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  1. My first own designed system eyes were a teal colour. I liked them very much so I got similar teal coloured feline eyes by Inkheart. I own hundreds of eyes, but unless I'm a feral or furry I usualy just wear my teal coloured ones in classic (sometimes with fullbright or glow in mesh, but not often).
  2. you could try demos of course
  3. That's why people buildt the priority system. The bento gestures I bought just ignore all those different AOs that are already moving my different body parts around, as does my furniture. After all, who wants the uniformed Maitreya HUD to play some nonsense animation when your fingers are supposed to hold a cup?
  4. You forget it is up to me to decide what's bad. And that is exactley the problem here, because it is up to every one of us to decide what is bad for us. And the sim owners decide what is bad for their sims. Now call me old fashioned but I do not like being cut down in my freedom to much. Many of those sims I visited showed such a narrow mindset that I guess their owners would be better off doing a machinimation than a running something interactive with * gasp * unpredictable player input like an RP sim.
  5. the word "passion" in the location name made me cautious, the word "yiff" in location description makes me wonder if you really would like to post it in a public forum ;-)
  6. Face it, about 80% of the RP sims in SL are run by little tinpot dictators and not worth visiting. Shake your head, ignore them and move on. There are better RP sims out there, visit those instead ;-)
  7. I have an even better idea, build a similar ring, rewrite the code so it scans for Progeny and Hunger (same game different name), but make it also communicate with an external database (apparently this is allowed to happen, right?) so that it reports found vampires there. Then build an API so advanced security orbs can tap into that database. Will need some codeslinging but can be done, both with an inworld database or a web based one (after all we are allowed to ban people for whatever reason we have, right?). Seeing these threads rise again and again from the grave I deem it is time someone did this. Because it will put both the vampires and the threads to eternal rest ^^ PS: sent you a simlilar ring PPS: if you were bothered it was most likely Vampire players form Netherworlds or Bloodlines. You won't notice the Progeny and Hunger wannabes (unless they brag about it, which fits my idea what psychopaths would do, hurt you in a way you cannot prevent and then get a mental high by rubbing that fact into your face).
  8. I think I ran over one, but cannot find it anymore. There are some for horses, maybe some horse places also allow wolfs.
  9. meh, there goes my plan of hopping into their sim with a modified ring that collects their names and puts them in MY DATABASE ^^
  10. plus: no more flickering layers on low GPU settings or in skyboxes ^^
  11. *Looks it up in the SL dictionary* Ah here we go: "Curvy Girls" - term escapist ivory tower animators use for anyone who is not playing a 2.20m Valkyrie =^.^=
  12. Maybe some of the Post Poc sims allow for zombies, but I guess it is a matter of attractiveness. And the taste of most people seems to prefer leeches to coprses =^.^=
  13. Yeah, but AFAIK you cannot trigger gestures from scripts... Most likely animation plus sound work simultaniously. In the days of the ancients before me, there was no bento. Hand positions were hardcoded ito each animation so the script would only have to alternate between hold cup down and lift to drink. Nowadays you can have both fingers and arm animation in one file but most likely will not have to use different files simultaniously (unless you do not create it for bento hands, then just ignore my ramblings).
  14. Not sure if sound and anim at same time are possible as for hold anim: Nope. You will need several scripts, one per animation. (this could be up to 3 scripts, one for bento hold cup, one to raise drink to mouth and another one for bento mouth to drink (or use old facial expressions) Had the same issue with my blaster, so I dropped a second script in the blaster that listens to the same channel as the main blaster script to play bento hold upon "draw" command and stop it upon "sling". This script is totaly independent from the main blaster scripts, not connected at all. In your case you might want to connect the scripts to listen to an extra script taht triggers them to keep them in sync .... but better ask some advanced scripters on tricks for that. But as for hold... that's simple: just add a script that plays finger hold position upon equip and ends the anim upon uneqip.
  15. Happens to me all the time. My solution: identify the clipping animations and reprogram the AO to use only the good ones, maybe replace them with other nonclipping ones from other AOs (most shops sell them as single animations)
  16. Same nonsense new name, but this one allows nekos... they get it all wrong though. Cat people are not addicted to human blood, if I have something like an addiction, it is hunting and reporting vampires to sim owners.
  17. we should start a group for that ^^ there's two of those, Progeny and Hunger, and I already detected an item that scans for one of them...
  18. The bloodlines vampires cannot, apparently other vampire nonsense games can. The problem is those beggars tend to hang around at landing points where people accept all kinds of things like the following example shows "Allow to change windlight?" - "OK" - "Allow to stream audio?" - "OK" - "Want a fair map?" - "OK" - "Want a notecard about us?" - "OK" - "Accept to be bitten?" - "OK" - ... "wait WHAT!!!???" Happened to me at a big charity event (TOS forbids me to name them) last year (well besides accepting the bite, I spotted that trap ). The fact that the fair organizers didn't care about them when I complained makes me angry up till now, so nope, no money from me ever again. SL has enough other legit charities to blow my Lindens at.
  19. Actually there is a cure to Bloodline Vampirism, I hand out garlic necklaces to all of them to bring them back to the light ^^. And keep rubbing into their face how pathetic they are. There is stuff that removes the need for feeding, if they cannot afford that stuff... why did they join first place? They got into that game because they wanted to RP supreme predators, must be hard for them to accept they actually RP beggars.
  20. Maybe because all the new ones are still at some events?
  21. you have to weigh of the script weight vs the usefullness, yeah, I like rescripting my bar that very bottle gives you the drink associated with it, ... my neighbours most likely will hate me if I do though ^^
  22. Did you ever do a research into the SL Hobo szene? Just asking ...^^
  23. Even if there is vote skewing, some people might have voted because they want the body but dind't buy it yet because of lack of cloth support, which would be as good as already owners if I were a mesh clothing designer. Maybe that is why a pretty famous cloth designer did "what body would you like us to produce for in the future" in her poll, and no "what body do you use right now" question ;-) besides that: Top Reason to get the leader body: there are tons of free cloth available Top Reason to also design for another body: see above ^^
  24. Only if your part time Gorean slave breeder isn't the part time vampire who also bit you ^^
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