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  1. I didn't even bother to consider firing it up, you need to blend in after all
  2. Ahhh it's to early for my brain =^.^=
  3. As said it depends on use... if you need a tree for an indoor arboretum it could make sense to go for those.
  4. I see no use for emergency outfits to be rigged mesh for specific meshbodies, usually you wear protective gear for that job so all you need are hands and a neck... You should be able to squeeze almost any mesh body into those.
  5. Just to make sure if it is the viewer or the device: Did you check if it still works outside of the viewer? I use steampad here and yeah somtimes I forget to switch the controller software on (and then wonder why my avi behaves so silly)
  6. I successfully ran SL on a 2006 gaming PC upgraded to 3GB RAM on Ubuntu 32 bit... you might want to give give Ubuntu a try (and if you can live without the adress bar go for singularity alpha instead of firestorm as it uses less resources - with those old machines each straw counts )
  7. oh they did for Horizons? smart move
  8. Microsoft Windows programmers are kinda economy driven, they set a deliberate hardware limit back to when they support it, for anything that came before they do not care anymore (nor do they get payed to care anymore)...
  9. The problem is: those rules never were there. LL could have added them when they added new mainland like Horizons... but adding them for those that already established their ugliness is kinda hard. Mainladn has it's own market rules... those ugly spots will most certaily driva away all neighbours (especially the great "shoebox panorama" designs) and drive down the land price around them, aggregating more stacked rentals and that other stuff no one wants to see... The nice looking areas however are highly sought after but you have to pay a higher price... no one pay 10 times the price to a comparable parcel to set up those stacked rental skyboxes... it just does not pay out. What could happen is that somone buys your neighbouring coastline and puts out boatslip rentals... ... but those most often fit the theme.
  10. You need to create a support ticket demanding access. Might take some days but eventually you will be added to the access list
  11. more along the idea "Oh I like the colour and design but it only has genes for two mesh bodies I don't have, let's pair it with pants for my mesh body."
  12. Not yet, but wait until I find some fashion modeller drunk enough to help me release my stupid idea of a set of breedable panties =^:^=
  13. If you want to go for an anime avi, Mesh body addicts will not me much help. They seem to have no idea about those but they exist too and have a healthy 3rd party cloth market (not nearly as big as the normal avatars but they exist) Finding nothing in their databse does not equal no anime bodies existing, they are just not what they seem to catalog.
  14. Some might start ealier, one skin shop stating "this weekend" HALP!!! It's the group credit apocalypse
  15. I see no need for plural there, a singular channel should suffice PS: ah now I see the misunderstanding, no I didn't want to advice against using channels on boats, just against using more than one on each vehicle
  16. Well there is always horizons where 3 land barons battle (unless it is the same land baron with 3 different adboards)
  17. short tip: don't instead use messages and keywords to communicate, and best let the user reset the cannel to some onther one, ideally your kewords are very specific to your boat like "MANNYRDBOAT1 RAISE" that way your boat will not listen to other boats =^.^=
  18. SPAMming us with "you need to be logged in to use this feature" messages?
  19. I would also go for "Fionalein Lastnamer" =^.^=
  20. A surname named "Surname"? I hope that's on the list =^.^=
  21. Oh, another suggestion: you might not even want to go "full mesh", maybe mesh feet, bento hands and a bento head will do for you as well (unless you want to spend a lot of time at beaches) you could still upgade to full mesh later (with maybe the extra expense on feet and hands - depending if the body you decide on has its own - but you can keep the head) PS : before buying any cloth .... use a little forsight: make sure they fit classic and a lot of meshbodys until you decided on what way to go (won't leave you with unuseable cloth)
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