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Found 148 results

  1. hi i recently had someone make an avatar head for me form another but cant find/do the textures i could use someone that knows how to work with textures especially of irl people.....willing to pay please send me a reply
  2. Hello everyone, I'm creating free textures more than a year and sharing them free in my website.(sharetextures.com) I finaly reached more than 800 textures and you can use this textures anywhere you want. I mostly worked on marble textures this year and I'm preparing new fabric scans in these days. I hope you can use my textures in your projects. Let me know what do you think about my marble collection. PBR Textures
  3. does anyone knows what happened with textures nowadays? all my textures cant seem to be stretched and stay in their original sizes, that they created unpleasant texture boxes (in original sizes) on the whole platform, and not one big stretched texture. i tried to rez in various places and all came out the same. must be something in my own (avatar) setting? i even tried to resize my existing carpets, and they created boxes out of the current size too if i resize them bigger. what is wrong? anyone knows how to solve this? please help. how to solve this? really appreciate any helpful answer in advance millenakera
  4. Hi, I am facing a very weird bug I never saw before... I am working on a lace face mask. I use GLOSSINESS on my lace : https://gyazo.com/f69fc5eeb0319d39afd8ab392e07d1ce I use the ALPHA channel of the NORMAL map (as stated in the WIKI : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Material_Data) to adjust the GLOSSINESS level. But I do not have the same result when I use my NORMAL Map in Local or after I imported it in SL ! Do you have an idea or the reason of this problem ? GOOD RESULT with the NORMAL map in Local : https://gyazo.com/7bc209f29c3c8e63b6a043dceb468882 BAD RESULT once the NORMAL map is imported in SL : https://gyazo.com/5d7211a002306d328b07eb6b3f2b849e It seems the texture is damaged by the import into SL. But if I save back this damaged texture on my disk from SL, fix it on my disk and import it again, it is damaged again... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It drives me nuts!
  5. Everything is blurred including the floor. I arrive on the island and everything is gray. Seconds later all objects loads including their colors, but soon everything is blurred. I clear the cache and the problem persists. What to do?
  6. I am looking to hire a high quality 3d texture artist to help me with my Breedable. The textures are "ok" but I want them amazing! Is it you I am looking for to join our team? Pay will depend on experience [will want to see your portfolio] so please inbox me in world! This will be an ongoing paid job. cutencuddlybreedables resident. Thank you!
  7. Looking to hire a graphic designer for a few RP sim projects. Projects include HUD textures as well as redesigning clothing and item textures for the sim. Please PM me in world at NiteTrix Resident.
  8. I Started creating mesh object where i successfully got UV create but confused as i have different color material for that object so do i have to export texture for all material separately or is there any way to export all in one texture . please let me know how to export it properly. Using Blender 2.82a version
  9. I cannot get UV map textures to load on my DAE correctly when importing into viewer. My process: 1st I tried to use the OpenCOLLADA file extension for 3Ds Max 2014, exported as DAE and imported into viewer. Mesh will upload, but textures are messed up. UV Map info not accepted. *See photos 2nd I tried FBX converter 2013. Saved as FBX and converted to OpenCOLLADA. Tried to import into viewer and I received a DAE parsing error. Can you please help me? Tools: 3Ds Max 2014 FBX Converter 2013
  10. I am looking for an EXPERIENCED 3d MESH PAINTER to help with textures and templates for an exciting new BREEDABLE we are about to launch. THIS WILL BE A PAID POSITION! Please reach out via NC with a brief on your experience to CutenCuddlyBreedables Resident. Pay will be negotiated on experience. Thanks and speak soon!
  11. I have never used gimp but have it downloaded and I want to create custom skins and clothes for the nutbusterz spirit fennec but cant find anything or anyone to explain how to do this please do help me.
  12. Anyone else know why this happens. Example: Large mesh plane, divided into 4 equal texture faces. When camera draws out a thick black line shows on the joining edges. In the photo attached, the black line shows at all distances. So my real question is about unwrapping in Blender. Is it better to always leave a margin? In the below example there was no margin when unwrapping the 4 individual faces on the floor.
  13. I have attached a photo of a random resident, some people (Not all) started looking like this about a week or two ago and i don't know why. I've been one SL for about a year and never seen this (I am using Firestorm Viewer) I asked a friend and he said he sees it too, advised me to turn up all the sliders in my graphics setting but it didn't fix anything and made SL laggy so i changed it back. Please let me know if there's anything else i can do, thanks
  14. Hi I've been trying to incorporate bits into a texture change script (from wiki) so that I can set the parameters of the texture application via a notecard, but after adding the notecard bits into the script, the texture doesn't apply at all. The lines in my notecard are: gFace: ALL_SIDES gRepeats:<1.0,1.0,1.0> gOffsets:<1.0,1.0,1.0> gRotationInDegrees: 0.0 Anyone able to point out which part I got wrong please? Thanks so much. string notecardName; integer notecardLine; key query; list MENU1 = []; list MENU2 = []; integer listener; integer MENU_CHANNEL = 1000; integer gFace; vector gRepeats; vector gOffsets; float gRotationInDegrees; Dialog(key id, list menu) { llListenRemove(listener); listener = llListen(MENU_CHANNEL, "", NULL_KEY, ""); llDialog(id, "Select texture below: ", menu, MENU_CHANNEL); } default { state_entry() { notecardLine = 0; notecardName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD,0); if (notecardName != "") { llOwnerSay("Getting configuration data..."); query = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName,notecardLine); } else { llOwnerSay("There is no notecard in object's inventory, please add a config notecard."); } } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) // If notecard changes script is resetted. { llOwnerSay("Resetting script"); llResetScript(); } } on_rez(integer number) { llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched: "+(string)total_number); } dataserver(key requested, string data) { if (requested == query) { if (data != EOF) { //ignore lines that start with # and blank lines if ( (llGetSubString(data,0,0) != "#") && (data != "") ) { list tempData = llParseString2List(data,[":"],[]); string command = llToLower(llList2String(tempData,0)); if (command == "gFace") { gFace = llList2Integer(tempData,1); llOwnerSay(command + ": " + (string)gFace); } else if (command == "gRepeats") { gRepeats = (vector)llList2String(tempData,1); // This converts a string to a vector // Set up the vector properly// gRepeats.x = gRepeats.x; gRepeats.y = gRepeats.y; gRepeats.z = gRepeats.z; llOwnerSay(command + ": " + (string)gRepeats); } else if (command == "gOffsets") { gOffsets = (vector)llList2String(tempData,1); // This converts a string to a vector // Set up the vector properly// gOffsets.x = gOffsets.x; gOffsets.y = gOffsets.y; gOffsets.z = gOffsets.z; llOwnerSay(command + ": " + (string)gOffsets); } else if (command == "gRotationInDegrees") { gRotationInDegrees = llList2Float(tempData,1); llOwnerSay(command + ": " + (string)gRotationInDegrees); } } notecardLine++; query = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName,notecardLine); } else { //End of notecard reached, we go to the ready state. state ready; } } } } state ready { on_rez(integer num) { // reset scripts on rez llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer i = 0; MENU1 = []; MENU2 = []; // count the textures in the prim to see if we need pages integer c = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); if (c <= 12) { for (; i < c; ++i) MENU1 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); } else { for (; i < 11; ++i) MENU1 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); if(c > 22) c = 22; for (; i < c; ++i) MENU2 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); MENU1 += ">>"; MENU2 += "<<"; } // display the dialog Dialog(llDetectedKey(0), MENU1); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (channel == MENU_CHANNEL) { llListenRemove(listener); if (message == ">>") { Dialog(id, MENU2); } else if (message == "<<") { Dialog(id, MENU1); } else { // display the texture from menu selection llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TEXTURE, gFace, message, gRepeats, gOffsets, gRotationInDegrees*DEG_TO_RAD] ); } } } timer() { llListenRemove(listener); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } }
  15. Does anyone have a tutorial on texturing objects in blender 2.8 and getting the textures to appear in SL viewer? Blender 2.8 got rid of Blender Render which most older tutorials referenced, and the Collada export options also appear a little different. I only have one UV map for the whole mesh and one material for the whole mesh. Reimporting the .dae into blender shows that textures normally. But uploading to SLViewer return these messages: 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(752) log_upload_error : Error in stage: upload, Reason: (Http_200) 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(763) log_upload_error : error: {'TextureIndex':i0,'error':'TEXTURE_EMPTY','identifier':'Upload_InvalidAsset','message':'The texture is empty.'} 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(764) log_upload_error : mesh upload failed, stage 'upload', error 'TEXTURE_EMPTY', message 'The texture is empty.', id 'Upload_InvalidAsset' 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING # newview/lltoastalertpanel.cpp(176) LLToastAlertPanel::LLToastAlertPanel : Alert: unified_mesh failed to upload: The texture is empty.\n\nSee SecondLife.log for details
  16. Hello I'm looking for someone who knows how to work with the Aesthetic body. Also looking for someone who can make custom hair. Dropping a reference sheet to the character in question. You can contact me via: Email: rebecca.umeko@gmail.com Telegram: Umeko Silvershade Twitter: Umekoscreations Deviantart & Fur Affinity: Umeko Second Life in world: Umeko Silvershade
  17. When I zoom out from my mesh, the seams show. I noticed that when I save my texture as png, the seam is dark. When I save as non-png, the seam is light. How do I get rid of this? It only happens on my baked textures, not on textures straight from substance painter. I add padding and a background to my baked textures though so it should not be an issue.
  18. I'm trying to make a sphere that is opaque black on the inside. When I create one however, the inside is transparent. How would I go about making the inside a color? I feel like there is an extremely simple solution to this that I still haven't gotten to >_>
  19. I've finally figure out how to upload my mesh properly with the right shape it was in blender, but it seems that something keeps going wrong in setting because when I upload the mesh turned out like this both times: Can someone take me through the steps to actually upload the mesh model correctly and have it turn out like this in second life?
  20. Hey Everyone! I need help building a church on Second Life for a project of mine! I'm looking for anyone willing to help create the structure and mesh work in order to make it possible! Please let me know if you would be willing to or know anyone good for the job! I would love to discuss my idea further with anyone who is interested! Julia
  21. Hello! Does anyone know if you can display a texture, or even just view it, by using the asset UUID?
  22. Hey creators! I'm a builder in SL and I have a project I'm stuck on and would like to outsource some scripting, animation, and texture creation. This could be 3 different people. I'm building the control chair from Stargate Atlantis. I have the mesh parts created, but I cannot find/or have the patience to create the chair movement scripting/user animation. I'm at a complete loss on being able to create textures for it. Here are the specific tasks I'm looking for: Scripting - Sitting in Chair that reclines: - When a user sits on the chair, the back reclines, the front of the chair swings up (like a recliner), and the chair & chair base lights up. - When a user stands, the chair back goes back to an upright position, the reclining front, folds back down. - Would like the script to be well formatted with comments so I can easily tweak it later if needed. Animation - probably will be dependent on the script for the chair sit motion - when the user sits, they animate into a reclined position in the chair as the chair reclines Textures - looking for someone that could make some custom textures for the chair that look like the inserted chair image. Contact Me: Let me know if you have any of the skills I'm looking for above and maybe we can meet to chat about it. Please send me a notecard in world or email Treyton.Darkfold@gmail.com with the following info Name and email address When you are typically in-world What your skills are (scripting, animation, texture creation) Links to any work you've done in the past. Thanks, Trey
  23. Hello, I'm looking for a Custom mesher and Texture artist! i do request that you have a portfolio to show examples of past meshes you have done! Contact : Ashanti Madrigal Thank you!
  24. only experienced mesher/rigger/texture maker please. (Hopefully Maitreya, Legacy, Freya body) contact me inworld / xxblanc
  25. Looking for a Mesh designer to recreate mesh frames from images of frames Texture designer to create several texture for these frames Scripter to create HUD to resize frames, apply texture and optionally a color to frame, add a picture to frame
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