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Found 17 results

  1. so im trying to get a llSay from the same wearable object in a differant script that triggers on touch from someone else to register with this script to trigger an animation on me (owner), and i cant figure out what im doing wrong, any help is appreciated, or even if someones willing to fix the mistake would be even better string productName = "Product Name"; integer channel = 9; default { changed(integer change) { if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION & perm) { llListen( channel, productName, NULL_KEY, "" ); } } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { list detail = llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_OWNER]); if(llList2Key(detail,0) != llGetOwner()) return; { if( msg == "Anim") { llStartAnimation("Anim1"); llSetTimerEvent(0.3); } else { llStopAnimation("Anim1"); } } } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llStopAnimation("Anim1"); } }
  2. Hello i;m Sarah and I am looking to start my own sl clinic. I would need a co-owner who has experience runningany business on sl. If interested let me know in sl. Message me at sarahkale on second life.
  3. I'm trying to get a boolean value for whether or not I am seated on an object not counting the ground.
  4. I am basically a script idiot. I have bought and tried 4 different scripts for making colorchange HUDs and that is too difficult. So I found a freebie script that I can use. This uses an old school blue pop-up. The problem now is that I want only owner or group to use it. Anyone can touch now and change texture. Can you help me set in a code line? //______Change Texture Menu___Alicia Stella______ //__________last modifed__May 2009___________ //_____more scripts: www.aliciastella.com_____ //Drop this script into an object with textures inside. //When anyone Touches they will get a menu with all the textures available. Button names in menu will be first 10 characters from that item's name. //NOTE: Texture Names may not exceed 24 characters or script error and menu fails. integer side = ALL_SIDES; //ALL_SIDES or any face number 0 through 5 list texture_list; key user = NULL_KEY; composelist() { integer currenttexture = 0; integer totaltextures = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); if(totaltextures == 0) llWhisper(0, "Please add up to 22 Textures inside this object."); else { texture_list = []; do { texture_list = texture_list + llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, currenttexture); currenttexture++; } while (currenttexture > 0 & currenttexture < totaltextures); } } //The Menu integer menu_handler; integer menu_channel; integer menu_page; menu(key user,string title,list texture_list) { menu_channel = (integer)(llFrand(99999.0) * -1); //random channel menu_handler = llListen(menu_channel,"","",""); integer max_page = llFloor (llGetListLength (texture_list) / 9) + 1; if (menu_page >= max_page) menu_page = 0; else if (menu_page < 0) menu_page = max_page - 1; integer range = menu_page * 9; list buttons = ["<<<", "Random", ">>>"] + llList2List (texture_list, range, range + 8); llDialog (user, title, buttons, menu_channel); llSetTimerEvent(30.0); //menu channel open for 30 seconds } default { state_entry() { composelist(); //make list from inventory textures } touch_start(integer total_number) { user = llDetectedKey(0); menu_page = 0; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.", texture_list); } listen(integer channel,string name,key id,string message) { if (channel == menu_channel) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); if(message == ">>>") { ++ menu_page; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.",texture_list); } else if (message == "<<<") { -- menu_page; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.",texture_list); } else if (message == "Random") llSetTexture(llList2String(texture_list, (integer) (llFrand (llGetListLength (texture_list)))), side); else llSetTexture(message, side); } } timer() //Close the Menu Listen or we'll get laggy { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) //inventory has changed { composelist(); //rebuild the list } } }
  5. Hi folks! What is the difference between non-public (owner only can drive) and public vehicle script? and how non-public to make public?

    Security Orb Question

    hi, tell me please, why does the security orb work in some places and not in others? I tried it on the land of Lorena Chung-works perfectly. but if the land is rented through a rentbox, say, a skybox of some kind, it does not work. why? thank!
  7. Hey there. So recently my Tp Sales Reports on my Market Place Store have stopped working. It simply gets stuck on the "generating reports" page. Does anyone know what to do or who specifically I can talk to?
  8. Good Evening, Following a change in management, RisQue AfterDark is looking for someone to help with the running of the club, from the day to day management, to the hiring/firing of staff. This postion *may* be of interest to former club owners who would like to get reinvolved within the industry, as we have a full homestead. Applications to myself on notecard please, and applicants must be prepared to voice verify (we don't require staff to use voice unless they want to, but staff will be required to be voice verified as natural women.) **Applications MUST be made on notecard as I alternate between two viewer, so IM is not transferred**
  9. Hi all there.... i have a boat. 'no copie' and i want that it comes back to my invenetory if i stand up or Crash. (like the 'IIdie' but i Need a return to inventory) thanks for your help.. Maeva
  10. Are You looking to get Organized? Are You looking to start up a new club? Are you looking for Help getting started? If you said yes to one of those... We are here for you!! Rise It Up Offering packages that make opening and/or organizing your club/business simple and easy. We do all the hard work for you, and then simply send you everything you'll need to get started. Contact us now for a quote. Riseitup Resident http://rise-it-up.webstarts.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Orange/80/178/21 Group Join: secondlife:///app/group/fe0baa25-8c1a-6408-1713-d7017baa59b6/about
  11. Rise It Up Offers packages that make opening and/or organizing your club simple and easy. We do all the hard work for you, and then simply send you everything you'll need to get started. Contact us now for a quote. http://rise-it-up.webstarts.com Group Join: secondlife:///app/group/fe0baa25-8c1a-6408-1713-d7017baa59b6/about ƠƜƝЄƦƧ ƠƑ ƦƖƧЄ ƖƬ ƲƤ : ςm ψummεr ℳαε ҒκƁuꜧdєєɀ (princesscml) Ӄᴀʀᴍᴀ™ ҒκƁuꜧdєєɀ (karmasabch)
  12. I have an MIA owner and the group has been phased out. I can't delete the group until we're out of it. I can't delete her... Don't want to leave myself because it may leave it out there. There isn't an option for this on the support page, but references say contact support. Any help out there? Thank you!
  13. I am hoping that I am wrong about this but am asking in case someone who has been on SL longer would know for sure. I belong to a couple of groups that belong to a friend who has not been on in a while. She is the sole owner of those groups. When looking in the group under the members and roles, her name no longer appears. The Reveal members button is ticked under the owner role and though it shows there is 1 owner, it does not show a name. Does this mean that this person has deleted their account and that is why it no longer shows in the group? I know we had an owner in another group delete their account and it still showed the number of owners the same but no longer displayed their name and I am thinking that is the case here. Does anyone know of another reason the name would not display in this case if the account is still active?
  14. Hey everyone I currently own 1/2 sim (14995 prims) I WAS going to do an amusement park. But seems I can't get motivated enough to actually do it...So that being said! I'm looking for someone who is creative and wants to open there very own sim of some sort (Half sim) Can use ALL 14995 prims and I'll pay tier i'd just like something done to it! I am open to ALL ideas!! Please read below the list of requirements! REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must be fairly active preferably someone who plays daily 2. I would like to keep at least 50-75% of all profit made. We can negotiate the percentage. 3.I will remain land owner during the whole thing. That way I can remain paying tier. If you think you'll Qualify please send me your ideas on what you plan or want to build on the 1/2 sim and I'll let you know if I like it!! I'll Help anyway I can Such as purchasing goods and stuff if need be. If you have questions please PM or Notecard me in game. I will likely NOT reply to this Topic.. Thanks a lot! P.S. Sorry for the Forum layout I'm halfway asleep hehe
  15. AmberRoseKettle

    Land Access

    I just bought a region but I can't seem to figure out how to give access to my business partners. I've tried setting it to group, adding them to the allowed list and relogging, but they can't get on and we need to start building. Any ideas on how to do this.
  16. hi, i'm making a texture change HUD. the code i used was: default { state_entry() { llListen (-xxxxx,"","",""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { llSetTexture(msg,ALL_SIDES); } that worked perfect. you wore or rezzed the object, click on the HUD, enter the UUID and all the parts changed very fast and reliable. trouble was anyone else using the same HUD could change the texture on your object as well. so to make it owner specific i added if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()) making it: default { state_entry() { llListen (-xxxxxx"","",""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()){ llSetTexture(msg,ALL_SIDES); } } } that technically works but it is very glitchy, sometimes the linkset goes randomly transparent, other times just some parts get the texture. reapplying the same texture does nothing, using a different texture makes everything change again but wit the same randomness and unreliable. only after 4 or 5 tries does it finally work right. it's maddening. i'm guessing it is lag and that when the desired texture finally gets into the cache it works. can it be that adding the get owner key and comparing it causes too much lag and it makes the scripts fail randomly? this script goes into an object with about 90 prims. in other words there is 90 iterations of the script firing at once. is that the problem and is there a better way of doing it? i'm new to scripting and have just cobbled together code i've found here and on other sites. thank you for any help.
  17. Is there ANY process to remove group owners?
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