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Found 103 results

  1. Verticles

    I have created an object in blender 2.79b and wish to upload it to the beta grid for testing purposes. In blender the item has 17329 verticles or vertexes. However, when I try to upload I get the error vertex number is more then 65534, aborted! Can anyone help me with this problem?
  2. Transparent texture - Blender

    Can anyone help me with a question? Well, I'm working on a bento beard and when creating the texture, the part of the beard that I did not apply texture gets appearing and coming into conflict with the skin. Does anyone know how I can solve this using Blender? Here is a photo of the problem: I applied the solidify for the texture to appear on the other side, but even then the part that has no texture stays that way ...
  3. Help with Weight Painting Issue

    I just started learning mesh and am mostly using tutorials. I am working on a bikini and the top rigged perfectly but the bottom is doing something I'm not sure how to fix. I don't have any current knowledge of Blender and Avastar except what I've learned from tutorials. I've been following this tutorial. Edit: Sorry, apparently that video is unacceptable to link.
  4. I'm new to avastar and I'm learning as I go but right now I'm having a hard time modeling seams on my clothes. Is there a way to freeze the position of my mesh without unbinding it from the armature? I would appreciate all the help.
  5. Hello there, I was starting to play around with terrains and ran straight into issues, wondering if they are known issues and if there are solutions ... Since I wanted to setup the whole sim- scene in Blender (latest version) I thought it was a good idea to download the terrain to work on it. I got the primstar-plugin for blender which allows .raw import and importing the .raw works fine, but exporting leads to a complete flat terrain (on the sim, as well when reimported in blender), so something goes wrong here. The primstar latest version is rather old so I tried again using an older version of Blender (2.59) and here the export works.... well ... sortof. When looking closer at the imported terrain on the sim and comparing it to the reference in blender, it appears rather rough, even the parts that are absolutely smooth in blender. But thats not the only issue: the general accuracy appears to be lacking. Some points differ a whole meter of height from the reference in blender. Since I wanted to align offsim-sculpties perfectly to the terrain this is a big problem for me ... I wonder if these accuracy issues are bugs or if the fileformat used for export limits it? if the latter is the case then I can sortof bin the whole project ... Maybe someone could shed some light on this? Or maybe someone knows other tools for working with terrain .raws? Many thanks!
  6. Hello everyone If anyone need any costum mesh clothes work send me msg in inworld or a notecard. 100% fitted mesh clothes Created on Maya 3d latest version Full perm items without commission Best price Limited offer
  7. Looking for Blender Users.

    Hello, I make clothes but just cant get the hang of weight painting them no matter what i do. So I'm posting this to ask if anyone that is good at it how much would you charge to weight paint the clothing I make.Or if would prefer to be business partners. Send an IM to GuardianNikki if you have any interest in this.
  8. Duplicate Texturing Issue (Help!)

    Hi there! I'm somewhat new to blender, and I seem to be running into an issue that I can't seem to find an answer for. (It might be SL specific, or I just have no clue what's going wrong.) Basically, I'm trying to make a pair of shoes, which are rigged to a body. I'm forming them with a mirrored plane, then adding a subdiv. modifier, and then after I get the shoe to the place I want it, I just duplicate it, mirror it along the correct axis, and slide it over the other foot. I rig them individually, because I found if I join them together, then it causes issues with the direction of the normals, but that's no problem! The problem i'm encountering is, whenever I bake the textures individually, and then upload them to Second Life, the only one that textures properly is the original. The second, duplicated and mirrored shoe, always has the texture applied to it incorrectly, like it's inside out. So far, I tried to clear the seams of the duplicated shoe, re-do the seams, and then bake it again with a new texture, but that didn't work and just yielded the same exact result. I also tried exporting the duplicated shoe separately, into a fresh blender file, and then re-texturing and re-seaming it, and when uploaded into SL, it also caused the same result with the weird inside-out texture. The normals appear correct in Blender, and I've tried recalculating and flipping the normals as well to no avail. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or can I simply not duplicate/mirror mesh like that, and if so, is there another way to get an exact copy of the shoe but mirrored so I can rig them to the body as needed? I'll provide some pictures below that hopefully help. (The textures are meant to be mirrored and identical, but the logo for example, is on the underside of the shoe instead of the sole.) Thank you!
  9. Mesh Clothing Rigged in Blender?

    Can you still rig mesh clothing with just Blender? If so which Blender version and do I need anything else? I am playing with Marvelous Designer but not sure I can afford Avastar plugin. Any advice is welcome! Wyona.steamweaver
  10. I'm having a problem with UV unwrapping this object pictured below. I'm working on the model in Blender. It's a single mesh, and, as you can see, it has many faces. I've unwrapped the mesh using both the Smart UV and Follow Active Quads; Smart UV seems to work best without marking seams. Below is a screenshot of the node editor. My texture image is a 1024x1024 picture of concrete (seamless). Below is a screenshot of my UV Unwrap: The UV Islands are extremely small and I presume that's the reason the baked texture that I'm getting looks so blurry. Below is what the Texture looks like in Blender: While the material looks better: Unfortunately, once I get the model and baked texture uploaded into SL, it looks like the texture example - blurry. Obviously, I'm new to this and am doing something terribly wrong. I hope someone will be kind enough to give some pointers. Like, do I need to mark seams on such a complex object?
  11. Problem with baking AO texture

    HELLO! I'm trying to create an exploding barrel and now I made such a mesh. But I have a problem with baking AO shadows texture. On the sides of the barrel where the ribs are visible strips. This is despite the fact that the cylinder 24 VERTS, the SMOOTH is switched on. I can of course make a blur in the photo editor, but how can I make the blur in the settings of baking? Is this possible? Please advise. Thank you so much!
  12. Hello everyone, I'd like to understand picture resolutions and pixelation when baking textures to meshes in blender. Here I have a very simple node setup where I'm using a repeating pattern texture onto an unwrapped cube. The pattern image is 2220X2220 and I'm baking onto a baking image that has the same dimensions (I'm using "combined" as baking option). On the left is the rendered mesh up close, where you can see the nice detail. On the right is the finished bake, where the pixelations shows. Here is the node setup: Could someone explain what is going on during this baking process that transforms the bake into this pixelation and what is the correct way to fix this? Also, I'm using a cube for this example since it's easy to unwrap but my goal is to texture clothing items so the unwrap is sometimes not as neat as this. Thank you all for your help and advice.
  13. Are there any good shoe modeling tutorials for blender....I prefer step by step instead of videos but videos are good too. I just want to learn something else along side landscaping. Yes I know blender takes time and Im sure modeling a shoe isnt easy but I'm willing to learn as well
  14. No idea how to rig for SL (Blender)

    I'll make this quick so you don't have to read all day. Got a custom avatar, it contains many different meshes. When trying to rig with "original collision bones" ( the model doesn't work at all. I've tried overlapping a default model ontop of mine and rigging off of it, just ends up becoming a hot mess, even after fixing the weight, and uploading it, the model is just broken sideways and deformed, besides it not looking like that in any render of blender. So what do I do. I've tried looking everywhere. all I can find on the forums and youtube videos for rigging basic cloths, for default shaped avatars, or rigging models that also use the default shape, or very close to it. My avatar is small and bulky with a lot of grouped mesh. So what do I do? How do I do it, and is it better off just rigging the mesh alone, or the whole model. I've done rigging in other programs, but SL is strict.
  15. I'm sorry, but what?

    I'm sorry I know this has been posted a billion times, but I am just starting out with making clothes in SL.. So far I am able to make them in Marvelous Designer but I am having SUCH an issue with exporting and importing into blender.. Bone rigging and whatever else.. Is there a "recent" tutorial that talks you through it slowly? All the ones Ive seen have been out of date and it's hard to keep up considering the programs are so different.. I hope someone out here can help.. Again.. sorry if this has been asked.. I'm in dire need of advice.. thanks again Hellor
  16. I've been considering purchasing a few Blender add-ons from Blender Market, but there are so many to choose from. So, I wondered. What are some useful Blender add-ons that would help with the creation of SL assets? I should mention that my primary focus is static objects/mesh. I was particularly interested in a couple of add-ons. One is called Bake Helper from MeshLogic. The other is BakeTool. But, I'm also interested in feedback on other useful add-ons. I hope this is the appropriate forum for this post. If not, please let me know.
  17. Hello! I use blender and avastar to make my own body. It's a mesh body of others (A), which has been bound to a skeleton(a). I use the upper part of it to creat my body(B), and binds it to another skeleton(b). I adjust the skeleton(b) to make it same with (a), and I convert body(A)'s weight to body(B), so either the skeleton or weight is same. I didn't do anything with this part of mesh in blender. And i upload both A and B into SL. As a result, other parts of body fits well as it should do, but some parts (which belongs to Chest joint) doesn't fit. The Chest of B is always bigger than the A. Also, clothes from other creators fit with A, but not B. Obviouly there's problem with B's Chest, but I dont know. I tried to adjust deform bone Chest in blender but it doesn't work as I thought. So, why don't they fit? Or, what influences the Chest and makes it bigger than it shall be? Is there anything i missed? Thank you for your help! I've been working on this issue for 3 whole days...
  18. I've looked in the forums for answers, but haven't had any luck. I've created a mesh in blender and exported via selection into SL. I have multiple prims in that mesh that aren't linked. Before exporting into SL, I applied the location, rotation and scale to the mesh, at the origin. So when I rezzed the object into SL, the mesh is rezzed above ground, and not on the floor which is not what I was expecting. What do I need to do in blender so that when I rez in SL, the object rezzes on the ground and not mid-air? I've uploaded images to show my settings in blender and the result in SL.
  19. Weird Animation problem

    I'm using a AO for this character and just have it in a flying animation. But then randomly it just starts to decide that it want to break its wings randomly.If i move it basically fixes it but then it goes back to it a while after. I have no idea what is effecting the animation.
  20. Back [plane edges visible in Blender

    Hello, I've run into a problem while modeling a building from AutoCAD floor plan. I'm using Blender 2.79. I imported the DXF file and build my walls, extruding a plane. When I extruded the walls on Z axes, I discovered that all my back plane edges are visible as you can see it on the snapshot bellow. Can you give me a clue on how to fix that? Thank you.
  21. Building lessons

    I have some time to spare the next few months so I'm able to offer private lessons to those who want to improve their technical skills in Second Life building. I'm happy to help you with your build in any way I can but my main speciality is the technical aspect of content creation, particularly: For mesh: LoD (Level of Detail): How to make good LoD models without sky high land impact Physics: How to make efficient, low LI physics models Land Impact: Reduce the LI, not the quality! Mesh landscaping: How to make low LI walkable ground mesh or surround landscapes. Either from scratch in Blender or by cleaning up JVTEK or prim-to-mesh converter meshes How to clean up in Blender meshes created by Mesh Studio, Mesh Generator or Firestorm's/Singularity's mesh export function. For textures: How to make alpha cutout textures with (Warning: creating alpha cutout textures is not for the impatient!) Filter Forge beyond the factory presets. The basics of modifying and creating your own Filter Forge filters. I know my limitations and do not teach fitted mesh - sorry. For most of the mesh lessons you need some basic knowledge of either Blender or Mesh Studio/Mesh Generator and although I can give generic lessons, they will be far more effective if you have your own project we can work on. Practical details: Each lessons lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. Lessons are in English and text, not voice. I do not have voice enabled and you want to keep a written log of it anyway. Time by appointment. I live in Western Europe and I am usually available during regular waking hours in that time zone - between about 1 AM and 6 PM SL time - but I may be able to schedule lessons at other times of day too. Price, 4,000 L$ per lesson - half in advance. The advance payment is refunded if you cancel 24 hours or more before the appointed time. After that it is not refundable but I will try to reschedule if you contact me before the lesson is supposed to begin. Make sure you get the time zones right so you can be there on time. Apointment times are always SLT. If I have to cancel, you will get the choice between a full refund or a rescheduled lesson at half the price. If we have to cancel becasue of technical problems neither of us are responsible for, you get a choice between a refund or a reschedule. Ideally the lessons should be held on the beta grid so you can do test uploads without having to pay for them. But we can do it on the main grid if neccessary, either in my workshop or at your place. (I will probably need rezzing rights at the location during the lesson.) Payment is of course on the main grid, not on beta. You may bring a friend or two as observer(s) if you want to and let me know in advance. Give me as much details as possible about your project in advance. The more info I have, the better I'll be able to help you. For more info or to make an appointment, send me a private message on the forum or an IM in-world to ChinRey Resident. I will usually respond within 24 hours but on rare occasions it make take a little bit longer.
  22. I've posted before - in other forums on SL - about what a person's supposed to do to gain the knowledge necessary to do 3D modeling in SL. I am far from being a pro. In fact, I'm so far from 'pro' that the light from 'pro' would take 100 years to reach me. I've dabbled in the process of creating mesh for Second Life; none of it's commercial. Until recently, my efforts have been more of a hobby. But, as I've recently retired from a 25-year career in another field, I'd like the 3D modeling for SL to become more than just a hobby, but not quite what one might call a full-fledged career. I hope that makes sense. I utilize Blender for modeling and have acquired most of my knowledge of the program by watching YouTube videos. I very quickly realized that most of those videos teach concepts that are inapplicable to game engines like SL. In other words, I am keenly aware of the high- versus low-poly issue; most videos teach high-poly modeling. As we all know, high-poly is not appropriate for most game engines. I've received some great advice to previous posts and greatly appreciate it. I've also come across a few SL community forum posts from people who seem to imply that the non-pro modelers, who rely on YouTube should just pack it up or acquire the "proper training" or "get trained." And, I'm sure they don't mean it intentionally, but both statements seem elitist. That's especially true since very few people go on to expand on their opinions. As I said above, I'm ready to expand my "second career" in 3D modeling for SL - also for Sansar, but that's a whole other thing. I want this to be more than a hobby; although, I don't know that the distinction matters. Other than watch YouTube videos geared toward modeling for game engines, how else is an interested person such as myself supposed to acquire "proper training" or "get trained?" Are there schools or online programs that teach programs to adults who want something that's more than a hobby and just short of a full-fledged career? I apologize in advance if this is confusing, but so is the field I'm discussing.
  23. A month or so ago there were some comments about what padding should be set out. The super smart folks that make mesh for a living were sure that it should be a high number so that one doesn't have that nasty black line in the mesh when you zoom out. I have been using "1" for a long while with no issues at all BUT I can still see lines in my very old mesh. So as I started to bake just now I was wondering IF it may simply be a difference between the Cycles engine and the Render engine. Some of the folks advocating the large numbers in padding I know use Blender Render and not cycles. It SEEMS like I stopped seeing those lines (and turned down the padding) about the time I moved to Cycles. So any input on that thought?
  24. Hi everyone, I am very new to blender and as I make my way through learning the interfaces by watching and following various tutorials on youtube, I have had so much fun with playing around with the settings. There is so much more to learn but, one thing I have been stuck on for the last couple of hours is baking. I have watched a few tutorials so far and searched through the forums but, I cannot seem to find anything that correlates with my blender. I either can’t find the buttons described in the tutorial or the version I am using seems updated. I would really like to know how to bake and export this texture from the cycles render. Sorry, If my technical terms are off. I am still learning a lot. But, is it possible to save the image texture applied in the cycles render? Here is the tutorial I followed My final render looks a little different after doodooling with various features as a result of frustration and curiosity. However, I like how it looks at the moment.
  25. I recently got blender is decided to make a mesh. This is the first mesh i've ever created (Its just a simple dog ear) and I attempted to upload it, but it came up all blocky. I found out that when I edit the model using tab in Blender, it looks exactly like the model in SL. How do I fix this?