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This week Ras Solaris, curator of the Meroe Museum, eloquently describes the value of sharing culture as a way to enable an authentic and three-dimensional understanding of the Black community.

Ras describes the Meroe as a “hub to learn the origins of all cultures in an interactive and engaging way. {It’s} Focused on providing a safe space for people to discuss cultural differences and to challenge current ways of thinking.” Ras became a Resident years ago, recently returning from a hiatus “because I noticed the amazing changes in technology, architecture, and the incredible amount of multiculturalism from across the world. Although many spend their time on FB, I prefer the Metaverse space, Second Life… where privacy and content creation are key for Residents to be able to help create in this amazing world.”

Throughout the video, Ras illustrates how a more thorough understanding of other cultures can help deconstruct bias. He also shows us the humanizing power of diverse representation in all fields of study. For example, the Innovation and Black Inventions exhibit presents essential items from modern life that, unbeknownst to many of us, were invented by Black people. By tying in the contributions of Black people in the physical world to the creations of Black Residents in the virtual world, the Meroe reminds us that every avatar you meet has a rich history that led them to this moment.

This venue has two exhibit halls, a vibrant gallery, and don’t forget to explore outside the museum walls! THE BLVD. and Jamrock City offer a variety of terrains, seasons, and exploration. 

Plus, mark your calendars, as there will be a two day music festival at the end of the month. However, Ras wants us to know that the Meroe Museum will not disappear at the end of Black History Month. We hope that patronage continues to be robust throughout the year, and that the knowledge gained in this space breeds kindness and positive change. As a bonus, Ras tells us  “100% of donations are given to RL not-for-profits focused on community service and STEM programs.”

Contributors to this project include:
Fly Toretto: An inworld automotive designer, Fly’s contribution is a part of the Innovations and Inventions Exhibit that highlights core inventions created by Black people that we use in our daily lives. 
Diamond Martinez: Founder of Rho Gamma Psi sorority, Diamond’s contribution is a part of the Kente Cloth Exhibit that highlights the traditional cloth and the history and messaging behind it.
Alora Taurus: Model, Artist, and Photographer. Alora’s contribution is a part of our Tech and Communications and the Innovations and Inventions Exhibit. Her art titled “Cosmological” is featured in both exhibits.
Dehja Dahl: Model, artist, and photographer. Dehja contributed her recent art piece, which incorporates the work of the infamous artist, Basquiat. Her art is featured as part of MEROE standard communications and will be featured in the Basquiat Exhibit this summer. 
Ms Warm: Owner of Business Minded, a networking business group. Ms Warm specializes in identifying SL Residents with high-value unique offerings. She is an avid entrepreneur in the community who has a keen eye for representation.
GiGi Monet: Director at MEROE and founder of The BLVD., GiGi specializes in creating interactive experiences in Second Life. She is passionate about bringing in quality, process, and structure into aesthetically pleasing viewscapes. GiGi’s contributions to the Museum vary from Operations, Graphics, Marketing, Landscaping, and more. 
Tyesia Xevious: DJ and CEO of Frequency Radio, Tyesia is our main Media contributor and has curated an afro-centric experience on Frequency Radio, which is currently featured on the region. 
Nedar Koba: As a mesh designer, Nedar specializes in creating high quality unique designs. His contribution includes the Adinkra symbol, which happens to be the only Adinkra symbol created in Second Life, the Gye Nyame that you see throughout the region. 
The BLVD.: Home to MEROE Museum, JamRock City Residential Community, and A XeoLife Roleplay Shopping and Dining Experience. The region is lightly based on tropical islands around the world with a flare of luxury, serenity, and waterfalls surrounding you. 

We’d also like to share the other ways we are celebrating Black History Month inworld: Pic of the Day will feature a Black Resident every weekday, don’t miss our weekly Second Life Spotlight posts, and please visit the Social Awareness Category of the Destination Guide.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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