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About Me

  1. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world.
  2. I made the following 3 stores. For each of these stores, I got a separate roof, floors and walls on each side. I first made the centre store, then made the right side and mirrored it to left. Applied the transformations, baked all textures & made all LODs. Those 2 sides have same number of materials, same number of vertices & tries (as per Blender). But somehow, I get two different Land Impacts on left & right roofs & 1st floors. Everything else matches. Below are the LI when those are set to Prim (Physics Shape Type). Both have hole for stairway. Dimensions are same
  3. Hi everyone, Is Marvellous Designer or Blender a better software to create clothes for Second Life? I've seen a lot of people using Marvellous Designer, so I'm just wondering, is it easier? Does Marvellous Designer help to create higher quality clothing? Thank you!!
  4. I'm making my second avatar and for this one I decided to implement the bones for the appearance sliders, so that people can customize it more. I'm not using Avastar, since I don't have the funds for it atm and I want to understand what happens "under the hood". Especially with how odd SL can be sometimes haha and I'm making everything in Blender 2.8. I've managed to get the collision bones to work properly, but I've been having a very weird issue with the appearance sliders since the beginning. Let me illustrate, see the attached screenshots for reference: When first opening the appear
  5. Sorry for the fairly noob question, but I'm really struggling with this one. I've successfully created normal, diffuse UV maps from Blender 2.9. I did check the export to SL option. However, when I import the mesh object into Second Life and the texture maps, they are not aligning to the faces. In fact the mesh, which is a single prim, doesn't appear to have any set face in SL. How is it that I've been able to create UV maps and apply textures to faces in Blender 2.9 but despite clicking the export to SL option, SL won't recognise where the faces are on the object in SL? I know
  6. Hi, I'm trying to render out an image sequence to use in world. When I press render in blender I just get a series of grey images Here's the blend file I'd really appreciate some help, thanks!
  7. Hello my fiance and i have been making some things with blender, we have figured it out with searches but this issue we have found nothing on. the arms are in the air and we have weights on it works fine in blender would appreciate some advice, thankyou :)
  8. Thono Hammerthall, Proprieter of Hammerstone Forge, SL's top location for dwarven goods/accessories/clothing/weapons is seeking a talented Mesh artist to collaborate with on the creation of a line of beards for Dwarven RP. Terms negotiable. Essentially The artist will assist in rigging and texturing constructed beard models for sale in the Hammerstone Forge shop. Please express interest and desired compensation terms via NC to Thono Hammerthall or via thread response!!!!
  9. Thono Hammerthall, Proprieter of Hammerstone Forge, SL's top location for dwarven goods/accessories/clothing/weapons is seeking a talented Mesh artist to collaborate with on the creation of a line of beards for Dwarven RP. Terms negotiable. Essentially The artist will assist in rigging and texturing constructed beard models for sale in the Hammerstone Forge shop. Please express interest and desired compensation terms via NC to Thono Hammerthall or via thread response!!!!
  10. Hello! I ran into a strange problem when trying to upload a model in SL. I’ll notice right away that I didn’t make the model and it’s hard to understand what was going on. The model in the blender is located as in picture A. Along the Y axis. When uploading the model changes its rotation and size as shown in picture B. Of course, before that I applied rotation and scale first, but it still happens. Also if I put the minimum scale in the viewer the scale of the model matches. What can be wrong? Pictures A-B
  11. Hey guys, so for some reason when i create poses for SL in blender, and i then upload them to SL, i can't use my genus head's facial HUD with it? The facial animations just won't play, neither will the static expressions. I especially don't incorporate fixed expressions into my poses so that people have the freedom to use their own when i upload them, but this problem is starting to really tick me off. I have the genus classic head, and a couple of others i'm not using atm because of the DMCA. I also have a lelutka head and i haven't tried with that one, so i can't confirm yet if this problem
  12. Tried looking through the forums for this answer, but there is a lot of pages. i simply want to know if its possible to create animations without the use of avastar? if so can i be redirected to help on how to setup. or get a quick run down on what i need to do to setup. thank you
  13. Hi y'all 🙌🏽 So i have this mesh that I had to change the rest pose in blender to fit the clothes better. I added weights.. tested the weights out on blender and everything seemed fine until I uploaded it to second life. The arms tuck near the stomach area. How do i fix this? Or what am i doing wrong or not doing? Also, i'm very new! Would appreciate it more detailed instructions 😁 Picture of clothes in blender https://gyazo.com/8dbd976c01621fd0dfd5d680c9bb8257 Picture of mesh when i upload it to secondlife https://gyazo.com/a5bcfca0a84409741d72256047df1242 than
  14. Hello ! i'm new on this forum i'm trying to do bento animation using blender, and at the moment i'm really stuck, i downloaded a model from there http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Bento_Resources_and_Information called human male 2016 (seems old but well don't know if there is a newer version and i followed this little video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfYG9Dq-pTA i didn't see anything better than this tuto yet, and it's pretty poor sadly, most of the video i'm seeing on youtube use older version of blender so it makes it difficult to follow. i would li
  15. I am very new to building, I wanna build stuff to put in the marketplace, I don't where to begin. I'm afraid if I do it in world, it won't be good enough. I have so many Ideas! Any advice would be awesome!!
  16. I just created a Discord chat group if anyone would like to join me? I'm looking to gain more experience using Blender and even signed up for their Cloud training. https://discord.gg/5Anfrxg is the server channel I created. I'm definitely a noob when it comes to using Blender, but I thought it might be nice to have experience and novice alike sharing and helping. UPDATED: Discord is on my iOS - involved in other servers as well. Although an explanation isn't required, I'll provide it - and there it is. "An additional" resource of like-minded people sharing. Simple. Not a big deal ppl. Just a
  17. I've just downloaded Blender and am learning modeling (mesh) and sculpting. I know there may be basic presets that will help when using Blender and especially exporting. Does anyone have any suggestions, or tips?
  18. I just completed with learning Marvelous Designer and planning to buy avastar for blender to start making clothes, so is there anything else i need apart from this and any suggestion to best start with making clothes. Also i heard about getting some body dev kit so how do i make request for that? Please guide me with your suggestions as am new into this field.
  19. I've recently been practicing making hair. However, when I want fuller hair and not have the alpha mess with the other parts of the mesh it will still proceed to do it. Is there a way i could fix this problem?
  20. Hi. I have created a HUD for a mesh item I created in blender. I want to have my Instagram and Flickr account clickable on the HUD. How can I do this? Ive searched the forums but can not find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. I Started creating mesh object where i successfully got UV create but confused as i have different color material for that object so do i have to export texture for all material separately or is there any way to export all in one texture . please let me know how to export it properly. Using Blender 2.82a version
  22. Hello! I'm relatively new to Blender and using it within Second Life but have decided to use this lockdown as an opportunity to learn. I've come into an issue which i'm sure is just me doing something stupid. When assigning different materials to different 'walls' on my Blender models, when importing them into Second Life, I find that the textures on one wall will be correct and on another wall at a 90 degree angle. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Or is it a case of having to use materials wisely to combat this issue. Here's a photo for an example of what I mean... A
  23. I am currently attempting to upload rigged custom mesh hands. Although... when i get the chance to upload both hands to secondlife, this appears differently on SL, rather than how it looks in blender. in blender, they look completely normal with no ridged edges. They bend normal in blender, they just look so much better in blender. The weights are fine, unless that's the main problem here? However i originally deleted the right hand and mirrored the left one to the right side. So that when edit the left hand, it will symmetrically edit the right hand too. So i'm confused if the
  24. Anyone else know why this happens. Example: Large mesh plane, divided into 4 equal texture faces. When camera draws out a thick black line shows on the joining edges. In the photo attached, the black line shows at all distances. So my real question is about unwrapping in Blender. Is it better to always leave a margin? In the below example there was no margin when unwrapping the 4 individual faces on the floor.
  25. I've had this problem with another mesh of mine but this time I really want to try and submit an item for easter! Sadly, my mesh on blender and second life are two completely different things and I'm so annoyed because I have no idea what i'm doing wrong! Here the mesh from blender: https://gyazo.com/160d2ca533e5b9bef508b74753b058cf And here is how it turns out on second life: https://gyazo.com/01db23b8f2541bc3be0625f162eeea57 Someone please help, I don't want this nice mesh I worked so hard on to go to waste
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