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  1. Yeah that would be fun, don't get me wrong I have absolutely no problems with store representatives at fairs in general. I just don't like it when the fair sims are already filled up to the maximum.
  2. So I came across this newest "bright" idea by some store owners. Some shops now apparently have store preresentatives residing at fairs... We all know how hard it is to access those first tier fairs nowadays, sims being crowded by everyone wanting to have a glance at the new items. Why would you want to further limit the fair access by having an avatar permanently taking up a slot? Dear store owners, I have absolutley problem with you not wanting my Lindens, I will gladly toss them elsewere if you annoy me... ... but at least have the decency to let me toss them at your fellow store owner
  3. Now that would be a funny LEA project, a PG AFK city to explore and of course to idle, donate your AFK self to make the city look alive.... but I doubt that earns the AFK-ers any tips...
  4. I used to visit one of those places playing the Lindo game there (yes the irony is hillarious, I was earning Lindens while being semi AFK at an AFK-sex place because they have so much competition - they have to pay us flower-watering and fishing semi-porfessional extras to bump their traffic...) I better keep an eye at which places I do Lindo at now... whow that risk never came to my idea
  5. Downtime makes me finally write something on the forums though ;-)
  6. What do you mean with "strong system of houses" Lamyae? Many Adult sims I visited just had those informal carebear mentor types like G or M sims do, and they do a pretty well job that way. Forcing poeple in houses sounds a lot like that gor-ey stuff to me...
  7. ... there is a winged angel, a winged demon, and a horse rider each for both sexes, they are bento animated, the bodies are not, but the wings and horses sure are. I have no idea what Lewis calls "bento mesh" but those attachements are bento mesh (and the angel wings look way better than many bought ones) female riders are Rhiannon and Thomas, angels are Anna and Marcus, and female demon is Elleria, no idea how the male demon is named though
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