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  1. [off_topic] I always wondered how some SL business owners would fare in RL if they would behave like they do over here [/off_topic]
  2. All those "exclusive" event releases will wander into the main stores after the events are over... MP only is a clear sign for a "hobby only" or "slowly retiring from SL" store in my eyes...
  3. The HUD shoppping idea is great - if you take it one step further... I go to the website, select what I like, grab the hud and get the demo delivered =^.^= Sorry HUD shopping designers, I see almost nothing in those tiny things of yours
  4. Yes, they can all ... now depending on what avatar you got you will need animations for bento mesh ones or facial expressions for the classic avis. Here's some start for facial expressions (and the other buildt in animations you will get for free by logging into SL only): http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations You can create yourself a gesture that plays a specific animation... if you pick one of the facial expressions you will make that face upon typing the trigger text, for expample build one to react to typing the trigger "/cry" for playing "express_cry" Sounds complicated? Nope it isn't but you must get used to SL first... that's the initial shock we all had to suffer, welcome though. A lot of starter places will have people helping you create and explaining how to use those if you ask them.
  5. can't help, religious obligation
  6. Not just yours. You can most likely generalize this on most governments ...
  7. Did I miss something? Wasn't restart tuesdays to be on tuesdays?
  8. Sure you are, as proven by that wicked subliminal you just did =^.^=
  9. /me yawns, streches and trots away
  10. 150 bucks to be named after a disease? ... you had one job, marketing guys, ...one damn job
  11. but..., but..., I want to at least feel like a Z-class prominent some times of the day (<- did not find a more narcisitic emoticon, sorry)
  12. to prevent that from happening again... buy a shotgun or rent a kitty =^.^=
  13. Given they let you back in, that is...
  14. That's why I went for the hop to site upload credit by paying credit vendour buy from HUD with credit option... which kinda breaks the idea behind it a bit =^.^=
  15. oh the have clothing in taht hud too, HUd even deliveres demos, but furniture preview is on site only
  16. That big HUD only monthly gacha event has one, it kindly asks you for wallet allowance, but you will have to hop to the event anyways to preview furniture or upload prepaid credit if you do not want wallet allowence... so duh...
  17. Indeed, someone else might have the same problems 5 years in the future , and believe it or not they will dig up the post and expect replies... or tehy wil dig up the plot for reasons no one of us ever will understand... that happens too
  18. And why it doesn't line up? Look up "monospace fonts" in your favourite dictionary
  19. As users can set their font in their viewers and you have no control over that (or even their line length).... WHY?
  20. That game has a website, how about reading it?
  21. Couldn't you just hide two dark grey physical torus prims in the tires? Would also solve any "bike looses tires at zooming out" problems...
  22. A retired newbie linden? But where do they live? Is there a Linden retirement center near moletown?
  23. don't... Google will forever plague you with ads for antimycotica if you do... I have my suspicion why he thinks every woman should know, maybe all his girlfriends for some mysterious reasons had to find out how to treat it
  24. More curious: it 's by a Linden...
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