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  1. I spent more time then I'd like to admit scouring the market place and asking around for recommendations when trying to make an avatar that fit the "nardoragon" style which is popular in vrchat, but eventually I just decided that I'd be better off actually learning how to do things myself. I can get a model easy, and it's already rigged though from what I can gather that rigging will not work for second life. Where should I start with trying to learn how to import my own avatar into second life? I'd like for it to be decent quality and I'm prepared to put a substantial amount of work into it if need be. The baseline I'd like to achieve is moving eyes, mouth, tail, and HUDs to adjust those features (ie: being able to raise and lower eye lids and open/close the mouth) but before I commit to anything monetarily I'd like to know it's at least doable. Eventually I'd like to be doing my own texturing and modeling but I need to start somewhere and I feel like rigging and importing a pre existing model is a good place to start. Any pointers would be massively appreciated, be it communities that can help or tips and tricks.
  2. Hello there, I was starting to play around with terrains and ran straight into issues, wondering if they are known issues and if there are solutions ... Since I wanted to setup the whole sim- scene in Blender (latest version) I thought it was a good idea to download the terrain to work on it. I got the primstar-plugin for blender which allows .raw import and importing the .raw works fine, but exporting leads to a complete flat terrain (on the sim, as well when reimported in blender), so something goes wrong here. The primstar latest version is rather old so I tried again using an older version of Blender (2.59) and here the export works.... well ... sortof. When looking closer at the imported terrain on the sim and comparing it to the reference in blender, it appears rather rough, even the parts that are absolutely smooth in blender. But thats not the only issue: the general accuracy appears to be lacking. Some points differ a whole meter of height from the reference in blender. Since I wanted to align offsim-sculpties perfectly to the terrain this is a big problem for me ... I wonder if these accuracy issues are bugs or if the fileformat used for export limits it? if the latter is the case then I can sortof bin the whole project ... Maybe someone could shed some light on this? Or maybe someone knows other tools for working with terrain .raws? Many thanks!
  3. Custom mesh order form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScY0EGaj7kXu-ZP6qvafQyNm8LuSraagtqyjcgK0mIgoqqwqA/viewform Inworld: kawaiiduirii ResidentPortfolio: https://tatumrosemenke.wixsite.com/mysiteFlickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/159089488@N06/SL Facebook: Kawaii DuiriiEmail: kawaiiduiriisl100@gmail.comDiscord: Tatum / Mrs.Zombie#9948RULES. You MUST read these and AGREE to them before submitting an order.1. AT LEAST 50% of payment is due before I begin working, the rest is due before I hand over full perm files.2. I DO NOT rig clothing, I ONLY mesh clothing. NO SHOES. If you order clothing from me you must find someone else to rig. I can give you references.3. I have a right to decline your order for ANY reason. If your order is declined you will receive a FULL refund.
  4. DulceDiva

    Baking normals

    Hello. I seem to be struggling when it comes to baking normals from a high poly mesh to a low poly mesh. The reason: no matter what I do, or what tutorials I follow, I cannot get a good,high quality result (my finished result looks messy). I tried baking normals in both Blender & Substance Painter. So my question is...if I bake my high poly mesh separately and then use it's normal maps on my low poly mesh, will that work on the same principle?
  5. This thread will outline my journey as I dust off some old skills and make myself a mesh avatar and upload into Second Life.
  6. My attempt to pose the avatar in this file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tfawh0cl2nue27s/Neutral_Stand_Starting_File_Frozen.blend/file is thwarted by most of the bones being unmovable, and unrotatable due something I did, and I do not know what. An example is AnkleLeft, and AnkleRight. Maybe because they are driven by ikHeelLeft, and ikHeelRight. But I cannot rotate thes on any axis. When I raise ikHeelLeft, and ikHeelRight on the z axis, the knees bend the wrong way. I cannot move ikElbowTargetLeft, nor ikElbowTargetRight. Right after I created this file with a shape file import into Blender, and using an Avastar avatar. I was able to do all of the above. What has gone wrong with this file? Creation: Blender 3.3.1 Avastar: 3.1.0
  7. So. I'm gonna dust off my blender skills and make myself a new body. Requirements: - Beautiful golden fur - Functional wings I'll keep y'all updated on progress on this post.
  8. Hi so I am facing this problem where I import my dress but it looks weird in game around the chest area. but the rest looks fine. I am assuming it is because the vertices are not connected or something but I'm not sure of a way to fix this. this is what it looks like in blender and then when I put it in SL it looks like this, if anyone can help that would be great!
  9. Howdy folks! I've been searching this forum (and others) for, simply put, a tutorial or description of the workflow for someone beginning in Marvelous, best export settings used, tools programs used, etc. I realize - or the sense I get, anyway - that MD gets a bad rap for lazy creators dumping rigged DAEs straight from it into SL, and it's the retopologizing/optimization process I'm struggling with the most. I have experience in rigging simple shapes, photoshop-and-local-textures based texturing and know enough to be dangerous, but I cop to having a lack of foundation (along with a measurable artistic disability that's alleviated by using tools like MD rather than being able to sculpt a hoodie from scratch.) I'm not even looking to start a big successful fashion label, but I would like to dress my Jake + 3rd party devkit combo, and I'd like to learn as many best practices as I'm able. Even after my best attempts at re-meshing and optimization I see this: (I realize textures do most of the magic in this process, and the shirt has none - it's the rough edges around the arms and the breaks in the seams down the edge I don't see in 'professional' work.) But I digress into details. My eternal gratitude in advance for being pointed in the right direction. And maybe a free pair of trackies if I do get good ;E
  10. Hi guys im pretty new to uploading mesh but ive done it before and it didnt give me much issues now i made a mesh couch in Blender and it got totally deformed , like the edges and faces had some weird sluggish effect on them yes i did link the parts and it doesnt have too much vertices ( i think ) im totally lost as to what the reason is and im kind of sad this is the mesh in blender : https://imgur.com/DiVw4zs this is the mesh in the sl uploader (it looked the same once uploaded btw ) : https://imgur.com/8F29GiC generate normals gives me the same problem someone please help me , or does anyone know what i did wrong ?
  11. Vodasis

    Rigging Problem!

    Hello there, i would like someone to help me with an issue. I’m currently learning how to mesh and everything went fine in Blender until this https://gyazo.com/b1ce001bf44369e189e4e301def73943 happen. I rigged it manually, without Avastar by transferring weights then smoothing it (with Three Interations). I don’t know what to do to fix it. Can someone help me, please? thanking you in advance, Harmony Cane.
  12. I recently learned to use Blender, and so I learned on 3.1. I can build and texture mesh objects just fine with one exception -- I can't figure out how to make transparent textures. There are some tutorials around that show how to make glass, but they're on older versions of Blender, which look totally different, or they use Photoshop. I use Gimp, and it's hard to follow along. Can anyone point me to a recent tutorial on how to make glass textures on mesh objects for export to SL, and preferably one that's a little easier for beginners? I'm trying to make a very basic four-pane window with a wooden frame. The frame looks great. The glass looks like the frame. Thank you.
  13. DISCORD: Pandha3D#3946 InWorld: eisriesen Resident Portfolio + Application Form : https://pandha3d.carrd.co/ Meshing fees - 5k L$/hour 1 on 1 Classes offered - 10k L$ per hour Hi! I'm friendly and a fast worker, I can do anything you imagine for Second Life, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture or decor. I can rig for most of the bodies in the market (List included on my portfolio + rigging fees). You can both enter in contact with me via Discord, Second Life or by the Application Form I offer.
  14. I have rigged a mesh using marvelous designer- and then blender to rig. I have done this successfully before however now these shorts are visible only on one side when upload to SL. Does anyone know a fix- I have applied transforms- rotation and scale. I am at a loss. https://gyazo.com/fc41ca10452c5c2984db50819bd4ca1a https://gyazo.com/e89a0e7a5da85e9b9e87795be618a55f That is how it looks for reference.
  15. Hi! Looking for a tutorial to get started with building skyboxes in blender. I'm fairly tech savvy but I'm having trouble finding something recent to use as a starting point on using blender for second life. I've found some stuff youtube, but nothing recent. Also open to other programs if there is something better, blender is just the only one I know of. TIA!
  16. so i been creating accessories for a while and thought to start with clothes and i already made my first shirt using Signature Body model on MD - to blender - to second life.. but the problem is its matching ONLY signature body and my question is if i want to make it for legacy for example do i need to get the kit and overdo everything i did and with the huds copy it like to 3-4 bodies id like to create ? it doesnt make any sense to me i need to start from zero to each body.. since u cant move/stretch rigged clothes what is the magic then is there a script or a trick or what? thanks for responding !
  17. Hi. I would like to know if there is a way to reduce distortion after changing the shape sliders of my mesh body in blender. I created a close fitting accessory and was able to reduce distortion when changing the pose with "smooth" in the weight options. But it gets distorted when I change the cleavage shape of the mesh body. "Smooth" doesn't affect my mesh. I tried weight painting and still no effect.
  18. Heyyyy! I opened an art sim and you can come rent a gallery, make a store, take or teach a class, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We've got lots of buildings set up for you to buy or rent and show off your work. If you are a rl artist you can take pictures or scans of your pieces and put them into full perm (resellable) frames and put up an about me and put prices of your work and tell how to find your work online or in rl. If you are a 3d artist such as with blender we would like you to show off your pieces here and maybe teach a blender class! The blender tutorials I've seen online are a bit boring and I think a live class would really be great. If you are looking for art for your home from real artists that enjoy sl this is the place for you. If you want to be close to an artistic crowd come on in. If you have a strange av we would love you to come and look around. If you are a fancy rich lady looking to curate beautiful pieces for your gallery stop on by. And dont mind if I make a joke that you are such a Charlotte. We want this place to be weird and fun and silly and whimsical and light-hearted! Come enjoy the weirdos enojying other weirdos. Thanks!!! Annie Skyflowerannie88
  19. I'm a beginner to mesh and SL, but I created a simple sign in blender. Is there a way to make the mesh clickable when it's imported into SL or do I always have to create a prim and make that prim root hidden inside the sign to make the scripts work and my mesh clickable for the scripts to work?
  20. I have some knowledge of 3d mesh objects creation and I wanted to learn to create my own mesh clothes for mesh avis in Sceond Life. I went through some creation tutorials and I got the jist of creating clothes and sewing and some buttons work and even pocket creations. One thing I had issues with trying to learn in Blender 3d mesh creation was texturing. I know you can only add 8 materials per mesh object. And I know how to map out faces for texture applying in Blender. From what I saw in Marvelous is that you can have the normals and uv maps and specular created in it. Here is my question(s): 1. Do you export the normals and uv's and Specular maps FROM Marvelous and upload that into SL? Or do you take that to Blender with the mesh OBJ and assign it there after rigging? 2. Can you re edit the uv map by picking more faces to a mesh clothing item and if so what does it do to the Marvelous designer uv image then? 3. It was my understanding that Marvelous does all the mapping and you jsut take in the mesh obj clothes to rig it to body types in Blender and import that into sl? 4. Are the ao's uv maps, specualars and normal maps that creators import to give out as full perm from Marvelous directly or from Blender? Any help creators can provide would be so helpful I have looked and looked for this information in youtube can't find proper information.
  21. Hello fellows, I'm basically brand new to the creation scene, I have enjoyed using full perm mesh to build a small store but I have really reached a limit to my creativity there, and want to pursue creating my own custom pieces. I have all the software/plugins (blender, avastar, marvelous, any other suggestions welcome too) and already received a few dev kits(belleza & gianni), and I have already applied for most of the rest, but have hit my first two speed bumps. Belleza's "How to" info notecard says: So, thats fine except the thighs on the A pose given are pressed together, pushing inside one another. I know how to separate them, but I'm concerned if I do, the quality of my final product will be compromised. How do I make clothing for the lower body, and rig it properly, without separating the touching thighs? How would i even get a pair of shorts in between the legs, assuming I am using physics based methods of creating clothing, like marvelous designer? AND the second speed bump, when exporting the body as a wavefront obj to model clothing onto it, how do I get it sized properly for something like marvelous designer? When I move it from Blender to Marvelous, it shrinks massively.
  22. i upload a mesh and i notice when i scretch the item the back is getting opened and deformed it never happened to me before i made sure all my modilfers on blender applied before exporting i made a beanie and this what happen what did i miss ?
  23. i made a ring and i cant seem to modify my own mesh after exporting from blender 2.79 i have avatstar and did the export thro their dae but when i export it to SL it doesnt let me modify transfer change or select faces in edit mode even after i dropped the mesh on the ground to apply nothing it just doesnt let me move/ rotate or stretch.. i really need help !! thank you
  24. im new to rigged mesh building and on blender it looks good and when i export it as dea to sl it looks horible i did automatic weight paint i have uv maps all set up and it works well on blender with the pose mode but only in when i upload its bad. heres how it is on blender:https://ibb.co/DDtB1rj and how it looks in second life:https://ibb.co/0yVNMX4 is the problem comes because the avatar i use not good? or the automatic weight paints ruins it? or its something else? please help and thanks everyone
  25. So I have almost gotten Avastar-based dev kits to work with vanilla Blender by simply hand-adding the expected bind pose info mentioned here: https://blog.machinimatrix.org/fitted_mesh_survival_kit/ . The wild distortions are gone, but things I export are slightly misaligned in-world with the originals. Has anyone else poked at this?
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