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  1. I'm a noob when it comes to scripting. Yet, I want script(s) that I can add into an object that gives out lindens to resident when clicked. e.g. a money tree with a dollar bill (leaf) I tried looking at this script below but it only confused me as I tried to turn it as my own. Again, I'm new to scripting and don't know much about it. Leaf Prim: This script by Ferd Frederix may be used in any manner, modified, and republished. Unless specified otherwise, my scripts are always free and open source. Objects made with these scripts may be sold with no restrictions. All I ask is that you point others to this location should they ask you about it and to not sell this script, unless it is for $0 L. Please help improve my work by reporting bugs and improvements. 1 2 // Put this in a a prim 3 // Put this prim in the server 4 // It will fall and if touched, send money 5 6 integer channel = -76576; // a very secret number/password also found in the boxes that fall. 7 8 integer ready = FALSE; 9 10 default 11 { 12 on_rez(integer param) 13 { 14 ready = param; // for safety, we make it so if rezzed with no param, it does not spend money 15 llSetTimerEvent((float) param); 16 llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS,TRUE); 17 } 18 timer() 19 { 20 llDie(); 21 } 22 touch_start(integer total_number) 23 { 24 if(ready) { 25 llSay(channel,llDetectedKey(0)); 26 llDie(); 27 } 28 } 29 } Makes The Tree: This script by Ferd Frederix may be used in any manner, modified, and republished. Unless specified otherwise, my scripts are always free and open source. Objects made with these scripts may be sold with no restrictions. All I ask is that you point others to this location should they ask you about it and to not sell this script, unless it is for $0 L. Please help improve my work by reporting bugs and improvements. 1 // Add a prim to this prims inventory with the FallingScript in it. 2 3 integer Amount = 1; // Give one Linden each time. 4 integer Max = 100; // the max $L to give away, then stop giving 5 6 integer rezTime = 10; // The boxes will rez for 10 seconds, then die 7 float DIST = 10; // Boxes will be rezzed within this radius of the giver. (!!! MAX = 10 ) 8 // How often to rez objects 9 float min = 60; // one minute minimum 10 float max = 300; // 5 minutes sometimes 11 integer channel = -76576; // a very secret number/password also found in the boxes that fall. 12 integer Given; 13 default 14 { 15 state_entry() 16 { 17 llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); 18 } 19 20 run_time_permissions(integer permissions) 21 { 22 if(permissions & PERMISSION_DEBIT) 23 { 24 llListen(channel,llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0),"",""); // listen for givers we rezzed by name 25 llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(max - min) + min); 26 } 27 } 28 29 timer() 30 { 31 vector myPos = llGetPos(); // this giver is HERE 32 myPos.x = llFrand(DIST*2) - DIST + myPos.x; // Make it +/- DIST away 33 myPos.y = llFrand(DIST*2) - DIST + myPos.y; 34 35 // And rez it with a start parameter 36 llRezObject(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0),myPos,ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION,rezTime); 37 } 38 39 listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) 40 { 41 if(Given > Max) { 42 llSetTimerEvent(0); // stop giving 43 llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "Out of money to give"); 44 llSetText("Balance: 0 " , <1,0,0>,1.0); // red text 45 return; 46 } 47 48 Given += Amount; 49 key avatarKey = (key) message; 50 llGiveMoney(avatarKey, Amount); 51 llSetText("Balance: " + (string) (Max - Given), <0,0,1>,1.0);// Green text 52 } 53 54 }
  2. Hii. I am having an issue and not sure how this is happening, but ok here it goes. I am using a texture change hud - not sure if that matters, but anywho, I have a purse that I wish to have variations with the poses - 4 to be exact. I have managed to get two. However the last two ain't happening because when I put fresh scripts and poses in them they are taking on the characteristics of the first pose. Mind you, the second bag I did had the same issue so instead of duplicating the bag I rez out a fresh bag with no scripts and started the process again and wahlah it worked. Not so much with the last two. I think I have tried everything and can not figure out what's causing this. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I am happy to offer more info if needed.
  3. Hello guys... I have studied Programming in the past and learned a bit... But LSL looks so confusing to learn... I would like to take classes in it but I don't know where to begin. Anyways, I have a Bed and a Beanbag Chair I want to put Sleep and Sit scripts in... I have already bought the Animations but they do not animate on the bed in the right direction and on the beanbag chair I have my feet where I want to sit and I am sitting on the top of it. I have tried using Pose Balls to make the scripts work, but at this point I am considering that I need to learn scripting... I will learn scripting even if I have to pay for classes. But can someone point me into the right direction to make an Animation Script place the Avatar in X,Y,Z Position? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, tough one I can't seem to figure out that Im sure you all, the community will be able to solve instantly. Ive made a pretty cool fountain, with animated water. However, the water on the face or outside of the fountain is going in the normal direction gravity would take it, "Down". However, the backside of the fountain the water is going "UP". What in the world is wrong with my coding? Any help would be greatly appreciated to get all faces / sides going in the same direction. Here is what I have. integer face = ALL_SIDES; float rate = 0.200; default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | LOOP | SMOOTH, face, 1, 1, 0.0, 0.0, rate); llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); } } Thanks again for all the help.. I know im missing something, just can't figure out what during playing with it as im a bit new to LSL scripting.
  5. (by the way: scanning the forums, I was not sure if this should go here or someone else... so I apologize if this is technically the wrong place and would like to know for future reference if so!) So this is a little thing I've been working on... I've got a bit of a background in traditional game engines, and using more complex tools for designing visual effects in those engines. One thing that I immediately noticed coming to SecondLife was that creating visual effects is a little more painful than I would like - I constantly have to keep the scripting wiki open, I have to wait for scripts to recompile, it's harder to rapidly preview different textures and materials, and in general iteration time is much slower than I think it ought to be. I know there's already existing in-world solutions for creating simple individual particle effects, but I felt that I could go further. It's very rare in games that the complex visual effects you see are made of just one or two simple emitters. They're layers of several emitters, sometimes all carefully timed with each other to provide just the right effect. I felt that the particle designer I would want to use should be made to make this in particular very easy to do. So I started working on a standalone particle designer. It attempts to replicate SecondLife's particle engine and provide a WYSIWYG editor for particle effects, with the goals in mind: Effects are grouped into project files which contain as many individual emitters as you desire. Editing particles is instant, you can tweak parameters while it's running with no wait times and no lag whatsoever. Individual effects can be assigned a pre-delay time to allow for control over particle sequences. Swap out as many textures as you want quickly and easily with no upload time. Enable/disable individual effects to make it easier to focus on specific effects when needed. Timescale control Gizmo previews of the emitter shapes (explode, angle cone, and angle) And here's what I've got so far: The idea is you can put together your effect in the designer, and then once you're done you export an LSL script and a notecard. The LSL script, the notecard, and all of the textures used are placed into the inventory of a special builder object in-world. That object will then construct the effect for you, setting up all of the scripts, textures, and link sets required for the effect. Things still left to do: Ensure that all currently supported behaviors match SL as closely as possible. For instance, currently the "Follow source" property ("move with emitter") has a few visual differences which need to be resolved esp. when combined with emitter rotation / omega. Add undo/redo support Add option to gather used textures into a folder for easier bulk upload Implement wind preview (figure out SL's wind algorithm?) Implement glow and add glow start/end Implement lighting for better preview of the "Full bright" option (add day/night preview slider?) Add support for ribbon trails Fix a few gizmo rendering bugs in angle cone when angle min/max >180 Fix general UI bugs Thoughts? Concerns? General feedback?
  6. Hey guys I need 2 pretty simple HUD button scripts, one button will toggle between show/hide on a selected link and face number of a worn item, and the other button will toggle between 50% opacity and then back to 0% on a selected link and face number of a worn item. I will need to be able to change the link/face numbers in each script. Contact inworld Luna Bunny to discuss sorted out thank you
  7. Hi Everyone, I am offering my services as a custom-scripts creator. I have: - 4 years experience with LSL - Computer Science Major - Have developed more than 50 custom scripts. If you are interested IM me in word to the user: Christian1koch
  8. Hello, I am new to sl. I am in search of building a team, I'll be needing scripters and 3dmodelers mostly. There is room for people that have expertise in texturing, advertising, beta testing, etc. My goal is to ultimately create in sl but due to inexperience it'll take months to years to create what I envision without any outside help. What I am searching for here are not only people to help me achieve my goals but also be open to helping others in the future, I hope to create a group and expand. To have a place that people can learn while also applying that knowledge to projects on their skill level. I'd like to mention that the goal I am currently pursuing in sl is to create a game. If you are interested please let me know. You can IM me a Notecard or send one InWorld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business Park/196/164/22 , If I am online I hop from place to place and at some point may end up here to check up on the place. Though if I am not there you can catch me here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marietta/250/17/74. I may also just be at the builder's brewery. Just a list of places if you just don't feel like sending a notecard or just have some questions before you send one.
  9. Hey there, I run a rather LARGE SL company. Don't look at this avatar too closely you won't figure it out. (it's not the texture company this avatar runs) I am looking to hire a scripter for my company. This scripter would be staff and would work based on a profit share. Must have intimate knowledge of LSL, and MYSQL servers. Looking for past experience with interworking parts and pieces. Would love some one who can manage animations on prims, and someone experienced with LSL and OSSL(HALYCON). My company is LARGE, we run on a 6 month profit share per property but we're always releasing new stuff so you'll consistently make an income. With consumable products that are purchased AGAIN and AGAIN. You will have to pass muster with my current scripter who is looking to retire. They will pick who comes after them, and they will give a seal of approval. Please make sure that when you reach out to me in world (VIA NOTECARD ONLY) that you are putting down what you've worked on IN THE PAST specifically. You may ask questions below I'll try to answer them but resumes should be sent in world via notecard. I know this is VERY vague, but I need to be to protect my identity in world and my intellectual property. Your resumes will tell my current scripter if you're a good fit or not. ❤️ Thanks guys can't wait to meet you, Tony
  10. Hello, I purchased a building that has sliding doors. Sadly the support for the item is gone, so I need some help. The door, when looking at it from the front, currently slides to the right when clicked. It needs to slide left. I'm not good with scripts, so I figured I'd ask here to see if someone can see the problem.
  11. I would like the community's opinion on this subject to see if it's a worthwhile project to pursue. For a while now, I've been thinking about creating a program that lets you write LSL scripts in another programming language, such as Python, or Java. With such a thing, you could introduce new abstractions to LSL like classes, dictionaries, switch statements, and shortcuts for tedious code. However, there's a lot of differences between these languages, so there would be some inescapable oddities like requiring typecasts on list items. I'm confident that I would be able to create this tool by myself, but I would like to know what other people think of such an idea. Which source language would people prefer to use for writing LSL scripts? Thanks for your time!
  12. A script that links a profile link of the owner's name in local chat when whispering/speaking/shouting. EXAMPLE: secondlife:///app/agent/9bb35653-4ea2-41bb-bdc9-5bb51050f143/about : Hello, how are you? Welcome.
  13. Hello, new to scipting here. I have this hud that rezzes a spell on the ground with a simple animation. In example: 1. Avatar attaches hud 2. Clicks hud 3. Places(rezzes) a spell on the floor with squating down animation. IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR ME and other can see me do it.. the issue is when I send to others to test out. This happens.. Script error - Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set. This is the code rotation relativeRot = <0.0, -0.0, -0.5 , -0.5>; float floor_distance; //global used for determining individual avatar height default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } touch_start(integer n) { //calculate for individual avatar size vector size = llGetAgentSize(llGetOwner()); floor_distance = size.z / 2; string Object= llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0); rotation myRot = llGetRot(); //position is where it rezzes (left,right,height) vector position = llGetPos() + (<2, 0.0, -floor_distance> * myRot); //rotation is how the prims rotation is set relative to avi & rezzer ? rotation rezRot = relativeRot * myRot; llStartAnimation ( "spell" ); llRezObject(Object, position, ZERO_VECTOR, rezRot, 0); llSleep(3.0); llStopAnimation ( "spell" ); } } Any suggestion? I have permissions set, animations work for me just fine, but not for others. I did try to add a llResetScript(); but I'm clearly missing something because that didn't work. Maybe I put in the wrong section
  14. ☻ Welcome to Focus Point High ☻ Focus Point High School is hiring for several positions including teaching, coaching, administrative and more! We are looking for dedicated and friendly individuals who love immersive RP and would like to new ideas and skills to Focus Point High and it's students. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. You may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check with our faculty what classes are available, currently offered classes will not be hired for . * Business/Marketing Graphic Design Blogging Music Production Glee Club Literature Poetry Health Physical Education Culinary Arts Babysitter's Club Interior Design Gardening Home Economics Wood or Metal Shop Foreign Language Music Theory Anime Club World Music Gaming Club Astronomy Biology Cooking Club Oceanography General Science DJ Club Criminal Justice Anthropology Modern World Studies Psychology Sociology Scripting Photography Art History Auto Mechanics Cosmetology Drivers Education American Football Soccer Tennis Volleyball Boxing MMA Equestrian Club Building ► If interested please message : Ṃŕṩ Çђaяìşмa βΔΜβΔŦĦΔ (hotskorpion.charisma) OR ღ Pʋddιɲ ℒ. Çђaяìşмa βΔΜβΔŦĦΔ ღ (puddinpoppin) In-world Campus : Focus Point High School Campus Our website : www.focuspointhigh.com We look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to tell your friends!
  15. I'm experimenting with storing data off-world using free resources and right now I'm trying out making pastes in pastebin. When I try make a new paste I get this error in http_response: The pastebin api at https://pastebin.com/doc_api says that data must be sent as UTF-8 so I've set MIMETYPE and ACCEPT to "text/plain;charset=utf-8" but still getting the error. Can anyone figure how to get past this error? // Script created by Gayngel of The Script Yard. // Follow the numbered steps in this script to set up and understand how this script works.. // Step 1: string api_key = ""; //To make a paste to pastebin you must have a pastebin account. Once you have created a pastebin account go to the pastebin api to retrieve you unique api key. The pastebin api is at https://pastebin.com/doc_api. You can also click the api button at the top of the website on pastebin.com to go to the api. Look for the section that shows your unique api key like in this screenshot https://i.imgur.com/Q1ul8Th.png. For example if your unique pi key is c46e0524312gbgh103bedh1aba2zj1l3 then the line in this script should be: string api_key = "c46e0524312gbgh103bedh1aba2zj1l3"; // N.B: Do NOT ever give out your api key to anyone!!! If you intend to sell this script in your object make the script no mod as no one should ever see your api key. If someone accesses your api key they can create spam pastes on your account and/or delete your pastes. It is probably best not to sell this in an object because each copy of the object will create a new paste on your account. You can only have a limited amount of unlisted/private pastes on a free pastebin account. // Step 2: string privacy = "2"; // Set the privacy of the paste your are going to make. // Set this 0 if you want the paste to be public for everyone to see on pastebin. // Set this to 1 if you want the paste to be public on pastebin but unlisted. // Set this to 2 if you want the paste to be private so only you can see it on pastebin. // Step 3: string paste_lang = ""; // If the text you are pasting is a programming/scripting language you can set this as the language key to make the paste highlight the program's syntax. For exmple if you want your paste to highlight in LSL the line in this script should look like this: string paste_lang = "lsl2"; //You can see a list of all highlighting keys on the pastebin api https://i.imgur.com/K5caEju.png // Leave this blank if the text you want to paste is not a program/script string paste_url = ""; //The url you get returned from pastebin when you make a paste. Leave this blank on first creating the paste. Once you get the URL to the created paste the script will tell you the URL to it. You can then copy and paste the URL to this line. string paste_message; // The message you want to send as a paste. You will set/write this in an event or function. integer coins; // a variable you can paste to and get from your paste. Number of coins collected. integer lives; // another variable you can paste to and get from your paste. Number of lives you have. integer goombahs; // another variable you can paste to and get from your paste. Number of goombahs you squashed. integer koopas; // another variable you can paste to and get from your paste. Number of koopa shell you kicked. key owner; key req; default { state_entry() { owner = llGetOwner(); } touch_end(integer num) { ++ coins; // increment coins ++lives; // increment lives; ++goombahs; // increment goombahs; ++koopas; // increment koopas; //Step 4 //Write the data you want to send as a paste paste_message = "message=Itsa you Mario! You have " + (string)lives + "lives left. You collected " + (string)coins + "coins. Your princess is in another castle\ngoombahs="+(string)goombahs+"\nkoopas="+(string)koopas; if(paste_url == "") // This will create the new paste. Since you haven't made a paste before the paste_url is blank. So a new paste will be created and return a url to the paste. { // curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, 'api_option=paste&api_user_key='.$api_user_key.'&api_paste_private='.$api_paste_private.'&api_paste_name='.$api_paste_name.'&api_paste_expire_date='.$api_paste_expire_date.'&api_paste_format='.$api_paste_format.'&api_dev_key='.$api_dev_key.'&api_paste_code='.$api_paste_code.''); req = llHTTPRequest("https://pastebin.com/api/api_post.php?api_option=paste&api_dev_key="+llEscapeURL(api_key)+"&api_paste_private="+llEscapeURL(privacy)+"&api_paste_name="+llEscapeURL("test_lsl")+"&api_paste_code="+llEscapeURL(paste_message),[HTTP_MIMETYPE,"text/plain;charset=utf-8",HTTP_METHOD,"POST",HTTP_EXTENDED_ERROR,TRUE, HTTP_ACCEPT, "text/plain;charset=utf-8"],"Ping"); } else // This will update the paste. Since a paste was created there is a URL to it. Delete the paste and create a new one. { } } http_request(key reqID, string method, string body ) { llOwnerSay("REQUEST: " + body); } http_response(key reqID, integer status, list metadata, string body) { llOwnerSay("RESPONSE:" +body + " STATUS:" + (string)status + "METADATA: " + llList2CSV(metadata)); } }
  16. Me and my wife are looking for some help with scripting. We are looking for a script that we can be drop inside a prim giving that prim the ability to be dealt damage once hit/touched. Example: An avatar holding a baseball bat that can give physical damage to a prim. Once prim is hit, the prim is disappears.
  17. First off, forgive me, because I'm a beginner who barely knows what I'm doing, as far is scripting is concerned. For all I know, the answer to this is probably very simple and is staring me right in the face... I found an old, free script in my inventory, 'Multiple Sound Fragments Player", and tried to mod it into a hybrid with a "Sound & Text on Touch" script. The goal was to have a prim attachment play 4 sound files (rather than the usual 2), in a certain order, when touched. This version of the script does this, but unfortunately loops both the sound and the chat text indefinitely. I want to have it play all this stuff just once, whenever the prim is touched, with no automatic repeats. The other drawback is that there is a considerable time delay (6+ seconds) prior to the first sound clip playing and between the subsequent the sound clips. I've tried setting the llSetTimerEvent to lower numbers than 10, but it didn't seem to make any difference.
  18. I'm looking for a basic to intermediate understanding of how movement in SL works, and what affects it. My current understanding is that it is done by a physics engine, and that movement is the result of forces. Is this correct? I presume pressing a key on the keyboard generates forces, but I have no idea how the standardized maximum velocities of walking and running avatars arise from this process - what exactly happens when you press a key that makes your avatar move, and why is the standard voluntary walking speed a constant 3.2 m/s? If there was a constant force on an avatar, it would accelerate indefinitely, which would be unphysical, and is not what actually happens. I know movement enhancers exist, they seem to use llSetForce and llApplyImpulse commands. And llPushObject can move avatars. Collisions with objects (physical and nonphysical) can also affect movement. Is there anything else that affects movement? On a related note, assuming some of the above is correct, where are the calculations performed? What calculations are done by the client, and what calculations are done by the host? And what mechanism synchronizes the position of the avatar in the client and the position of the avatar in the host? I'm pretty sure the two get out of synch, this results in a "rubberbanding" effect, I've seen in world, but I'm puzzled about the details.
  19. Hi all I have something to stump you all. I have a seat working in my static model that allows me to pose sits on a ball that is part of the armature of the model and moves with the model. I thought that as I was linked and placed as offset from this when the model moved in animesh i would move relative to the ball that is controlled my animesh . This doesn't happen instead I am placed at the location the seat was at before animesh is switched on . in my seat ball I have groups mNeck, mCollarLeft, mCollarRight and mChest asisgned to link and vectors. Here with stationary seat Here with Animated Mesh turned on This is were seat ends up presumably showing armature is not working ? I presume I am missing some scripting that repositions my seat when movement occurs or the armature is not working on the seat which is linked in blender to bones vertex in spine. Is this linked thing a problem in animesh ? What do I need to achieve this not the resit but the detection we have moved by animesh and how this works in principle. is there a trigger to check movement and to do this or an event ? The fire ball also does the same thing as a separate link in blender with bone vector groups assigned mHead. Why dont these item move with mesh model as they appear to be offset to original position of stationary object when the animation is switched on how do we get round this please is it a scripting issue or a mesh issue with armature? kisses Denise
  20. I really want to detect if a sitter on an object presses the ESC key to reset the camera, but of course that is not possible. The next best thing is to get the camera pos/rot and compare to the desired pos/rot. I defined a camera rot/pos using llSetCameraEyeOffset and llSetCameraAtOffset so when the ESC key is pressed the camera snaps to my defined pos/rot. I want to be able to get the camera pos/rot from when an avatar is sitting on the object and see if the camera is say <2,3,1> and at 90 degrees both pos&rot relative to the object. Using a timer I want to compare if the camera is at the desired pos/rot but llGetCameraPos and llGetCameraRot use region co-ordinates while llSetCameraEyeOffset and llSetCameraAtOffset use local co-ordinates. Is there a way to get local pos from a region pos or vice versa so I can compare? The script would looksomething like: vector cam_pos; roatation sitRot; default { state_entry() { llSitTarget(<0.3,0.0,0.2>,ZERO_ROTATION); sitRot = llAxisAngle2Rot(<0.0, 0.0, 90.0>, 0.0 * DEG_TO_RAD); cam_pos = <2, 0, 1> * sitRot; llSetCameraEyeOffset(<0.05, 0.1, 1.5> * sitRot); llSetCameraAtOffset(cam_pos); } changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_LINK) { if(llAvatarOnSitTarget() != NULL_KEY) llRequestPermissions(llAvatarOnSitTarget() PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA); else lSetTimerEvent(0.0); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm & PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSetTimerEvent(1.0); } } timer() { vector avi_pos = llGetCameraPos(); if(cam_pos == avi_pos) // this is what I need to compare. How can I compare a region pos to a local pos? { // do stuff } } }
  21. I have a Doll Key with 11 scripts within it, and one of these scripts calls: queryLandmarkData = llRequestInventoryData(landmark); ...where landmark equals "Home" in the standard case. queryLandmarkData is verified to not be NULL_KEY, but the dataserver event never fires: dataserver(key queryID, string queryData) { if (queryID == queryLandmarkData) { rlvTeleport(queryData); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); queryLandmarkData = NULL_KEY; } } (The function rlvTeleport takes queryData, generates the appropriate global position setting, and generates an RLV call to teleport.) Through the use of multiple debug statements it can be determined that the dataserver event never fires for the llRequestInventoryData() call. It does however respond to other dataserver events that happen in other scripts, including processing notecard lines and getting region data and username data. Is it possible that dataserver events in this script get throttled? I can find zero reason for llRequestInventoryData to work and then for data server to fail. There's no documentation in the llRequestInventoryData wiki page or in the dataserver wiki page that explains such a scenario. I'm using Firestorm to compile, along with full usage of all of Firestorm's compile-time enhancements. I also have the code in a git repository. I searched for the possibility that dataserver events were getting throttled or stopped outright due to too many all at once - but I can't find that documented anywhere if it is the case. Help?
  22. Hello, I am wanting to start a BeYou Eatery, but I am running into a problem. Now I am not sure where I should have put this question so sorry if it is in the wrong page or something. I hope there is someone out there that could possibly help me with this so I can continue on with my idea. Anyways, I want to be able to sell the food to customers who come in even when I am not online, but I want it to where they must buy before getting it, but I don't know a way to do so. Now I did think of the idea of boxing up food, but I would like that for to-go foods if at all possible. If there is a way to do this I would really appreciate the help, but I will take other ideas as well! I want to get a move on my project and open. Thank you in advance.
  23. Ive been scripting a lift within a linkset as a child prim and I have the lift itself working where it goes up and down. Im wondering how I should go about having the agent(avatar) sitting on the linkset to move with the lift (child prim). I know I could make my own animation that simply has an offset when it plays but that is just some kinda hack or go around the problem. I know its possible dont know how exactly. Ive looked and asked around and there isn't anything to move an agent like it would be for a child prim so it require more scripting to accomplished this. Not asking people to make a script for me but I guess some tips on how to go about it if thats how I should say that. XD Thank you for your help.
  24. Hello there LSL people, I have a basic grenade I am trying to make that detect any active or agents in the area and then shoots a message to them. but I've run into a bit of a problem. the sensor works just fine, but it only detects and sends the mssage to the first thing it sense, not all of the things it scans in range of the sensor. I think I have to use list2key or something like that but I'm not quite sure, would someone be able to shed of light on what I'm doing wrong? here is the very simple script. list explode = ["ex1","ex2","ex3","ex4"]; default { on_rez(integer vIntFound) { llTriggerSound(llList2String(llListRandomize(explode,1),0),1.0); llSleep(.2); llSensorRepeat( "", "", ACTIVE | AGENT, 10, PI,1); } sensor( integer vIntFound ) { integer index = 0; llOwnerSay("Index: "+(string)index); key id2 = llDetectedKey(index); llOwnerSay("id: "+(string)id2); //llOwnerSay((string)vIntFound); key id = llDetectedKey(0); integer vIntCounter = 0; vector pos = llDetectedPos(0); float dist = llVecDist(pos, llGetPos() ); if (dist < 10) llRegionSayTo(id,-943, "PlasmaG"); llDie(); } no_sensor() { llDie(); } }
  25. Hello Lovelies, I have recently purchased/been gifted some full permission food/drink items off of the marketplace. I'm wanting to script them with Xeolife and other scripts. I'm not sure which Xeolife affiliate scripts and/or other marketplace scripts to buy to accomplish what I want the items to do. Such as: 1. An avatar can click the food item to buy and recieve 1 slice/drink that will attach to the avatar. 2. Not inventory based. 3. Item will dissapear after it is empty/eaten. 4. One use and cannot be reset. (Going for realistic) 5. Need base item/giver to be rezzable and able to set permissions for access. (Owner, anyone, group, etc.) Thank you so much to anyone who can help me, recommend scripts, or point me in the right direction! ❤
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