


CU Korea Beach Village

Visit Haeundae Beach in Busan, one of the best tourist attractions of South Korea. Here you'll find lots of spectacles like old Korean villages of the 1970s and 1980s. Take a trip to these isolated islands that await you!

Visit in Second Life

Don’t hesitate to share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

There is still time to enter your snapshots in the Official Flickr Pool with the tag “SLHalloween2015” - your work could be featured in some upcoming Second Life campaigns. read more about it at our blog.
Is our Destination Guide missing your spot? Let us know by filling out the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.


The Drax Files: World Makers -Episode 32 : JayJay Zifanwe

by Community Manager ‎09-23-2015 09:35 AM - edited ‎09-23-2015 09:41 AM

With the Freedom Project and his Global 3D Art & Machinima competition, JayJay Zifanwe and the University of Western Australia in Second Life encourage people to express themselves through their stories via art and machinima created in Second Life. Recently, WAtoday wrote an article about JayJay’s incredible Second Life re-creation of the UWA’s Crawley physical campus  - showing how this virtual space created a ripple effect - impacting the lives of people who could otherwise only dream of visiting such a place. The UWA in SL serves as the home base for artists and others to come together and participate in many projects.



In this episode of the Drax Files, artists discuss the process of self-expression through artistic creativity in Second Life, and JayJay shares insights on some of the ways this medium has empowered people in unexpected ways. Watch the video here, or in the embed below.

Want to see more personal Second Life stories? Find all the previous episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers at Draxtor’s Website, at the links below, or subscribe to our YouTube channel:


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The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 9: Elie Spot

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 10: Robin Sojourner

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 11: Dwarfins

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 12: Ole Etzel

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 13: Creations for Parkinson's

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 14: Rose Borchovski

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 15: Scottius Polke

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 16: Feed a Smile

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 17: Zachh Barkley

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 18: Paradise Lost

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 19: Virtual Chemistry at Texas A&M

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 20: Flockers

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 21: Editorial Clarity

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 22: Virtual Health Adventures

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 23: Meshworx - Ioz Hyde

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 24: MadameThespian Underhill

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 25: Oblee

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 26: Absinthe

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 27: Nylon Pinkney

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 28: Whiskey Monday

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 29: Insilico

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 30: Maylee Oh

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 31:Tom Boellstorff

This week’s Second Life Destination Guide Highlights  blog is bursting to the brim with great ways to celebrate the weekend.

Drop in for some new avatar updates from makeup to body mods, and say goodbye to summer at an inworld car show.


Hot Bay City Nights

Join the residents of Bay City for their annual vintage car show and sale, complete with a charity car wash and the "Miss Bay City" pageant!

Visit in Second Life


Cosmetic Fair

Find the latest full-face make-up, tattoos, eyeliners and other beauty products at the Cosmetic Fair, held through Sept. 30.

Visit in Second Life


The Body Modification Expo

The Body Modification Expo is a full sim fair centered around body modification products such as skins, hair, tats, piercings, accessories, shoes, poses and more!

Visit in Second Life


The 24 2015

The 24 2015 is coming you you live again with all brand new goodness from over 70 designers. Brought to you by Siren Productions & SCALA Model Management, this fashion event is held through Sept. 29.

Visit in Second Life


Midsummer Mischief

The Night Theater presents "Midsummer Mischief," held at noon (Pacific) on both Sept. 19 and 20 in Second Life. Come see what magic wakens as the world of humans sleep.

Visit in Second Life



GEN-Neutral is an event designed to serve the purpose of outfitting gender non-conformists with high quality options from some of the best designers on the grid.

Visit in Second Life


005: Dreams of Secrets

Pαɴdorα вoх oғ Dreαмѕ is a creative sim setting in Second Life for the visionaries and creative minds who seek a place where dreams come to life. This is the fifth installment: Dreams of Secrets. Learn more at facebook.com/pandoraboxofdreams

Visit in Second Life


Wayward Hills

Come visit the downtown area at Wayward Hills and do some shopping at stores that have something for everyone! Enjoy time spent at the cafe, in the garden or at the farm. See and hear live music on the performance stage or just play on the playground!

Visit in Second Life



Explore the exclusive creations of about 60 designers in the latest round of Kustom9, a recurring fashion/design event in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life

Don’t hesitate to share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

Also - if you stumble across any inspiringly haunted spots in your travels, why not enter your snapshots in the Official Flickr Pool with the tag “SLHalloween2015” - your work could be featured in some upcoming Second Life campaigns. read more about it at our blog.

If you’d like a chance to see your destination featured in one of these blogs, be sure drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

Second Life is transitioning to a new payments processor for credit cards. If you use a credit card for Second Life payments and have not added or updated your billing information since July 7, 2015, we strongly encourage you to re-enter your information to avoid any potential disruption of services. If you use PayPal or Skrill for Second Life payments, no action is needed.

Adding billing information to your Second Life account is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Login to your Second Life account at SecondLife.com
  2. Click “Account,” then “Billing Information”
  3. Under “How You’re Paying” just click to Add the payment method of your choice*

To learn more about the benefits of adding billing information on file, the many supported payment options, and how to add or update your billing information, please visit this page in the Second Life Knowledge Base.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your attention and help in spreading the word throughout the Second Life community.

*Note: You may notice small authorization charges made to the credit card associated with your account. As is common when new payment processors are initialized, these charges are made to confirm the validity of the billing information on file and will be automatically voided by your bank or credit card issuer.

One of Second Life Residents’ favorite holidays is coming up at the end of next month - but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating Halloween now! We’re already seeing a ton of spectacular haunts being submitted to the Destination Guide, and now we’re looking for some of your great inworld images!.

Share your Halloween themed images, and your work could be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign - with your avatar name credited of course! Do you like to dress your avatar up in costumes - travel the haunted spots all over Second Life, and generally run amok during this time of year? Why not show off your fun with images?

Share your pic on our Official Flickr Page with the tag “SLHalloween2015” so that we can see all of your amazing works. You may submit as many as you like between now and September 28th, 2015.

We’ll showcase the chosen image(s) in an email to Residents, as well as in some banner campaigns. We’ll let the chosen image creators know via Flickr and ask for an avatar name for the credits.

Tips for your submissions:

  • Make sure that your submissions are appropriate for all audiences.
  • Show your avatar or avatars in a scene inworld - an image that tells a story is going to make an impression.
  • Keep your image free of additional text/logos
  • Higher resolution images work best.

Good luck and get to haunting!




This week’s Second Life Destination Guide Highlights  holds a wide range of places of interest that you’re going to want to find the time to visit.

There are hunts, a record release party from Duran Duran, and even some Halloween-themed spots making their way into the Destination Guide a little early but we don’t mind!

You may also wish to visit a few of Second Life’s 9/11 Memorial sites to reflect and remember the day that changed everyone’s life.

911 Memorial

Join the conversation and pay tribute to those who lost their lives to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 at this memorial.

Visit in Second Life


Always Remember, Never Forget

Welcome to the 9/11 Memorial - Always Remember, Never Forget. A tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. Share words of comfort, share stories, share your sorrows and hopes for the future.

Visit in Second Life


Duran Duran Album Release Party

Join the fun at the "Paper Gods" album release party at the giant record player on Khanada at Duran Duran Universe in Second Life. Event held Saturday, September 12th at 1 p.m. (Pacific). Dress code strictly light pink and light blue.

Visit in Second Life


Womenstuff Hunt

One of the most popular female fashion hunts returns to SL with 150 top participating designers and numerous exclusive items. Running through Sept. 30, the Womenstuff Hunt has everything a woman needs to look great. More info at http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com.

Visit in Second Life


Allhallow's Showcase Festival

This showcase festival shines on the creativity, imagination and beauty of 12 of Second Life’s most excellent fantasy creators. Each creator was asked to pick their favorite items to feature at the showcase. In addition, they will offer a free hunt item. Event runs Sept. 12-Oct. 31.

Visit in Second Life


The Quest

The Quest is a sim-wide hunt which explores a medieval village called Camelot. Hunters solve 10 riddle clues to discover secret doors and areas, and win free prizes. The fun begins Sept. 12.

Visit in Second Life


Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons

Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons is a free-to-play, HUD-based roleplaying system where you can play either angel or demon in Second Life. The angels and demons roam the mortal realms unnoticed, only to transcend/descend those that seem worthy to join in this eternal conflict.

Visit in Second Life



Recursion: That which recurs or is recursive or which re-occurs. Reiterative. Repetitive. Repetitious.

Visit in Second Life


Sound Mind

Sound Mind is a sim filled with examples of how sound can be used to enhance your builds and environments. Here you'll find numerous examples, including descriptions of exhibits, instructions and of course, freebies!

Visit in Second Life


Hesperia of Templemore

Hesperia of Templemore is a sim dedicated to live music performances. This stunning build excites all of the senses and recently opened its residential door to those seeking an exclusive lifestyle. Come to Hesperia of Templemore City for the beautiful views, intricate design and awesome ambiance.

Visit in Second Life


Fantasy Gay Pride 2015

Celebrate and explore Fantasy Gay Pride 2015, held through Sept. 13. With a "Tales of the Gods" theme, here you'll find fantasy worlds to celebrate and raise awareness of GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transsexual) issues worldwide. Join in the celebration with live music and dramatic performances, DJs, poetry, free gifts and a sim-wide hunt.

Visit in Second Life


The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 3

That #$%@& Bunny! Running around, moving, hiding things and making a mess - you can't find anything when he is around. Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt- a hunt so hard you'll want to curse!

Visit in Second Life


Full Perm Mesh Halloween Hunt

Come join the fun at the Full Perm Mesh Halloween Hunt, held Sept. 13 through 30. All items are only L$15 each with 15 Halloween-themed prizes in all to find.

Visit in Second Life



You're the next reality star! Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a Kardashian, a Braxton, or a Hilton? Exiled! is a new reality show /role-playing game right here in Second Life! Three young families struggle for control over the family dynasty after most of the current royals were killed in a mysterious explosion. Throw in a state investigation of murder, and some questionable paternity … and suddenly, everything’s is up for grabs. More details at exiledthegame.wordpress.com.

Visit in Second Life


The Garden Of Eden

The Garden Of Eden was inspired by Thomas Cole's well known paintings, "The Voyage of Life" and "Expulsion Of The Garden of Eden." Explore the dark side, which contains the mist and volcano. Then discover the light side, which contains the Garden of Eden -- believed to be untouched and exquisite with the tree of life and the very well known tree of good and evil.

Visit in Second Life

As always, please share your inworld pics to the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr Pic of the Day images are selected from there and featured on our blog and social media pages.

If you’d like a chance to see your destination featured in one of these blogs, be sure drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

The Second Life Destination Guide strives to give you a taste of the incredible places and events that Residents put together on the grid. Selecting a few for each of these blog posts is always difficult because there are so many so be sure to visit the full Guide on a regular basis for even more wonderful SLURLs to visit.

We’ve got a hunt celebrating a creator’s decade in Second Life, Renaissance fun, a Summer carnival, and a few more spots that you should be sure to check out see you there!

The Lonely King and Dragon by Bare Rose

Bare Rose celebrates its 10th year in Second Life with an elaborate story-based treasure hunt, which is only open until Sep. 13. As you arrive, click the poster to get full details and instructions. You will find more information on the story and a hint for each chapter. Prizes include armor and a full dragon avatar!

Visit in Second Life


Failure To Thrive

Failure To Thrive [the gray child] is an art installation open from now to December 31st on LEA15. Designed by Storm Septimus, an eerie landscape set amongst the stars awaits, At first glance, everything is beautiful-- but look closer and you'll discover that all is not as it seems.

Visit in Second Life


The 5th Annual Renaissance Faire

Welcome to the fifth Renaissance Grid-Wide Hunt and full-sim Faire, which takes place September 1-30. There are Renaissance, Medieval and Fantasy-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in nearly 75 participating shops. Enjoy the Faire with its food and drink, shopping, entertainment, dancing, and a mini-hunt! Wear a costume to the Masked Ball September 5th and win prizes!

Visit in Second Life


Flesh Faculty

Explore a dark damp abandoned faculty on the edge of nowhere. There is very real danger here. Dare you enter alone?

Visit in Second Life


Mystic Wolf Airport

Mystic Wolf Charter Headquarters (ICAO: SLMW) is a public airport located on the eastern half of the Velinissimo region in central Nautilus (on the edge of Star Fish Lake). Following the closure of its previous tenant (Tag City Airport) in mid-August 2015, the Velinissimo region was split vertically in half with each parcel becoming host to a separate airport. Mystic Wolf Airport occupies the western half and Southern Cross Regional Airport is located in the eastern part.

Visit in Second Life


London City Summer Carnival

Enjoy a busy month of late summer shows in London City. The London Proms, Beer Festival and London Carnival are just a few of the real life tie-in events you can enjoy through September at London City. Details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk.

Visit in Second Life


Deviled Egg @ Tamagosenbei

Tamagosenbei’s first event was created to showcase egg-cellent sellers, as well as sellers who enjoy Tamagosenbei. The fun begins September 1st 2015 and will run until September 30th. More info at tamagosenbeievents.wordpress.com.

Visit in Second Life

The Pic of the Day shot we feature on our social media channels are all selected from the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr so share your inworld pics there for a chance to be featured.

If you’d like a chance to see your destination featured in one of these blogs, be sure drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

Login and let’s have some fun!

Bright Canopy Brings Second Life to Your Web Browser

by Community Manager on ‎08-28-2015 01:00 PM - last edited on ‎09-01-2015 10:09 AM by Community Manager

This weekend, an exciting new service is launching: Bright Canopy.  With Bright Canopy, you can use either the official Second Life Viewer or the Firestorm Viewer to access Second Life in your web browser, and you can enjoy great performance and graphics, without a high-spec PC.

Created and run by long-time Second Life users, Bright Canopy is now ready for everyone. The service has been in invitation-only testing since April, and as of this weekend, will be available for $17/month with no contract or long-term commitment and 24/7 customer support.

To learn more about Bright Canopy and get started with a 14-day free trial, visit BrightCanopy.com.